What is BA Psychology? Best Career Options in India


Psychology is, in many ways, a science. It studies the mind, human experiences and behaviours. This happens by using data of two kinds – biological and social. Many believe that psychologists can read minds. This is not true! However, this field studies human behaviours and experiences among individuals and groups. A BA in Psychology would be the best option for students interested in this field. 

BA Psychology stands for Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Depending on the college, this degree can take 3 to 4 years. Having a BA in Psychology will help you work as a psychologist in many areas. This includes work in research, medicine, rehabilitation centres and MNCs.

BA in psychology is a study of how behaviour is affected by biology, society, thoughts and environmental factors. BA psychology students will have to research as part of course work. This could be as interns, volunteers or in clinical areas. Most courses have classes on psychological theories, research and statistical methods. There will also be classes on environment interaction and mental disorders. Some areas include developmental and organizational psychology as well as counselling. BA psychology graduates will also learn about the strict ethical standards in psychology.

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January 13, 2022
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Table of Contents

What really happens in BA in Psychology degree?

To have a BA in psychology, you must have both the general education requirements of the college you are in and the curriculum set by the college’s Psychology Department (GER). To be precise, General Education Requirements (GER) are the classes where a student is exposed to a wide variety of academic disciplines.

All institutions need enrollment, which is your class 10th graduation with successful completion of the general education units, which involves taking a set amount of classes in various departments such as natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Some people can opt for such courses through either a government college or some private college for their BA in Psychology.

Transferring Credits from a Community College or Other Institution:

When, for economic, regional or personal issues, you want to pursue either a city or community college or, potentially, an online curriculum to fulfil the general education needs, there is a disclaimer: check with a college or university whether you wish to join Community or that whether the Online School credits would be transferable. Students who failed to reach this foundation invested loads of money, hours and efforts taking courses that were not approved by the BA in Psychology curriculum they were planning to join. To ensure that your attempts are made, call the Admissions Office of the Graduate School you choose to join and speak to the Admissions Counselor regarding which units they consider and from which regional school or college or any online organization.

4 Lower Division Course Examples that are mostly available for all students.

Psychology 1

This fundamental psychology course aims to give students a general viewpoint on the analysis of the human mind; how individuals interpret knowledge, the mechanisms of thinking and memory, how it motivates humans, how they acquire language and their understanding of it, how they communicate and what components of personality contain.

General Biological-Based Psychology

Within this, neuroscience is studied from how (biologically) the mind and its activities influence and impact human actions. Relevant elements illustrated are sound, seeing, touch, smell or taste, and the general convergence of Psychology fundamentals concepts from a biological base.

General Cognitive-Based Psychology

The whole course presents the fundamental precepts of cognitive science regarding human cognition and attention; short-and long-term memory and retention, language recognition and understanding, and the notion of human thinking. Brain function as research and neuropsychology have been incorporated.

General Behavior-Based Psychology

In the following subject, the elements of behavioural psychology are understood and memorized by the students, Including learning, social interaction, cognitive psychological science and behavioural therapy.

4 Upper Division Course Examples

Clinical Psychology

Generally, this course focuses on the origins, mechanisms and diagnosis of psychiatric conditions. Biological factors, social components, and psychological abnormalities are used further to understand humans’ social and mental behaviour.

Developmental Psychology

A comprehensive description of developmental psychology is given to the student about this course. The fields of focus include language learning, social influences and growth, and cognition.

Social Psychology

The latter subject describes social psychology – past and present. It discusses philosophical origins and observations, individual beliefs and behaviours, the psychological impact of assumptions, common expectations, the complexities of community actions, the relationship between personality groups with their respective contexts, and pro-social patterns.

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology investigates, from a cognitive point of view, how behavioural mechanisms work: specifically how individuals interpret feelings, ideas and information; how they understand their surroundings; how to acquire, mentally archive and store ideas and experiences; how to solve problems; how to make decisions; how to think objectively and how to practice creative thinking.

