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May 15, 2024
online courses in india

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Today, online courses in India have become a major part of education. Despite being in the market during the past decade, the popularity and need for online courses have doubled in the past few years due to the rapid digital advancement brought forward by the pandemic.  

With the rapid increase in demand for skilled and able candidates by employers, students are turning towards the best online courses to become skilled. Online learning is also perfect for working professionals who find it hard to take out the time for upskilling. 

And if you are still wondering whether online courses are a good choice or not. Then look at the stats, which show that more than 13 million Indian learners enrolled for online courses on Coursera alone. This shows the massive demand for online courses in India. There are many other reasons why today’s learners are more inclined towards online courses such as: 

  1. Online courses provide the flexibility of learning from anywhere at any time. 
  2. These courses provide quality education at less cost or free of cost. 
  3. Online courses teach employable skills to learners. 
  4. These courses are accepted and acknowledged by employers. 

There are hundreds and thousands of online courses that you can find on different platforms and websites. However, there are some courses which are considered the best online courses. Because these online courses in India are highly in-demand and employable courses, these online courses are even available for free on some platforms. So, do read the article till the end to get informed about some of the top online courses. 

Top 10 Free Online Courses in India

Here are some of the most in-demand online courses in India. These courses are top online courses because of their high employability chances, making every learner a desirable candidate for employers. 

Data Science 

Data is everywhere, in this digital world every search, survey, and click data contains information, that can be used for various purposes. This is where data science is needed. Data science is a multidisciplinary field which extracts information from heaps of data. Due to the presence of so much raw data and a few people doing the work of extracting valuable information from it, there is a huge demand for data scientists. If you want to enter the field of data, then you can positively choose to do an online course in data science. Through the data science course, you will learn the basics and all the other necessary skills and knowledge. 

What to Learn

In data science, you will be taught about the topics like basics of data science, Python programming, Linear Regression Analysis, Logistic Regression, K Means Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction and much more.  

Where to learn 

Several platforms offer online courses for data science. However, if you are new to this field and want to understand the basics, then you can choose the free online course on SkillUp.   


After completing the Introduction Data Science course on SkillUp you will get a Certificate of Completion as proof. 


This course is best for you to get knowledge about the basics of Data Science, preparing you well for the next levels. It is a self-paced course that you can complete according to your time flexibility and learning. At the end of this course, you will also be taught how to answer Data Scientist jobs, how to create a resume and much more.  

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security online courses in India are also one of the most in-demand and top online courses. This course is also related to the digital world, as the online world is expanding the crimes and frauds related to it are also rising. Making it crucial for the government and online organisations to make the virtual world a safe place for people. Cyber Security professionals are responsible for preventing any kind of cyber-attacks and thefts. 

If you are interested in learning skills like ethical hacking, creating security walls and cryptography then you can positively opt for this online education course. 

What to Learn

In the online course for cyber security, you will teach about various aspects of online security and threats. Topics like concepts of cyber-attack, history and case studies of cyber-attacks, Ransomware, BotNet Attacks, Cryptography, Phishing Attacks, Message integrity and more. 

Where to Learn

Great Learning online courses platform offers the introductory or foundation course of Cyber Security. You can start your learning from this course. 


You will be given a Certificate of completion after completing all the modules of the course and solving quizzes and assessments.  


You get to learn about the basis of cyber security, this course is a great start to learning about cyber security and making your career in this field. It’s a totally worth it course for everyone who wants to do it.  

Artificial Intelligence 

 Artificial Intelligence is a field which is being explored, and it has lots of scope in the coming future, making it one of the top online courses in India. As an artificial intelligence professional, your task will develop intelligence in machines similar to that of humans. As it’s a growing field, the need for expert professionals is also growing. You can start learning about this area through free online courses. 

What to Learn 

The course will impart knowledge of different AI aspects, how to develop AI, the elements of AI, and the underlying technologies like machine learning. It is a course full of knowledge and discoveries. 

Where to Learn 

Google Digital Garage is one of the best platforms to get quality education related to Artificial Intelligence. It is a beginner’s course for newbies or anyone who wants to learn about AI. It’s a free-of-cost course with 6 modules of 30 hours, making it a detailed and best educational course for AI learning. 


