Opt for these Top Careers after B. Sc. Biology

jobs after b.sc biology
February 5, 2021
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When I was in my 10th standard and had to make a decision about the subjects I was going to choose, I asked myself what subjects I found myself more interested in and hence biology came into my life. I completed my B.Sc. in Biology and then went out to search for a career after B.Sc. Biology and found that there is a wide career after B.Sc. Biology and also found some courses after B.Sc. Biology.
So if like me you too are here to look for job opportunities after B.Sc. biology or the courses after B.Sc. biology then, this is the right article where you will find everything that you need, because in this article I am going to tell you about it all. So, keep reading.
BSC Biology is a 3-year bachelor’s degree course. It is a diverse subject that covers many biological aspects of living organisms including the subject areas of Zoology, Botany, Ecology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Genetics.

career after bsc biology

Various careers one can opt for after B.Sc. in biology

Botanist or Ecologist

These two careers after B.Sc. Biology is more and less includes the same duties and responsibilities except for a few.
A botanist is someone who is passionate about expanding the understanding of plant life and how it relates to its surroundings.
The Botanist assists with researches by conducting fieldwork, research, and tests to learn more about how humans, diseases, natural disasters, and other events affect plant processes.
There is more to the role of a botanist which includes-

Studying plants, their environments, relationships, traits, and processes.
Conducting fieldwork, collecting and testing plant samples, and recording observations.
Encouraging desirable traits in plants through breeding techniques.
Analyzing plant responses and reporting possible trends, benefits, or concerns.

An ecologist is a specialized scientist whose main job is on the field mostly analyzing, surveying, and assessing the diversity, profusion, and behavior of the different organisms.
They conduct scientific investigations, classifying plants, animals, and other organisms, and record the data that they accumulate. Ecologist tends to work with private as well as government agencies and companies.

Biological Technicians

  • The people who help the students of medical and biology to conduct laboratory tests and experiments are the Biological Technicians. Most of the biological technicians work full time and in the laboratory.
  • Setting up, maintaining, and cleaning laboratory instruments and equipment
  • Gather and prepare biological samples for laboratory analysis.
  • Conduct biological tests and experiments.
  • Document their work, including procedures, observations, and results.
  • Analyze experimental data and interpret results.
  • Write reports that show their findings.

Plant Biochemist

The aim of a biochemist is to improve our quality of life by understanding living organisms at the molecular level.
Biochemists study the chemical and physical principles of living organisms and biological processes, such as cell development, growth, heredity, disease, DNA, and heredity. They work to understand how certain chemical reactions happen in tissues and record the effects of medicines.
They conduct research projects, manage laboratory teams, prepare technical reports, and present research findings to scientists and other interested parties.

Environment Consultant

An environmental consultant is hired by a private or a public enterprise so to analyze various aspects of land and water contamination, waste management policies, environmental management systems, air assessment, environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, the management of legislative issues for clients, and the development of conceptual models, etc.
They conduct environmental assessments, conduct field surveys, collect and interpret data about the level of pollution or contamination for the area of consideration, and what effect it will have o the people, groundwater or the environment.


Being a geneticist is one of the careers after B.Sc. Biology. Geneticists study the science of heredity and genes. In simple terms, genetics is a branch of biology that studies the inheritance of physical and behavioral characteristics of living things, and how these traits are passed down through generations.
They get employed in Hospitals, Research institutions, Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, Agricultural and horticultural companies, or Biotechnology and genetic engineering companies.
They conduct lab research and experiments, extract DNA or perform diagnostic tests, interpret, review or approve genetic lab results, document their processes and results, and analyze genetic data to draw conclusions and publish research.

Commercial Horticulturist

Commercial horticulturists are involved with overseeing the growth, harvesting, packaging, selling, and distribution of crops. They conduct many activities like overseeing the cultivation and maintenance of plants and crops, managing weed, pest, or disease control programs, ensuring compliance with the government., like organic cultivation requirements, organizing horticultural trials, analyzing horticultural yields, operational costs and financial returns, maintaining financial and administrative records and writing and modifying business plans, etc.

Biology researcher

what to do after bsc biology

A biological researcher studies the living organisms and the world around us. They are the research scientists who examine the living organisms relate to the environment.
There are a variety of career specialties that a biology researcher can have for example ecology, zoology, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, and marine biology.
They analyze plants, research mammal habitats, study relationship patterns, and test specimens.
As the job opportunities as a biology researcher are increasing and are suspected to increase even more makes it a very good career option after B.Sc. biology.