Where Do I Get my BA in Psychology?

What is accreditation?

Educational accreditation is a form of quality assurance mechanism in which an objective entity reviews the facilities and activities of an educational organization to assess that the applicable requirements are achieved. When the requirements are achieved, the Department shall issue an approved rank.

In most countries, the function of accreditation is performed by the country’s governing body, such as the education ministry. Accreditation is mandatory for all universities in India except for those founded by Parliament. Without accreditation, “It is stressed that such bogus universities do not have a legitimate body to declare themselves a university and to offer ‘degrees’ which are not deemed appropriate for academic/employee purposes.”

Higher education accreditation shall be controlled by independent entities established by the University Grants Commission under the University Grants Commission Act (1956).

But what could I do in my spare time?

While pursuing your degree, you can earn as well in your free time, and the best part is that you can work at your own pace in your own sweet time and apply the same knowledge that is taught to you in the following course you would be pursuing. You could become a Chegg subject expert where you would be answering the queries of several students worldwide. It is very interesting, as it would broaden your knowledge on the subject and even help in learning something new.

What all is possible with My BA in Psychology?

Psychological careers accessible to one with a BA in Psychology are as diverse and creative as the person holding it. Typically, there are two ways students choose to take a major in psychology: they want to go further in the field of psychology or want an educational foundation that provides them with an understanding of human behaviour and cognitive processes for work in a business, improve sales, etc.

Ways to use your BA in Psychology degree outside the Field

Using a BA in Psychology for other professions may not have to be as difficult as one would think. A good comprehension of human motivation and actions will offer an ideal basis for many successful professions. In reality, human resource professionals believe that applicants with a BA in Psychology are highly attractive in the recruiting phase for a number of jobs and suitable candidates for employment in the HR department itself.

Sure, if you’re involved in educating people about the strength and weaknesses of the human brain, you’re going to become a professor. Yet using the strength and knowing the constraints will help you follow whichever career direction you want. Suppose you are a college student looking to become a major in Psychology, and your interest in it stems from the true love of the human mind. In that case, your choice will offer results over and over, regardless of the chosen career later in life.

Best Jobs for Psychology students

  • Counsellor

Counsellors are doctors for the mind. They help people improve their mental well being. They work with clients to suggest reasonable goals and insights into their thoughts. Counsellors work with patients who have developmental or behavioural problems. They offer ways for clients to reach their goals. 

To be a licensed counsellor, one must also have a MA in psychology. Like a doctor’s job, a counsellor needs to train under experienced psychologists before they are ready to practice. You can find jobs as a counsellor in various settings. Some of them include schools, career counselling and mental health counsellor. You can also work as a rehabilitation counsellor in de-addiction centres, juvenile justice homes and jails.

  • Research Jobs

The field of psychology is expanding quickly. Every day, there are new insights into the human mind and behaviours. The world of psychological research is truly fascinating. So, if such experiments interest you, you can find a job as a psychological researcher. BA psychology trains you in research skills like statistics, testing and ethics. So, with a BA in psychology, you can find jobs with the profile of “research assistant”, also known as an RA. This would be in colleges, universities or prominent institutes like NIMHANS. Besides, psychology researchers also find jobs at governmental and private organizations.

Many think tanks and charities hire psychologists to research and develop therapies for conditions like mass trauma after natural disasters, speech problems, child development and drug abuse. Working with governmental agencies can also give you the power to use your skills to enact good community policies. 

  • Criminology Jobs

Criminology is the science that studies the causes of criminal activity and the way criminals operate. A criminologist works to identify what makes a criminal using statistical tools and data science. For this, they work with law enforcement, prisons and rehabilitation centres. Besides, their job involves interviewing criminals, building criminal profiles and working with investigative agencies. 

