Commerce vs Science: What to Choose and Why?


Abstract: We are here to answer the most rudimentary question which has mingled with the minds of every 10th grader: Commerce vs Science! Which stream to choose and Why?

We won’t talk about the age-old way of saying Science is for engineers and commerce is for entrepreneurs. Therefore, We hope as you will reach the end of the article, you will find an answer to both questions. Therefore, we will figure out the answer. Commerce vs Science!

Therefore, we will talk about Commerce vs Science in an evolved sense.

Therefore, we will take you to step by step. Hence, this way, you will make an informed decision as to what to choose and why.

commerce vs science
January 10, 2022
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Table of Contents

Know your interests

Commerce vs Science

Firstly, the first step to an informed decision is knowledge of self in Commerce vs Science. List down all the subjects of your interest. It could be social science, mathematics, English, etc.

Take a career evaluation test.

Commerce vs Science

You will never ask yourself the right questions to know your interests. So let’s take a career test to find the job for you.

But, it will only take 3-4 minutes in answering the multiple-choice questions. Be as spontaneous as you can be, i.e. don’t overthink before answering a question.

Here is a career test we recommend using:

The report generated will have subject areas of interest, namely:

Social Science, Business, Science, Healthcare, Multimedia, Education and Communication, etc.

You will get some clarity on which subjects interest you the most. However, it will also tell you about these subjects’ different job opportunities.

Know the subjects you will study in senior secondary

commerce and science subjects

Commerce vs Science

Now you have a fair understanding of which subjects hold your interest. The next step is to dig into these subjects.

However, it is crucial to know the concepts you will be studying while taking up a subject.

Also, go through course books of each subject and chapter in detail and see If the topics and course curriculum excite you the same way!

Therefore, many students take half the information and then regret their decisions.

And therefore, make sure you have done your research well in Commerce vs Science.

Therefore, the more time you put into the research, the better your choice.

Talk to a trusted senior.

Now that you have a slight inclination towards one stream, i.e. commerce vs science, go on and talk to a trusted senior.

After the internet, they are the most credible source of information.

But, do not consider their advice as to the one. Also, listen to them to get another idea before making the final decision.

Now let’s  weigh Commerce vs Science on the following basis:

1) Ease of study and subject matter

2) Pros and Cons

2) Career Opportunities

3) Job Opportunities

Ease of study 

Both of them are equally tough and equally easy. Therefore, this is very subjective.

One may find studying the laws of motion very easy and for one not!

However, let’s break the common myth: Commerce is easier than Science. Let’s learn the subjects taught to develop an interest in the same.

These two subject options are common for both streams.

a) Mathematics / Information practices

b) English/ Hindi/ Other languages

These are the subjects that one studies in commerce

c) Accountancy

It has a theory base with a lot of practical implications. You have to be a fast learner to understand the principles of accounting. It is good if you have fun finding out assets and liabilities.

d) Business Studies

It will require reading and understanding concepts. It gives you a lot of ideas about the administration of the business world.

e) Economics

You will learn a lot about the economy. It’s working from a micro and macro level. You will learn everything from the laws of demand to the history of economic reforms in 2 years.

Now let’s look at the subjects in the science stream

a) Physics

If concepts of mechanics, electricity, heat, radiation, and sound excite you, you will enjoy studying.

b) Chemistry

It is the branch concerned with the study of matter and its interaction. Also, its composition and reactions are investigated in detail in this subject.

c) Biology

It is a natural science. And it is concerned with everything around living organisms. But from physical structure to chemical processes and physiological dimensions. And it also studies the growth and evolution of species in detail.

You can also read our article on Career Options after Commerce.

Pros and Cons (Commerce vs Science)

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the science and commerce stream.

Science: Pros

  • Exciting Opportunities: With AI on its peek, there is a lot of scope of new experiments, research, and innovation in the field of science.
  • Wider options: A science student has a benefit over all other streams. Therefore, they have a wider scale of opportunities as compared to commerce or arts students.

Science: Cons

  • Pressure: The subjects are quite diverse and require regular studies. Therefore, practice and revision are very vital to excel in any science subject. because, conceptual clarity is a must as well. Hence, a lot of students might feel the pressure of studies.
  • Lack of extracurricular activities: As, a lot of time has to be devoted to studying. Therefore, a lot of students find it hard to manage time between studies, hobbies, and sports activities.

