From Consumer to Content Creator- Ways to Earn Money from YouTube

December 3, 2023
Earn Money From YouTube

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That time is gone when YouTube was just a means of entertainment.

Today creating videos for YouTube is considered a full-time job requiring specific skill sets and tremendous effort. And with over 400 million viewers in India, this effort might pay off with a number of views and money.

Yes, money, there are numerous ways to earn money from YouTube other than running ads. YouTube has become a hub of great content creators who not only share their wisdom and knowledge but entertain people too; and in return YouTube pays them well. If you have something to share that can help people then you can become a YouTube content creator too.

Now you might be thinking what are those ways and how can you get started with them? No worries here all your questions will be answered. So, keep reading to know about the best ways to monetize YouTube channel.

Ways to Earn Money from YouTube

YouTube Monetization Method

Estimated Earnings

Product Reviewing

1 lac

YouTube Video Editing

1.5 lac

YouTube Ads

8 lacs

Selling Personal Branded Products


Paid Membership Program

10 lacs


15 lacs

YouTube Influencer

4 lacs

Create Sponsored Content

10k-1 lac

Get Paid from Fans

1 lac

YouTube Stickers & Super chats

1 lac

YouTube Super Thanks

1 lac

YouTube Shorts

10 lacs

Sell Online Course


YouTube Premium

10-30 lacs

License Your Content

5 lacs

Best 15 Ways to Earn Money from YouTube

This article will share fifteen effective ways to make money on YouTube. They range from basic to advanced.

1. Product Reviewing as Affiliate

Product reviewing is one of the most popular ways to earn money from YouTube. You can cover any topic in reviewing products and monetise your videos by giving genuine feedback. In product reviews, you need to tell about the features, price, pros and cons of the products you are reviewing. In your review video, you need to give information that will be useful for the viewers and help them in making decisions regarding the product. Now, the question is how you will get paid for this, the answer is through commission. Along with reviewing a product, you will add an affiliate link to each product in the description. And if the viewer wants to buy the product they will click on the link, and you will get your cut from the sales price for every product bought from your affiliate link.

How To Get Started?

1. First thing first, you need to select the niche for whose products you will be doing product reviews. The niche should be something you need to be interested in; you can review product from tech gadgets to kid toys.

2. Get registered to any affiliate network from where you can select niche products you want to sell.

3. Get the affiliate link of the products from the network and paste it in the description box of product review video you will make.

4. Create the product review videos and upload it on YouTube with the affiliate link; and start earning.

2. YouTube Video Editing

Video editing is the first marketable skill as a YouTube creator, assuming you’ve been doing it for your videos. Many brands are launching their new YouTube channel, so providing a concierge YouTube video editing service to them could earn you some money. Video editing requires specialised knowledge, time, and creativity to ensure that the information flows smoothly and keeps the viewer engaged. Creating video sketches for the channel regularly will improve your skills while also elevating your portfolio. This is how you can earn money from YouTube.

How To Get Started?

1. Sharpen your video editing skills before getting into this business. Learn all about editing and the tools used.

2. Select the niche or type of YouTube channels you want to work for. For say, you like music then you can work with music creators on YouTube and edit videos for them.

3. Start searching for such YouTube channels who may need your services or check out videos of your favourite channels and offer them to work with you.

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3. YouTube Advertisements

Advertising is the most common way for generators to earn money from YouTube. The YouTube Partner Program( YPP) enables generators to monetize their channels in a variety of ways, the most common of which is announcement profit. Before you can monetize in their account, you must first come to a YouTube mate and set up an AdSense account. This is a critical step because AdSense is the platform through which they can earn through YouTube. To be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program, you must meet the ensuing conditions; that is at least 1000 subscribers. Have watched at least, 4000 hours of TV in the former 12 months.

How To Get Started?

1. Start your YouTube channel on which you will be posting your content.

2. The next step is to create a Google Adwords account and follow the instructions it asks you to.

3. After filing out all the details on Adwords, you need to connect it with you YouTube channel.

4. Lastly, once your channel becomes eligible ads will start showing on your video content and you can earn for every Ad watched by viewers.

