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So, you are applying for your first job? A resume is one of the first documents you will need to prepare. But, a resume for BTech freshers can be challenging. This is because a resume is the piece of paper on which recruiters make the first impression about you. Even before they ask for an interview, first, companies look at the resume for BTech students.

Many students fail this first round of screening because they have not created a polished resume for BTech students. This failure can be caused due to several reasons – resume for B.Tech students is not formatted correctly, resume for B.Tech students has not been proofread, resume for B.Tech students has obvious errors. While these problems should not exist first, the first time students create a resume for BTech freshers. They often forget these important pointers.

That is why I have written this article today. If you are confused about how do you write a resume for beginners, this is where you will get 5 of the most important points for writing a resume for BTech students.

What does a resume contain?

Before we get onto the crucial part of how to write a resume for BTech freshers, it is best first to understand the resume and the key pointers to add:

  • Education:

This is a list of the history of your schooling. You must add here the institutions you have attended since your Grade 10. It often helps if you add relevant pointers here about the different courses you took, especially in college.

  • Contact Information:

This is one of the sections people forget when writing a resume for BTech freshers. However, it is just as important as any other information provided here. Contact information is how recruiters can reach you in case you have been selected. More importantly, sometimes they can decide your job location from where you live. So, it is always essential to add your full name, address, and phone number/email address.

  • Awards and Certificates:

This is where you talk about your achievements. It can include any notable awards you have received in the past five years. Yes, five years only! When writing a resume for BTech students, many people forget about this five-year mark and write about very old awards from their school. While those awards are important, from the eyes of the recruiter, they are a bit old. If you have left that particular activity, it becomes useless to judge you today based on those awards.

  • Summary:

One must understand that a resume for BTech students is the first paper that the companies see. Thus, it should bring out the best and most correct picture of you. For this, many start their resume with a summary about themselves. This should not be more than 1 paragraph long. One can include personal stories here, dreams and aspirations, and your values to the organisation.

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January 20, 2022
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Table of Contents

How do you write a resume for a beginner?

Writing a resume for BTech may seem tough, but you will surely make it much easier on you if you follow these steps.

1. Add relevant experience:

This is one of the most important parts of a resume for BTech students. And this is the section which employers are interested in the most. Here, they are looking at your work history to understand your skills. When writing a resume for BTech freshers, most people often mess this section up because they forget to write relevant experience gained from work.

This is very important. Not only are you expected to list out all of your past work experience, but you must also note what each work added to your experience. Employers do not view work experience as a listing match between candidates. They are not impressed by the number of places you have worked. Rather, they will look at each work and see how the student has benefitted. Remember, it is always quality over quantity.

So, for example, instead of just writing-

  • Project XYZ

ABC Company (June 2020-Dec 2020)

  • Internship at MNP Company (Jan 2020-March 2020)

You must add a brief summary of the task assigned and what were the responsibilities that were given to you during these projects, like:

  • Project XYZ

ABC Company (June 2020-Dec 2020)

Managed the blueprint and segmentation of the creation of the company helicopter

Responsibilities added:

  • In charge of documenting the daily activity of the team
  • Managing the different design changes
  • Adding to the roster of company
  • Creating the most efficient workflow distribution

This adds weight to a resume for BTech students. More importantly, it gives your employers more relevant information about your experience.

2. Add Keywords:

Often, many students upload their resumes on online job sites like Naukri. While these websites have high chances of getting you selected, sometimes many students feel they are not getting back on offers from the companies they applied to. This can be due to a poorly optimised resume for BTech students.

You must understand that companies are flooded with resumes every day. There are thousands, if not lakhs, of people who want to apply to the company. Thus, it becomes impossible for recruiters to overview every resume of BTech students. Thus, what they employ is a skim read search policy.

Here, employers pick out a resume from a pool of people and quickly go over it. They skip the long words and only focus on phrases highlighting your experience. These ” buzzwords ” attract employers ‘ attention as they are known in the marketing world. These “buzzwords” attract employers’ attention. And these buzzwords are the relevant keywords that you must add to your resume for BTech freshers.

In a resume for BTech students, the most relevant keywords are:

  • Design Engineering
  • Engineering Documentation
  • Material Management
  • Analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Project Management
  • Stat Analysis

3. Add hard skills:

This is a completely new section of your resume. Titled skills, this section tries to point out the most relevant skills you have individually. One part of this section is hard skills. This tries to list down the particular skills you will bring to the company, positively impacting the functioning. Thus, this must be carried out as one of the most important sections when writing your resume for BTech students.

These hard skills must be added in relevance to the job. So, for example, if you are applying to join an airline company as an aircraft engineer, then your skills as a chemicals expert may not come in handy. You must add skills that the company will use. In this case, a strong skill of aircraft management and knowledge will be viewed as a bonus for the employer.

4. Adding Soft Skills:

While hard skills are important in a resume for BTech students, soft skills are just as important. In the workforce, soft skills are the additional traits in your personality. This can be in good communication skills, leadership skills, team player, etc.

These soft skills display a personal side to your employers. Apart from the more technical skills, every employer looks for individuals who will blend in with the company. So, while anyone can memorise fancy concepts and become a bookworm, these soft skills are what set you apart from different people applying.

Soft skills are also a way for employers to know about your other interests and hobbies. While you should not add photography as a soft skill, mentioning a second language can be helpful. For example, if a company is looking for an engineer in South India and you happen to speak Tamil, this can boost you. Thus, you should not underestimate soft skills, as you never know what will come in handy.

5. Always proofread your resume:

I cannot stress enough the importance of re-reading your resume for BTech freshers for errors. Small errors like spelling mistakes can also prove to be disastrous. When an employer picks up a resume and sees an error, it shows you negatively. The employer might think you are not a hands-on person or not thorough in your work.

Having errors on your resume for BTech students shows that you are not serious about the job and thus have not spent time working on your resume. It might highlight that you have made the resume a last-minute addition to your interview process.

All of these instances are avoidable if you proofread your resume. It would be best if you read it for obvious errors like spelling. But, it would be best to read it for grammar errors, etc. The best practice that I use too is to hand your resume for BTech freshers to a family member and ask them to read it. A secondary opinion is always helpful when assembling your resume for BTech students.

If you want some more help with writing resumes for BTech freshers, then you can click here.


This article has tried to highlight some of the most important factors you must consider while making your resume for BTech freshers. While all of these are more general pointers, they are equally important in engineering. It would be best if you remembered that a resume should be a description of you. It should contain the things that can best portray you on paper. Rest is in the hands of fate!

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