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Online learning has become a new normal in this pandemic era. The education system of the whole world has shifted to the online mode. Many education portals nowadays are offering free online courses in India, for instance. These courses are convenient, flexible, and bring education to your home. It is a fact that online learning has a lot more advantages than traditional learning processes. You just need a good internet connection to get access to these courses. These courses are much more engaging and give you the skills of the real world.

Free online courses in India have many advantages. We can pursue anything we want from the comfort of our homes. The most important thing about these courses is we can pursue them along with a job. Even if we are pursuing another degree, we can opt for such free online courses in India. Housewives, working professionals can be highly benefitted from such courses. Moreover, online courses mostly have a shorter duration than your regular course. At the end of the course, very often you are awarded a certificate by providers of free online courses with certificates in India which can be proved as assets later.

You can pursue online free courses on graphic design, business management, art, history, engineering, digital marketing, film making, language, photography, etc. The list is endless. If you are a beginner who wants to pursue some of the best free online courses, you are at the right place. This article will deal with some best online courses to take to get a job, their advantages, and how to pursue free online courses with certificates in India. Let us get started.

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January 20, 2022
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Table of Contents

Advantages of free online courses in India

The top 10 advantages of free online courses in India are: 

  1. They bring education to your home. You do not have to move anywhere at all. Study at your home, at your convenience. 

  1. Online classes are so convenient that your classroom is available 24 hours a day. If you miss any live class, you can watch the recorded class. So, you will not miss anything at all. 

  1. They are highly flexible. You can watch the lectures sitting at your study table, in the garden, or in your office, for instance. Moreover, you can watch them at any preferred time. 

  1. Many times, instructors answer your queries via email directly. Therefore, individual attention is offered through these courses. 

  1. You can meet new students through chat groups, bulletin boards, and mailing lists. 

  1. Online courses give you real-world skills. 

  1. They often promote lifelong learning. 

  1. They are financially flexible as you do not have to spend much except on an internet plan. Moreover, the cost-benefit ratio of online courses is very high. 

  1. These courses connect you to the global world. Many times, you are sitting in a part of a country, but the course will be offered in another part. In some cases, your course instructor may be from another country. Consequently, you can participate in global learning. 

  1. Online courses offer you a certificate at completion. You can add this to your resume which will give you numerous benefits. 

Online courses in India with certificates 

Online certificates improve your skills and knowledge and make your resume appealing to private and government recruiters. In addition, you may learn from industry professionals without spending any money by taking online courses. The biggest MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) platforms (Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, and edX) have adjusted their business to charge for printed certification. Even yet, there are still a plethora of free online courses with certificates from reputable companies. However, not all systems go through the course material in detail or provide industry-ready knowledge. 

The following is a hand-picked list of the top 7 finest online certificate courses that significantly boost your educational and job chances of trending online courses in India. 

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science 

Harvard CS50 is a free online computer science course for beginners that teaches you how to think algorithmically and solve problems quickly. It features a problem set based on cryptography, biology, finance, forensics, and gaming in the real world. 

Key Topics 

Learn about programming and computer science. How to think algorithmically and efficiently resolve programming issues. 

Some of the subjects covered are abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, software engineering, and web development. So, how can you join a large community of like-minded learners? First, learn programming languages such as C, Python, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Then, learn how to create a final programming project and present it to your peers. 


Instruction from a professional. Option for self-paced learning. Videos and readings from the course. Feedback from peers on assignments. This course contains Quizzes that provide feedback, Assignments in programming. It’s simple to share a certification. 

The Complete iOS 10 Developer – Create Real Apps in Swift 3 

The Complete iOS 10 Developer course will help you become the top developer, freelancer, and entrepreneur in the industry. This iOS course will teach you all you need to know about programming. In addition, the system includes a comprehensive portion of establishing a business, from concept through obtaining millions in venture capital investment. 

