BSc Forensic Science- Course Details and Scope in India

March 7, 2023
bsc forensic science

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BSc Forensic Science is an undergraduate degree program that explores the scientific applications and knowledge that help carry out criminal investigations. The BSc in Forensic Science degree program focuses on crime lab-based careers.

The mandatory components of the BSc forensic science curriculum are forensic pathology, psychiatry, psychology, forensics, and dentistry. Among these bachelor forensic subjects, candidates may also pursue one of the options, such as a career in psychiatry, psychology, or dentistry.

The eligibility for forensic science courses says that students must complete 10+2 with a good grade from an accredited institution. Admission to BSc Forensic science courses is based either on merit or an entrance exam. After completing this course, students get various work options in private and public sector jobs.

This blog talks about the BSc forensic science course details. Read further to know more about the fees for forensic science courses, job opportunities, colleges offering BSc forensic science as a course, and all other forensic course details.

BSc Forensic Highlights

BSc in forensic science is a three-year-long undergraduate course. You can take admission to this course through both entrance exams and merit lists. The admission process for forensic science courses depends on the different colleges offering the course. The highlights for Bsc Forensic science are given below.

Name Of The CourseBachelor of Science in Forensic Science
Course Duration3 years
Eligibility for forensic science coursesMust clear 12th board exams with at least 50% marks in the science stream
Forensic Science FeesRanging from 30,000 to 2,50,000 INR
AdmissionMerit-based and Entrance Based
Top Colleges Offering Forensic Science CoursesAIIMS, Amity University, Manipal University, Panjab University, Mahatma Gandhi University, Osmania University
Top RecruitersCBI, Government Forensic Laboratory, Crime Branch, Intelligence Bureau, Income Tax Department
Average SalaryStarts from 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs

Skills Needed

While pursuing forensic science courses, students need specific skills to excel in the field. Forensic scientists specialize in analyzing a crime scene with the help of technical methods. To acquaint their brain with such technical training, and secure eligibility for forensic science courses is secured with these skills.

1. Science and Mathematics

Forensic scientists who perform technical analysis benefit from skills in other areas, such as science and mathematics. They can use various scientific methods to answer and analyze questions during criminal investigations. They can use mathematics to solve problems and understand facts and events.

Forensic scientists with strong mathematical skills can also use numerical data to prove or deny events based on the evidence they have investigated.

2. Attention to Detail

In fulfilling their professional duties, forensic scientists may examine evidence that is old, damaged, or difficult to find or assess. Therefore, they rely on strong attention to detail. Their work may require them to notice details and differences.

Forensic Scientists adhere to precise standards and procedures when examining and collecting evidence. A detailed orientation will help them follow all regulations and guidelines to avoid law enforcement objections to their findings.

3. Processing a Crime Scene

Forensic investigators need precision when collecting evidence and documenting crime scenes. These experts identify and document each piece of evidence and its exact location at the crime scene. They use mediums like photographs and sketches to create a record. They also look for invisible evidence such as fingerprints, bodily fluids, and evidence hidden under furniture.

4. Problem-Solving

Forensic investigators use their problem-solving and analytical skills to deal with strange evidence during their investigations. Obtaining reliable conclusions requires a high degree of skill and precision. In other words, these professionals spend more time and effort solving problems.

One of the most important aspects of being a forensic scientist is understanding the role of forensics in the legal system. Forensic science is an important part of a lot of legal investigations. In many court cases, forensic scientists must be present and part of the case procedures. Thus, a forensic student must learn how to deal with such legal processes.

Syllabus and Subjects

BSc forensic science course contains different scientific subjects, including psychiatry, pathology, dentistry, chemistry, and medicine. The forensic science course will allow the students to take practice exams, theory exams, presentations, and projects. The BSc forensic science course subject details are given below.

Semester 1

Semester 1 in BSc forensic science includes subjects teaching basics about forensic science and related subjects. It will help build the base and teach the students techniques for using forensic tools. The semester is also focused on giving a basic idea about the kind of crimes happening in society.

