Want to become an Accountant? - Here are ways

Want to become an accountant
February 2, 2021
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It is rare to find any running business that has not invested in the services of an accountant. Accountants are the most vital part of a business organization and can be considered as the most important branch of the company. Accountants navigate their decisions through rigorous analysis,  interpretations, and accurate management of resources. Accounting is the innermost part that makes the business world tick. From payrolls to financial accounting and bookkeeping, to tax returns accountants manage each and every inch of the finance department with utmost care.

If you have always been someone who enjoys tracking, numbers, interpreting then being an accountant is the only job that will help you to fulfill your dreams and expectations.

A career-oriented attitude will always help an individual to chase his/her career dreams. application for the post of an accountant can prove to be the right decision for the aspirant.

Here is the information related to the steps that one needs to follow in order to become a successful accountant.


Each and Every accountant’s journey will be slightly different from the rest. There are certain steps or hurdles that one needs to cross in order to portray his/her dream job. Here are some educational tips and degrees that tan aspirant must consider before becoming an accountant:

Associate’s Degree

This degree provides a solid base for the fundamentals of accounting and accounting methods. It can easily pave the way to the beginner’s level position with a business organization’s administration and finance department, such as billing clerk, payroll specialists, staff bookkeeper, or accounts receivable clerk. An aspirant can go for an associate degree through various online platforms or offline traditional classrooms.

Bachelor’s degree

Most employers need their employees to have a bachelor’s degree in the respective field according to the Bureau Of Labour Statistics (BLS). Since associate degrees go for the fundamental groundwork this degree requires students to get a deeper insight into the subject and one may expect to study principles of accounting such as business law, business communication, accounting, etc. this can be available both online and offline.

Master’s degree

An aspirant can move up in the accounting ranks and can take up more challenging roles by pursuing a master’s in the subject. A master’s degree helps to open up the door to high-level managerial jobs, more respectable and reputed ones.the degree is designed in such a manner that allows an individual to work in the finance department of varied industries such as insurance, banking, technology, government, etc.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

CPA the highly respected accounting credential helps to open up golden opportunities for an aspirant in the field of accounting. one needs to complete a total of 150 credit hours. While a non-CPA accountant might manage bookkeeping, payrolls, etc. jobs of this sort on the other hand a CPA will be managing, auditing, complex tax matters, more challenging, and highly ranked jobs.

Other Degrees

Other degrees involve MAcc which is one of the most common degrees. Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) is the same as MAcc, it will help an aspirant to prepare for the same knowledge of accounting, business, economy, etc. one can also go for a degree of MBA along with your CPA certification. It focuses more on concepts such as finance or business.


Accounting Skills

Accounting is a kind of job which helps a business or a government organization to convert complex financial situations into clear and easy business guidelines for its fellow colleges.

Since accounting is governed by various rules and regulations an accountant should be well versed with all fundamental techniques and methods in order to operate the financial statement of the company accordingly.

  • MATHEMATICAL SKILLS – accountants work with numbers, entries, financial statements they need to get their mathematical skills strong. Strong fluency in the business of numbers can leave a long-lasting impression on employers.
  • ANALYTICAL SKILLS – the job involves interpretation, observation, and analysis of the financial statements of a company. Therefore an accountant must be excellent enough in parsing the data and finding out the pattern.
  • KEEN OBSERVATION – analysis and problem-solving are the key elements of accounting therefore an accountant needs to have a sharp eye over each and every information passed on to him. A misplaced decimal point or a wrong digit can create havoc in the business.
  • TECHNOLOGICALLY DRIVEN – accounting scenario has changed a lot ranging from a spreadsheet to automatic accounting software. An accountant needs to cope up with the technological changes in order to consistently polish his/her resume and to keep himself/herself updated.
  • RISK MINIMISER- accounting deals with numbers, financial statements, auditing, and many more essential pillars of a business organization that involves a lot of financial risks, since the business world is unpredictable and uncertain one needs to put in extra efforts in order to minimize business risk.

Therefore an accountant should be diligent, detail-oriented and should have strong analytical and logical skills. They should work within the boundary of accounting rules and regulations. Accountants need to have strong ethics to meet standards and to structure appropriate decision making to be able to discern flawed financial operations. These skills lay a strong career base for an accountant and at the same time help an aspirant to polish his/her skills for further future avenues.