4. Selling Personal Branded Products

Trading wares is an excellent way to supplement your YouTube income. If you have a lot of dedicated fans who enjoy your content, they would appreciate some channel merch. You can sell your personal branded products, from ingrained t-shirts to autographed posters, this could include anything.

As a result, you earn money from YouTube is the most effective system. YouTube is also experimenting with the wares shelf, which allows you to sell products beneath videos on the end defences. This is ideal for dealing with goods without deviating from their content or appearing in transactions.

How To Get Started?

1. After you have your personal merchandises ready to be sold, the time comes to advertise it. You can start doing it by talking about your products in your videos.

2. Utilise your channels’ popularity to bring more customers. Retarget your old customers and spread words.

3. And lastly and most important thing to do is add link to buy your merch under you YouTube Channel and videos you post.

5. Paid Membership Program

Channel enrolments allow your dedicated fans to support you in exchange for exclusive content or other gratuities. Channel enrolments, like personality subscriptions, entitlement access to exclusive benefits like custom emojis, amped stickers, and indeed member-only vids. This is also a stylish way to generate YouTube earnings.

You can produce your price situations and subscription freights, so suppose what you could offer your biggest supporters a thank-you for supporting your channel. Channel Enrolments are analogous to Patreon, except that the features are erected into YouTube. Once you’ve joined the YPP, you can enable YouTube Enrolments from the Monetization menu. A fantastic way to earn money from YouTube.

Youtube partner program eligibility

How To Get Started?

1. After YouTube declares you eligible for the Paid Membership Program you can make changes to enable this service.

2. On your desktop go to the YouTube Studio, where on the left side of menu you can see the option Earn.

3. Under the Earn option you will see the Memberships tab, turn it on and get started with paid program.

6. Crowdfunding

Add cards to authorised crowdfunding websites to raise “one-time” funds. In general, creators use fan funding to fund special projects such as books, movies, web series, apps, or product development and bring attention to a cause close to their hearts. There are certain criteria that you need to fulfill to be eligible to start YouTube crowdfunding. Such as your channel should have 10k subscribers and part of YouTube Partner Programme

Because it is a one-time effort, this monetization strategy may be easier to implement than the recurring membership revenue model. Depending on your funding objectives, this could be difficult.

Platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have frequently been used to detail your project idea, the budget required for execution, and the fundraising process to earn money from YouTube.

How To Get Started?

1. Go on the YouTube Studios, from the left menu select Earn under which you need to select the option Giving.

2. Select the Get Started and then Create a Fundraiser option. Under which you need to go through the term & conditions, the select Request a Nonprofit.

3. After the previous step, you need to set-up details of fundraiser. Like the reason, title, description, partners and duration.

4. When all these things are done, add the video or live schedule that will feature the crowdfunding button.

5. Finally Publish it and earn money from YouTube.

7. YouTube Influencer

Users log in to YouTube to watch videos on purpose, rather than scrolling passively as they do on other social media platforms. YouTube Influencers are professional who creates content solely for their audience’s entertainment and information. But being an influencer helps generate YouTube earnings too.

As an influencer, you can have multiple source of income from YouTube, you can do affiliate marketing, sell personal branded merchandise, enrol in YouTube Paid Membership Program etc. What you have to make sure of before becoming a YouTube influencer is that you have all the necessary knowledge about this work and be consistent in posting new content and interacting with your followers.

How To Get Started?

1. First step to be an influencer will be to choose your niche. You niche will decide your’s and your channel’s future content for YouTube.

2. Create goals, short-term goals and long-term goals for your channel. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve from it, do you want to help people? Do you want to earn while educating and entertaining viewers. Then create content outline according to it.

3. After creating content outline, start making the content and post it on your YouTube channel.

4. Once you start posting videos, be consistent and keep track of your video’s performance. And if they can improved then do so by repurposing.

5. Lastly, when you start building strong community on the YouTube, with great content you will become eligible to get paid for creating content. 

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8. Create Sponsored Content

Working with brands and promoting their products is one of the best ways to earn money from YouTube. If you have a high level of engagement from a marketable target audience, you could be a good fit as a sponsored influencer.

