These Short Term Courses after B.Sc Nursing will boost your Career


Nurses are one of the most trusted groups of professionals around the world. They play a significant role in the healthcare sector and their need has been growing overtime. Nurses help in taking care of the patients, assisting doctors during surgery, administering injections and medicine and helping in recovery of the patient. Therefore, the most sought out course to opt for is B.Sc Nursing.  It is a fundamental course in nursing which trains and qualifies a candidate in the basics of nursing practice.

B.Sc Nursing is a four year program. However, the basic eligibility for it is 55% marks in 12th grade along with the stream PCB (physics, biology, chemistry). You need to give entrance exams held by AIIMS, JIPMER, CPNET. Once you clear either of these exams, you can take admission in the top Nursing colleges in India.

The subjects one studies during the pursuit of this course are anatomy, biochemistry, fundamentals of nursing, psychology, orthopaedics and OT technique. Also, you have various career options after the completion of this degree. Graduates get jobs in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, health departments, pharmacy sector, path labs etc.

Many of you may have questions such as after B.Sc Nursing which course is better? Other than M.Sc which is a full-time master’s degree spanned over two years, you can opt for certain short term courses.

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February 3, 2021
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Table of Contents

Courses after B.Sc Nusring

There are various short term nursing courses in India that can help in enhancing your career after B.Sc. Also, these will not only help you earn more money but make you a specialized nurse.

Let us look at some courses one can do after B.Sc nursing:

Diploma in Critical Care Nursing

It is an advanced coursed for people who have an undergraduate degree in nursing. Nurses are trained to provide care and serve people who are in a critical condition. Critical care is essential for critically ill patients who are undergoing a surgery or any serious health condition. Thus, critical Nurses handle patients who are admitted in an ICU or are under other intensive care treatment. These patients need 24/7 care and the nurses need to check up on them very frequently. But, critically ill patients are extremely difficult to handle, therefore, the nurse should be very patient and calm.

Critical care knowledge will enable the nurses to work in different intensive care departments. Therefore, they will gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of critical conditions and the quality care a patient will require in critical care units. This is a one year course after B.Sc nursing.

Diploma in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Nursing

Diploma in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Nursing is commonly known as CVT Nursing. It can be pursued after completion of B.Sc Nursing. During the course of this diploma, nurses are trained to deal with patients who have/are undergoing cardiac problems such as usage of a pacemaker, bypass surgery, stents in the cardiac region etc. They work under a team of cardiologists and are trained in all kinds of issues related to cardiology.

Diploma in Nursing Administration

While many strive to become a bedside nurse, other professionals are interested in managing teams and working in more of a behind-the-scenes type of role. This diploma teaches management and administrative skills to the student. It is a one year course after B.Sc Nursing. Nursing administrators will know and implement all of the nursing procedures in a healthcare environment. They manage a team of nurses who will work on the front lines interacting with the patients who are seen in the facility. They also ensure that a set of standards and guidelines are followed at the health care centre and ensure that there is enough staff to look after the patients. This course requires at least two years of work experience.

Diploma in Surgical Nursing / Operations Room Nursing

Surgical knowledge and skills are for the patients who have undergone any minor or major surgery. Clinical surgeons need professionally skilled surgical nurses who can assist them during the surgery. To address this need, nurses should acquire knowledge of the different techniques used during the surgeries and how it will impact the patients. This course trains them with tools before a surgery. The nurse should know what to give to the doctor when he asks for it and how to react throughout the surgery.

PG Nursing Courses in India

There are many PG courses one can do after B.Sc Nursing.  Here is a list of all the courses:

PG Diploma in Pediatrics Critical Care Nursing

This is a one year course after B.Sc Nursing that can be pursued. It is a specialized course that trains nurses to take care of infants and children. Nurses detect the condition of kids based on their responses. They know how to take care of children and their needs.

PG diploma in Neo-Natal Nursing

This is again a diploma that trains nurses to deal with children. But, this is a training in which they are taught to handle newborns. Newborns require utmost care since they are very delicate. But, it is a difficult task to take care of newborn children in the observatory wards. They need to be constantly checked upon, cleaned and taken to their mothers for feeding. Also, these nurses get skills to serve pre mature babies.

This is also a one year course after B.Sc Nursing.

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PG Diploma in Emergency Nursing

This is a one year course that trains nurses to cater to patients who need immediate assistance. They get placed in emergency wards and deal with patients in emergency conditions. Emergency situations include heart attack, stroke attack, trauma or suicidal attempts. It is a very demanding job since patients constantly needs the nurses.

PG Diploma in Mental Health Nursing

This is a one year course after B.Sc Nursing. It is a PG Diploma that trains nurses to deal with patients suffering from mental health issues. They assist people with mental anxiety, depression or personality disorder issues. However, this job is very strenuous since nurses need to work very patiently as these patients need intensive care and attention. The nurses work under a psychiatrist and know how to react/ treat unstable patients.

Part-time Courses for Nursing Students

Having a part time job as a nursing student is a great way for nurses to gain some valuable experience.

  • Part-time Lab Technician

A nursing student can take up the job of a part-time Phlebotomist/ Lab Technician. The qualification required is just a B.Sc Nursing. So while pursuing your diploma course, you can earn through this part-time opportunity. However, the responsibilities would include Blood Sample Drawing and Separation, Vitals and Medical Examination. The remuneration will be according to a per hour basis/ duty hours. You can easily opt for the time that is convenient for you and make some money while doing your specialization.

  • Home Visiting Nurse

A nursing degree is a minimum requirement for this part-time job. The nurse works with chronic disease patients. They need to provide with infusion, home counselling and guide the patients with day to day tasks. They need to take care of the patients at home when the family is not available or fulfil tasks that only a professional nurse can do such as administering medicines every day. The payment is according to per day/per hour visits.

If you think you have a very good command over your subject, then becoming a subject expert is the best option for you! Under the healthcare category, Nursing is a subject that you can opt for. Enroll yourself as a subject expert with Chegg and get going in 4 easy steps.

After completion of all the above steps, you can start your work as a subject expert. Students will be posting academic questions and the subject expert needs to answer them. Payment is on the per answer basis.

So the more you answer, the more you earn! Isn’t this the best?

  • Pre-Policy Health Check-up

Part-time nurses have to visit client’s residences for Pre-Policy Health Check-up. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Daily 3 to 4 Visits to clients homes
  • Morning 6 am to 12 pm duty
  • Should know to handle portable ECG
  • Should know Digital Stethoscope
  • Blood Sample collection
  • Form filling
  • Online doctor consultation

It is better if the nurse has her own vehicle (scooter/car) so that it is easier for her to travel to houses quickly.

Final Thought

We have listed out the various short term nursing courses in India/ diploma courses after B.Sc Nursing that can be done. You can earn money right after completing your undergraduate degree and also do a short-term course for further specialization. A nurse’s job is extremely important since they help in taking care of the ill. The doctor might just perform the surgery and check in once in a day, but it is the nurse who stays day and night to serve the patients. They cater to all their needs and performs frequent check-ups.

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