Electronics and Communication Engineering Jobs and Career Opportunities

February 5, 2021
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eletronics and communication engineering

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Electronics and Communication Engineering jobs depend on various factors and here I will discuss those factors. After completing intermediate, the prime concern of the students, as well as guardian, is higher education and career of the student. Students who have an interest in electronics (in physics) subject which is usually taught in 12th standard, can opt for electronic & communication engineering.   This branch of engineering is gaining acceptance rapidly because of growing digitalization, globalization & connectivity requirements. Students learn electronic & communication engineering at the best fronts to implement the knowledge & revolutionize the communication process.

In modern times, life without gadgets will be next to impossible. All thanks to engineers! Electronics & Communication Engineering has become the essence in any field of the professional world.  Its scope is vast and emerging day by day. The ECE is a 4-year under-graduate degree divided into 8 semesters. This course majorly focuses on networks of communication with the study of electronics.  The subjects taught in this engineering are Mathematics, Physics, Analog Communication, Signal & Systems, Data Structures, Computational Techniques, Computer Hardware Design, Network Analysis & Synthesis, and Digital Electronics, etc.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi also initiated the ‘Make in India’ movement which is moving towards digital India making the youth of the nation skilled. Many multinational companies like Apple & Google have started investing more in India to set up manufacturing units especially recently due to conflicts of China with other nations. So in the near coming future, ECE jobs will be in ample number for ECE graduates to showcase their knowledge in such industries, which are discussed below

Electronics and Communication Engineering Jobs

electronics and communication engineering jobs

Electronics & Communication Engineer

After completing engineering in electronics and communication engineering, being an E&C engineer is what many of them wish for. It is one of the lucrative jobs where electronics & communication engineers work for scientific and research companies, media & entertainment, military, broadcasting, telecommunication companies. They design, develop & maintain connections which provide uninterrupted internet services, signals, and create programs for better & advanced communication process. They integrate the features of electronics & communication in devices such as robots. ECE graduates looking for ECE jobs study rigorous subjects and participate in critical projects during their academic years so they are experts in tome and stress management so they can work in industries with less flexible shifts as well as greater fieldwork. Electronics and communication engineers have the opportunity to learn new skills each day and implement them on the field to grow with the industry with limitless perks and benefits.

Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)

Working in government sectors is still a dream of many people because of the stress-free environment, perks, benefits & job security. PSUs have a prestigious position in our country and its employees are respected everywhere and even in some cases receive reservations. There are various Public Sector Undertakings which recruits Electronics & Communication graduates through the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam. With the increasing vacancy in past years, the PSUs which can be preferred by ECE are Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) works for providing internet & calling services, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) refines & supplies the oil & natural gas, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is a power generating manufacturing & engineering company with the largest capacity, National Aluminum Company Ltd (NALCO) produces aluminum & performs mining with latest technologies, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) deals in transferring electricity from electricity generators to people for consuming, & many more. PSU is always considered one of the lucrative field in Electronics and Communication Engineering jobs.

Desktop Support Engineer

Computers are a significant part of an organization as they are used for each and every work ranging from communication, data recording, logging activities and critical activities in an organization like research and development. All the employees at some point in their service need troubleshooting in their systems as not everyone is a computer expert so the role of desktop support engineers comes into play. Electronics and communication engineering graduates have deep knowledge of computers and other verticals related to it like the physical wired connections as well as the software verticals. If any employee is unable to do any task on the system assigned then the IT team consisting of Electronics and communication engineers can be contacted and then they will solve the issue either remotely or by coming to the site physically. Desktop Support Engineer can be considered as one of the best Electronics and Communication Engineering jobs.

Companies providing ECE jobs of Desktop support engineer roles are Wipro, HCL, Cognizant, Magna InfoTech, etc. The average salary provided is approx. Rs. 1, 92,450.

Electronics Design & Development Engineer

Performance and efficiency are the two critical points on which an Electronic industry focuses to enhance its profits and reduce its expenses. To improve the performance and enhance efficiency an Electronics Design and development engineer is hired by industries to research and implement methods and techniques that are beneficial for the firm. An ECE graduate working as a design and development engineer develops new manufacturing and functioning design and protocols for the industry to optimize the whole processing in the industry. When the processing is optimized the company generates more revenue and has the least expenses. ECE graduates are hired by all types of manufacturing industries related to car manufacturing, phone manufacturing, appliance manufacturing, and various other types of manufacturing units. Companies hiring Design and development engineers are giving an average salary of Rs. 5, 04,800.