Using YouTube’s Brand Connect programme, you can connect with marketers who want to promote a company or product. You may also have leads to follow up on, or brands may approach you to reach out to your engaged audience.

Creating sponsored content is the most profitable YouTube monetization method for many social media influencers, including YouTubers, regardless of how it is done. Some companies will pay a significant sum to be mentioned in one of your videos.

How To Get Started?

1. To start creating Sponsored Content on YouTube you need to meet all the eligibility criteria set by YouTube. Like you should be 18, part of YouTube Partner Program and more.

2. After getting update on your eligibility you need to follow the instructions which show up. Once you filled all the details YouTube will connect with you once they find suitable. BrandConnect opportunity for you.

9. Get Paid from Fans

To make plutocrat on YouTube, all you need is original content. Your suckers can pay you or gain access to fresh content in a variety of ways. Enrollments to channels can help you keep everything on YouTube. There may be some downsides to choosing this option. As a result, the YouTube Partner Program-approved channel must have at least,000 subscribers.

There are fresh conditions, but they’re more delicate for newer channels. However, subscribers can pay you directly, If you meet those conditions.

Patreon is also open to YouTubers. Patreon subscribers have complete control over their content as well as the prices of their colourful categories. Superfans who join in advanced situations have access to further Livestreams. A good way to earn money from YouTube.

How To Get Started?

1. To get paid directly by the by your fans you need to become eligible as per YouTube guideline, then only you can monetize YouTube channel.

2.  After passing eligibility check you can start getting paid for Livestreams by your Superfans.

10. YouTube Stickers and Super Chats

Many YouTubers do not monetize their videos with Super Chat. You should, however, do live videos. It’s quite straightforward. During live streams with a chat message board, viewers can purchase Super Stickers, which are essential tips (though YouTube takes a 30% cut).

Stickers range from 99 cents to $50. They allow fans to support their favourite channels while also increasing their visibility on crowded live-stream chat boards. It is one of the few viable ways to earn money from YouTube.

How To Get Started?

1. To start YouTube earnings from stickers and super chats, you need to go to YouTube Studio

2. On left menu click on Earn, then click on Super tab which will only surface if your channel is eligible.

3. Click on Get Started and follow all the instructions given and accept.

4. Finally you will see the options “Super Chats” and “Super Stickers” with on and off option. Turn it on or off as per your choice.

11. YouTube Super Thanks

Super Thanks which were earlier known as Viewer’s applause is another good way to earn money from YouTube. This feature is used by viewers to show extra support to their favourite YouTube channels. Creators get paid for every super thanks animation bought for their short and long-format videos. Super Thanks also provide viewers with added bonus to send customizable stickers and comments on distinct colourful comment boxes.

eligibility for super thanks

How To Get Started? 

1. After checking your eligibility you need to go to YouTube Studio.

2. Go to the left menu, select Earn and click the tab Supers; which will be displayed only when your channel is eligible.

3. Click on Get Started and follow all the instructions given.

4. Finally, after going through all the instructions you will see the option “Super Thanks”. It will have an on and off option which you can turn as per your choice.

12. YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts is another feature that has been added to YouTube which will not only attract viewers but increase YouTube monetization chances of creators’ channels. They are short video content that is shot and uploaded from a mobile device. As a creator, you can earn money from YouTube shorts by agreeing to the shorts monetization module. Just like long format video content you need to create content informative and attractive for viewers, the change is that you need to do so within 60 seconds.

How To Get Started?

1. To monetize you shorts you need to agree with YouTube Shorts monetization module.

2. After this create an original content and upload it on YouTube.

3. After running shorts for some time YouTube will contact you if you are eligible for earning money from YouTube shorts.

4. Finally, after acceptance you will start receiving a bonus and will have a chance till the 25 of every month to claim the bonus.

13. Sell Online Course

This is the best way to earn money from YouTube for the people who are experts of a field, a professor, lifestyle coaches, retired economists etc. You can create your own online learning content like a course and monetize it on YouTube. You must have heard about selling courses on platform like Udemy and Coursera, but you can also sell your courses on YouTube. And as your channel might have good fanbase already, you can pursue them to buy your course.

