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March 6, 2023
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Bonafide refers to anything that is “in good conscience,” which suggests that it is “authentic” or “legitimate.” Therefore, a Bonafide certificate is a reliable and acceptable form of identification at a university or job.

This certificate is documentation that a recognized academic institution issues attesting to the fact that the individual mentioned is enrolled in that institution’s programs and seeking the relevant degree. It might also be a document of a similar nature given by an employer to a worker, verifying the latter’s employment with the former.

These certifications are acceptable as supporting evidence when requesting financial aid, visas, and other things. A student may also use a legitimate certificate to gain admission to a different school, college, or university. You may even consider it, in a way, as a paper that confirms and validates a student’s identification, making them able to qualify for and claim specific advantages. As it opens possibilities for students, this certificate is also powerful documentation.

Comparatively speaking to other forms of identification, a Bonafide certificate is a beneficial certification that is relatively simple to get. It doesn’t even call for a lot of running around. Most institutions and colleges should be able to provide it within 10 to 15 days.

These Certificates come in two different varieties, that is:

  • Provisional Bonafide Certificate: An annual renewal is allowed for this Provisional Certificate, which is acceptable for 6 months.
  • Permanent Bonafide Certificate: This Certificate is active throughout your academic program or employment.

Bonafide Certificate Format

This Certificate indicates that you worked or attended school at a specified institution for a given time. Many businesses require this certificate before moving ahead with your request. This certificate may be formatted in several ways for students and working adults.

Information in a Student Bonafide Certificate

Depending on the variations in requirements, each organization, whether a school or a college, may necessitate a distinct structure for the certificate. Several relevant items are featured on the certification. So, if you’re curious about what it means, here are a few typical pieces of information that it includes:

  • The certificate has the name of the school/ college.
  • The date of issuance.
  • Relevant details of the concerned Student.
  • Information indicating that the inquiry’s recipient is connected to the organization.
  • Sign of the organization’s leader.

Information in a Bonafide Certificate for Employing Individuals

Since it offers specifics about their professional history and the institution they are or were involved with, the Bonafide certificate design for a professional may change from that of a student. A few essential information that ought to be mentioned in this certificate for professionals are listed below:

  • Name of the Organization on the Letterhead.
  • Specifics about the Employer (Included here are the Date Of joining and Employment History).
  • Date of Issue.
  • A declaration demonstrates that the person is a part of a specific organization.
  • Signature of the organization’s director/ CEO/ President.

Need for Bonafide Certificate

A Bonafide certificate can be put into many different applications. It is widely demanded while doing administrative work, particularly concerning issues like requesting a loan, changing schools, switching jobs, applying for a passport or visa, and other travel-related matters. Discussed below are some of the more common ones:

Seeking Employment

When seeking employment, many employers require this certificate. This is because they want to ensure you are a part of the organization you claim to be part of.

Loan Application

While seeking a loan from a bank or other financial organization, these certificates are also necessary. They need to confirm your identity and ensure you have not been involved in hoaxes.

Passport Application

Even while requesting a new passport, these certificates are required. These certificates typically have a one-year validity span and attest that you are still a student at the institution or an employee of the organization.

Opening a Bank Account

Further, it may be helpful if you had these Certificates to create a student bank account. Your identification and enrollment in the institution are both attested to by this certification.

Application for Visa

In addition to your visa application, you must provide several supporting papers when seeking a student visa to pursue education in any foreign country. This Certificate is among the crucial certifications you must provide.

Application for a License to Drive

You need Bonafide Certificates to obtain a driver’s license. In addition, your identification must be confirmed, and the officials must ensure you are not engaged in unlawful activity.

Making a Request for Public Transportation

A Bonafide Certificate is necessary for students to use discounted public transportation prices.

Get Paid for Your Knowledge

Types of Bonafide Certificates

It is essential for various documentation-related tasks, like requesting student loans so that you may study overseas, looking for a suitable position, or receiving government advantages. Let’s examine the purposes for why it is typically requested now that you are aware of what it means:

Bonafide Student Certificate

This Certificate is a statement that attests to the fact that the individual named therein is indeed a student at a given institution of higher learning. It was provided by your college or university and serves as official documentation that you are presently enrolled there.

A genuine student can be an off-campus university student taking a work-study program. So they don’t all need to be regular students at a school or institution to qualify. As per section 102(b) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, they may even be enrolled in an academic program in a private institution of higher learning. They might also be a part-time student who has a job in addition to attending school. 

