How to Write the Best Resume Summary for Freshers

May 20, 2024
resume summary for freshers

Quick Summary

  • A resume summary or career profile is a brief statement at the top of your resume.
  • Your resume summary should showcase your value as a candidate.
  • It should be three to five lines describing your strengths, the position/industry you are seeking, and what you will bring to the job.

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A good resume summary for freshers can give them their dream job. Profile summary is an important aspect of a resume from a recruiter’s standpoint. Most recruiters get hundreds of job applicants. Due to this, they have to go through each resume very quickly. They must look for relevant work experience to find the perfect match.

If you are wondering what a perfect resume summary for freshers is, there is none. There is nothing like a perfect summary. However, you can still optimize your resume and make it stand out from the other applicants. That is exactly what you will learn through this article. But before that, let’s learn more about a resume summary.

What is a Resume Summary?

A resume summary or career profile is a brief statement at the top of your resume. If you are a career changer or have many years of experience, craft a powerful summary to highlight your accomplishments and skills. Show the employer, at a glance, why you’re qualified for the job

Making a strong resume summary is simple. All you have to do is show the recruiter what your skills are and what you are best at. You can create a strong summary to emphasize your abilities and talents. This will discuss whether you are a career switcher or have several years of expertise. Display to the employer why you’re qualified for the position.

Need for Profile Summary for Freshers and Professionals

Three reasons why you should write a good, keyword-rich resume summary for freshers.

Your summary statement should be three to five lines describing your strengths, the position/industry you are seeking, and what you will bring to the job.

1. You market your best qualities and achievements.

Resume heading and summary for freshers should highlight achievements. It can have abilities and skills important for the role. The summary provides the employer with an overview of your skills. It also helps in identifying crucial characteristics in your CV.

It maximizes the use of the 7-second window. Through this, you can show your ideal capability to the employer.

2. You get recognized more quickly.

Employers check your profile summary to find out if you are the best fit for a position. It is critical to highlight your most relevant ability in a prominent location.

A well-written resume profile summary for freshers can help you stand out. A profile summary also informs the recruiter about your skills and what you can offer.

3. You can list all job-related keywords.

Employers who use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) look for specific keywords. They are mostly present in job descriptions. You should consider including those keywords in your bio. It will further raise your chances of selection.

4. Good Resume Summary for Freshers to Put on their Resume.

Freshers experience a lot of trouble when applying for a job. But making a smart resume summary can save their day and build a sound base on the recruiters’ database. Examples of profile summaries for freshers can assist you in writing your resume. The following is a set of summaries in resumes for freshers.

5. You can stand out from the crowd.

A good resume summary might help you stand out from the crowd. There are most likely hundreds of candidates for the position you’re looking for. You need a solid resume summary to make the employee notice your resume at a glance and likely hire you.

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Sample resume summary for freshers

Marketing Resume Summary

Below are some examples of how you can write about me in a resume for freshers. It will be very helpful when you are applying for a marketing role:

Sample 1

I am a professional marketer and have experience in advertising and credit analysis. During my tenure, I have executed multiple successful 360-degree strategies. I can also produce content for videos and print advertising. I have a unique approach to merging my technical skills with creativity. I can provide complete marketing services through my skills.

Sample 2

I am a creative thinker, and I have excellent communication skills. I have professional knowledge and experience in digital marketing. I have used multiple tools and am skilled in integrating best marketing practices. I can boost your sales and raise your brand awareness with my skills.

Accountant Resume Summary

Below are some samples of how you can tell about yourself in a resume for freshers in accounting:

Sample 1

I am a professional financial expert. I have used various accounting systems to solve accounting problems. I am detail-oriented, precise, and organized. I have a strong analytical ability which adds to my problem-solving skills. I have hands-on experience with multiple accounting software. I have a proven track record of streamlining corporate operations and increasing profitability by more than 5%.

Sample 2

I am an entry-level accounting intern with good technical abilities. I have hands-on experience with using software like QuickBooks. I have experience in handling accounts receivables for my homegrown business. I am confident to do well in a fast-paced environment. I have good knowledge of Excel, Hyperion, QuickBooks, and other related tools.

Data Analyst Resume Summary

Below are some examples of how you can write about me in resume sample for freshers in data analysis:

Sample 1

I am a data analyst with good analytical skills and a good focus. I have some experience in analyzing data through my internship. During my internship, I increased product sales by 15%. I know how to provide key insights and data analytics.

Sample 2

I am a hardworking and responsible postgraduate. I want to work as a data analyst in a reputable company. I have a degree in statistics and data analysis. I have hands-on experience with using numerous analytical tools. I can evaluate, analyze, and report data in multiple languages.

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HR Resume Summary

Below is a sample HR summary for resumes for freshers:

Sample 1

I am a human resources generalist. I possess good skills in handling recruiting and onboarding employees. I have some experience in managing compensation and payroll systems. I have also done some work on performance monitoring systems and HR records. I am reliable, competent, and a team player with strong communication skills. Good knowledge of systems like HRIS and ATS.

Sample 2

I have an MBA in human resources. I want to work as an HR manager. Also, I know to create successful HR policies. I have the caliber to increase employee retention to more than 90%. I can also lower recruiting expenditures by 10%. I also have SHRM-certified Google Workspace certification.

Banking Resume Summary

Samples of banking professional summary in resumes for fresher:

Sample 1

I am looking for some experience in a financial company. I am passionate about learning business ideas. I can deal with pressure and difficulties. I possess great abilities to propose new plans and assist consumers in meeting their financial objectives.

Sample 2

A banking professional who has done his internship in a National Bank. I can use my abilities to maintain good client satisfaction. I am seeking an opportunity to work as a banker in a reputable organization.

