Writing Objectives for Teacher Resume: Samples and Tips

February 1, 2024
objective for teacher resume

Quick Summary

  • A teacher resume objective is a statement at the beginning of a resume that outlines the career goals and aspirations of the teacher applying for a position.
  • The tone of a teacher’s resume objective should sound positive and confident.
  • The objective should include career goals, teaching philosophy, and key strengths.

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A resume plays a crucial role in the hiring process of any job, especially in a teacher’s job where you will be given the responsibility of making the future of the young generations of a nation. There are currently over 90 lakh teachers employed in overall schools in India, and if you want to be part of this workforce you need to capture the interest of your future employers. The best way to do so is to write an attractive career objective for a teacher’s resume so that recruiters can easily get an overview.

Now, you must be wondering how you can write a good objective on your resume.

Then don’t worry here you will get to know all about writing objectives for a teacher’s resume with examples and format.

But before that let’s know what is a teacher’s resume objective.

What is a Teacher Resume Objective?

A teacher’s resume objective is a 2-3 line statement that appears on the top of the teacher’s resume and outline’s teacher’s career goals. The central purpose of writing an objective for a teacher’s resume is to highlight the teacher’s skills, knowledge and experience in brief.

A career objective for a teacher’s resume typically includes information about their subjects, interests, the type of school or educational environment they hope to work in, and any specific qualifications that make them a strong candidate for the position.

Sample of Objectives for Teacher Resume

Thinking about how to write an impactful career objective for teacher resume, here are some examples that you can use to get an idea about how to write it.

  • Seeking a position as a dedicated and innovative teacher at [School Name], where I can utilize my passion for teaching and years of experience to help students achieve their full potential.
  • To obtain a teaching position at a progressive school where I can use my teaching skills and techniques to help students achieve academic success while also encouraging personal and social growth.
  • Looking for a position as a teacher in an elementary school that values creativity, critical thinking, and student-centred learning.
  • Targeting to earn a full-time position as a high school teacher at [School Name] where I can inspire and guide students to excel academically, develop important life skills, and become responsible citizens.
  • Seeking a position as a middle school teacher where I can utilize my extensive knowledge of curriculum development and student engagement to foster a positive and productive learning environment.
  • To attain a position as an ESL teacher where I can use my experience and training to help non-native English speakers improve their language skills and achieve their academic and personal goals.
  • Seeking a position as a special education teacher where I can use my experience and training to provide individualized instruction and support to students with diverse learning needs.
  • Searching for a position as an online teacher where I can leverage my expertise in technology and pedagogy to create engaging and effective learning experiences for students.

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objective of teacher resume

Sample Teacher Resume Headlines

Writing a powerful headline in a teacher’s resume is the key detail that attracts the hiring team’s attention. They give a brief overview of your past career experiences. These are examples of headlines for a teacher’s resume.

  1. Secondary school teacher, with dual Master’s degrees in English and Philosophy
  2. Mathematics teacher with a track record of 30% growth in high school
  3. Social Science teacher with 10 years of experience
  4. Teacher with three years of experience teaching history
  5. Mathematics instructor with experience teaching algebra and trigonometry
  6. English instructor focused on high-quality instruction and student growth
  7. Biology teacher with 12 years of experience with high school students
  8. 13 years of teaching experience in Social Sciences
  9. Preschool teacher with 5 years of experience

Must Have Skills for Teacher Resume

There are certain skills that every school wants in their teachers, and mentioning these skills in your resume increases your chances of getting hired. Mentioning your career objective for teacher resume acts as icing on the cake.

Critical Thinking  

Critical thinking in a teacher resume shows that the applicant is equipped to handle classroom scenarios. It shows their open-mindedness and also reflects that they can delve deep into the subject.

Interpersonal Skills  

Aspiring teachers must show their expertise in their field. It may be through degrees, work, or other pursuits. A good resume shows practical skills. It also shows that the teacher knows the content. Mentioning your expertise in objective for teacher resume captures HR’s attention instantly.

Technical Skills  

EdTech is steadily gaining importance. A modern teacher should be able to design materials using good software and apps and thus, teachers need to have technical fluency.

Expertise in a Field 

Aspiring teachers must show their expertise in their field. It may be through degrees, work, or other pursuits. A good resume shows practical skills. It also shows that the teacher knows the content. And mentioning your expertise in objective for teacher resume captures HR’s attention instantly.

Teamwork Capability  

Teamwork capacity shows that the teacher can work well with others in the team. This skill shows how approachable and friendly the teacher is. Teachers need to maintain decorum. They should respect the students.

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Tips for Good Objectives for Teacher Resume

Creating an impressive objective to be written on your teacher resume is as essential as describing yourself effectively in your resume. Follow these tips to draft a perfect career objective.

1. Crisp and Concise

Your career objective on the resume should be short and simple. As it appears at the top of a resume, the objective should not take a lot of space and yet be able to convey the message. The best way to write a crisp and clear objective for teacher resume is to include only the most important, skills or experience.

2. Highlight Soft Skills

It is often observed in the objective for teacher resume fresher that they neglect to mention soft skills i.e., communication skills, problem-solving skills etc. This should not be the case you should highlight your soft skills in the objective to communicate how you can make a difference with your personality.

3. Include the Keywords

Today resumes are short-listed with the help of software like ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) which selects candidates based on keywords used. So, if you include keywords used in the job description in your objective for a teacher resume, it increases your chances of getting shortlisted

4. Highlight Your Expertise

This tip is especially for experienced candidates, you should highlight your year of experience and expertise in resume objectives. And even if you don’t have professional experience, you can mention your internship/project experience or academic excellence.

