Get Hired for Job after a Career Break in India- Ultimate Tips

job after a career break
January 29, 2021
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A 9-5 work life can be a daunting task for many people. The grueling hours, the endless presentations, and the constant pressure. For many, the distinction between personal and work life blurs and they just want out. Millions of such people choose to take a break in their careers. This break can arise from other situations too. It can include raising a family or moving to another city. Also, a job after a career break due to family reasons, or even just a simple desire to take a proper break from work life. Taking a career break is a common practice worldwide and is good for personal health. While many enjoy this break, there are some who begin to miss their job after a career break, even the bad parts of it. However, finding a job after a career break can be tough. Many can find themselves lacking the means to successfully enter the market. If you are one such person and looking for information on getting a job after a career break in India, do not worry. In this article, I take you through some of the tested tips and a step by step approach. It surely will get you easily hired for a job after a career gap.

Tips to get a job after career break or gap

Develop your skills

The key things companies look at is the work you have done in the career break you decided to take. This work can be in the form of starting a small business or working part-time with others. Another good way to keep yourself employable is to use the time of the career gap to develop your skills. These skills can be in the field you have been in. Like if you were in the business world, you can work with more data analytics tools to improve efficiency. Getting a job after a career break in India is also beneficial to those people who want to change their career paths. A career break can give you ample time to search for new skills or past passions you wanted to explore.

Recap your break

Before finding a job after a career break, the first thing you must do is to analyze yourself. You can do this by understanding how this career gap has changed you and affected your skills. If it helps, you can even do a SWOT analysis of yourself and your time in the career break. This analysis will help you understand your place in the new market. It will also bring out some valuable insights that you could use in making your decision. A SWOT analysis can help you make a list of the areas where your primary skills where you can improve. With a documented list of your pros and cons, you might even find a new job in a completely different industry.

Plan Extensively

An important task you have to do if you are job after a career break or even finding job after maternity break, is that you have to expend a lot of time into research and planning. This research and planning must include topics like market trends, shifts, changes, updates, etc. This tip helps you weigh your options and make an informed decision about the career you want to build.

The easiest way to get information on trends and changes in the industry are from trusted news sources and websites. Business News channels also give updates about major changes in the market. However, a great tool one can use in this research is social media.

Social media is abuzz with brands and their staff with verified profiles. Following these professionals and companies gives you insights into what they have been doing while you were away. LinkedIn is another great example of keeping track of changes in the business world including personnel changes. Big CEO’s, like Elon Musk, are heavy Twitter users and often use the medium as a personal communication platform and give personal opinions or discuss issues and ideas.


While we are on the subject of individual professionals, networking is one of the best skills for getting a job after a career break in India. It is one of the surest ways to land an interview while you are looking for a job after a career gap. After deciding on your return to the corporate world, spend some time looking up old connections. Start engaging in communication with them. These can be in the form of old bosses, clients, colleagues, or other friends and family members. Lobbying and networking not only help you in searching for jobs. But these connections can also be your guide on the updates in the market. With this, along with their own existing network of people, they may help and steer your career in the right direction. They can also work as great references for your new application.

Build your CV

CV, or resume, is the document that covers your work-life history and is handed to the company before they shortlist candidates for interviews. In a sense, your CV can be described as the first impression your company has of you.

Thus your CV must capture the true you. A tip that I often share with people who are in the stages of writing their CVs is to begin with an opening summary statement about yourself. This can cover information like your education history, your interests, passions, what kind of person you are, etc. This followed by a list of your stints at different companies, arranged in descending order of time. If you want more information on what to write under work experience section of your CV, you can find an easy guide here.

Get ready for the interview

One skill that many people who are finding job after 5 year break forget is the skill of interviews. People often get nervous about going in and facing an interview, especially when doing so after a career gap. They become intimidated by the interviewer and start to panic. In this panic, they lose their true essence and become rigid and stiff.

But giving an interview is an art. You must use the moment to stir the conversation into areas you want. They are asking the questions, but through the answers you can lead them to questions you want to be asked.

For example, in an interview for job after a career break, if someone asks you a little about yourself, you can begin to talk about your achievements and hint to the interviewers in the direction of asking about those achievements.


Once you are done with the interview preparations, you can always provide the company with references of people you had worked with in the past. However, remember, you must initiate contact with these references before you give their number out to the company.

References go a long way in acquiring a job after a career break. You may not realize it, but a good recommendation from your ex-employer or your previous boss can shine great credentials in your name and may present you as a prospective employee who has been tested and proved effective.

However, an important note to keep in mind while selecting references is the position or status of the individual. Generally, people do not present their employees and colleagues as their references. They aim for their bosses or their bosses boss in order to get the highest recommendation. During this, you must also choose from the people who know you inside out. The more honest and detailed the recommendation, the better picture it presents in the minds of your new employer.

Part-Time Jobs

Part Time Jobs in India

One of the biggest benefits a career break can give you is ample free time. This free time can be used in different ways, as mentioned above, from learning a new skill to spending time with your family. However, another path that some choose to take is sticking to part-time jobs.

This helps them to be slightly connected with the outside world while not taking up the time it used to. This change of setting, timings, and job descriptions lets people go out on a limb and relax as well as work to maintain the holy balance.

These part-time jobs are available everywhere. From online searches through keywords to networking with existing companies and friends, part-time jobs help maintain a small connection to the world, if in case you ever decide to come back.

Chegg Inc. presents one such part-time work from home opportunity where you can work as a freelancer for some extra money. Chegg Subject Matter Experts, as they are called, are freelancers who are hired part-time by us and help Chegg in the services it provides to students. Subject Matter Experts can enroll with the program with any subject. This includes sciences, engineering, medicine, etc, and are expected to provide answers to queries posted by students on the website.

Be confident

Tips for Part Time Jobs in India - Be confident

The final tip I will give you is to be confident. Being under-confident about the possibilities is one of the biggest fatal flaws that people entrench themselves in. You have to be confident in yourself and your ability to secure a job after a career break.

This confidence is not just for yourself. When you are confident about your skills and experience, it shows off in your personality which is further reflected when you approach different companies for getting a job after a career break in India.

Job after a maternity break

There are many mothers who have to take a career break due to their newborn child. While some make this decision and never regret it, there are some who wish to get back on track to succeed in their work life. However, for many of them, motherhood becomes overwhelming and they lose their connections and fall off the grid.

For mothers who find themselves stuck in this loop, the internet is there to save you. There are specific online organizations, like JobsForHer, that present a helping hand to women who wish to restart their job after a maternity break.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the path to finding a job after a 5-year break and restarting your career may seem arduous, but if you follow the above tips and steps, you may find an easy process to getting a job after a career break in India.

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