Campus Placement in Multi-National Companies (MNCs)

ECE placements are not very tough, as there are jobs flooded in India as well as international markets. Multinational companies prefer Indian graduates to work for them as they can be very laborious with deep clarity of concepts and the ability to do a greater amount of fieldwork. MNCs also provide a very high package on ECE jobs as compared to indigenous firms and even an opportunity to get an experience of training and development term abroad for 6 months or a year to its best employees, wherein they can go and work at international sites to learn how the processes on go at the international office. Students are directly hired through campus placements even before completing the degree can be placed in any of the MNCs such as Samsung, Motorola, Philips Electronics, Intel, Siemens, Flextronics, and Reliance as well as in IT industries like Wipro, Infosys, EXL, Tech Mahindra, HCL, HP, etc. Electronics and Communication Engineering jobs can be scored by showing your skills in campus interviews.

IOT Specialized engineer

Internet of things is a booming industry as in the upcoming years billions of devices will be connected to each other through a gigantic network. These devices will communicate with each other with no human intervention and will do everything to serve human beings and make their life hassle-free and comfortable in every aspect of life whether it be personal or at a professional level. The devices in the IoT world are called the things which connect to a network of things using a specific set of technology and protocols designed by specialized professionals.

The specialized professionals are the Electronics and Communication engineers who deep dive into critical concepts of electronics and communication and learn the fundamental protocols which are used to set up a robust network of devices like the sensors, actuators, edge devices, and the processing units all together so on and so forth to create an amazing IoT network with wondrous possibilities.

Network Planning Engineer

Every industry and every individual belonging to that industry is on a network altogether to share data and provide services. No one can survive today without a network because at some point of time an individual needs to connect to a person who is not in the physical reach and then the network comes into play. The network enables remote access ubiquitously and makes work and life easier. Electronics and communication engineers can play a vital role in establishing a network by the first step in planning the whole network.

Multinational as well as indigenous firms recruit ECE graduates for ECE jobs such as Network Planning engineers to establish and maintain a network for their organization. Their task is to create a robust and scalable network and troubleshoot any errors in connectivity and even safeguarding the network from possible intruders with a malicious plan of action. Without network planning, ECE engineer’s biggest firms would collapse due to a lack of connectivity.

Control Systems Engineer

Electronics and Communication Engineer

ECE graduate’s job opportunities comprise an opportunity to work as a Control Systems Engineer and have a responsibility to design, develop, and implement solutions to control Dynamic systems. Their main work is to bring instability into dynamic systems to produce the desired results. It is a wide and varied field of engineering.

In a manufacturing environment, the control systems engineer work on the production line as the production line has various components like sensors, robots, vision systems, and other production systems so the Control system engineer integrates all these components together to ensure the quality of the product and meet the production targets. An ECE graduate should have good Automation experience, software development skills, deep mathematical knowledge, and knowledge of networks like local area networks, wide area networks, and wireless networks to work efficiently over the dynamic production systems to grow with the need for remote access and monitoring of production lines with new technologies each day.

Customer Support Engineer

Customers are the ones who can make a company or break a company as the reputation and growth of a company depend on the fact that how satisfied are the customers of the company. So the companies hire ECE graduates to solve the technical issues related to new electronic devices and their software through calls and other mediums. The engineers help to troubleshoot the systems and they are aware of the various problems that might be faced by the customers so they ask specific questions to the people targeting a specific set of problems.

They also help in training the customers about their devices and also handle the complaints related to new or old products and ensure the customer that their issue will be resolved in time.

They also do the documentation of the whole conversation for research purposes so that if any similar problem arises in the future then it can be solved using the same steps.

Customer support engineers are present in every B2C company dealing with day to day issue of its customers. ECE graduates can look up to electronics appliance industries for such jobs and the main criteria for selection are good knowledge of the electronic appliances and mastery in communication skills.

Part-time opportunities

what to do after engineering in electronics and communication

Working on a part-time job helps to earn a side income for grown expenses or extra savings. One can learn additional skills while working part-time and gain extra experience.

Some part-time opportunities for ECE graduates can be-

  • Subject Matter Expert at Chegg- ECE graduates with deep knowledge of ECE subjects can be a subject matter expert for Chegg and answer queries of students studying abroad and earn a good amount of extra income from this.
  • Selling mini-projects online- ECE graduates are well versed in electronic equipment so they can make small projects for school and college students and sell them at a reasonable price.

Various other part-time jobs can be pursued by ECE graduates according to the time they can spare out of their main ECE job.

There are millions of ways to earn and grow when you have clarity in concepts and the passion to implement them. Career opportunities after electronics and communication engineering are in abundance in this modern and digital world with new products in line each day. An individual has to choose his field of interest and keep on working and upgrading his skills with time to stay relevant to the electronics and communication industry. Whether it is a PSU or a private firm there are ample amount of job opportunities for engineers with the right knowledge and the zeal to grow with the industry and keep learning.

Final Thoughts

With a deep sense of knowledge acquired in the field of electronics & communication throughout the years of graduation, now comes the time to implement your skills and convert your theoretical knowledge to practical application. The graduate jobs are high in demand in the public & private sector, telecom industries, software companies, analog & digital electronics, networking, and more. You can also choose to read our article on the differences between electrical engineering and electronics engineering.

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