One needs to find the level and his/her area of interest in accounting itself. It is very important to get into the type of role that one dreams of, it not only encourages the aspirant but also boosts his/her confidence to passionately work in the respective field.

Types of Job for Accountant

AUDITOR: an accountant’s job helps to investigate and analyze a company’s financial reports. Prepare financial reports and examination of accounts and other control systems. It requires a bachelor’s degree as well as a CPA degree for higher posts.

FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT: forensic accountant helps to identify fraud, misleading statements, and reports and help to maintain the sanctity of the working environment. It helps to prepare various data for litigation. It requires a bachelor’s or a CPA degree for higher posts.

TAX ADVISOR: The job of a tax advisor is to review tax returns, conduct investigations, and audit controls. he/she has to stay updated with various tax laws and have to keep a track of new laws. Everything has to be done within legal compliance. The degree required is a bachelor’s or preferably a high degree.

CORPORATE ACCOUNTANT: A corporate accountant calculates the cost functions and makes estimations. Preparation of financial reports and examination of financial reports is a part of his/her job. Budget planings, ledger balancing, local tax returns are some of his/her tasks.

There are many opportunities and roles that one can play according to his/her own interests level. Other jobs such as personal financial planner, management accountant, etc. Are some of the most hired jobs that an employer looks for. One needs to discover which type of accountant one wants to be.


Accountants are always in demand, they are needed in every firm or in an organization irrespective of the size, nature or type of a business. Every accountant possesses the required educational qualification, the required degree or the required knowledge which is essential for the job. But the only thing that makes a difference is the working experience. An aspirant can always go for some sort of internship or a job for a time period of say one or two months, he/she can also practice his/her job with a reputed company or an accountant. Such working experiences always help to boost an individual’s resume giving an edge over others. Here are some of the options that one can go for to enhance his/her cv.


This can prove to be a bright opportunity for the students who are pursuing the course, to get hired by some of the top companies through the placement cells of their respective colleges they are studying. This career fair is generally conducted in the final year of the students through interviews, giving them an opportunity to apply their knowledge into real business world situations. The accountant’s job is basically to communicate complex business problems into clear instructions. Hence getting an insight into real-world problems will definitely help the candidate to excel in the kind of job.


Students can also have an insight into the real business world before getting into any kind of permanent job, by applying for various internships during their college years. These internships will help them to have a distinct edge in having jobs after graduation. Internships provide a foundational stage to the beginners, equipping them with confidence, skills, and more successful future aspects. They are equally important in the process of becoming an accountant.


Every aspirant should try to cultivate healthy relationships with their college faculty and their internship employer’s in order to stay updated regarding various job opportunities coming their way. One should start building his/her networks with various people of the respective field from the very first year of their colleges in order to build a larger web of future avenues and opportunities. An aspirant can always go for a backup option using his/her effective networks of employers.


Interview seems to be the last hurdle in the process of getting a job, it is highly influenced by an aspirant resume and his/her work experience. Interviewers try to probe the knowledge that a potential accountant possesses at the same time some accounting principles and concepts that one looks for.

Questions asked during an interview may involve questions related to the candidate’s potential, skills possessed, additional degrees or qualifications if any, why he/she fits the respective company and many more. One needs to answer these questions with confidence and intelligence. Recruiters may also ask behavioural questions to the candidates to identify whether the candidate possesses the skills to qualify  in a real business world. Team spirit and honesty helps to inculcate surety and confidence in an employer’s mindset.

Irrespective of any decision taken up by the HR department a sensible candidate should always reply to them back with a thank you message and hope to get an opportunity again to work with them, it will help to show the candidate’s strong interests and diligence to work for the company.


Accounting has always been a demanding job, has remained competitive and fast-growing with a stable and secure job profile. Therefore an accountant needs to be proficient, certified, and at the same time versatile in order to shape himself/herself according to the ongoing business environment. One needs to stay updated of various laws, rules, and regulations. Contrary to the old bean stereotype, accountants need to frequently polish their skills. The services provided by them is of utmost importance as their actions bring a major change in the future of any business firms and organizations

One can easily dive in without double-checking the numbers and probably can come out as a successful accountant…

Above are details regarding ins and outs of becoming an accountant,  therefore an individual needs to choose his/her right career path that will help them to fulfill their future goals.

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