Key points 

What is the best way to create professional iOS apps? In Swift programming, you should have a good skillet. Apps launched on the app store are diverse—generating GPS maps. This online course also provides How to make applications for transcription, calculators, and converters. Apps that use RESTful and JSON APIs. Apps for Firebase. Users will be impressed by fancy animations. They are developing engaging applications. 


Video content on the internet. Completion certificate. Q&A with the instructor. Message from the instructor. 

Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate 

Google IT Automation with a professional python certificate is a collection of six certifications created by Google to train IT workers with in-demand IT skills such as Python, Git, and IT automation. This education program will help you advance your profession by providing you with the necessary skills. This study material is aimed to educate you on how to write in Python and how to use Python to automate often performed system administration activities. You’ll also learn how to utilise Git and GitHub, diagnose and debug complex issues, and automate utilising configuration management and the cloud in this course. This certificate takes roughly six months to complete. It is meant to prepare you for various IT careers, such as a more advanced IT Support Specialist or Junior Systems Administrator. 

Key points 

Learn how you can use Python scripts to automate chores. What are the benefits of using Git and GitHub for version control? Learn how to use the cloud to manage IT resources, real devices, and virtual computers. Aids in analysing real-world IT issues and the implementation of appropriate solutions. 


Courses are entirely online. Flexible schedule. Option for self-paced learning. Materials for videos and readings. Quizzes for practice. Feedback on programming assignments. Examinations with comments and grades English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more are available. 

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Government of India’s initiative to give free online courses in India

The government of India is offering a huge number of free online courses in India with certificates. It has collaborated with many online educational portals like UpGrad, HubSpot academy, Lynda, Microsoft, NPTEL, etc. The government of India’s initiatives and entities like Skill India, Swayam, NASSCOM, AICTE are offering many free online courses in India. Moreover, given this pandemic situation where everyone is staying inside the home, these free online courses are some of the best online courses to take to get a job. 

The government of India is offering free online courses with certificates in the following domains: 

  • Finance and accounting. 
  • Data analytics 
  • Cloud computing. 

  • Economics. 
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning. 
  • Entrepreneurship. 
  • Enterprise risk management. 
  • Marketing and strategy. 

  • Information and technology 
  • Sales. 
  • Soft skills. 
  • Management and strategy. 
  • Supply chain. 

  • Security. 
  • Others. 

Free online courses in India

Let us have a look at some of the free online courses in India: 

Startup India Learning and Development program by UpGrad: 

This is a free online program on entrepreneurship. It is offered by Startup India which is a government of India’s initiative. Startup India has collaborated with UpGrad to offer this course. This course is absolutely free of cost and a completion certificate is provided at the end. It will help the entrepreneurs to get ideas on developing their ventures to take them to the next level. This is an extensive program of 4 weeks. It covers lessons on multiple key areas of start-ups by 40+ top founders of the country, for instance. You can choose Hindi or English as the medium of instruction which can be very helpful for budding entrepreneurs of every part of India. 

Java Programming by Great Learning Academy: 

This course o java programming covers the basics of Java for beginners. Java is a highly demanding programming language. The Great Learning Academy has offered this course for free. Consequently, at the end of the successful course completion, you will earn a certificate. 

Inbound sales by Startup India in collaboration with HubSpot academy: 

This free online course is highly useful for sales representatives and sales managers. It basically covers the inbound approach of sales. This free online course is offered by startup India in collaboration with HubSpot academy. It comprises 5 lessons, a total of 21 videos, and 5 quizzes. Consequently, at the end of the course completion, you will earn a certificate offered by the Government of India. 

Manegarial Economics by NPTEL: 

This free online course on Managerial Economics is offered by IIT Bombay on the NPTEL platform. It covers various areas of Managerial Economics. For instance, theory of demand, theory of production, and theory of the market, etc. It is a 4-week high-quality free online program. Consequently, at the end of the successful course completion, you will earn a certificate. 

