What are the Course and Career Options Available After B.Sc. Chemistry?


Many options are there to build up your career after a B.Sc. Chemistry. You can get into research work, academia, bioinformatics, and a lot more. Along with these, you can even do many part-time jobs to make some extra bucks. Chemistry graduates have a vast knowledge of chemicals and medicinal composition. They also know scientific technology. This results in many job options that pay very well in the government and the private sector. There are many courses after B.Sc in chemistry that you can pursue. But the most important question is which ones are the most job oriented courses after B.Sc. Chemistry? Let us take a look:

  • MSc Applied Chemistry: The course is an application of the study of chemical elements to the industry. Graduates of M.Sc in Applied Chemistry have a wide range of job opportunities like Government agencies, supply and distribution of medicine, Defence services, and Hospitals. The average salary for a Master’s of Science in Applied Chemistry is between INR 3 and 4 LPA. Most students also opt for this course after B.Sc. Chemistry.
  • MSc Inorganic Chemistry: Inorganic chemistry is a field of chemistry that focuses on studying and analysing inorganic and organometallic compounds. Top recruiting areas include Metallurgy firms, Battery manufacturing firms, and research labs. The average salary for a Master’s of Science in Inorganic Chemistry is between INR 14000 and INR 21000 per month.
  • MSc Organic Chemistry: In the public sector, one can find opportunities in Oil India, Geological Survey of India, Meteorological Survey of India, and Department of Oceanography. Other areas where they can get jobs are management, production, and packaging. In quality control, marketing, and sales, one can also find jobs in medicine, foods, dyes, cosmetics, polymer, and chemicals. The average salary for a Master’s of Science in Organic Chemistry is between INR 4 and 5 LPA.
  • MSc Physical Chemistry: After completion, students can explore their health and medical institutes, the food and drink industry, energy, and research. The average salary for a Master’s of Science in Physical Chemistry is between 2 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs depending upon experience.
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Successful pass-outs from this field are lucratively employed in the chemical and petroleum industries. The average salary for an M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry is between 3 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs per annum.
  • MSc Bio-Chemistry: There is a flood of employment areas where you can try to get placed after this course’s completion, such as Research Laboratories, Diagnostics Centres, Pharma Companies, Medical Equipment Manufacturing Companies, Biotechnology Firms, etc. One can earn up to 5 Lakhs yearly after this course.

Career Options Available After B.Sc. Chemistry
January 2, 2022
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Table of Contents

Courses that can be done after B.Sc. chemistry

  • M E. / M Tech in Chemical Engineering
  • Molecular Chemistry MSc
  • Bio-informatics MSc
  • MSc Physical & Materials Chemistry

Eligibility is required to pursue an M.Sc. in Chemistry after B.Sc. Chemistry

Program Level Postgraduate
Full-Form Master of Science in Chemistry
Duration Two years
Eligibility Graduation plus Chemistry as one of the main subjects at 12th level
Admission Process Entrance Exams
Course Fees Up to 50,000 (Approx.)
Top Entrance Exams IIT JAM (Joint Admission Test for M.Sc.)
Indian Institute of Science, BHU
M.Sc. Chemistry Entrance Exams of various colleges

To get admission into top colleges of D.U. or IIT, you need to score extremely well in your undergraduate course. Your basics should also be very clear to crack these exams. Remember that the best students of India come to study in these institutes, the competition is high and you will have to prepare for the entrance exam for over six months.

After completing your M.Sc. in Chemistry, if you further wish to stay in academics, you can opt for an MPhil/Ph.D. To be a doctorate requires truckloads of determination and huge efforts.

  • Choose the area in which you would like to do your research
  • Find a professor who has worked in a similar area of your choice
  • Contact them and pitch in your research proposal. If they like your idea, they will take you as their PhD research fellow
  • Along with the above, you also need to qualify for the university’s PhD entrance exam
  • If you qualify for the NET JRF exam, you are entitled to a good amount of fellowship per month as soon as you register for a PhD.

Certificate Course after B.Sc Chemistry

You can pursue a P.G. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry from IGNOU, New Delhi. The jobs that you will score will be:

  • Analytical Chemist
  • Lab Manager Analytical Chemistry
  • Research Associate Analytical Chemistry
  • Teacher Analytical Chemistry
  • Senior Process Analytical Scientist

Also, you can take short term certificate courses in Biochemistry, Application of Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry. You can take them from online course providers like Coursera, Edx, and Simplilearn.

You must have already observed the above sectors that offer jobs after B.Sc chemistry. To throw light on them once again, they include:

  • Chemical Labs
  • Clinical Labs
  • Health Care Industry
  • Cosmetics and Perfume Industry
  • Military Hospitals
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Energy Firms
  • Forensic Labs

Various job profiles that you can get after B.Sc. Chemistry

  • Chemist: Chemists analyze compounds, refine substances, and test chemical products. Their role is to improve the quality of products and methods while ensuring safety. The average salary of a chemist is Rs 3,37,00 PA.
  • Pharmacy Assistant: Dispenses prescriptions and other medical products to patients. They can work at hospitals or under a licensed pharmacist’s direction. The average Pharmacy Assistant Salary in India is ₹200,145 per annum.
  • Lab Assistant: They are highly-analytical experts skilled in basic lab techniques and equipment. Their duties include processing samples, classifying results, and noting findings. The average salary is about Rs 18,000 per month.
  • Toxicologist: Toxicologists study the safety and biological effects of drugs, chemicals, agents, and other substances on living organisms. The average salary for a Toxicologist in India is ₹1079000.
  • Biochemists: They analyze enzymes, DNA, and other molecules to research the effects of drugs and food on biological processes. The average salary for an Experienced Biochemist in India is ₹305209.

