How To Write A Follow-Up Email After An Interview With Expert Tips & Samples

December 15, 2023
follow up email after interview

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Writing a follow-up email after interviews is an important part of the job cycle which many candidates tend to ignore. This creates a positive impression and also reflects your seriousness towards the job. On average, a recruiter spends 2/3rd of their hiring time taking interviews. So, sending a follow-up email after interview would help the recruiter to keep your job application in mind.

Knowing how to follow up after interview through email increases the chances of getting the job. The way the email is structured displays your professionalism. There is always excitement for the candidate after a good interview. So, sending a follow-up email after job interview would keep your profile under the interviewer’s radar.

This article will discuss some sample follow-up emails after a job interview, along with the basic structure and tips for writing an email afterwards.

Follow-up Email after Interview Samples

Let’s look at some interview feedback email samples.

Sample 1 (Thank You Email after the Interview)

Subject – Thank you for the interview.

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms {Name},

Thank you for taking the time to discuss the {job profile} position with me. It was nice to learn that we share the same thought process and principles per the company’s vision.

I appreciate your company providing the clients with all the product details before sending them to the market. This reflects the transparent work process in the company.

I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding the job opportunity.


Phone number
Email Id

Sample 2 (Following Up on a Specified Point discussed in the Interview)

Subject – Follow up for the {discussed point} in the interview.

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms {Name},

First, thank you for allowing me to interview for the job profile. It was great to learn about the company, its vision, and how I can be a part of this extraordinary journey.

Regarding the {discussed point}, I have attached the required proof for further reference. I hope this will strengthen my experience for the job profile.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Phone number
Email Id

Sample 3 (Expressing Interest in the Position and Asking about the Next Steps)

Subject – Thank you for the interview.

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms {Name},

Thank you for the time on {Date} for conducting my interview for the {job role}. It was great to discuss the exciting opportunity and how I can join this journey.

I am interested in the job and would go the extra mile to prove my ability to ace the role. Please let me know if there is anything I could do to strengthen my chances for the job profile.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Phone number
Email Id

Sample 4 (Interview Feedback Email)

Subject – Update on the interview dated {dd/mm/yy}.

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms {Name},

I trust you are doing fine. This is to follow up on the {job position} that I interviewed for on {dd/mm/yy. It was a great pleasure meeting you for the interview and learning more about the company and the job profile.

I am still looking for an update on the interview. If you could please provide me with an update regarding it, it would be helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Phone number
Email Id

Sample 5 (Mentioning Additional Qualifications and Reiterating Interest)

Subject – Following up for updates with some additional qualifications

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms {Name},

Thank you for providing time to interview me for the {job position}. It was my pleasure to meet and interact with you. The vision of your company taking your products to a global level has made me excited to be a part of your journey.

Regarding the position, I would like to highlight additional certifications and experience that might help strengthen my resume. Please find the attached document for your reference.

Please let me know any updates on our discussion and what more steps I can take to enhance my chances.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Phone number
Email Id

These were some of the sample interview feedback emails for your reference. These follow-up email after interview should be practised by the candidates to improve their chances of getting recruited.

Structure of a Follow-Up Email After Interview


  • The interview follow-up email should always start with a greeting from the interviewer. Addressing the interviewer with ‘Dear’, ‘Hi’ or ‘Respected’ is customary.
  • Use customary Mr/Mrs/Ms as per the need to address the interviewer. This brings the formal tone of the interview follow-up email. Post it; you should write the name or surname of the interviewer.

Thanking the Interviewer

  • It is unprofessional to start the mail directly with the topic. You should start by thanking the interviewer for giving time for the interview.
  • Phrases like ‘Thank you for the opportunity’, ‘Thank you for meeting for the interview’, and ‘Thank you for discussing the job profile’ act as great email starters.
  • This sets the tone for the mail and helps the candidate to formalize the situation before putting the main content. This is important for the post-interview follow-up email.

Reiterating Interest in the Position

  • The email follow-up after job interview should always reflect your interest. It should not look too pushy, but the point has to be put subtly for the interviewer to understand your stand for the job.
  • This part is critical as if not mentioned properly, the email would place you in a bad light. So, it is advisable to go through the follow-up email after interview drafts to send the proper follow-up email.