The Bonafide certificate includes details regarding the name of the student and roll number, program period, name, and location of the institution. Thus, it has a lot of applications. Students may require this certificate for:

  • Application for a passport and a visa renewal.
  • Applying for student loans.
  • To participate in conferences and seminars at different academic institutes.
  • To go to a business to work on a project.
  • Join a community library.
  • To obtain travel discounts.

Bonafide Certificate for Employee

A Bonafide certificate is a record that attests to the legitimacy of a worker’s identification and employment status inside the organization. HR often provides this certificate, which makes integrating new workers more efficient. To safeguard the business from forgery and identification stealing, Bonafide certifications are vital records. Professionals in the following cases can use these Certificates:

  • Application for an internship, apprenticeship, or job.
  • To create a bank account.
  • Requesting a loan from a bank or financial institute.
  • Participating in a workshop, seminar, or training.
  • Official Visits to or inspection of businesses and plants.
bonafide letter

Bonafide Scholarship Certificate

To take advantage of numerous scholarships, the Applicant requires the presentation of this certificate, a significant certification. You may quickly receive the Certificate for Scholarship from the institution or university you are a part of.

Your name, program of study, length of the course, and other personal information are contained in this paper. Obtaining a Gazetted Officer’s attestation for this certificate is crucial.

Your college or university enrolment and identification are both attested to by the Bonafide Certificate for Scholarship. This document is typically requested by banks and other funding organizations when granting student loans.

Samples for Bonafide Certificate for Students

Below are the samples to know how to write a bonafide letter.

School Bonafide Certificate


It is certified that Mr./ Ms. __________________ Admission No________________, Date of Birth ____________, Son/Daughter of Shri/Smt__________________has studied in Class______________, Sec __________during the Academic year from _______________ to ____________ in this School/Institution.

This institution/School is affiliated/ recognized by _______________and the affiliation / recognition number is ____________________.

__________________________ [Name and Address of School]

Signature of Principal _______________

Date________ (Official Seal)

Bonafide Certificate by Colleges


It is certified that Mr./ Ms. __________________ Admission No________________, Date of Birth ____________, Son/Daughter of Shri/Smt__________________is persuing ______________ program, during the Academic year from _______________ to ____________ in this College/Institution.

This institution/College is affiliated/ recognized by _______________and the affiliation / recognition number is ____________________.

__________________________ [Name and Address of College]

Signature of Registrar/ Dean/ Director _______________

Date________ (Official Seal)

Bonafide Certificate by Employers



To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr./Ms. __________ [Name of Employee], [Address of Employee] has been associated with_________ [Company Name] since [Time of Joining]. He/ She has been working with us as a___________ [Current job role] from the last_____ years (duration he/ she has been working there).

In their association, they have been a dedicated and loyal company employee. The commitment towards work makes him/ her a valued employee of this company. The certificate is for the purpose of_____________ [Reason].


Date of Issue Signature of HoD (HR)


Seal of the Company

Application formats

Bonafide Certificate Application Format for Students

In educational institutions, the administrative division issues and the principal of the institution signs certificates. It is mandatory for several things, including getting an Aadhaar card and opening a bank account. In fact, for applying for a passport and other purposes, students may need to get one from school. Students must submit a bonafide letter and a photocopy of their school Identification cards. Further, if applicable, students need to provide a fee receipt to obtain the certification. Below is a prototype certificate application for school/ college or bonafide certificate letter format.


The Principal/ Dean/ Director,

[School/ College Name]

[School/ College Address]

[Date of Application]

Subject: Application for Bonafide Certificate

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I, ______ (name), student of Class __ at ____ (School/ College Name) need a bonafide certificate to _____ (reason for application). I request you to kindly issue me one at the earliest.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely

[Applicant’s Name]

Bonafide certificate Application Format for Employees

When working professionals want to create a new bank account, go abroad, participate in meetings or conferences, etc., their organization’s certificate is a must. The certification must contain information such as the number of years of service, the name of the employer, and a description of the position. Some organizations include additional details on their certificates, such as the date of birth and the date of joining. Employees must attach the following set of papers to the application form.

  • Employee ID
  • Photo ID
  • Employee ID
  • Date of Birth Certificate

The organization’s HR division is in charge of managing the certification process. The Director stamps the certificate once the HoD (HR) accepts your application. Below are the formats for the bonafide certificate application in English.


The Manager,

HR Department

[Name of the Organization ]

[Address of the Organization]

[Date of Application]

Subject: Concerning the issuance of my Bonafide Certificate

Sir/ Ma’am,

I, ________[Applicants’s name], have been working in your organization under ___________[Applicant’s department] as __________[Applicants job profile] since _______(Joining Date) with full dedication and a clean reputation. I am in urgent need for a Bonafide Certificate so as to __________(mention your reason).

