A Career Guide Exploring the World of BSc Forestry

November 23, 2023
bsc forestry

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B.Sc. Forestry is a popular degree for students who have completed their 10+2 with science. This bachelor’s in Forestry degree program focuses on fundamental scientific knowledge, including arithmetic, chemistry, biology, and applied sciences for ecology, administration, and silviculture.

In India, a B.Sc. Forestry graduate might expect a yearly salary of INR 2.4–3 lakhs.

The preservation, growth, and control of forest resources and animals, as well as educating people about recently developed forestry technologies, are some of the key ideas covered in this BSc degree program.

all about bsc forestry

BSc Forestry: Course Highlights

Let’s take a look at all the BSc Forestry highlights.



Course Name

Bachelor of Science in Forestry

Abbreviated Form

B.Sc. Forestry

Course type

Degree Program

Course Level


BSc Forestry Course Duration

4 years

Admission process

B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam or Merit basis

BSc Forestry Eligibility

Intermediate with a minimum of 45% in: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English

BSc forestry course fee

INR 3-4 lakh

Top recruiters

  • College & Universities
  • Forest departments
  • Nurseries
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Forest Product Manager

B.Sc. Forestry Salary

A minimum salary of INR 4-8 lakhs

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BSc Forestry Eligibility Criteria

Enrolment in the BSc in Forestry program is based on the applicants’ Class 12 results, which are used to determine the rank. Candidates must meet various eligibility conditions established by the institution in the form of a minimum score, age restriction, previous study subjects, and more to be admitted to the BSc forestry degree program. The following list includes some of the most significant BSc forestry eligibility requirements:

  • Aspirants must have finished class 12 with a minimum cumulative grade of 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology, which are mandatory subjects. English is another major that is required by several colleges.
  • The minimum age requirement for prospective students is 17; the maximum age limit is 21.
  • It may be necessary for prospective candidates to show up for a personal interview or a college-level exam.

BSc Forestry Major Subjects

BSc Forestry subject lists vary from college to college, but there are some key BSc Forestry subject lists that are present in the majority of BSc Forestry colleges and universities. The list of BSc Forestry courses is available for students to examine.


Moral and Value Education


General Biochemistry

Forest Mensuration

Environmental Studies

Nutrient Management

Introduction to Geology

Treed Seed Technology

Silvicultural Systems

Introduction to Tree Science

Livestock Management

Nursery Management

Wildlife Management

Forest Utilization

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BSc Forestry Admissions Procedures

There are three ways to apply for a BSc in Forestry:

Direct admission

Depending on the institution or university, candidates seeking direct admission must complete an application form that is both online and offline. The aspirants must carefully fill out every detail regarding their Class 12 examination. The percentage of marks that the candidates entered must match their actual score. The cut-off scores for the various courses that colleges and universities offer are publicly disclosed. Candidates are shortlisted based on their performance on the 12th examination.


Admission to the course is granted based solely on the candidate’s performance on the qualifying examination. On the basis of the admissions test, several universities additionally create a cut-off list.


A select group of colleges and institutions admits students to the BSc Forestry program on the basis of results from entrance exams. Candidates may also be required to participate in group talks and individual interviews at some universities. The cut-off scores announced by various organizations conducting entrance exams are used to determine the candidates.

Skills Required for B.Sc. in Forestry

A candidate for a BSc in forestry must have a certain set of skills because the degree program combines science, management, and physical training. Among the most competitive degree programs, BSc forestry encourages applicants to put their best foot forward in every way.

Every part of forestry is essential and demands perfection, from communication abilities to understanding of fundamental subjects. The following are some of the most essential abilities that a candidate for a BSc in Forestry has to have:

1. Analytical Abilities

Foresters assess the results of surveys and field tests to decide what to do next. Testing and evaluating the quality of goods is one of the main roles of the forester. As foresters can identify a healthy ecosystem, a good analysis is essential.

2. Physical Endurance

At the beginning of their careers, foresters may spend most of their time outside. To assist them in managing hiking, trekking, and physical hardship. Foresters aim to build their stamina and maintain excellent health.

3. Critical Thinking Abilities

A forester’s profession calls for quick thinking and the ability to react appropriately to potential disasters. If a forester hopes to positively impact the forest, sound judgment is essential.

4. Monitoring Skills

As a forester, you should have a lot of patience. To monitor activities and oversee the proper use of the tools, resources, and facilities required to complete a task. While deciding how much funds will be spent on a task, track of expenses is to be kept.

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Best Universities/ Colleges in India for B.Sc. Forestry

After clearing their Class XII exam, science stream candidates enrol in the BSc Forestry degree. Candidates can choose from a wide variety of reputable institutions and universities that offer BSc Forestry courses.

Candidates can review the eligibility requirements for particular colleges and institutions and submit applications in accordance with their preferences. The top BSc Forestry colleges in India are listed here.