Mentioning any Additional Information

  • The follow-up email after interview should address the subject line in detail. This part addresses the content of the mail. The mail should give the details about why the mail has been written apart from showing your interest towards the job.
  • The email should not only talk about your interest but should do the work of following up on the interview, or provide more information on certain discussions or adding more qualifications to strengthen your chances for the job profile.


  • The formal follow-up email needs proper closure. So always use phrases like ‘Looking forward to hearing from you soon’ or ‘Waiting for your reply.’ This would close the mail.
  • Always start as ‘Regards’, ‘Sincerely’, or ‘Best’ followed by your full name, phone number, and email id. Another important part of following up after interview is to put your signature at the bottom. It is unprofessional to ignore it or write it informally. This would help the interviewer identify and reach out to you if required.

These points would help you to draft a proper follow-up email after interview.

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Tips for Writing an Effective Follow-Up Email After Interview

After understanding the basic structure of writing a follow-up email after an interview, let’s look at some tips for writing an effective after interview follow-up email.

Be Timely

Sending mail timely is very crucial. It is important to send an email after the interview if you forgot to add something. But if you are looking for a follow-up, give it time before emailing for updates. It is not right to keep sending the interviewer emails regularly if you do not receive any update regarding the interview; sending an email follow-up after job interview is okay.

A thank you email after the interview should be sent immediately. This puts the attention of the interviewer on your interview.

Personalise your Email

Framing a personalised email paints a positive picture in the interviewer’s mind. It is an important art while framing the follow-up email after interview. Always put some points that were discussed during the interview. This would help to jog the interviewer’s memory and strengthen your position for the job profile.

Use Correct Grammar and Spelling

It will be a nightmarish experience if an after interview follow-up email lands up in the interviewer’s inbox full of grammatical and spelling errors. It would decrease your chance of getting selected for the interview.

Do not forget to check the spelling of the interviewer’s name. Spelling the name wrong may offend the interviewer. So, it is important to proofread your email and check with grammar software, if required, before sending the mail. An error-free email with crisp content heightens the effect of a follow-up email after interview.

Keep it Short and Sweet

No one has the time to read lengthy emails, especially if it is an interview follow-up email. It is unnecessary to stretch the mail putting all the discussed points and other details. This would make the interviewer disinterested. So, always keep the email short and crisp. Put all the required points in a few words. The email should cover the content while not extending it. A powerful subject line and a strong body would convey the message clearly and put your profile in the interviewer’s mind.

Be Confident and not arrogant

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. While writing a follow-up email, taking care of the words and content, you are typing is important. Always check twice before sending it.

It is okay to display your qualifications and experience but not to show that only you can handle the job profile because of your experience. This would help the interviewer to discard your name from the list.

Writing a Follow-up Email Made Easy

Follow-up email after interview is an important part of the job cycle. The candidate should start the email by greeting, thanking the interviewer, focusing on your interest in the job, and closure.

You should focus on sending the email without any grammar and spelling errors. Always remember to keep the email short, crisp and to the point. Always personalize your email to the right amount while adhering to the timeline of sending the email. Your post-interview follow-up email should make you look confident and not arrogant. So, this is how to write a follow-up email after an interview correctly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do you send a follow-up email after no response?

Always start your email with greetings, followed by asking courteously regarding the update on the job interview. Be sure to wait for a week or the timeline the interviewer had asked for before sending the mail.

How soon should I follow up email after the interview?

It depends on the follow-up email. If it is for an update, wait for a week or the timeline requested by the interviewer. You can do it immediately after the interview if you want to provide some information. This is the proper way to follow-up email after interview.

What should I include in a follow-up email after interview?

The follow-up email after interview should always start with a greeting, followed by a greeting. Personalise your email, and crisply put your content. The body should talk about your content in 2-3 lines. Close your email with signatory messages and your signature.

How do you write a formal follow-up email template?

Always start with greetings, followed by thanking the interviewer. Crisply put your content, followed by closure statements. This is the proper way of writing a follow-up email after interview.

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