Writing a Leave Application for Marriage: Samples, Steps and Tips

May 15, 2024
leave application for marriage

Quick Summary

  • A marriage leave application is a formal request written by an employee to their manager, seeking permission to take time off work for their marriage or related events.
  • The leave application for marriage should include the subject line, the reason for leave, total timeline of leave, and signature.
  • It should also involve a plan for the ownership of responsibilities during your leave.


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Marriages and weddings are an elaborate affair, especially in India. From preparations to attending the events, it might require you to take some time off from work. Whether you’re the bride/groom or a family member, it is important to inform your manager formally and apply for a leave application for marriage.

Informing your manager about your leave for the marriage function would help them manage your work during your absence. It helps to make adjustments during office working hours and allocate your duties to others. This allows your team to work smoothly in your absence.

What is a Leave Application for Marriage?

A marriage leave application is a formal request written by an employee to their manager, seeking permission to take time off work for their marriage or related events. The content of a marriage leave application typically includes the dates, reason for leave and the details of their assigned work.

sample leave application for marriage

The purpose of the leave application for marriage is to inform the employer about the marriage and request a specific duration of leave for the employee to attend the related events.

Marriage Leave Application Format

Below is the correct format for a wedding leave application for office-

Date –

Manager’s name
Name of the company

Subject –

Dear Sir/Madam,
Body of the application

[It should cover the information regarding the marriage like the start date and end date, whose marriage, and the dates for leave. It should end with a formal request.]



Points to Include in Your Marriage Leave Application

Every wedding leave application should follow the basic structure. Let’s look at the basic structure in detail.

1. Subject Line: Your subject line should be precise and convey the message in 5 to 6 words. For example- “Subject- Request for 15 days leave for Marriage.”

2. Duration and dates

Do mention the exact dates on which you require the leaves. This would help your team manager plan and re-assign your tasks until you return. Also mention your availability or contact details in case of urgency.

3. Reason for Leave: Once you’ve mentioned the duration and exact dates, you must briefly state the reason for leave. For example- marriage celebration, sister’s wedding ceremony, etc.

4. Work Commitments

If there are any deadlines or work commitments that you might be facing during your leave duration, do mention them to your manager so that they can be planned accordingly.

Sample Leave Application for Marriage

Let’s look at sample leave applications for you and your loved one’s marriage.

Sample Leave Application for Your Marriage

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am happy to announce that I will be getting married on {Date}. So, I would request you to grant me leave from {Date} to {Date} for my marriage function. I have already started to work towards completing my task before the date. I will explain the required responsibility to the concerned team to handle it during my absence.

Looking forward to receiving a positive response from you soon.



Sample Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am glad to inform you that my sister is getting married on {Date}. As she is getting ready for her new journey, I would like to be with her in this journey helping in making all the arrangements. I would complete the given tasks before the date and would hand over my work to the concerned team member to handle it during my absence.

So, I would like to request you to grant me leave from {Date} to {Date} to attend her marriage function. Hoping to get a positive response from your side. Thanks in advance.



Tips for Writing a Clear and Concise Leave Application

Let’s look at some tips to write a good and crisp wedding leave application.

  • Always provide a clear and crisp subject line informing the reason for sending this leave application.
  • The application should mention the purpose of your leave in detail. But it should not be too lengthy. It should be to the point and should provide all the details.
  • The application should mention the timeline of your leave be it a full day or a half day leave. This would help the manager to manage the workload.
  • You should provide an update on your ongoing tasks and how are you going to manage them.

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Bonus: Paid Leave for Wedding Ceremony

Did you know that in Spain, one can avail 15 days of paid marriage leave? Wedding leave or marriage bonus is a policy that allows employees to take time off from work with pay to get married or attend a wedding. While not all countries have explicit laws or regulations regarding paid wedding leave, some nations do provide this benefit to their employees. Here are a few examples:

  1. South Korea: In South Korea, marriage is considered a significant family event, and employees are entitled to D-Day Leave, which grants them one day of paid leave to celebrate their wedding.
  2. Taiwan: Taiwan recognizes the importance of family and offers a three-day paid wedding leave. This allows employees to fully engage in wedding preparations, participate in pre-wedding rituals, and attend the marriage ceremony.
  3. Mainland China: In Mainland China, wedding customs vary across different regions. While there may not be a specific paid marriage leave policy in place, many employers offer flexible leave options or allow employees to take time off for their marriage ceremony and related events.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a leave application?

A leave application is a formal letter request submitted by an individual to their employer or educational institution, seeking permission to take time off from work or school for a specific reason. The purpose is to let your employer or teacher know in advance so they can make arrangements. It’s important to follow the proper process and provide any necessary documentation to ensure your leave is approved.

How many days of leave can I take for my wedding?

Weddings are elaborate functions. The functions depend on cultural, geographical and religious factors. So, you are the best judge to decide on the number of days of leave. Usually, the number of days is around 10-20 days. It depends on your functions and your manager.

What is the subject of leave application for marriage?

The subject should mention the reason and the timeline of your leave application. This would give proper importance to your leave application. Your subject line would determine whether your application is to be dealt with immediately or can be taken later.

How do I apply for 3 days leave for my wedding?

Here is an example letter for requesting a marriage related 3-day leave. I hope this email finds you in good health! Respected [Name of Manager], In light of my impending marriage ceremony, I am formally requesting a three-day leave of absence, from [Start Date] to [End Date]. I request you to kindly grant the same. Thank you.

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