BSc Forestry Fees (Average)

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya

INR 27,200

Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology

INR 83,424

Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology

INR 1.7 Lakhs

Mewar University

INR 2.12 Lakhs

Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya

INR 58,395

Himalayan Institute of Technology

INR 2.36 Lakhs

BSc Forestry Scope

In the current situation, forestry is a discipline that is urgently required. The escalating environmental issues and ecosystem imbalance worry every administration in the world. In addition, the disappearance of wild creatures is a major worry.

There is hardly much that the average man can do to save many wildlife species from extinction. The demand for people pursuing forestry courses is considerable because most of these issues may be solved by a team of educated professionals who are well-versed in forest life.

Candidates may also continue on to earn a higher degree in forest management, such as an MBA or MSc. Candidates considering a career in research and development can pursue a PhD after earning a master’s degree.

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Career Opportunities for BSc Forestry Graduates

The degree program’s curriculum provides students with the knowledge and abilities they need to develop a successful career in this industry. Hence, there are many different businesses in which those with a BSc in Forestry might find employment. Listed below are a few of them:

  • Forest Departments
  • Zoological Parks
  • Nurseries
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Horticulture Departments
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Agriculture Departments

B.Sc. Forestry Salary and Jobs

Individuals with extensive environmental studies knowledge and the necessary BSc forestry graduate skills have a variety of job opportunities available to them. Applicants can select from a variety of job profiles and work anywhere they want.

The table below lists a handful of the few job prospects available to BSc Forestry graduates and BSc Forestry salary scale:

Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary (in INR)

Nursery Manager

Nursery Managers seek for ways to improve each plant’s growing circumstances. They choose which plants to grow and how many plants are necessary for daily activities.

 3.8 Lakhs

Indian Forest Officer

A professional who oversees the creation of policies pertaining to the National forests is known as an Indian Forest Officer.

 2.8 Lakhs


An ecologist is a specialist who is in charge of comprehending and researching the interactions and connections between various creatures and the environment.

8 Lakhs


A conservationist is a specialist tasked with preserving the natural environments of the planet, notably those for wildlife.

6 Lakhs

Wildlife Enforcement Officer

A wildlife enforcement officer is in charge of dealing with poachers, hunters, trappers, and other groups or people engaging in unlawful activity on forest property.

₹4 Lakhs

Teacher/ Lecturer


A lecturer or teacher professional in this field is to impart knowledge to the students. The candidate for the position of assistant professor will also provide guidance to students.

₹ 2.6 Lakhs

Sources: Ambition Box, Glass Door, PayScale

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Best Recruiters after Completing BSc Forestry Course

After graduating the BSc Forestry degree program, candidates can review the list of top recruiters.

  • Ballarpur Industries
  • WIMCO Match Industry
  • Star Paper Mill
  • Century Paper Mill
  • K Corps Limited
  • WWF
  • Fauna and Flora International
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • ZSL Living Conservation
  • British Ecological Society

Perks of doing BSc in Forestry Course

Studying for a bachelor in forestry has many advantages. The greatest benefit of getting a bachelor in forestry is the abundance of job options in the public sector. Candidates can also relocate abroad and work for various forest departments while maintaining a satisfying standard of living. The degree program offers students the ability to select from the best professional opportunities thanks to its range of interdisciplinary core studies.

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BSc In Forestry: Key Takeaways

With a B.Sc. in Forestry, graduates can pick from a wide range of positions. The course is designed to give the aspirant the fundamental background information they need to become skilled professionals and give their all in any field they choose.

Make sure you carefully explore all your professional options because your career is extremely important. Before making the right decision, look over our career advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is scope of B.Sc. forestry?

BSc Forestry graduates can easily find employment in a variety of businesses. Moreover, candidates may pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in forest management. After obtaining a master’s degree, candidates thinking about a future in research and development can pursue a PhD.

Is B.Sc. forestry a good course?

Yes, BSc is a good course there are many benefits to pursuing a bachelor in forestry. The abundance of career opportunities in the public sector is one of the biggest advantages of earning a BSc in forestry. The degree program’s integrative core studies allow students to choose from the greatest number of professional options.

Which is better B.Sc. Agri or forestry?

After completing a BSc in Agricultural Science, you will have a greater opportunity of finding employment or entering the field of research. Forestry has fewer possibilities.

Is B.Sc. forestry suitable for girls?

The field is great for both men and Women. Despite the fact that men predominate in the field, female employees are equally valued.

How to get a job after B.Sc. forestry?

Graduates of the BSc in Forestry program might find plenty of employment options with the Indian government’s Forest Department. At the Forest Department of State Governments, one may find employment as a forester or forest department official.

What is the salary after a B.Sc. in forestry in India?

The B.Sc. Forestry job salary depends on the candidate’s position, talents, and experience. In India, a B.Sc. Forestry graduate might anticipate a yearly salary of INR 2.4–3 lakhs.

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