Few other jobs that can also be scored are Cytologist, Technical Writer, Research Analyst, Lecturer, etc.

Since most of the job-oriented courses after B.Sc. chemistry have been listed above, along with the jobs they will land you up with, let us look at others.

Careers in Chemistry

There are many subdivisions-

Physical chemistry:

An understanding of physical laws that rule the theory. Also, It looks in depth at the properties of chemical compounds that exist.

Organic chemistry:

This looks at the development of chemical compounds. Also, Bonding between different chemicals is an area of study here.

Inorganic chemistry:

This studies the chemical elements that don’t have carbon. Hence, These include minerals and rocks and take the study of their composition and their properties.

Analytical chemistry:

It is the study of the composition of matter. And, It is a study to find the composition of different elements in the universe.


This is the study of chemical processes in living organisms, humans, animals, etc.

Skills Needed

You are required to learn excellent lab skills. Therefore, You can learn skills used in biology and medicine, physics etc.

Also, Chemistry is often examined in an environmental sense. Therefore, you gain an understanding of the environmental issues. Jobs in chemistry aren’t as limited. These skills can help you land your dream career.

Skills Needed for Career in Chemistry

Problem Solving

Ways to find solutions to complex problems.


All data is managed through computers. Therefore, an understanding helps a lot in research.


Calculations are the soul of science. Although, the range of math in chemistry is less than that of physics. Its knowledge and expertise still are necessary.


Research projects involve a lot of data sets. Therefore, an understanding of its organization helps smoothen the process.

Protection of data;

Evaluation is one of the basics. Hence, Taking data and assigning them meaning, coupled with the matter, is required for discoveries and research.


Firstly, no research project is completed without help from others. Working in a team is important.


Secondly, equally important with researching is clarity of thought.

Career opportunities for graduates

Jobs related are:

To have a career in this field, the jobs that you can undertake are:

  • chemist
  • Chemical specialist
  • Healthcare
  • biochemist

Other jobs:

There is a huge scope. Also, it does not restrict you to a career in this field only. Hence, here are some of the other industries you can find jobs in:

  1. Lecturer
  2. Nuclear engineer
  3. Patent attorney
  4. Writer

Part-time job options after B.Sc. Chemistry

  • Content Developer

A content developer creates creative and engaging content for CBSE/ ICSE classes and JEE(Mains). You will have to do several tasks such as making notes/video curriculum for JEE and preparing Sample MCQ. They also prepare mock tests and review videos to check the concepts and grammar. You can also develop content for various online platforms such as BYJU’s, Khan Academy.

Salary can be anywhere between ₹15,000 to ₹50,000 per month.

  • Online Teacher

You can enrol yourself with firms such as Bharat tutors and tutors at home and become online tutors. One only needs a laptop and a good internet connection to do this job from home. Once your documents have been verified, go online when your class is scheduled and interact with the students. You might have to teach chemistry from class 6th to class 12th. Certain students would also want to be tutored for JEE/ NEET.

Salary can be anywhere between Rs 300- Rs 400 per hour.

  • Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Expert at Chegg

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Registration

  • How did you learn about us?
  • Describe Yourself
  • Referral Code

Step 2: Subject Test

  • Only two attempts are allowed
  • The passing percentage is 60%

Step 3:  Guidelines test

  • Read through rules
  • The passing percentage is 80%

Step 4: Document submission

  • College ID card or the highest degree
  • Bank a/c and PAN Card.
  • Proof of address – Voter ID, DL or Aadhar Card

There are about 20 subjects to choose from, and chemistry is one. You can write as many answers as you want in a day. The more answers you give, the more you earn!

Zero investment venture that can pay you in thousands per month

  • Medical Lab Technician

The job of a medical lab technician is to draw blood samples for observations in appropriate tubes, coordinate patients to consultation and direct them to appropriate results. They also run basic tests on simple machines like cell counters and dry chemistry machines, and your major tasks will be to keep reports ready, schedule, send, and follow up on patients.

Med Lab technicians are needed in almost all hospitals/pathology labs. You can take this job according to a comfortable shift for you. Also, the average salary is about Rs 16,000 per month.

  • Proof Reading

You can become a freelance proofreader for many theses, books, and papers written in the field of chemistry. Your clients can send in their work to you for correction, and you can charge according to the length of the work. You need to have a strong command of the language in question and scientific terms and analogies to remove any errors.

Once your client base has been built, you can keep taking up more and more material to proofread according to your time in hand. Also, one can earn between Rs 7,000 to Rs 20,000 a month from this job.

  • YouTube

If you think you can make interesting videos related to the subject of chemistry, then YouTube is a great stop for you. Just be consistent and keep posting unique and useful videos to build a strong audience base. Once you have a good number of views, you’re all set to monetize your account. Set up an account with Google Adsense, and there you have it! You will soon start earning Rs 200-300 per thousand views.

YouTube is a great way to earn a lot of money and get famous. Many teachers such as GS Khan and Pradeep Sharma create excellent videos in chemistry and release them on YouTube.

In the end, here is a list of top companies for B.Sc. Chemistry Graduates

  • SRF Ltd
  • Reliance Industries Ltd
  • GHCL Ltd
  • BASF India Ltd
  • Cipla
  • Solar Industries India Ltd
  • Biocon
  • UPL Ltd

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Final Thoughts

After reading the above article, you for sure know which course is the best for you after B.Sc Chemistry. There are many options after doing your bachelor’s in the sciences. Choose your field according to your interest, passion, ability, and goal since everyone has a different calling. You may not fit into the stream your friend is opting for, you may also not achieve success quickly, but you are bound to reach your ambition with constant effort.

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