You will get a Certificate of Completion from Google after you learned from all modules and passed the assessments. 


This course will benefit you a lot, not just in terms of knowledge but recognition too. This full-in-detailed course has been offered by Google making it a valuable certification course to do.    

Graphic Design

Graphic designing is the skill to create visually impactful and informational messages. These messages are in form of images. Infographics. GIFs, short videos, animation etc.  Today when everything is being sold and bought online, companies need graphic designers who could create appealing images and posts of their products and services for customers.  

It’s a field of creativity, colours, and knowledge of graphical techniques and it’s one of the in-demand online courses in India. With a high employability rate, it is one of the best courses an individual can pursue. 

What to Learn 

In this educational online course, you will be taught about graphic design, its tools and rules to create better graphics. The course will discuss topics like the design processing element, International Typography Style (ITS), design research, and design techniques. 

Where to Learn 

You can enrol in the free online graphic design course on the online course platform Alison. It’s a free online course platform on which learners can learn several other skills along with graphic design. 


You will be provided with a Certification of Completion after completing all the modules. 


Graphic designing is a highly employable skill, even if you are not from a creative field, you can learn this skill as an add-on and mention it in your resume.  

Data Analytics

One of the most sought-after online courses in the computer science field is Data Analytics. Data analytics is the collection, transformation, and organization of data to conclude, make insights, and drive informed decision-making. Pursuing this professional course can unlock promising career prospects for you.

What to Learn 

In this online course, you will learn about topics like how to deal with data, different types of data, data science, machine learning, the use of data analytics in different sectors etc. 

Where to Learn

You can learn about data analytics from the free online course offered by SkillUp. The platform will teach you about the basics of data analytics in a detailed manner to build a strong foundation for later courses. 


You will be provided with a Certificate of Completion after your course is completed, with 90 days of access to learning material after completing the course. 


Data analytics is one expanding field and if you have an interest in data, numbers and computer science, then you can positively opt for this course. The course will teach you the right skills to become employable as a data analyst. 

Digital Marketing 

In this era of digitalisation, every company needs to have an online presence where they can advertise and market their products and services to a global audience. Digital marketing is all about marketing and advertising in the virtual world and as every company wants to make their digital impact, digital marketing has become one of the top online courses in India.  

What to Learn 

In this online course you will learn the basics of digital marketing, how to build an online presence, various tools used in the process, knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be given, ranking on Google, creating online business strategy and much more.  

Where to Learn 

 Google Digital Garage which has a course named Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is one of the best online courses for learning digital marketing. It is an in-depth online course with 26 modules, with course videos, quizzes and assessments. 


You will get a Google certificate after completing all 26 modules and passing the final assessment with 40 questions. 


It is a career-changing course, as you will be taught and certified by an online giant like Google, and the certificate holds weight. You will learn a lot about digital marketing through this course, the skills and knowledge that you can use in real.  

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is similar to or you can say a part of digital marketing. It is on the list of online courses in India which are seeing rapid growth and demand. More and more companies are looking for digital marketers who could market their products and services on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. So that they can sell products online at high profits and attract more customers towards their services. 

What to Learn 

In this free online course, you will learn several educational topics related to social media marketing. Topics like developing effective social media strategy, curating content calendar, growing customer base, how to use social media ads, content creation strategy for social media etc are taught. 

Where to Learn 

HubSpot Academy offers a free online course on Social Media Marketing. It is a course well created for anyone who wants to learn about social media, the course has 38 in-depth and quality teaching videos.  


On completion and after passing the final assessment you will get your Certificate and unlimited life-long access to the learning resources and worksheets to download and practice.   


This course is beneficial for social media marketers who want to make a career in the marketing field, the resources provided and the knowledge imparted in this course are useful. You can and should definitely learn this skill of marketing. 

Content Writing

You must be hearing the phrase “content is king” quite often, well it is true today that with so much content available, creating good and informative content for readers is important. That is why content writing courses are becoming one of the most in-demand online courses in India. This course teaches the basics of good writing, which attracts readers to read and get informed about the product and services. 