Farming/Agriculture Consultant

A specialist who provides advice related to the technical, financial, and commercial aspects of farming and agriculture to the public sector. They visit farms to conduct analyses and collect data, measure, analyze and interpret data, conduct land valuations, and provide advice about the business strategy and financial options, etc after preparing reports,s, etc.
An experienced agriculture consultant can be promoted to senior consultant positions or to the management committee.
With an increase in the policies for farmers’ use of pesticides, technology, etc an agricultural consultant is a good career after B.Sc. biology.

The other career options after B.Sc. biology are-
Biology Content Developer
Molecular Biologist
Plant Explorer
Plant Biochemist
Weed Scientist
Science Advisor
Forest Ranger

Part-time jobs for B.Sc. Biology

1. Online Teaching:
You can opt for the option of teaching also. A stable job that does not just pay you fairly but also broadens your subject and knowledge.
An online teaching job gives you an advantage of learning about the global insight of your subject as well as ensures flexibility in your schedule, the comfort of working in a safe environment.
CHEGG is an online learning platform that acts as a bridge between the students and teachers. It provides hundreds of students the knowledge beyond the classrooms. CHEGG hires experts for multiple subjects including accountancy. “Experts” are the teachers who provide solutions to the students’ questions from all over the world.
You can get yourself registered with some easy steps:

Get yourself registered
Take a subject test
Adhere to the guidelines
Take a guidelines test
Upload your documents for document verification
An expert in CHEGG gets paid on the basis of the correctly answered questions.

2. Writing content:
Content writing is a comfortable way to earn money for those who have a niche for writing. The basic requirements for a content writer are:
Just your typing gadget,
An internet connection,
The ability to submit your work/project/article within the given time set and
Quite fair grammatical skills.
You can find writing jobs on writing job sites and various freelancing sites which will generally include blog posts and copies for the webpage.

3. Network Marketing:
Network marketing is also called pyramid marketing, multi-level marketing, referral marketing.
In simple words, it is a strategy for the sale of goods and products where a person gets compensation when it makes other people join the company. It can also be said as word of mouth marketing.
The more people you bring into the firm, the more will be your commission.

The career options after BSC biology is following a rising trend not just in some specific sectors but is widely spread. The above-written job profiles can be done in various sectors and organizations in India. Some of them are mentioned below-

Agricultural Research Services
Botanical Gardens
Botanical Survey
Medical research
Medical laboratories
Wildlife and fishery departments
Science centers
Food Institutes
Seed and Nursery companies

Or if required one can also opt for masters or doctorate courses after BSC biology. It enhances one’s career in terms of pay, knowledge, and experience. Some of the courses are mentioned below:

• Master of Science in Biology
• Master of Science in Biological Sciences
• Master of Science in Applied Biology
• Master of Science in Conservation Biology
• Master of Science in Computational Biology
• Master of Science in Environmental Biology
• Master of Science in Environmental Microbiology
• Master of Science Biochemistry
• Master of Science Biomedical Science
• Master of Science Bio-technology
• Master of Science Botany
• Master of Science Food science
• Master of Science Genetics
• Master of Science Molecular Biology
• Master of Science Toxicology
• Master of Science Virology
• Master of Science in Zoology
• Master of Philosophy in Plant Molecular Biology
• Master of Philosophy in Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology
• Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences
• Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Molecular Biology
• Post Graduate Diploma in Computational Biology
• Master of Business Administration (for getting into Management of Biology Field)

Final Thoughts

Just like academic courses, students who have a B.Sc. degree also have excellent employment opportunities. Career options after BSC biology are not just restricted to the field of science but also they spread to other areas like management, engineering, law, defense, etc.
Students can work in various areas which include both science & non-science fields, after the completion of the BSC in biology.
If you have an interest in biology and are/ have completed your BSC in biology then you should definitely explore these job opportunities after BSC biology. It will be a great scientific experience a well as it pays, which means is a handsome salary.
There are ample job opportunities available for the students after B.Sc. In some colleges the students are recruited directly by the big organizations with a very high salary package, some professional B.Sc. courses like animation and IT open the door of animation and IT industry for the graduates, the other professional B.Sc. field also have vast career opportunities.

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