A Guide on How to Make Money as a Teenager in India and Achieve Financial Freedom

December 26, 2023
how to make money as a teenager

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Becoming financially independent at a young age is the dream of many Indian teenagers now. The question ‘How to make money as a teenager?’ is now in vogue.

But, trying to earn money while studying is not an easy task. Most teens who seek to earn extra income often have financial difficulties. But some teens just want to become financially independent to take charge of their lives. Whatever the reason, teens who start earning money develop better skills to deal with real-life situations.

Earning money at a young age is also vital for the teen’s personality development. They can help in fulfilling familial financial obligations and their own needs. This financial independence helps teens to get better prepared for adult life.

Most Indian teens are still new to the concept of earning while learning. Do not worry. In this article, we will explore multiple ways to make money as a teen. Read on to learn more about how to earn money, both online and offline.

How to Make Money as a Teenager Through Online

Teenagers looking for an answer to the question ‘How to earn money as a teenager have plenty of options now. This is because nowadays there are many online earning opportunities. Teens can check out these remote opportunities by searching – how to make money as a teenager online?

Most online opportunities are remote jobs that allow teens to work at their convenience. This allows teens to pursue their education and earn money at the same time. Some popular online opportunities that teens can pursue to earn money are listed below:

Freelance and Gig Work

Skilled teens can work freelance or take up independent gigs. Graphic designing, content creation, video editing, and transcription are some in-demand skills now.
Some popular websites that feature genuine freelance opportunities for teens are:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork

To get started as a freelancer, teens can register themselves on one of these websites. After becoming a member, they can choose to work on projects that match their skills and earn money.

Online Selling

Teenagers looking to earn money quickly can opt to sell items online. Learn how to make money as a teenager through online selling. This is a popular way for beginners to earn money online. Teens can get good profits through online selling if they register themselves on online selling platforms. Although there are many online selling platforms, choosing the right one can be difficult. A few factors that teens should consider before choosing to list their items on an online platform are:

  1. Is it a mobile-friendly platform?
  2. How is the customer service?
  3. What is the average customer rating of the platform?
  4. Does it show up on Google SERP?

After registering themselves on a reputed online selling platform, teens should ensure good sales by

  1. Reaching out to customers through social media
  2. Post new videos featuring the listings of new products regularly
  3. Follow the latest social media trends and create viral content to boost sales
  4. Maintain proper product quality to improve sales and attract new customers

YouTube Channel/Instagram Page

Teens with good social media presence can monetize their accounts. YouTube and Instagram allow teens to make viral content and increase their earnings. To start a YouTube channel or an Instagram page, teens just have to create an account. Proper planning and research are important to achieve monetary success through social media.

A few tips that can help teens to earn better through social media are:

  1. Research online to find trending content and how successful accounts are being run.
  2. Establish a loyal subscriber base by posting unique and non-confrontational content.
  3. Connect with your subscribers and run special contests to keep them engaged.
  4. Partner with major brands and promote their products on your page/channel for commission.
  5. Boost your sales by posting videos of your products to reach more customers.
  6. Run special discount campaigns and advertise products of different brands for commission.

Part-Time Online Jobs

Most parents ask the question: How can teenagers make money online without affecting their studies? The answer is simple, teens can work part-time online to earn money. Part-time work is a great option for Teens as it gives them great advantages like:

  1. The freedom to work for only a limited number of hours
  2. Some employers also allow teens to choose their work hours
  3. Teens can maintain a proper balance between their education and work

Teenagers are often offered part-time jobs online that have job requirements like:

  1. Cold-calling customers and offering sales promotions
  2. Maintaining accounts or customer databases
  3. Generating revenue through sales
  4. Content creation or graphic designing

BPOs, fast food companies, and local businesses often post vacancies for part-timers. These part-time, online jobs are suitable for teens as they have fixed working hours and decent pay. A few tips that can help teens get a part-time online job are:

  1. Posting an updated resume that features education level and skills in detail
  2. Checking employment portals like LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, and Monster regularly for new listings.
  3. Applying to different part-time vacancies to increase the chance of employment.
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How to Earn as a Teenager in Offline

Teenagers can also earn money offline instead of pursuing online jobs. The service industry is popular for offering great opportunities for teenagers. These jobs are usually customer service jobs that require minimal training or special skills. A few other offline job opportunities that are a great option for teenagers are:

Home Tutor

Becoming a home tutor is a wonderful opportunity for teenagers who have a zeal for teaching. There is a great demand for home tutors as many kids need extra support for learning. Teenagers can work independently as home tutors or they can work with an established agency.