Many BA Psychology programs offer criminology majors if you wish to specialize in this field. Having a BA in Psychology gives you a deep understanding of behaviour deemed “criminal”. This degree gives you the skills to apply criminology theories in various contexts such as youth and community spheres, prison reform, probation work and courts. 

  • Journalism Jobs

Journalism is a profession that involves collecting data from the ground and reporting it clearly through media outlets. Journalists also interview leaders and ask them difficult questions about which people want to know. Some journalists also analyze events and explain this to audiences. All these processes (and more) at news houses require a psychologist’s help. These jobs have a low entry barrier (especially in regional media), so you might be able to access them more quickly as a beginner. Journalists on TV and those writing for publications need to interview people. Having sound knowledge of psychology would enable you to understand better the person being interviewed. Thus, a BA in Psychology equips you to understand the human psyche – this degree makes you a valuable addition to journalism magazines. 

  • Social Worker

Social workers are needed for NGOs, charity organizations and rehabilitation centres. Although the pay is low, it is a very rewarding job. BA psychology holders can do a Master’s in Social Work or find jobs soon after graduation. Social workers also need to help communities after natural disasters or traumatic events. 

Psychologists are required in social work for jobs that include working with young children, helping people accept and cope with terminal or chronic illnesses, helping the elderly to deal with loneliness and other roles. Much like a psychologist’s job, social workers have to keep track of the client’s progress and follow up to ensure their well-being. This job also deals with child abuse, sexual abuse and mental health emergencies like suicide or trauma. 

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  • Sports psychologist

The job of a sports psychologist is very lucrative. After a BA in psychology, you might have to pursue a MA specializing in sports psychology. This job will study the factors affecting the performance of sports players. This includes team dynamics, motivation and sports counselling. They also help players recover from low points like failure or injuries. 

As you work with sports teams, the pay is quite high. Psychologists who work with national-level teams have numerous benefits such as the chance to travel to foreign countries, reasonable payment and job security. Most teams hire psychologists specializing in sports psychology. Sports psychology will be a good option if you are personally passionate about sports. 

  • HR/ Management

Most companies have psychologists on their hiring teams. This is because psychologists are good at understanding the psyche of job applicants. Psychologists are often part of job interviews. They observe hiring processes like group discussions. Most companies also ask applicants to take psychometric tests. A psychologist is good at analyzing the results of tests to pick the best candidate. 

Psychologists are also part of the Human Resources (HR) teams. Their job is to motivate employees to work better. They also mediate between people if conflicts arise. Most big companies also have mental health services in their office. Psychologists work to ensure the holistic well being of all the people in the company. BA psychology graduates are good at these skills. 

  • Advertising Jobs

It is a common understanding that advertising is a job that requires a lot of creativity. However, this job also requires creators to have a deep understanding of the human mind to create messages that appeal to the consumer. Many advertising firms recruit psychologists to make their advertisements more appealing and compelling. Your BA in Psychology will help you understand consumer preferences, needs and desires to design and sell products. Your degree will give you insights into subtle aspects of messaging that encourage people to buy various products. While this is a slightly impersonal job, it does offer good pay in medium and large companies. This job will also be a good avenue for you if you have a creative side that you wish to develop. 

  • Teaching Jobs

After graduating with a BA in Psychology, you can look into teaching jobs. You will be good at understanding the mind of students. You can get a B.Ed. as well. In addition, with an MA, many more well-paid teachings options are open to you. An MA degree allows you to teach at schools and even higher education institutes. 

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Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, a BA in Psychology is an excellent degree to pursue. If you are interested in the human mind, interpersonal relations, and behaviour, this path would be ideal. Most jobs open to those with a BA in Psychology are very rewarding, and you will have high personal satisfaction due to the positive impacts you will have on people. Communities benefit very much from the contributions of psychologists. The jobs open to graduates in this field can be classified as counselling roles, research profiles and corporate positions. Depending on your interests, you can choose any field. All the best! You may also like to read about MA psychology’s scope and career options.


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