Kindly provide me with one at the earliest.

Thanking You.

Yours sincerely,

(Applicant’s Signature)

(Applicant’s Name)

(Contact Number)

Application for Passport

When applying for a passport, you might need to provide documentation to prove that you work for a company or are a student at a certain school. One needs to write a letter for a bonafide certificate. You can use the following application format to write your request for a passport:


The Principal/ Dean/ Director

[Name of School /College]

[Address of School/ College]

Subject: Bonafide Certificate for Passport Application

Dear Sir/Madam,

I___________[name], student of ________ [program name]. I require a Bonafide certificate before I may apply for a passport. So, I request you to provide it to me as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours obediently,

[Applicant’s name]

[Contact details]

Application for Aadhar Card

It is also important for student identification or as evidence of domicile when seeking an Aadhar card. A student often does it by asking their School /college’s principal or Director to provide them with this certificate. Below is the application format for the Adhar card.


The principal,

[School/College Name]

[Address of School/College]

[Date of Application]

Subject: Bonafide Certificate for Aadhar Card Application.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I _______[Name], a student of __________[Name of school/college] studying ________[class/course name]. To apply for Adhar Card, I need a Bonafide certificate. Kindly issue me one at the earliest.

Thanking You

Yours obediently,

[Applicant’s Name]

[Class Name]

Format for Internship/Apprenticeship Applications

Students could also require this certificate to verify the college or institute they attend when enrolling for an internship or apprenticeship. The use case is as follows:


The Director,

[Name of the College/ University]

[Address of College/ University]

[Date of Application]

Subject: Application for Scholarship/Internship/Apprenticeship

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I_______[Name], a student of school/college studying ________[class/course name]. I am selected for an internship/ Apprenticeship program at­­­­­­­­­­­­__________[Organization offering internship] starting from ______ [Date of starting] and ending on ______[Date completion]. My humble request is to issue a bonafide certificate in favour of my internship.

Thanking You

Yours Obediently

[Applicants Name]

[Other relevant details if required]

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Parting Thoughts

Our world is brimming with opportunities, particularly for the youth and aspiring individuals. The ability to follow one’s goals and desires is why a Bonafide certificate is so valuable in this situation. It is important in a student’s life. Employees at any level of their careers also might need it.

Allowing and enabling them to pursue promising opportunities, further education, or request a loan, passport, or visa renders life more straightforward for several individuals. No other paper is as meaningful and beneficial as this one in that regard.

Academic institutes and companies have a lot of control over issuing Bonafide certifications. However, the responsible authority must use it with extreme prudence and attention in light of our circumstances. Given that, it also helps many individuals by giving them the resources they need to advance in life. Despite being only a piece of paper, a Bonafide certificate has enormous value because of what it represents. It opens doors and helps employees and students advance their possibilities in life. So, it’s nothing new that this certificate is highly in demand and appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why is a Bonafide certificate important?

Ans. Generally, this certificate serves as evidence of the institution, organization, or business of which a person was a part, possibly as a student or an employee. Therefore, to put it simply, a bonafide certificate demonstrates that a person was formerly in association with a specific institution. In addition, it’s necessary for various additional causes, such as applying for student loans so that you may study abroad, getting a new job, and taking advantage of government initiatives.

Q.2 How do I issue a Bonafide certificate?

Ans. This certificate is provided by a company attesting that a specific individual is a part of that organization. Typically, this certificate is for students from academic institutes. It is also for workers of companies. For students to get this certificate, they must speak with the admin office of their school, college, or university. They also need to submit a written application or fill up the application form to the institute’s administrator to obtain the certificate.

Q.3 What is the need for Bonafide Certificate?

Ans. The following circumstances may necessitate the use of these certificates:

For Students

  • Submitting a college application
  • Application for a student loan
  • Using travel discounts on public transportation, including buses, trains, and metros
  • Application of visa and passport
  • Applications for scholarship programs
  • Extension of visa
  • Participating in conferences, workshops, and lectures at other colleges
  • Registering with public libraries and other similar goals

For Working Personnel

  • Searching for a new role at your place of employment
  • Changing jobs
  • Applications for loan
  • Establishing a bank account

Q.4 Do colleges give Bonafide certificate?

Ans. Yes, colleges issue Bonafide Certificates for the students enrolled in their institute. Both regular and off-campus students can apply for this certificate. They may utilize it for various reasons. For example, applying for college, visa, passport bank loan, bank account enrolment in a library, workshop, job change, and many other reasons.

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