Internship Certificate - Format and Uses

March 6, 2023
Internship Certificate

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As students, one often gets anxious about their work lives after graduation. Instead of stewing and stressing about it, one good option to figure out career options is to do an internship. An internship is a short work experience taken up by students for a specific purpose. It is perfect for getting hands-on practical experience before looking for a full-time job. Once that purpose is met, they receive an internship certificate.

The certificate goes on to serve as a means to prove that the internship is completed for job search and admissions. Most employers have a customized format for their internship documents. They do, however, differ in terms of the content. For students from different fields, it is worth exploring what their internship experience certificates could be like.

What is the meaning of an Internship?

An internship is a short-term work experience that companies offer for students. It is usually in an area of study or work that the student is interested in. Colleges and universities require students to complete internships to gather practical knowledge. The student works in a real-life work situation under a manager and picks up interpersonal skills apt for the workplace. It is a good way for employers to scout and train future employees and bring new ideas.

Internships are done in both full-time and part-time modes. Most internships are not paid, but some do pay a stipend. The stipend is not only a means for motivating the intern but also to negotiate salary negotiation later during the job search. Interns usually complete a project during the internship duration to be submitted to the college and employer. Once the employer is satisfied that all internship requirements are met, they will issue an internship certificate to the intern. The certificate is made as per the set format.

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What is an Internship Certificate?

The internship certificate is a document given to an intern to signify their work during the internship. The certificate of internship contains details of the intern. For instance, the work done and a brief overview of the character of the intern. The manager in charge of the intern usually signs the certificate on a company head document. Most internships are for postgraduate students like MBA, but some BBA students also have to complete an internship.

The internship document is particularly important for work and as a part of the academic requirements. Colleges and universities need to view the document along with a report to assign credits. Employers will verify the certificate’s validity and the scope of work done.

Interns must take care to especially ask for an internship document at the end of their internship. Usually, the intern receives the certificate on the last day of the internship or later through e-mail. Once in hand, look over the details in the certificate. For instance, the company’s letterhead and the company’s name, address, phone number and e-mail of the company. The certificate will also state the full duration, stipend and other related internship details.

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Uses for an Internship Certificate?

Internships are an excellent way to get a taste of working in a particular field. They also help in developing essential skills and evaluating the available career options. The experience certificate given at the end is more than proof of internship. The individual is also networking, and the individual learns important social skills. Many benefits must be explored.

To Gain Experience

An internship certificate’s first and most obvious benefit is gaining experience working in the corporate world. Most interns are freshers without work experience and do not know how and which departments are present in a company. The student gets their footing working in a company for the first time. The certificate also will state the same.

Proof of Internship

Without the internship completion certificate, it would be hard to prove that one has done their internship. A properly made certificate on company letterhead with the company details serves as proof of internship. A simple document not made in a proper format is not acceptable at colleges and employers.

Confidence Booster

As a fresher working for the first time, the internship certificate is a confidence booster. It proves that one could work for the minimum required time and complete all requirements. It is also further validation of the individual’s skill set and knowledge. This renewed confidence is particularly helpful for future job searches.

Help During Postgraduate Studies Admissions

Some postgraduate courses look into internship documents during the admissions process. The college authorities need proof that the applicant has some experience in a particular relevant field of study. This is, in some colleges, an eligibility requirement that must be completed. The right internship document proof could be the deciding factor during admissions.

A document made per the internship certificate template will help immensely during the job search. Employers would definitely prefer candidates with proven work experience and skill sets for full-time jobs over other applicants. Job search is quite stressful and time-consuming. Having the right documents will also be helpful to prove commitment and the right talent.

Explore Options

Throughout a regular course, students can take up multiple internships. Doing so, in particular, helps understand the options available. As internships give an insight into a department or field, interns have a better idea of what to expect from different jobs. They can then apply to jobs as per their liking.


