Here is How You Must Introduce Yourself During Interview

how to introduce yourself
February 3, 2021
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First impressions are always the ones that last. Especially with your employers and the company you join. The first instance where you meet them is during an interview and thus it becomes of utmost importance that this engagement occurs in the smoothest possible way and to introduce yourself during the interview that your first impression is liked by the company.

As first impressions happen quickly, they also do happen more than once. By that, I mean that it’s not just the interviewer whom you are impressing, it’s also the recruiter, the receptionist and even the hiring manager. Introduce yourself during interview is of utmost importance and makes sure you ace it.

On that note here are 10 things you must keep in mind, because this is how to introduce yourself during interview:

  • First Start researching the company and also your interviewers.
  • Appropriately dress up for your interview.
  • Avoid distractions
  • Be bold, confident, and comfortable
  • Your body language is important
  • Prepare speaking points
  • Rehearse and practice your introduction

Things to be considered while introducing yourself to the interviewer

There are a bunch of things to be considered before you face the interview. Your appearance and mindset can prepare you for a successful introduction.

tips for interview

Dress to impress

When you introduce yourself during interview meeting for the first time, make sure your appearance is up to the mark. The way you dress tells a lot about your personality and how you carry yourself in public. There are designated dress codes for interviews and sticking to them is always the right choice. It is also good to learn a little about the company’s culture before deciding on your outfit.

For example, A tech start-up interview may not require a formal dress code compared to a financial consultant’s. It’s ok if you are unsure, you can reach out to your recruiter or some office contact and ask beforehand. This proves you are paying attention to the details and want to set the right impression. Keep in mind these few tips before you proceed:

tips for interview
  • Be yourself- Display yourself, do not try to imitate any executive you admire in ways to catch their attention, this is your interview!
  • Keep the focus on you- You clothes are not the center of the interview, it’s you, so avoid wearing shining jewelry that might distract from what you are speaking
  • Be comfortable- Staying comfortable is the most important in an interview, don’t select tight shoes if they hurt, you must always be calm before and during an interview.

Prepare what to say

  • The next step is figuring out what to speak when you introduce yourself during interview.

Confidence is the key and you must exuberate it so that your interviewer does not feel you are afraid of him or scared of the interview

  • Say your full name, it creates a sense of boldness and professionalism.
  • Don’t forget the name of the interviewer, be sure to learn his/her name and store it properly in your brain. Listen carefully and repeat your interviewer’s name while greeting him/her.

Be aware of your body language

Keep in mind the qualities you want your body language to display, as it’s a key element of communication, so while introduce yourself during interview keep this in mind. In order to communicate effectively, you must keep eye contact throughout the conversation. Folding your hands while speaking is seen as a sign of lacking interest, don’t do it. Keep your heap up and chin straight. Shoulders must be pushed slightly back with your chest high.

It is also good to notice the body language of your interviewer in an effort to understand how they are perceiving you. Though they are the masters in a sense, still if anyone is engaged in the conversation, they display it through body language. The other side of the coin is valid too.

The Best Ways of Introducing Yourself During Interview

Before the interview

After you have checked in with the receptionist, you might have to wait for a while until the interviewer comes to meet you. Keep in mind to stay away from your phone to idle the time. Stand when they come and greet them with a smile. In the meantime, grabbing a magazine off the table is not a bad option.

Remember to shake hands firmly, when someone arrives, but don’t grip too strongly. Introduce yourself again boldly with your full name. And as soon as they introduce themselves respond by repeating their names. Besides creating a friendly atmosphere, this trick will help you to remember their names as well.

Point to Note: If you are unsure about how you would be presenting yourself during the introductions? Then try recruiting a family member or a friend for practice for introducing yourself with proper body language, dress, and your handshake. You can try your moves in front of a mirror too.

If you have already spoken to this person via phone or email prior to the job interview, then you should say that it’s nice to meet them finally. When you are telling them this, just smile and look them in their eyes. From here this individual might give you a swift tour or take you directly to the interview room. If this individual is guiding you to the room before interviewing you, just thank them before they leave.

During the interview

Typically, you’ll be situated in a space to wait till the time your interviewer comes to meet you. You might want to utilize this opportunity by getting out your pen and paper to take notes, take some water, and a few full breaths to loosen up your body. At the point when your interviewer enters into the room, welcome them by standing up, stretching out your hand followed by a firm handshake, expressing your name, and smiling.

The interviewer will surely be aware of the role that you are applying for. However, it is not wrong to reinstate your purpose of visiting their office. You can say that you are glad to finally be talking tech (if you are applying in the tech department).

After providing them with a copy of your resume, let there be silence till they read through the document. If the silence continues, you can lead with your own elevator statement that basically talks about your background in the field, your interest in the company, and your hopes for the position.

Once you introduce yourself during interview, the question and answer sessions begin. Generally, the first question always asks you to tell something about yourself. It is always good to be direct and to the point. Personal details may bore them, thus staying on point about ways you can describe your job will help you make a better impression.

It’s suitable to record notes as the discussion advances. You can refer to these notes to pose questions that the interviewer may allow you to ask at the end. This is also a good time to prepare a list of predefined questions about the company and its practices.

After the interview

An introduction is never complete without a goodbye. After your introduce yourself during interview, follow your interviewer’s lead: stand when they do so, firmly shake their hand again thanking them with a smile for their time. You could prepare and speak a few phrases that will conclude your conversation on a very positive note:

  •  Thank you for giving me your time for this interview. I hope this was a productive conversation”
  • “Thanks for an amazing conversation. Hope you have a great day ahead.”

After you’ve had some idle time to process and go through your meeting notes, it is always good to connect with the interviewers after the interview via mail. The same statements of thanking him for their time can send a positive impact on your personality. Thus, make sure to grab their business cards at the end. Not only will this let you have their contact info, it sends a message that you are persistent and willing to engage in communication.

Final Thoughts

All in all, while many websites will tell you that there are different ways to manage an interview. However, the only way to ace an interview is by being yourself. Small things like your body language are things to be conscious of. However, changing your personality in order to fit the company is never a good plan. The interviewers can see through the façade. And, as it is, they are taking you in for your skills and for you, not for the fake personality you put up for the interview.

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