What to Learn

In the online courses for content writing, you will learn about different styles of writing, the AIDA technique of writing, writing SEO-optimised blogs, how to adapt tones as per requirements and much more. 

Where to Learn

You can find several free online courses on Udemy related to content writing, these courses will help you understand everything about writing and make it reach more people. 


There is no Certification provided by Udemy for the free courses, you can only watch the video and learn from them. 


Doing online courses for content writing has several benefits who want to become content writers. If you learn and develop good writing skills you can work as a freelance content writer or work in an organisation.    

Get Paid for Your Knowledge

Web Development

Web development has always been on the list of top online courses in India, and with rapid digitalisation, its demand is increasing tenfold. The learners, who are not from the coding or software engineering field are learning at least the basics of web development. This skill is a highly in-demand and employable skill, as today every business needs online websites for their business and online  

What to Learn 

In the online courses for web development, you will learn about topics like Introduction to Web Programming, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, you can learn the basics first and then go to the specifications of your choice. Which is front-end web development, back-end web development and full-stack web development. 

Where to Learn 

You can learn web development basics for free on Codecademy, this platform free basic courses related to web development and coding. You can also subscribe to its premium account, in which you will get unlimited access to learning resources and assistance. 


You will not get any professional certificate for completing a course from free courses and have limited access to learning resources. 


Web developers are highly in-demand by every employer, if you even know the basics of web development it can add stars to your resume. And if you want to make a career in this field then doing web development online courses in India will definitely help you. You will get to practice your skills in the project assessment and enhance your coding skills.  

Foreign Languages

As people around the world are getting closer to each other via the internet, it is becoming more important for people to be able to communicate clearly. Foreign language learners and speakers are increasing day by day, and so is their need for various jobs. There are various online courses in India offered by different institutes for learning foreign languages. 

What to Learn 

Foreign online courses teach you the basics of any language of your choice. From learning to write alphabets to speaking languages fluently you can learn it all. 

Where to Learn

Cursa is a free online foreign language learning website, where teachers from different countries teach foreign languages. You can enrol yourself for free and learn any language you want.  


The platform does provide a Certification at the end of the course. 


There are several benefits of doing foreign language online courses in India. You can apply for in government embassy, become a freelance or private translator, a tour guide. Even if your field is entirely different you can learn languages as many big MNCs prefer to have multilingual or bilingual employees.   

These were some of the best online courses in India, you can opt for any of these courses according to your career field and choice. As these courses are from the varied field of education every one of you must have an online course for themselves.  

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Start your Learning Journey

Online courses are a great way to start your journey of learning something new, and thanks to the growing technology and great demand; several platforms are offering the best certification courses. These online courses are not only helping the learners upskill but making them more employable.  

If you are still wary about whether to invest your money in online courses, then you can start learning from free online courses. This way you get to explore new horizons without spending a penny. So, start today and make your career path shine brightly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which online course is the best? 

Ans. Online courses in the fields of Coding, Web Development, Digital Marketing and Machine learning are some of the best and in-demand online courses in India. These are the courses which guarantee 100% success in your career and provide high chances of getting hired. So, yes you can go with these online courses and consider them as the best ones. 

Q2. What online courses are in demand? 

Ans. Cyber Security, Data Science, Digital Marketing, and Web Development are some of the most in-demand online courses in India and the world around. The reason is that they all are helpful for organisations to create their impact and expand their reach in the digital world. And companies need expert professionals who have done these courses and are skilled enough. 

Q3. Which short-term online course is best? 

Ans. Advanced Certificate Programs in Data Science, Advanced Certificate Courses in Digital Marketing, and Advanced Certificate Courses in Finance and Accounting are some of the best certification courses in the short term. You can do these courses from any paid or free platform as per your choice and learn the necessary skills and knowledge to get hired.  

Q4. Which online course pays the highest salary? 

Ans. Some of the online courses in India which get you high-paying salaries are Software Technology courses, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Data Science courses MBA and M.Sc. courses. These courses are quite complicated, but once completed and you acquire the skills, you can land high-in-demand and good-paying job roles.   

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