Hobby Classes

Teenagers can teach hobby classes to earn money. Hobby classes like music, painting, drawing or making crafts are popular. Teens can join a local teaching center or provide services from their homes. Conducting a holiday workshop is also a great idea to earn quick money in a short time.

Home Bakers

There is a great demand for home-baked cakes, biscuits and other baked items. This is because people want to avoid processed and preservative-laden foods. By working as home bakers, teens can build their businesses and earn well. Promoting home-baked items through social media can help teens to attract more customers.


Few companies offer paid internships for teens who are interested in making a career with them. These internships are a great opportunity as it allows the teens to learn all about the job.

Fitness Trainer

Physically active teens with good knowledge of different exercise regimes can work as fitness coaches. Yoga and Zumba are the most popular exercise classes that are preferred by adults and kids. Teens can start working as fitness trainers from home by advertising their skills in local areas.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate companies always need a young sales force. Teens with a zeal for selling can work for these companies as agents and earn commissions. Good people skills and knowledge of real estate pricing are essential for this job.


If you are wondering how to make money as a teenager without a job, then you should start your own business. Becoming a teen entrepreneur is not as intimidating as it sounds. As a teen, you can start your business right from your home to conserve money. A few tips that can help teens who want to start their own business are:

  1. Identify your customer base and understand their expectations
  2. Create unique products and services that are unavailable in the open market
  3. Provide exceptional customer service to increase goodwill among your customers
  4. Start small and take feedback from vendors, suppliers, and customers to improve the business

Some popular Indian entrepreneurs who started their businesses when they were in their teens include:

  1. Ritesh Agarwal – Started OYO at 17 when he realized the need for affordable hotels in India.
  2. Vinusha MK – Started Four Seasons Pastry when she was 9 due to her love for baking.
  3. Tilak Mehta – Started Paper n Parcels when he was 13 years old. This is an enterprise that facilitates the delivery of small parcels within a city.

Despite these encouraging examples, teens usually find it difficult to get their businesses going. A few tips that can help teens start their journey as entrepreneurs are:

  1. Find a market opportunity that needs to be fulfilled
  2. Create a proper business plan after conducting market research
  3. Build your customer base through networking
  4. Research to understand customer’s expectations
  5. Create products or services that match the customer’s expectations
  6. Build a positive environment with like-minded people

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Earning Money as a Teenager

Teenagers need to be treated as young adults so that they can adjust better in the real world. Parents and mentors should focus on the all-round development of the teenager. But, the focus is only on achieving academic excellence. As a result, most teens have poor financial skills that are essential for building their future

To overcome this situation, teens need to understand how to handle their finances and how to make money as a teenager. The best way to teach financial responsibility is by letting teens earn their own money. Teenagers can hold down part-time jobs or work online to support themselves. This practice will help in creating confident young adults who understand how to take care of their finances.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can a 16-year-old make money fast? 

As a 16-year-old you can earn some money quickly by
1 Sell items online like books, movies, clothes, shoes, and musical instruments.
2 Tutoring or teaching extracurricular activities like sports, art, and music
3 Working as a freelancer creating content or editing
4 Taking up small jobs or chores around the neighbourhood
5 Starting a home bakery or confectionery and selling fresh items

How can I make money under 18? 

A few money-making opportunities that a Teenager can utilize to earn some extra cash are
1 Setting up your own business and selling unique products to your customers
2 Working as a freelancer
3 Teaching or tutoring
4 Working on different gigs and creating unique online content
5 Teaching hobby classes or coaching sports teams
6 Working part-time in the service industry or in sales

How can I earn money at home as a student? 

You have plenty of opportunities how to make money as a teenager without a job from home. Some popular work-from-home jobs for students are
1 Online Teaching: You can take online classes from your home to teach kids and help them improve their academic performance.
2 Freelancing: You can work as a freelancer creating online content
3 Home Baker: You can start baking at home and sell your creations by advertising online on different social media platforms. 

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