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Sales Resume Summary

Below are some sales profile summary samples for freshers:

Sample 1

Looking for challenging work in the sales department with B2B and B2C firms. Highly driven to assist the firm in strengthening its client relationships through prospect identification. Have the ability to market a service or product to customers professionally.

Sample 2

I am an MBA graduate looking for a sales manager position. I want to join the grocery and restaurant sectors. Furthermore, I possess excellent time management skills. I can enhance your total sales by engaging customers and unifying team members. I believe in regularly improving ideas and their implementation.

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Project Management Resume Summary

Samples you can use for writing profile summary in the resume for freshers:

Sample 1

I’d like to use my technological and leadership talents at a prestigious firm. I am capable of doing marketing and product analysis. I am tech-savvy and quick to learn. Furthermore, I also have strong communication skills and a natural interest in product marketing.

Sample 2

I have experience working as a project assistant. I am looking for an entry-level role in management. I can have the skills to create reports that can help me in data evaluation. I can manage projects with innovation and creativity. I am always eager to share ideas and acquire new knowledge.

Advertisement Resume Summary

Examples of a professional summary in resume for freshers in advertising roles:

Sample 1

Willing to take on the job of Advertising Executive at a firm that values new and inventive ideas. Effective advertising and media relations, advertising tools, advertising layouts, and placements are all areas in which I excel. Driven by a good work ethic and ability to multitask.

Sample 2

I am an innovative individual. I have excellent grammar skills. Being tech-savvy allows me to connect well with my audience. I am also into social media marketing. I am seeking a role in the Digital Advertising industry. I have the skills to assist an organisation in increasing brand recognition. I can also create a strong online presence via my storytelling skills.

Teacher Resume Summary

Profile summary samples for fresher applying for teaching roles:

Sample 1

A conscientious and driven professional with a Bachelor of Education degree. Skilled at simplifying complicated topics to assist pupils in understanding the subject. Knowledgeable in using creative techniques to construct and teach lessons under national and state standards. Capable of raising students’ grades and bringing forth the best in each kid.

Sample 2

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Education and M.Sc. I am looking for a position in a leading teaching institution. I can do management and planning work. I can create an open and engaging atmosphere for students.

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Software Engineer Resume Summary

Sample profile summary for software developers:

Sample 1

I am a software engineer with C++, C#, PHP, and Java expertise. I can improve coding KPIs by producing error-free codes. I have strong interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills. I’m looking for an entry-level position with a reputable IT firm.

Sample 2

I can make strong design and integration capabilities. I have good problem-solving abilities. As a SE, I know all programming languages, including PYTHON, JAVASCRIPT, and SQL. I am looking to begin a career as an entry-level computer programmer.

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Architecture Resume Summary

Below are some ‘about me’ in resume samples for freshers in architecture:

Sample 1

I am a passionate Bachelor of Architecture graduate. I have the skills to make commercial project design. I have experience using architectural technology, prototyping, and model creation. What makes me stand out are my skills in communicating, planning, and solving problems.

Sample 2

I am an entry-level architect. I can analyze and alter designs as per requirements. I can use my focusing skills on energy-efficient designs.

Lawyer Resume Summary

Below are some layer resume profile summaries for freshers:

Sample 1

An aspirant, dedicated, focused postgraduate law student with a strong interest in civil law. Has excellent written communication abilities, which are required to create case strategies and creative briefs that aid in case victory. Excellent understanding of court procedures and legal actions. Prepared to work in a fast-paced atmosphere with opportunities for advancement in the legal sector.

Sample 2

A highly creative thinker who enjoys building novel case tactics and crafting successful briefs. Excellent argument strategies and concepts that aid in case victory. Prepared to work in a dynamic atmosphere with a chance to develop and learn interesting concepts in the legal profession.

Digital Marketing Resume Summary

Below are some sampled resume headings and summaries for freshers in digital marketing:

Sample 1

I am a motivated entry-level professional. I have done my BBA in marketing. I am committed to fulfilling the organization’s goals. Furthermore, I am proficient in developing digital marketing strategies.

Sample 2

I am a quick thinker. I can naturally interact and establish relationships online. Not only that, I have a good knowledge of using digital marketing strategies.

Freelancer Resume Summary

Some sample summaries in resumes for freshers and freelancers:

Sample 1

I am a mass communication graduate who turns ideas into reality. I am seeking an entry-level freelancing position as a creative fashion or lifestyle marketer.

Sample 2

Dynamic Freelance content creator focuses on journalism, sports writing, and social media management. Capable of developing interesting, intriguing, and data-driven content that communicates compelling messages to specific audiences.

Key Takeaways

Your resume summary must set your application out from the crowd. A solid profile summary for freshers increases the likelihood that an employer will thoroughly study your resume.

When applying for entry-level positions, emphasize what you can give an employer and how your characteristics make you a suitable fit. A powerful professional summary in a resume for freshers can help you create a good first impression and boost your chances of getting an interview.

Explore effective resume and cover letter tips for a perfect job application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good summary to put on a resume? 

A solid resume summarizes some of your most significant accomplishments, acknowledges your occupation, and contains 1-2 of your most valuable abilities. For your resume summary to truly stand out, it should also be personalized to the organization’s demands.

What should a fresher write in his resume? 

A fresher should provide their contact details and a strong summary statement on their resume. They should also pick which abilities to showcase. They should emphasize education, training, certifications, and relevant experiences.

What is a resume profile summary?

A resume profile summary is a short statement that appears at the top of your resume. It shows a strong summary to emphasize your accomplishments and talents, whether you are a career switcher or have several years of experience. It shows the company why you’re suitable for the position.

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