Become a financial analyst by startup India in collaboration with Lynda: 

This course is offered by startup India in collaboration with Lynda. After successful completion of the course, you will gain knowledge on how to be a financial expert. As a result, you will acquire skills that will make you a successful financial analyst. The course comprises 10 modules on strategic planning foundation, financial accounting, financial modeling, managerial economics, excel, etc. Consequently, at the end of the successful completion of the course, you will get a free certificate. Moreover, it is one of the best online courses to take to get a job in the concerned domain. 

Explore conversational AI by startup India in collaboration with Microsoft: 

This course on conversational AI is offered by startup India in collaboration with Microsoft. It has a very short duration of 29 minutes, comprises of 1 module only. Moreover, you will get a free certificate of completion at the end of the course. 

Python Programming in Hindi by Great Learning Academy: 

This course on python programming covers all the basics of python programming for beginners. The Great Learning Academy is offering this course for free. It has 2.5 hours of video content and 1 quiz. Consequently, at the end of the successful course completion, you will earn a certificate. Till now, more than 80 thousand learners have signed up for this course. 

Introduction to Digital Marketing by Great Learning Academy: 

This free online course has 1.5 hours of video content. Great Learning Academy has offered this course for beginners who wants to learn the basics of digital marketing. More than 1.4 lakh learners have signed up for this course. This course will teach you various concepts like Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, On-Page, Off-Page SEO, Automated Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Public Relations PPC, etc. Consequently, at the end of the successful course completion, you will earn a certificate. 

Economics of IPR by NPTEL: 

This free online course on intellectual property rights is offered by IIT Madras. It covers the areas of intellectual property rights extensively. It is a 4-week high-quality free online program. Consequently, at the end of the successful course completion, you will earn a certificate. 

Principles and Practices Of Management by Skill India: 

Skill India has offered this course on management in collaboration with Amity University. It is an 84 hours online course available for free. This course deals with various aspects of management. The language of this course is English.  Consequently, at the end of the successful course completion, you will earn a certificate. 

Smart English Basics for Professionals by Great Learning Academy: 

The Great Learning has offered this course entitled Smart English Basics for Professionals free of cost. This is a short online course of 1-hour duration only. This course will enable the learners to learn spoken and written communication. It will help learners to improve their vocabulary as well. Moreover, after completion of this course, they will award the learners with a certificate as well. This course is quite popular among people who want to have a stronghold over communication skills. It has more than 1 lakh learners to date, for instance. 

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality by NPTEL: 

This free online course on soft skills is coordinated by IIT Kanpur at the NPTEL platform. This course comprises 8 modules and assignments. It is a 4-week high-quality free online program. It focuses on developing one’s soft skills and personality extensively, for instance. Consequently, at the end of the successful course completion, you will earn a certificate. 

Become a Software Developer by Startup India in collaboration with Lynda: 

This course focuses on providing programming skills. For instance, programming skills are a must to be a successful software developer. It has 11 modules and a total of 30 hours of course content. Startup India is offering this free online course in collaboration with Lynda.  Moreover, you will get a course completion certificate once you successfully complete this course. 

Communicating with chatbox by Startup India in collaboration with Amazon: 

Startup India is offering this course on chatbox for free, in collaboration with Amazon. This course focuses on building a smart chatbox and enhancing the user experience. In addition to this, this is a 3.5-hour course divided into 3 modules. After successful course completion, a certificate will be awarded to the learner. 

Ace Coding Interviews by The Great Learning Academy: 

This course is designed for beginners. It has 1.5 hours of high-quality video content enough to make a beginner understand the basics of coding interviews. It teaches how to prepare for interviews, how to target different companies, and what do hiring managers look for in their peers. Consequently, learners get a course completion certificate after the end of this course. 

Online courses during lockdown 

Quarantine might be a great time to learn new skills and advance your profession. There is a course for everything from an hour-long course on building a resume or finding a new job and enhancing productivity to specialised training in job-specific abilities or something revolutionary like flying automobiles. First, look at some of the most unusual but practical certification programs available. Then, choose the best option for everyone. 