Internships are great places to practice networking skills. The interns and managers who met during this period could, later on, help with job searches. Networking is especially helpful when one is setting up an entrepreneurial practice. This network will inform of open jobs at times of need and provide valuable tips and tricks.

Earning Potential

Another benefit of an internship document is that it helps to quote or negotiate salaries. Paid internships will state the stipend of the individual. Later, when applying for and interviewing for jobs, the candidate can state what salary they would work at. However, this depends on the individual’s skill set and knowledge bank.

Get Paid for Your Knowledge

Internship Certificate Formats

At the end of each internship, there is a certificate proving that specifies the details of the internship. It is mandatory to give a certificate to the intern in the right internship certificate format. There is, in truth, no fixed format for these documents, and each organization has its format and contents. However, some details should be included for the certificate to be valid. To understand what details to include, it is important to look at the below sample formats.

Internship Certificate Samples

To better understand the internship format, it would be helpful to look over sample internship certificates from different fields. Depending on the background of the intern, Engineering, Medical or Finance, the content of the certificate will also change.

Internship Certificate for MBA

ABC Company Limited

Office Address: Ramesh Nagar, Delhi, 89

Phone No: 82340xxxxx, Email:, Website:

Date: 1st August 2022


This is to certify that Ms Dolly Dutta, MBA Human Resource Management student at Amity University, Noida, has completed her summer internship at ABC Limited. She worked under the guidance of Mr Ramesh from 30th April to 31st July 2022.

Ms Dutta worked on ‘Analysis of Employee Training Needs in Banking Sector’. As a part of the project, she understood how the HRM department works. Ms Dutta also covered training and evaluation of employee progress.

She is a self-motivated, hard worker that is always looking to learn new skills. Ms Dutta has done more than her role’s responsibilities. We wish her all the best in all her future endeavours.

For ABC Ltd.


Mr. Ramesh

HR Manager

internship certificate

Internship Certificate for Medical Students

ABC Hospitals

Office Address: Ramesh Nagar, Delhi, 89

Phone Number: 972967xxxx, Email:, Website:

Date: 1st August 2022


This is to certify that Ms Soumya Das has completed their internship at ABC Hospitals. They have worked in the Surgery department under Dr Ramesh from 1st October 2021 to 31st December 2021.

During the three-month-long internship, Ms Das assisted Dr Ramesh in their cases. The intern completed all duties, from assisting in the operations to doing rounds.

Ms Dutta’s dedication to treating patients is commendable. She is a hard worker and works hard on all her senior guidance. We wish her long success in her medical career.

For ABC Hospitals


Dr Ramesh

Head of Surgery

Internship Certificate for Engineering

ABC Corporation

Office Address: Ramesh Nagar, Delhi – 89

Phone Number: 730275xxxx, Email:, Website:

Date: 1st December 2021


This is to certify that Mr Kanak Chatterjee, S/O Mr Raj Chatterjee, a Mechanical Engineering student from Delhi University, has completed a six-month-long internship at ABC Corporation. The duration of the internship was from 1st June to 30th November 2021.

His role was to familiarize himself with all the processes at the organization. He spent a significant amount of time in each department and learnt in-depth what the flow of work is like. Mr Chatterjee is a diligent individual and particularly inquisitive.

We hope his time spent at ABC Corporation was fruitful. We wish him all the success in his future.

For ABC Corporation


Authorized Officer


certificate of internship

Internship Certificate for Law Internship

Krishna Tiwari

Senior Advocate

High Court, Delhi

Office Address: High Court, New Delhi

Phone Number: 784109xxxx, Email:, Website:

Date: 1st April 2022


This is to certify that Mr Siddharth Dash, a student at the School of Law, Delhi University, has finished his three-month-long internship from 1st January 2022 to 31st March 2022.

He actively took part in research on different litigation matters. They are a hard worker who is also punctual and has a never say no attitude. His work has been excellent and displays all the signs of a successful lawyer.