5. Use Action Verbs

Grammar can get you the job if you use it consciously. Use action verbs like “collaborated” “evaluated”, “analysed” etc. to showcase your achievement and experience.

Resume Sample for a Teacher

People can design their teaching resumes in many ways. The teacher’s resume should have an overview of personal and professional details, qualifications, experiences, and achievements. It also should have a good objective. Here is a resume sample for a teacher with an objective for a teacher resume.

General Teacher Resume Sample

Robert H. Fleming

AZ State-Certified Elementary Teacher

Personal Information

Phone Number:


LinkedIn ID:


Skill 1
Skill 2
Skill 3
Skill 4
Compassionate and dedicated elementary school teacher, with an experience over the past 5 years managing students in different classroom sizes. California State Educator License. Seeking to teach students of <X grade> at <name of the school>.


09/2016 – Elementary School Teacher <X grade)
10/2019 – <School name>

Key Qualifications and Responsibilities (Examples)
Created and maintained connectivity in the classroom.
Established classroom and field trips in the understanding of the student’s needs.

07/2015 – Kindergarten Teacher
08/2016 – <School Name>

Key Qualifications and Responsibilities (Examples)
Designed an engaging curriculum for the kindergarten level.
Assessed performances based on activities, tests, and interactivity

Educational Qualifications(Examples)
2014 – Bachelor of Science in Elementary EducationUniversity of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 

Relevant Coursework: Instruction of Elementary Studies, Foundations of Education, Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences.

California Education Certification – Certificate Unit at the California Department of Education

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Resume Sample for a Science Teacher 

The resume of a science teacher should showcase scientific qualifications. Here is the resume sample for a science teacher with an attractive objective for a teacher resume:


To help the students understand scientific concepts through a practical approach. I am experienced in the field of science and am dedicated to imparting knowledge for positive outcomes.


Charles Romes

419 Avenue Road

Arizona, 72764




Branched experience in studies of chemical combinations.
Skilled in measurements and quantities.
Excellent organizational and communication skills.


BS in Elementary Education, 2008
The University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Teacher II, 2011-Present

<School Name>


Arranged various activities and led the Science Club as President.
Designed curriculum for Science for elementary students.
Demonstrated use of scientific tools and equipment in labs.

Teacher III, 2009-2010
<School Name>


Designed new teaching methods to teach scientific concepts.
Initiated PowerPoint presentations in classroom teaching situations.
Held various documentary screenings related to scientific topics.


Certification of Participation in Science Club
Formal Training in Laboratory Handlings


Best Teacher Award – 2010

Classroom management and creative teaching ability
Skilled in conducting experiments and laboratory work.

Resume Sample for a Commerce Teacher 

The resume of a commerce teacher should focus on their commerce education. Below is the resume sample for a commerce teacher with an objective for a teacher resume.

Betsy Noami

1651 Hill Street

Toledo, OH 1234


<Email id>


Commerce teacher with 3 years of experience seeking a position at (school name).


Hands-on experience teaching several commerce subjects.
Proficient in using Microsoft Office for materials creation.
Open-mindedness and assimilation in diverse work settings.

Commerce Teacher

<Institution Name>

August 2018- Present


Encourage classroom participation and interactive discussions on topics
Design curriculum for various commerce subjects.

Commerce Teacher
<Institution Name>
May 2010-September 2011


Coordinate with the department to start and complete various commerce projects.
Participate in subject-oriented and general campaigns, debates, and discussions.

Master’s Degree in Business ManagementUniversity of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Certificate for Best Teaching Faculty, <Institution name>

Resume Sample for an Arts Teacher 

Art is all about creativity. And so, an objective of teacher resume of an art teacher should reflect that. Other than the common details like skills and academics, they need to attach their portfolio.

Sarah Rose

Arts Teacher


24 Avenue Street, Waltham, 34590
Phone: (555)-555-5555
<Email id>


To encourage students to be more creative and explore their imagination.

Arts Teacher
<Institution name>

Taught 400 students and formed a student-centric curriculum
Encouraged students to expand their creativity.
Teach self-expression and self-introspection.

Arts Teacher
<Institution Name>

Conducted campaigns and contests in the Arts department.
Linked technology in practical classroom situations.

Master’s in Art EducationBoston University, Boston
Master’s in PhilosophyNew York University, New York

Graphic design
Creative aptitude

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to write a career objective for a teaching job?

Several teaching objective examples can be given, but you need to alter your objective according to the job position you are applying for. You can refer to the given example:

1. Seeking a position as a dedicated and innovative teacher at [School Name], where I can utilize my passion for teaching and years of experience to help students achieve their full potential.

What are the three objectives of teaching?

The role of a teacher in a student’s life and the impact they make on society too is crucial. If you want to become a teacher who makes a career, then your 3 central objectives should be:

1. To bring out student’s positive attitude
2. Shaping student’s behaviour and conduct
3. Knowledge acquisition by students

What is a good objective for a resume?

A good career objective for teacher resume is something that passes the ATS system and captures the HR’s attention immediately, and leads to getting the candidate called for an interview.

How do I write my career objectives?

The resume objective of every professional differs from the others as it is tailored according to the candidates’ profession, experience and skills. Here are a few things that you should do while writing an objective for your teacher resume:

1. Write crisp and concise objective
2.  Highlight Soft Skills
3. Include the Keywords
4. Highlight Your Expertise
5. Use Action Verbs

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