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CA intermediate jobs require completion of the CA intermediate exam. It is a second level exam of the course Chartered Accountancy. The candidate must first clear the entrance exam, the CA foundation exam or the CPT exam. After clearing the second level exam, one can find many jobs. The best way is to apply via job portals.,,,,

Firstly, make an account and register yourself free on any job portal. Secondly, upload your resume. Make a good resume and highlight your work experiences and internships. Thirdly, find jobs as per your interest and capabilities. Check your emails and inboxes every day. Recruiters contact you via mail and text. Therefore, register with your working email ID and add your recent mobile number. Communication with the recruiters properly. Respond to emails, texts, and calls.

Try to learn as much as you can. Do internships. Attend workshops and internships. These days online seminars, webinars, and events are happening post-COVID-19. Attend them as much as possible. Make connections by joining social media groups and like pages to get updates for online events, internship availability, and jobs.

What is the eligibility for CA intermediate?

Any commerce graduate is eligible for the CA intermediate exam. A post-graduate candidate can also apply. However, the additional criteria are to secure a minimum of 55%. Another eligibility criterion for CA intermediate is to clear the CA foundation or CPT exam.

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January 6, 2022
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Is CA intermediate tough?

To clear the CA intermediate exam, one needs to clear eight papers. The papers are:

1: Accounting

2: Corporate and other laws

3: Cost and Management accounting

4: Taxation

5: Advanced accounting

6: Auditing and Assurance

7: Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management

8: Financial Management and Economics for Finance

The syllabus of all the above eight papers is vast. However, you can clear all the above CA intermediate papers with time management and consistent hard work. Guidance is much needed. For that, one can join a coaching institute. Learning, among others preparing for the same exam is indeed a good option. Besides, you can also join study groups on social media platforms such as Facebook. These days even coaching has also become online. Many coaching institutes provide guidance and required study material to clean CA intermediate exams.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) provides CA intermediate course guide. The course guide gives all the relevant information about the exam and updates you with ICAI announcements. One can visit this site for further details

All eight papers Consist of 800 marks.

Chegg India also provides study material for all the papers. Chegg is a US-based education technology company, launched in 2005. It has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Chegg India connects students across the country. It helps students by providing them services such as textbooks, online tutoring, solution manuals, e-textbooks, and many more. Chegg makes students learn more in less time and at a lower cost. To conclude, Chegg is making education affordable and accessible to the students.

Is CA intermediate is equivalent to graduation?

CA intermediate is yet to be given a status equivalent to graduation. The ICAI has written a letter to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The letter requested that CA intermediate be equivalent to a graduate degree.

Jobs after CA Intermediate

After completion of CA Intermediate, one can apply for a job. The best way to apply for a job is through job portals. Another way to find a job is by searching the internet with keywords.

Here are the five ways to find jobs for CA Intermediates:

Job portals

There are many job portals such as,,,, and others.

  • Firstly, register yourself to all the job portals. The registration is done for free. None of the job portals charges any amount for registration.
  • Secondly, Make an account on the portal. Upload your CV and fill in other details in your account. Update in CV regularly.

Your CV must include the below details:

  1. Work experience
  2. Internships
  3. Skills
  4. projects
  5. Hobbies
  6. and contact details with mobile number and working email ID

  • Another platform to search for a job is through LinkedIn. This platform helps you to make connections. People who are in the field post job openings.
  • You can download the mobile applications on your mobile phone to get notifications.
  • Apply to the jobs posted on the job portals. The recruiters contact you via text, call, and email. Reply to them. Show interest so that they can consider you.
  • If possible, come online to the app or website every day. Rec
  • To sum up, anyone can find a suitable job by applying through any job portables. If you appeared online, recruiters would be highly likely to contact you.


  • You can make a start by doing an internship. Do as many as internships. To apply for CA intermediate internships.


Chegg India also provides part-time and full-time jobs. It hires a subject matter expert. Anyone good with CA Intermediate subjects can apply for the same. You can apply for a particular subject. Being a subject matter expert, you can answer subject-related questions.

To sum up, you can find this job just by sitting at home and working. There will not be travelling time. No cost of travelling. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection. Thus, anyone can make money by answering the questions just by sitting at home. Sign up today.

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LinkedIn: It is the best way to make connections irrespective of your field. Firstly, Make an account on the LinkedIn website. Secondly, upload your CV. Thirdly, Add other details to your account. Search for people you know in person. Send them an invite. Search for closed groups. Send an invite to that. Download the mobile application of LinkedIn. Come online and see your news feed. LinkedIn not only helps in making connections. It also helps find a job as you can apply on the job opening posted by the professionals.

Social media: Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are good to connect with people. Connect with people who have cleared CA intermediate. Even you can join public and closed groups on these platforms.

Government entrances

If you are hard-working, then go for clearing government job entrance. PSU publishes job posts in newspapers and also their websites. The selection criteria for the job are mentioned in the post. Usually, the selection process includes two steps; one is to clear the entrance exam, and the other is to clear the interview.

Entrance: To clear the exam, one can look at the entrance syllabus and start preparing for the exam. Many books are available in the market and even on the internet for entrance. Solve the questions and practice as much as possible.

Interview: You can join sessions conducted by coaching institutes. To clear the interview, communication is important. It is a skill that can be learned over time and, of course, with practice.


After completing CA Intermediate, one can earn well. Even, A fresher can earn up to 7-8 lacs per annum. With your work experience and expertise, your earnings would increase. Be a good learner in your job. Work honestly and be focused. Enhance your skills. Eventually, you will earn more. Study hard to be financial-independent.

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Communication is a must!

To get a job, one must have good communication skills. English is a global language. One should be good enough in English to communicate. Speak politely but confidently. Listen carefully and reply. Wear a subtle smile.

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