20+ Entrepreneurial Ideas for Students to Launch in 2024

February 27, 2024
startup ideas for students

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Success stories of young entrepreneurs like Ritesh Agarwal, Mark Zuckerberg, and Kylie Jenner have inspired a new generation of students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Age and academic qualifications are no longer barriers to starting a business; all you need is a great idea, a monetizable skill, and a strong work ethic. Explore a myriad of innovative and feasible startup ideas for students, turning aspirations into entrepreneurial ventures.

If you’re a student looking to start a business, there’s no better time than now. Starting a business while still in college can provide valuable market training and give you a head start in your career. Plus, failures are simply lessons that help you grow.

But where do you start? Look no further! In this article, we’ve compiled over 20 of the best startup ideas for students. Whether you’re interested in low-cost, tech-driven, or expertise-oriented business ideas, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re ready to turn your passion into a successful venture, read on for some amazing and relevant student business ideas. From small startup ideas to tech startup ideas, we’ve got everything you need to get started on your entrepreneurial journey.

Startup Ideas in India for Students

There are many kinds of startup ideas. From highly funded unicorns to scrappy zero-cost one-person ventures. Let’s learn all about them.

Low-Cost Business Ideas

Don’t have funding or rich parents? That’s ok! Here are some fantastic low-cost business ideas that you can start with little to no money.


Home coaching classes are an age-old phenomenon and a high-return business model. You can leverage your subject expertise or learned knowledge and teach young kids.

You can also teach niche subjects to professionals who are looking to upskill. As you build enough name for yourself, you can scale and hire people to expand your business.

Social Media Management

Are you good at operating Instagram and Facebook? Then social media management is the right job for you. In the digital age, every business needs a robust social media presence.

All you have to do is make an offer, market your services, and get new clients. That’s it.

Event Planning

Event Planning is a highly sought-after profession in India. Indians spend most of their life earnings on four things: Education, real estate, hospitals, and weddings.

Weddings and events will go on, despite any economic turmoil or recession. Most families need someone with expertise and market knowledge to execute these functions for them. This is where event planners come into the picture.

If you are creative enough to handle an event and can manage multiple people and vendors at once, then this business is perfect for you.

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Selling Digital Art

Digital art is a skill-based startup idea with an 80% profit margin. If you’re good at using technology and tools to make art and artistic products, then you can sell digital art.

Since there is too intense competition, you need a unique angle and approach that allows you to stand out.

For example, Alicia Souza, the co-founder of Chumbak and the owner of the Alicia Souza Store brings a quirky and fun angle to her drawings.

This allowed her to build a big brand right from her home in Bangalore.

Language Translation

Millions of pages are translated from one language to the other in a day. From books to scientific papers and so much more. If you have expertise in two or more languages, then you can start a translation business right from your home.

If you have proficiency in English and other lesser-known and remote languages, then you will be in much more demand.


Blogging is an Internet publication that can be monetized through Google ad money and sponsorships. If you can write well, have niche-specific knowledge or have the desire to share your thoughts with the world, then you can get started with blogging immediately.

As you begin to scale, you can bring in other writers and double your output and earning potential.

Online Business Ideas

Here are some online business ideas:

Writing an eBook

An eBook is a digital book that is often shorter than the average book length. eBooks, study materials, and tutorials are a great source of revenue.

eBooks are highly profitable because they require a one-time investment effort and yield a lifetime of passive income.

If you have expertise or niche knowledge, then you can package it in the form of eBooks and you can sell them. Most people are ditching the traditional avenues of education and resorting to online courses and certifications.

Starting a Podcast

A podcast is a conversation that is recorded between one or more people and distributed online. Podcasts and other forms of audio media consumption have become exceedingly popular in the last decade.

Podcasters earn revenue through sponsorships and endorsements.

Ranveer Allahbadia has the biggest podcast in India, and he started it from his home office four years ago.

Creating an App

Thousands of mobile apps are released each day. Every business, regardless of its functionality, prefers to have an app. This is why app creation and mobile app development are huge markets.

This is one of the best business ideas for college students who have a technical background.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is another great way to help people from remote areas while building a career.

Online tutoring can be done in two ways: cohort-based courses and recorded lectures. There is a hunger for skills and knowledge that can be can only be fulfilled by online courses.

Selling Handmade Goods

Handmade goods are items made by hand and sold on a small scale. These products are personalized and often made upon request.

If you have a knack for arts & crafts and can make products by hand, then you need to give this startup idea a try. You can use free mediums such as social media and arts & crafts fairs to promote your products.

In a world increasingly consumed by mass-produced products and industrial-grade items, there is a special demand for handmade products.

To sell handmade goods online, all you need is a product and a low-budget marketing plan.

Service-Based Startup Ideas

Service-based startup businesses are based on services to clients.

Here are the leading examples of service-based startup ideas that college students can start:

Providing Delivery Services

More than 2.14 billion people in the world shop online. These demands are filled by millions of eCommerce brands and shops. It is a great business startup idea for students. This startup can be based on handling logistics or delivery services for eCommerce shops and hiring delivery persons to carry out the operation.