 Subjects In Semester 1Introduction to Forensic Science
Environmental Science
English /MIL Communication
Crime and Society
Digital Forensics
Tools and Techniques in Forensic Science

Semester 2

The second semester in BSc forensic science includes subjects like physics and chemistry to give scientific insight to forensic students. The semester also includes subjects related to laws and how they are related to the forensic science course.

 Subjects In Semester 2Chemistry
Law to Combat Crime
Criminal Law
Forensics Psychology

Semester 3

Semester 3 of forensic BSc includes technical subjects about forensic methods and crime technicalities. It also provides zoology and botany in the course.

 Subjects In Semester 3Criminalistics
Technological Methods in Forensic Science
Forensic Dermatoglyphics

Semester 4

The fourth semester in forensic BSc brings computer science and some parts of anthropology into the course. It also introduces the students to the forensic science of biology and chemistry.

 Subjects In Semester 4Forensic Biology
Forensic Chemistry
Computer Science
Questioned Documents

Semester 5

In forensic BSc, the fifth semester includes newer subjects like psychology and economics. The students will learn to relate forensic science to these new subjects with the help of practicals and projects. It also introduces the students to biometry and the application of statistical analysis to biological data.

 Subjects In Semester 5Psychology
Introduction to Biometry
Forensic Ballistics
Forensic Toxicology

Semester 6

The sixth and final semester in forensic BSc introduces forensic medicine into the course. It also includes an exciting subject of handwriting identification. It is a fascinating subject that is also very crucial to a forensic scientist’s job.

 Subjects In Semester 6Forensic Science and Society
Forensic Medicine
Computer Forensics Investigations
Forensic Anthropology
Handwriting Identification and Recognition

Difference between BSc Forensic Science and BSc Biology

BSc Forensic Science is a course that focuses on criminal investigations, whereas BSc Biology concentrates solely on the biology field of science. There are several differences between both courses, which are listed below:

BSc Forensic ScienceBSc Biology
Students learn about criminology, criminal investigations, and the technicalities around such cases.Students learn about various branches of biology like molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, etc
Career options include forensic investigator, forensic medical expert, forensic psychiatrist, and jobs in private detective agencies.Career options include biology technician, botanist, geneticist, and ecologist.
Forensic studies include parts of many other fields like law, economics, psychology, and psychiatry.Biological studies mainly deal with scientific studies only.

Top Colleges for BSc Forensic Science

In India, both private and government institutions provide BSc in Forensic Science courses in their curriculum. Getting admitted to these colleges may depend on their system. Students can get admission either by entrance test or by the merit list. Some of the top colleges for BSc forensic science are given below.

1. Manipal Academy Of Higher Education

Manipal University, Karnataka, is accredited with a NAAC A+ grade. It was established in the year 1953. The institution has around 2500 faculty members and approximately 10,000 staff members. It is one of the top colleges for BSc forensic science courses.


There are around 100 seats for the forensic BSc course in MAHE.

Mode Of Entry

The admission to BSc forensic science course takes place based on merit at MAHE.

Forensic Science Fees

The average fee for forensic science courses is around 4.45 lakhs at Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

2. Amity University, Noida

Amity University, Noida, was established in the year 2005. It is one of the best-known private universities, with an excellent campus infrastructure. The university provides all kinds of courses in its curriculum.


There is no specified number of seats for BSc forensic science at Amity university.

Mode Of Entry

Amity does not require any entrance examinations. The eligibility criteria is an aggregate score of 55% in the 12th board examinations.

Forensic Science Fees

The total tuition fee for the forensic science course in Amity is 4.53 lakhs for all three years.

3. G.D. Goenka University, Gurgaon

The G.D. Goenka University in Gurgaon was established in the year 2013. Though the institution is fairly new, the faculty is well-trained by renowned institutions. It is a UGC-recognized university.


There is no specified number of seats for the BSc forensic science course.

Mode Of Entry

There is no entrance exam for taking admission. The eligibility criteria require the students to have cleared 10+2 from a recognized board.

