Tips to write an Amazing Resume Subject for sending to HR


Today is the email scenario in this fast-paced business world. Emails are bombarded every day and it’s a regular deal for the hiring department. They have to address several inquiries. The abundance of email in the HR team to spend seconds viewing job applications. Thus the importance of the resume subject becomes more clear. A single line description may be your only shot of communicating with the employer.

Importance of Resume Subject

Nowadays employers are conducting their major recruiting process via emails. On average they receive thousands of emails every day. And most of the time whether an email has to be opened or not entirely depends on its subject line.

We can easily make out how important a subject line is? It explains the gap between getting an interview and landing in a trash folder.


Your resume subject is the first thing that people see while browsing their inboxes. Opening a job application thus eventually depends upon the subject line.

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February 3, 2021
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Several irrelevant and spam emails come up every day and land up in your inbox. As a result people rarely open every mail. Because it can contain viruses or some promotional things that might not serve the purpose.


A subject line includes your details such as your name, job title, your qualifications, and certifications. As a result, it is a good opportunity to introduce yourself to the employer.


The best resume subject communicates trust and dedication. A subject line helps to hook the audience and builds trust between the employee and the employer.

Create a professional email address

An email address should depict name. It suggests your first and last name. Also, it will facilitate an aspirant’s identification during the job application process. It will also help the HR department to easily locate you. A professional email- address can be easily created just by following certain steps. An aspirant should keep it short to make it easy to recall. An email address used in resumes, job applications, or a business card makes a good impact on HR.

Verification of instructions

An aspirant should always check the job posting for the details of the application. The employer must have provided clear guidelines on how to submit the job application. For instance, the guidelines must ask as an aspirant to provide name, job ID. There may be some subject line directors one can follow and should avoid adding other details.

If an aspirant is getting confused, he/she can include a standard subject line with job title, job ID, and name. Including your job position is must to write as a subject line. It will help the managers to look at it at first glance. It will also help in identifying the position in case there are automated filters. The absence of your job title, ID, and your name will result in miscommunication.

Include keywords

Keywords are the basic ideas and topics that will define what your content depicts. These help in various search engines and make it easier to identify the content. There might be automated filters in the company’s format, these keywords will help to refer the position an aspirant is applying at. It will make the job title detectable using the search filters. There are several keywords such as job ID, job candidate, etc.

These will make your email searchable from other aspirants applying. Hence resume subject should contain keywords.

Keep it professional

Try to keep everything professional in the resume subject of your job application. Be it your email address or the job title. Exclude every informal phrase that might work against you and ethical code of conduct. Your subject line should depict your politeness and humility. Any kind of irresponsible lines, phrases, or email address shows lack of seriousness and casual working attitude.


These are the key element in a subject line that a candidate should include if he/she has been referred to by someone. Referrals help to bridge trust between an employee and the employer. By mentioning the referral from within the organization help catch the recruiter’s attention. Hiring managers love these kinds of referrals as it builds trust and working relations at the very beginning. So be sure to mention the referrals on the very top of your subject line.

This is the one way of getting your foot in the door even before anyone looks at your resume. It increases your chances of getting your job.

Personalize it

Include some details that can attract and capture the attention of the hiring team. The candidate can add his/her specific qualifications. A specific subject line will help to categorize the job application and email address. Avoid using your soft skills such as dedicated, hardworking, or passionate. These are the reasons that result in major turn off of the hiring managers. Rather personalize it and make it apt. It shouldn’t sound like you are selling something. Rather be direct in all your ways.


Qualifications are the main thing that a job application should involve. It is a collection of all your educational achievements to date. It helps to create a good impression in the eyes of the hiring department. It’s the only thing from which they can judge you before getting into the procedures. The degrees, certificates, or skills should be written on the subject line. As your subject line helps you outshine others.

The candidate’s qualification shows dedication and passion towards the work. It also tries to build a trust bridge between the employer and the employee. An good academics always gives an edge over others.

Ensure Proofread

This helps an individual to create a long-lasting impression on the employer. Similar to any marketing collateral it acts as a rescuer. A candidate must proofread his/her subject lines to assure the content is free of any errors. It says that your first is your last impression.

A subject line should be short, concise, and error-free.


These ensure that the person is suitable for the organization and his standard of qualification. He/she should excel in that field. The subject line helps before the interview stage. Therefore he/she should not forget to list down all the designations for the time being to capture the recruiter’s attention.

You can also include acronyms related to the job position you are applying for such as BA, MBA, or Ph.D.

Avoid soft skills

These help to portray an employee’s personality traits and passion towards work. Also, your subject line should not sound like as if you are selling your skills. Soft skills such as hardworking, dedicated, etc. results in a major turn off of the employers. Include certifications from soft skills. The inclusion of soft skills may eventually get your email land up in the trash.

The subject line should be succinct

Your subject line should result in the employer opening of the job application. The application should be short and simple inclusive of all the necessary details that it should contain. If you include excessive information in the subject line it might get cut off. Try to keep it concise. It should tell every information to the point. Therefore, keep it simple. Also, try to communicate directly. Avoid mangers to wonder what the email is all about.

Avoid Caps

Using all CAPS might capture the hiring manager’s attention for worse. Using all caps can result in a major drawback in reviewing your job application. It can be compared as yelling at the hiring team.

Capitalizing every word may land up your application in the spam folder. Avoid them at any cost. Instead, a candidate can look for colons, dashes to separate the idea. Punctuation should also take care of while drafting the subject line. Therefore, following these may make your subject structured.

Final Thoughts

The suggestion stated above may help you to draft a better subject line for yourself. A well-crafted resume with an impressive subject line highlights why you are the appropriate candidate for the job. However, with tons of resume knocking at the door of the employer makes difficult to select the candidate. Therefore a resume subject acts as a rescuer in the ocean of triumphs. It is very important to have an impressive subject line in order to get on board with your dream company or occupation. It is the very first and last impression that you create on the hiring team.

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