Commerce: Pros

  • New Subjects: You will study subjects that you haven’t studied yet. However, Accountancy, business studies, and economics give insights about how things work in reality. Therefore, a lot of students find it exciting.
  • Entrepreneurship: It brings out the businessman/woman inside the student. Also, they learn to assess the cost and benefit and learn the art to build things from scratch.

Commerce: Cons

  • Limited Opportunities: However, it is quite impossible to pursue an interest in the field of science especially in engineering, medical, and biotechnology.
  • Technological expertise: The subjects make you more aware of the financial and business world. However, there is very little focus on the technological aspect that’s evolving around the globe.

Higher studies Scope and Opportunities (Commerce vs Science)

career after commerce and science

However, there are many jobs in both because gone are the days when only engineers and doctors would earn well.

Also, according to Times of India,- “Of more than 1.5 million engineers who graduate each year, 80% are unemployed and close to 45% can be made employable with the right intervention.”

Hence, we need to show children a new vision of the new market.

Let’s talk about the scope of higher studies in each field-

Careers in Science

Medicine :

  • MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery,
  • BDS (Bachelor of Dental surgery)


  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering

Forensic Science

  • B.Sc. in Forensic Sciences Engineering Bio
  • B.Sc in Life Science, Chemistry, Forensic Science


  • Science (Hons) in Zoology
  • B.Sc in Zoology and Animal Biotechnology


  • B.E. in Biotechnology
  • B.Tech (Industrial Biotechnology)

Careers in commerce

Management courses

  • (B.Com.Hons) Bachelors in Commerce
  • (BBA) Bachelor in Business Administration
  • (BMS) Bachelors in Management Studies


  • Economics Honours
  • BCom Applied Economics

Professional certification

  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • Actuarial Science

Specific courses

  • B.Com Accounting and Taxation
  • B.Com Statistics


  • A/B.Sc. Statistics

Media and Communication

  • Bachelors of Mass media
  • Bachelor of Journalism

Hotel Management

  • BHM in Hospitality & Travel


  • Bachelor of Design in Animation
  • Bachelor of Design

However, there are many jobs in both fields. But, there are many more that we could not mention due to limited space.

Career Opportunities and Earning Insights

Analyst and Associate Jobs

Any science/commerce graduate can apply for jobs at multinational corporations.

However, a science graduate can work as a Software Engineer, Coding Specialist, Analytics Intern, and more. Therefore, they can expect to earn from 3-13 lacs per annum.

However,  a commerce graduate can work as a finance/human resource/ marketing associate with an average of 3-10 lacs per annum.

And, there are a lot of jobs in other areas of expertise as well.

Self Employed: Professionals

Medicine, law, chartered accountancy are the most well-known professionals who operate independently and charge a fee for their expert services.

In both areas, professionals have a high scope of earning and growth. Therefore, they can also work in partnership or join a firm to practice their profession.

However, on average, they can earn up to 5-15 lacs per annum, depending on their experience and area of work.


The graduates can work as freelancers, i.e. self-employed personnel in their area of expertise.

Therefore, one can provide research assistance, website development, digital marketing services, etc., from home.

However, it is an active option for students who wish to pursue higher studies and earn an extra income. It can turn into a full-time job.

Online Tutoring

You can benefit by sharing your knowledge. Also, it is becoming an active job opportunity for graduates from all streams (science, commerce, and humanities).

Also, one such platform is Chegg Tutors India. For us, doors are open for all.

Also, one can become a subject matter expert by giving a small test and registering themselves as a subject expert. Therefore, one can earn up to 80,000 rupees per month while working with Chegg.

Also, we provide time flexibility and additional income opportunity to students from all streams. But, one can work in subjects like physics, accountancy, basic maths, psychology, and more.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have talked in detail about science vs commerce. We come back to the question of what to choose and why?

Therefore, the answer to this question is within you. Follow our steps and make an informed decision by yourself. Also, we encourage you to look beyond the myths and benefit from the information that we have on the internet. Commerce vs Science? I hope you know what to do now.

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