We wish him all the best for his future in law.


Mr Krishna Tiwari

Senior Advocate

High Court, Delhi

Internship Certificate for Banking Internship

ABC Bank

Office Address: Trade Centre, Andheri East, Mumbai

Phone Number: 637238xxxx, Email:, Website:

Date: 1st April 2022


This is to certify that Mr Pulkit Samraj has completed their internship at ABC Bank from 1st February 2022 to 31st May 2022. They worked in the mutual fund’s department of the Andheri East branch under the guidance of Mr Somnath Bhowmik.

They completed their project on ‘Study On The Business Opportunities in Mutual Funds’. We have found Mr Samraj to be persistent and attentive to detail when working on their project. They are meticulous and impressive interpersonal skills.

We wish them good luck in their future career choices.

For ABC Bank


Mr Somnath Bhowmik

Branch Manager

How to Write an Internship Certificate?

There is no fixed format for internship documents. However, most companies have a ready format for internship certificates. The only thing that is altered is the contents, in particular, details of the intern. However, for clarity, a step-by-step process is helpful.

  • Start by creating a format for the certificate. Make sure to include basic organization details such as the company letterhead, address, phone number and email id. After that, include spaces for the date of issue and a space for the correct authority to sign the certificate.
  • Fill out the internship certificate format. Try and be as specific as possible regarding the details of the internship, such as the project name, the responsibilities taken up, duration, stipend, reporting manager name etc.
  • Include a short description of the soft and hard skills learnt during the internship. This section will also have an honest review or opinion on the intern’s performance during the internship.
  • To finish up, get the signature of the reporting manager or another relevant authority. Furthermore, include their designation and name in full at the end.


An internship certificate is an important piece of document for students. Whether looking for jobs after graduation or for higher education, this certificate will come in handy. An internship is meant to serve as an opportunity for students to experience working life. They also learn skills and gain essential experience. The internship document verifies or proves the intern has learnt the intern’s work and skillset. It is also a validation that the intern has completed all internship requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How to earn an internship certificate?

Ans. To earn an internship document, one must first apply to internships. Internships are generally done over two to three months over summer breaks, longer for technical courses. The intern earns the certificate once all internship requirements are met, and the project submission is done. The document, on proper company letterhead, will serve as proof of the internship.

Q.2 Why is an internship certificate required?

Ans. The internship document is necessary not just for academic requirements but also for higher education. Some internships are necessary to apply to certain job profiles. The certificate is necessary to prove that the individual has the necessary skills and experience. College professors need the certificate to understand if the candidate has learnt proper skills and utilised their time efficiently. If all academic requirements are met, the student earns credits toward their CGPA.

Q.3 Are internship certificates useful?

Ans. Yes, Internship documents are useful for academic requirements, job search and higher education admissions. In the case of academia, the certificate proves that the student has done their project and can earn the necessary credits. Regarding job search, employers look at the certificate as evidence that the individual can handle responsibilities. They also verify the ability and skill set of the candidate through the certificate. Lastly, the certificate is also requisite for admissions to certain higher education courses. In particular, the internship document is handy for courses in the same discipline as the previous degree.

Q.4 Who can give an internship certificate?

Ans. Interns receive Internship documents from the company where they spent their time at. Within the company, the certificate is usually signed by the intern’s reporting manager. Alternatively, the head of the human resources department or branch manager can also sign the certificate. The signatory must be authorised to issue the certificate and state their designation on the certificate. Furthermore, the certificate should be valid on a company letterhead document.

Q.5 How do I ask for an internship completion certificate?

Ans. Generally, companies issue the internship completion certificates immediately on the last day of the internship. Alternatively, the intern receives the certificate after the project submission is done. However, in some cases, there could be delays. One must email or call the relevant authority to avoid further issues regarding academic requirements. Another option is to approach the reporting manager and request them to send the internship document.

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