Jigsaw Academy’s Analytics for Beginners 

It is a one-month online self-paced course that covers the principles of analytics. It is claimed that the online platform will teach it in a fun approach. It’s a certification program that includes professors, technical assistance, and case studies. The course is open for enrolment, and the fee is Rs 2,800. IIM Indore offers an integrated course in business analytics. In contrast, the University of Chicago offers a post-graduate degree in data science and machine learning, both of which are ten months long and include an internship or job option at the conclusion. These, however, are not for beginners. 

AI for everyone, an online learning portal, offers the course. The course is intended for non-technical individuals who want to learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can benefit them. It covers AI basics, machine learning methodology, AI strategy, and data science projects. It’s a four-week course with two to three hours of study per week in every online engineering course in India. 

How to increase productivity at work 

This free short course is for you if you’re looking for growth rather than change. The training can teach you time management, prioritisation, and other methods for increasing workplace efficiency. The period is one hour long and is supplied by Google. 

Land your next job 

The course is for those looking for work but needs some training, as the name implies. The curriculum covers topics such as how to write a resume, prepare for interviews, create a cover letter, and so on. Google’s digital platform learn digital – provides it. It is entirely free and only lasts an hour. 

Send professional emails 

Writing emails were the subject of a professional communication course. The course will teach students how to compose professional emails for various circumstances in the workplace. The training is free and lasts an hour, and it is offered through Google digital learning. 

PG programme in life insurance 

Moreover, offers an 11-month course with 8-10 hours of work per week. It is being provided by HDFC Life, which also claims to provide a paid internship during the period, with students earning up to Rs 1.1 lakh and a full-time job with the firm for successful candidates. The cost of the course is Rs 99,000. 

Online courses in India for teachers 

Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling by the University of Houston 

Using dynamic teaching approaches is the best technique to keep a student’s attention. A healthy learning environment includes lectures, interactive activities, collaborative activities, and teachings delivered through various mediums. One of the most compelling new ways to engage and educate students is through digital storytelling. This free online course will teach you to develop and create engaging digital stories. Choosing a Topic and Defining Your Purposes, Writing an Effective Script and Creating a Storyboard, Recording Audio Narration, Assembling Story Elements, and Reflecting on the course are the five components of the class. 

Teaching Skills for Teachers by Udemy 

Have you ever had a lesson when no one was paying attention to you? Instead of looking at the ground, their phones, or each other, they were staring at the bottom, their phones, or each other? Do you get angry when your students aren’t paying attention? 

Many new instructors are conversant with the most widely accepted teaching theories, lesson plans, and practices. However, they frequently lack the in-class presence necessary to engage pupils. Students will disregard the teacher’s lessons if the teacher cannot catch their attention. Therefore, it’s vital to increase your in-class presence if you want to be a good teacher. You’ll learn about an innovative method that helps teachers engage with their classes in this $19.99 online course for instructors, a very trendy online course in India. 

Final Words

These free online courses can help you gain new skills. You can use these skills to get a new job. You can also start freelancing after acquiring any of such skills. This can help you to have a legit second income source. For example, you have done a course on digital marketing. Now you can use your digital marketing skills to start freelancing services. Most of the organization nowadays are searching for digital marketing experts. These organizations prefer freelancers over regular employees. Because, it helps them in many ways like saving money, etc.  

If you have a passion for teaching and want to take teaching as a side business, you can join as a subject matter expert at Chegg India. Chegg India Pvt Ltd is one of the biggest educational platforms that hires many Subject Matter Experts frequently. These Subject Matter Experts answer questions posted by various students from around the world and get paid per answer quite nicely and regularly. Chegg pays their Subject Matter Experts very well and so many people, especially students, housewives, and working professionals nowadays have taken this business on a full-time basis to earn some money. To be a Subject Matter Expert at Chegg India Pvt Ltd, visit this link: Here

Once you sign up using the link, you will have to enter some basic details such as your phone number, email, bank account number, IFSC code, and identity proof, etc. Moreover, you will have to appear in two tests which basically evaluate your ability. The subjects available are healthcare, engineering, earth sciences, science,  business, and mathematics. You can apply for any of these subjects as per your experience and expertise and start earning. 

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