Health and Wellness Services

Health & wellness services are mental, physical, and spiritual services that are designed to help people. This includes Zumba classes, yoga, parlours, etc.

If you are inclined toward health & wellness, then this is something you can consider.

Education and Training Services

Education and training services are one-to-one or one-to-many business startup ideas for students. Education services help people learn new skills.

The advent of new technology and everyday updates require you to be on par with your basic learnings. Education and training services fill a crucial market gap by reaching people based in remote areas and offering affordable training.

Marketing and Advertising Services

Marketing and advertising is the process of identifying and promoting new businesses and projects. These services include writing, research, and the strategic deployment of promotional campaigns.

If you’re skilled in the art of writing promotional campaigns that can increase a brand’s awareness and bring in new customers, then this

Professional Services

Professional services are consultancy and industry-specific services that allow you to leverage your expertise. Lawyers, architects, accountants, engineers, digital marketers, etc, offer professional services to their clients.

You don’t have to wait for your degree to start your professional services.

Technology-Based Startup Ideas

Technology-based startups differ from other businesses because they require technical expertise and credential knowledge.

Here are industrially-relevant tech startup ideas for students:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the two hottest fields in the tech sector right now. AI and ML products save time, energy, and resources. This makes it highly desirable for businesses and digital users. The best thing about AI & ML is that you don’t need a huge operation or team.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is the practice of connecting multiple levels of operations to the Internet to make the experience more user-friendly.

IoT is a big umbrella that includes plenty of startup ideas for students in India.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality-based startups are designed to innovate and create new intuitive customer experiences for customers. This is a highly niche and expertise-driven premise that requires technical knowledge of building VR products and services.


Blockchain is a cryptocurrency company that facilitates the trading and investment of digital and token currencies. Blockchain continues to capture the interest of the public.

As a college student, you can either base your startup around investment advice or first-person testimonials, or you can create a blog based on this technology, and break down the new and trending currencies to the public.


Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems and online networks from hackers, spam, and malicious scams.

In an increasingly online world, cybersecurity is an integral requirement for every business that is carrying out operations online. Internet entity.

A cybersecurity-based start-up can offer services around the protection and safety of websites, business information, payment portals, etc.

To start a cyber security-based start-up, you need

  1. Professional accreditation in cybersecurity
  2. A problem-specific business plan
  3. Identification and analysis of your target market
  4. A business license

Importance of Networking and Mentorship for Student Entrepreneurs

1) Networking with industry professionals, and potential mentors can provide invaluable guidance, support, and opportunities for collaboration.

2) Having a mentor who already has experience in entrepreneurship can offer insights, advice, and encouragement to navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business.

3) Networking and mentorship opportunities enable students to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. Students can develop essential skills such as leadership, communication, negotiation, and problem-solving – all of which are important for successful startups in the Indian business landscape.

4) Through networking and mentorship, student entrepreneurs gain access to a wide range of resources, including funding sources, and industry-specific knowledge. Mentors can provide introductions to investors and industry experts, while networking events facilitate access to funding opportunities and startup support services according to the Indian market.

How to Start a Business as a College Student

If you’re a college student looking to make some extra cash on the side or build a career, then a startup is the right choice for you. Here’s how you can start a business while being a full-time student:

Step 1: Identify your passion and skills and figure out the things you are good at
Step 2: Research a core business idea around the things you are passionate about
Step 3: Build a business plan with a clear idea of income and expenses for the next 12 months
Step 4: Secure funding for your business plan
Step 5: Complete the legal requirements and register your business
Step 6: Hire people and build a team
Step 7: Identify your USP and build a brand identity
Step 8: Launch your business
Step 9: Put a marketing plan in place and acquire customers

It’s a Good Day to Turn Your Skill Set Into a Business!

In conclusion, there has never been a better time for students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. With the right idea, skill, and work ethic, students can start a business while still in college and gain valuable market training and a head start in their careers.

In this article, we have provided over 20 of the best startup ideas for students, ranging from low-cost to tech-driven to expertise-oriented business ideas. These ideas include tutoring, social media management, event planning, digital art, language translation, blogging, writing an eBook, starting a podcast, creating an app, online tutoring, and selling handmade goods. With determination and creativity, students can turn their passions into successful ventures and build a bright future for themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the most profitable startup ideas for students?

Some of the most profitable startup ideas for students in India are e-commerce businesses, digital marketing, restaurants, dropshipping, and content writing agencies.

Can I start a business as a student with no money?

Yes. You can start an online business or a service-based startup with little to no seed capital. All you need is a laptop, an Internet connection, and a monetisable skill set.

What are some online startup ideas for students?

Some great online startup ideas for students:
1. Content Writing Agency
2. Digital Marketing Consultancy
3. Online Tuition
4. Web Development Agency
5. Cybersecurity
6. Social Media Management Agency
7. Arts & Crafts Sale

Are there any startup ideas that don’t require much time commitment?

Yes. Here are the startups that you can successfully run with just 10 to 12 hours per week:
1. Social Media Management Agency
2. Online Tuition
3. Writing and Research Agency
4. Online Stores
5. eBook Writing

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