How to Write a Leave Extension Letter (With Samples)

November 23, 2023
leave extension letter

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Unforeseen circumstances may come up at any time requiring you to request for an extension of leave. This is for cases when you’re already on a declared leave or vacation. Writing a leave extension letter is easy. You need to follow the correct format and use professional language. 

Generally, 70-75% of annual leaves in Indian companies go unused, as per a recent report. If you’re someone who is very careful with taking breaks from work, then your unused leaves might act as your saviour. Therefore, the leave extension granted to you might be paid or unpaid, depending on your organization’s leave policy.

How to Frame a Leave Extension Letter? 

The following are some of the points to consider when framing a leave extension letter. 

  • Mention the honest reason for the extension.
  • Take into consideration the leave policy of your organisation.
  • Make a list of the certificates required along with the letter for extension of leave.
  • If there are any workload contractual obligations, assure your boss of fulfilling those. 
  • Mention the exact time and dates for when you will need an extension of leave. 

Leave Extension Letter Format

Leave extension letter format

You might have already sent a leave request application. Even then, you should send a new email or letter to request for an extension.

Below are some leave extension letter templates. You can refer to them as per your reason for a leave extension.

Sick Leave Extension Mail to Manager

Sometimes, it takes time for us to recover from an illness. This email will help you in case you want to extend you sick leave for one more day. You may also procure a digital copy of the doctor’s certificate for attaching to the email. 

To: [email address]

Subject: Extension of Sick Leave

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I, [your name] ([employee ID]), would like to request you extend my leave. I have been on leave from [start date of the leave] to [end date of the leave]. However, I have not yet recovered from [the illness] due to unforeseen medical reasons.

My doctor has advised me to rest for three days more. I will not be able to return to work on [the end date of the leave]. I am coordinating with [colleague], who has accepted to handle my work until I return.
I’m requesting you grant me this extension for three days, until [extended date]. I have also attached the doctor’s certificate for your reference and I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Kindly consider my request.

Thank you

[Your name]
[Your position]
[Employee ID]

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Letter for Extension of Leave due to Family Emergencies/ Personal Reasons 

Family emergencies or other personal reasons can come up at any time. In any case, you must inform your boss immediately. This shows that family emergencies can mean sudden deterioration of health or an accident of a spouse, child, or close relative. It could also include instances of natural disasters where a relative is stuck.  

Below is a sample of a letter to your boss for an extension of leave for personal reasons-

[Name of your boss/ manager],
[Office address].

Subject: Extension of leave due to family emergency

Dear Sir/Ma’am,
I, [your name] ([employee ID]), have been on leave from [start date of the leave] to [original end date of leave]. However, due to certain unforeseen circumstances, I find myself dealing with a family emergency. I will not be able to return to the office on [the original end date of leave].

I request you grant me two additional days of leave, until [extended date requested]. I’m coordinating with [name of colleague], who has taken up my work. I will be available for calls and emails if there are any questions.

Hence, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope you understand. Kindly consider my request.

Thank you.

[your signature]

Sample Request Letter for Extension of Maternity Leave 

Maternity leave can be extended for valid medical reasons. Refer to the company leave policy regarding leave extensions in this case. Below is the sample letter for the extension of maternity leave (email format). 


Subject: Extension of maternity leave

Dear sir,

I, Amrita (employee ID: 12345), am on maternity leave since February 15. My leave expires on March 12. However, I find myself unable to rejoin the office just yet. I haven’t yet completely healed from my pregnancy. Also, my child still requires my complete attention and care.

I request you extend my leave for another two weeks; until March 26. In this time, I will have healed well and will be ready for work. I have contacted my colleague, Miss. M. Kamala, who has graciously stepped in. She will handle my work until I return.

Kindly grant my request. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

B. Amrita,
Associate Designer, employee ID: 12345

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Tips for Sending Out a Leave Extension

  • Be very professional: The letter must use professional language. Address your manager/ boss and your colleagues professionally. Use appropriate designations. 
  • Wait for the response: The leave is not guaranteed even if the letter is submitted. Wait for a response before taking the extension. 
  • Show gratitude: Always express your gratitude at the end of the leave extension letter. 
  • Highlight the dates: Clearly mention the original duration of your leave along with the start and end dates. Then mention the expected extended date along with the extended duration. 
  • Attach additional documents: Check for any additional documentation required. For sick leaves, a doctor’s certificate or medical reports are required. Procure them beforehand and attach them to the letter. 
  • Addressing your boss: Address the correct person. Some firms require that letters be submitted to HR. Others may require the leave extension letter to be submitted to the manager. 
  • Divide the Workload: Ensure that someone takes up your work. Speak with your colleagues beforehand and arrange for someone to take your place. Mention this in your letter so that everyone is kept in the loop. 
  • Be honest: Clearly state the reason for the extension of leave. Explain your situation briefly. Do not over-explain. 
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Wrapping Up 

In conclusion, writing a leave extension letter is necessary when unforeseen circumstances arise that require an extension of the initial leave period. It is essential to clearly explain the reason for the extension and provide a realistic timeline for returning to work.

By following the appropriate protocol and providing sufficient information, you can increase the chances of having your leave extension approved by your employer. Remember, open communication and honesty are key when it comes to requesting an extension of your leave. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I ask for an extension of leave? 

To ask for an extension, politely and clearly explain the reasons why you need more time, what work you have completed, and what remains to be done. Offer a realistic timeline for completion and express gratitude for their consideration. Wait for a response and be prepared to answer any questions. 

To whom do I send or address the letter for an extension of leave?  

The recipient for a leave extension letter depends on the policies of your company. Check your company’s leave policy to determine whether you should send the letter to HR or your manager.

Do I require any additional documents for applying for a leave extension? 

Depending on the reason for the leave, you may require certain documents. Usually, we need a doctor’s certificate or a medical report for sick leave. However, for personal or emergency leave, it may not be necessary. It is best to check with your employer or HR department to determine if any additional documents are required for a leave extension request. 

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