Ways to Make your Skype Interview a Success


Today’s world is run by a multitude of companies with varying stature. Millions of people use video calling applications like Skype, Google meets, or event Microsoft teams. It’s no surprise that many companies have now used video calling services in the interview process.

These interviews also require the same amount of preparation and attention that a normal face-to-face interview requires. And due to the modern era of technology, there’s a chance that Murphy’s Law may add a hiccup while facing an interview.

As we all know that the first impression is the last. Hence, we all want that in an interview, we create a good impression in the eyes of the company individuals.

So here are some skype interview tips that might help you in your interview. This article will save you from facing any troubles and help you shine throughout your interview.

skype interview
January 5, 2022
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Table of Contents

Create an appropriate environment

Imagine you have a date in the evening, and your partner is appearing to have a decent look whereas you, on the other hand, have all messed up hair, bad breath, not take a bath, and present in shabby clothes, you could understand what they might be imagining about you. Similarly, it would be best to decide where your Skype interview will be. It could be in your home office, or your bedroom, or even in your kitchen.

After deciding where you will have your Skype interview, the next step comes. It would be best to decide between what the interviewer sees in the frame when he looks towards you. Furthermore, it would help if you had a clear background scene behind you. This can cause a distraction for the interviewer. All his focus and attention must be on you.

Once your interview room has been set up, all you need to ensure is one more thing. It would be best to make sure that your friends, family, or even pets are not endangering your interview by walking in when it is taking place. Warn them before you have an interview and close the door to avoid noise.

Learn about the tools Skype has to offer

Many functions can be useful in various areas during the interview. You might need to share your screen to show some code or projects or your curriculum vitae and the files to your interviewer while you’re on the call.

Before your interview starts, try to take a good view of the tools. Please familiarize yourself with them to ease yourself at the time of the interview.

Have a test call before an interview

Make sure that you have had a test run of your Skype call before your Skype interview takes place. Get yourself on Skype video call with your family members or friends. This will help ensure that you are comfortable and confident enough to have a knack for this technology. Moreover, you can also test whether your microphone and camera both work properly so that you don’t face any problems at the time of the interview.

You can even ask in an interview on Skype for suggestions and feedback in this context. It will make you come across as perfect enough for the candidature.

Practice speaking to yourself in the mirror

Practice speaking to yourself in the mirror for skype interview

You’re going to feel weird doing this. However, capturing yourself, talking and thinking about yourself from these interviews is a perfect opportunity to test out anything you may like to fix along with minute details like looking down a lot more, weak body expression, slow voice, or running as quickly as a bunny. It also offers you the perfect chance to check the Skype environment you are in and your body language.

You won’t want to become aware of these things during the interview suddenly. This can incur the risk of coming across as ill-prepared and disrespectful.

Have a professional Skype account

Most of the time, the interviewer would first see is the Skype profile picture and username of the interviewee. Hence, make sure you are all seen professionally. If you’ve got a personal Skype account, don’t use it. It is suggested that you have a new one that you can use exclusively for interviews. And it would be preferred that you have a simple profile name.

Prepare notes and placards.

Before the interview, you must have a cheat sheet by your side if having a skype call interview.

The cheat sheet must contain the questions related to your resume that the interviewer might ask you. You should prepare points and side notes of the conversations. These could take place between you and the interviewer on the Skype call.

Note: it is suggested that you follow the bottom points below on the day of your skype interview.

Login and be ready

You won’t get time to direct conversation with the interview and simply Excel. You must log in to your account 10 mins before the interview starts. It will boost your confidence and show that you are ready. Well, you don’t want to keep your interviewer waiting. This might create a risk for your image towards time management and also show that you are unorganized.

You can also read our blog on Tips on Facing Interview.

Be neat and dress up properly.

While you are on a Skype video call, make sure you are well dressed. If in doubt, it is always a good idea to get dressed professionally when having a face to face interview.

Your status

A green dot appears next to the avatar while you’re online on Skype. If you’ve ever noticed, it shows that you’re living and ready to chat. It should happen immediately when you first log in.

Furthermore, you can still change your Skype status to ‘away,’ ‘do not disturb,’ or invisible at any moment you want. It might be useful if you’re not interrupted by other calls coming in through the chat. You can also help prevent some mid-interview disruptions by closing some additional windows or browser tabs on your device or muting them instead and shutting your phone off in case of a warning.

Body language

First observations are created within the first seven seconds of anyone meeting you. Your body language has an important role in the interviewer’s judgment as soon as they connect in the interview.

During your Skype interview, make sure you’re staring straight at the camera while you’re communicating and not on the phone. This will help keep the eye in contact as though you were in the same room as they are. Also, make sure that your neck is straight, chest, and chin out with confidence and sincerity.

Be engaging

Note that you’re in a conversation with the interviewer. You can demonstrate your interest to the interviewer by listening and agreeing. If you’re not used to Skype interview sessions, having to watch a webcam and that tiny Skype video call window may at first feel unnatural. Therefore, be cautious not to come off as so static and unpleasant in turn.

Using hand motions and movement of your face and body is important. You can replicate it in the exact same manner you do for face-to-face interviews.

Be aware of any lag

You can experience a pause or time gap between the interviewer talking to you and understanding their words during the Skype interview. When something like this occurs, don’t speak to the client and stop communicating in lengthy lines.

It is going to make the interaction sound more normal. Take a peek at these strategies to help prevent lags altogether; for starters, to ensure that you have the best signal you will get by going near a modem or shutting other programs on your device.

Prevent “Do you hear me now?” situation.

It’s even more annoying than simply hearing every word an individual speaks, so be sure to adjust the Skype audio ahead of time and be sure that you will always understand and be understood without difficulties.

Stay calm

In light of all the plans, procedures, and measures you can take in your Skype interview, technology will still find a way to put a spanner into the works and always throw some hindrance. For example, you might be facing some trouble with your internet service, or some sound might start playing in the background by mistake.

It is necessary to stay calm in these circumstances. How you respond when things don’t go as expected will demonstrate to your interviewer your willingness to cope with tough circumstances professionally and proactively. Take a glance at these issues. Get an idea of what you could come up against and cope with during the call.

Follow up after the call.

The final phase is no less critical than the ‘normal’ interview. After the interview, please submit a short email to your recruiter to reassure you that you enjoyed meeting them and hearing all about the job and the business. Conclude the email by saying that you’re looking forward to hearing from them and increasing your involvement in the job.

As technology becomes more widespread in many recruiting procedures, video interviews are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re searching for a position, it’s more like you’re going to be invited to hold a Skype interview at some point in the very distant future. By adopting the suggestions mentioned earlier and dedicating time to the detailed planning of the interview, I have no question that it would be a success.

Final Thoughts

To end with this, you need to have a positive attitude towards your interviews, whether happening online or is happening face-to-face. It would be best if you did not worry about what will happen. Instead, worry about how it will happen. Always make sure that you are looking at the camera and are present at eye level and keep a happy cheering and smiling face all the time. Prepare well in advance for any technicality that could cause a hindrance in your interview. Always reciprocate to the interviewer. Keeping all this in mind, one should not be scared of any scenario that could take place.

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