How To Get Started?

1. After creating a complete online course, you need to start promoting it. Tell your followers about your course, how it will solve their problem, extra features of the course etc.

2. And at the time of release of course you need to add it’s link in the description box of your video content.

3. From this link viewers will be directed to the purchase website of the course from where they can buy it. And you can start earning as your course sell.

14. YouTube Premium

As creator you will have several features after subscribing for YouTube Premium which will help you to earn money from YouTube. The best feature being ad-free video streaming. Now, you might be thinking wouldn’t it lessen creator’s earning from ads; well no that’s not the case. Instead, your subscribers will pay you to watch your exclusive content before others who wouldn’t pay for premium.  That is how your YouTube income will get doubled.

How To Get Started?

1. Create your YouTube Channel and make a strong fanbase.

2. After this you can apply for YouTube Premium for Creators, where you have to pay certain price; but don’t worry you will earn it’s double.

3. After checking all your eligibility criteria you will be given permission to create content on Premium.

4. Start creating content and promote it. Ask your loyal fans to subscribe to Premium Membership to watch your content ad-free and exclusively.

15. License Your Content

You might be able to licence newsworthy video content to media outlets like CNN,   FOX, NBC, Discovery, Animal Planet, and others if you have it. Of course, this is limited to specific niches.

Your tech review videos are unlikely to be licenced, but video content in the travel, health, food, fitness, fashion, and beauty niches may be. For example, if you are a fashion YouTube influencer who attends a fashion event, you may be able to licence that video content to a news outlet that needs to film the event. This could be a profitable method of earn money from YouTube.

How To Get Started?

1. To license you content for YouTube earnings you need to go to YouTube’s Advanced setting option, near the monetization option.

2. Go to “License and rights ownership” and then click on “Standard YouTube license box”.

3. Next choose the “Creative Commons license” and save your changes and you are done. However. Remember that your content should be worth licensing otherwise you wouldn’t get any monetary benefits.

Does YouTube Pay Monthly?

Now that you know different ways to earn money from YouTube you might be wondering if will you get YouTube monthly income or just once in a while. The answer to your this doubt is YES, you will get a monthly payment from YouTube. You will get a monthly payment from the Ads viewed on your channel. Your earnings for each month will be reflected on your word AdSense account at the end of the month.

And if you want to get paid for your video content then you have to meet the payment threshold of having 1000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months. And for YouTube shorts, you need 1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days.

How much money can you make from YouTube?

Well, there is no limit to how much you can earn from YouTube once you have established a strong viewership on the platform. However, if you want to know the minimum payment that you can get from YouTube for your content, then it needs to be calculated.

  1. YouTube Ads: When a viewer views advertisements on your YouTube channel without skipping them then for every per thousand video views YouTubers get paid between $3 to $5.
  2. Personalized Merch: For every merch purchased from the merch shelf of your YouTube channel you get paid.
  3. YouTube Channel Memberships: Every month when your dedicated pay for channel memberships. As creator you will make 70% of earnings after taxes.

Start Earning from YouTube

So many people view content but there are only a few who create content. And these are the few ones who get monetary benefits from YouTube, you can be one too. Become a YouTube content creator and YouTube itself will pay you to do so. Now that you know some of the best ways to earn money from YouTube you can get started today. So, what are you waiting for become a creator from a consumer and start your YouTube earnings?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many views do you need on YouTube to make money?

To join the YouTube Partner Program, where you earn money from YouTube videos, must accumulate 4,000 watch hours in 12 months and at least 1000 subscribers. This is determined by total watch time from all viewers rather than video views. Once accepted into the programme, you can earn money for each ad that your viewers watch.

How much do 1000 Views earn you on YouTube?

The exact amount you’ll make from a video is determined by a variety of factors, including advertiser interest and location. Content created in the United States, for example, may earn more money per view than content created elsewhere, but a channel promoting tech products is likely to earn more money through advertising than one about cat videos. A million views are required on average to earn $1000.

How do I collect my money from YouTube?

You will get paid for your content when you your YouTube earnings reach the verification threshold. YouTube itself will connect with you and send a PIN to the payment address on your Google Adsense before your payment.

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