Forensic Science Fees

GD Goenka university takes 2.55 lakhs INR as fees for forensic science courses.

4. Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore

Kristu Jayanti College was founded in the year 1999. NAAC accredits it with an A++ grade. The college provides many courses in the science field, including BSc in forensic science. It also offers business and commerce courses to the students.


There is no specific number of seats for forensic science courses.

Mode Of Entry

There are no entrance examinations for forensic science courses. The student must have passed the 12th board examination with a minimum aggregate of 40%.

Forensic Science Fees

The tuition fee for the forensic science course is 2.58 lakh for all three years.

5. Lovely Professional University, LPU

Lovely Professional University was established in the year 2005. It is one of the top private universities in India. The university offers a variety of courses in different fields. For BSc forensic science, the university has a limited number of seats.


There are only 30 seats at LPU for BSc forensic science course.

Mode of entry

Students must take an entrance test, the LPU NEST, to take admission to the course.

Forensic Science Fees

The fee for forensic science course for three years is 4.8 lakhs INR.

Jobs after BSc in Forensic Science in India

The field of forensic science opens up a lot of career opportunities in India. Due to the rising crime rate in India, there is a strong need for qualified forensic experts. After graduation from forensic BSc courses, there are various jobs that students can choose based on their skills and desires.

1. Medical Examiner

A clinical medical expert or examiner studies the body after death. The examiner performs the postmortem, examines other aspects, and determines the cause of the death.

Forensic medical examiners can expect their average salary to be around 5.5 lakhs annually.

2. Investigation Officers

An investigation officer is responsible for analyzing and investigating the crime scene. This job requires a lot of attention to detail. The officer is responsible for finding the most minor clues relevant to the investigation.

An investigation officer can expect their annual salary to be around 8-9 lakhs on average.

3. Forensic Auditor

The job of a forensic auditor is to collect evidence about the crime. A forensic auditor looks for backdated evidence and fresh ones to make a record. The record of the evidence can be needed for the legal procedures of a criminal case.

Forensic auditors can expect their salary to be 8 lakhs annually.

4. Forensic Scientist

As forensic scientists, people have to work at crime scenes and collect all the data that can be used as evidence to solve the case. Forensic scientists work in the field or the office. They are responsible for collecting samples and analyzing them later.

Forensic scientists can expect their average annual salary to be around 6-7 lakhs.

5. Crime Reporter

A crime reporter is a professional who gathers all the information about a crime. The reporter is supported to compile the information and report it to the public in the most civil manner.

The average salary of a crime reporter is around 6 lakhs per year.

Salary Source: AmbitionBox, Glassdoor, Payscale


BSc in forensic science is an exciting course to take up after graduating from high school. The course has a lot of career options further. It has a great scope in India, especially for science students not in conventional fields like medicine or engineering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BSc in Forensic Science good?

BSc Forensic science offers a variety of opportunities in both the private and government sectors. BSc Forensic science graduates are employed in various fields such as Police, Central Bureau of Investigation, and Secret Services. Candidates can frame a rewarding career in the forensic industry. They can get some top job profiles like forensic auditor, investigator, medical examiner, etc.  

Can I do a BSc in forensics after the 12th?

After completing 12th, you can pursue BSc in forensics in many major institutions. There are also several diploma and certificate courses in forensic science that students can take up. You will be required to fulfil the eligibility criteria set by respective institutions. Also, you may have to appear for certain entrance exams as may be prescribed by the conducting institutions.  

Is there any scope for BSc in Forensic Science?

The forensic science field has a lot of scope in research, investigation, and crime labs. Students can find a number of career opportunities after BSc forensic science in multiple industries. Students who wish to pursue higher studies can also go for it.  Some of the popular job profiles include crime writer, medical examiner, forensic auditor, investigator, and more. 

Does Forensic Science require NEET?

NEET is not compulsory for pursuing forensic science. You can also pursue forensic studies without appearing for NEET. Several colleges conduct their own admission test or entrance exams which may have to be cleared. You can avoid appearing in competitive medical exams like NEET. However, you may have to take specific university entrance exams before admission.

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