Diploma in Mechanical Engineering: Course Guide

December 21, 2023
diploma in mechanical engineering

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A diploma in mechanical engineering is a 3-year diploma course focusing on the design and manufacture of mechanical components, systems, and machines. The program is typically two to three years in length and combines theoretical instruction with practical, hands-on experience. It focuses on topics such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials science, engineering design, and manufacturing processes.

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design, service, and develop parts of machines. These professionals use motion, force, and energy principles to do their job. Their work is to ensure that the machines are working smoothly in a system.

They are responsible for creating products and services that meet people’s daily needs. Thus, they have excellent problem-solving skills. As they must solve common problems that they face in different areas. This is the perfect course for someone who loves designing things independently. In addition to it, one must also have an interest in maths, physics, and drawing to excel in this course.

Mechanical engineering has many disciplines in it. These disciplines deal with different types of machines. To study these disciplines, one needs to enroll in mechanical engineering. One can study mechanical engineering during a diploma in mechanical engineering after 10th or in a B. tech in mechanical engineering.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Highlights

A Mechanical Engineering Diploma is one of the most in-demand diploma courses today. Highlights of the diploma in mechanical engineering are as follows-

Name of the degreeDiploma in mechanical engineering
Type of DegreeDiploma
Duration of the degreeThree years
Eligibility criteria10th with 50% marks
Admission process– On the merit basis
– Entrance exam
Course feeRs 50000 to Rs 300000
Job profilesMechanical engineer, QC engineer, Teacher, Consultant
Average SalaryRs 20000 to Rs 25000
Top recruitersBMW, Reliance, TATA Motors

Skills Required For Mechanical Engineering

There are certain skills that one needs to complete their mechanical engineering diploma. The best five skills that a person needs to develop are as follows –

Problem-solving ability 

Mechanical engineers are often faced with difficult situations where they need solutions. They should use their problem-solving skills to derive solutions. This way, they will be able to contribute more to their work.

Deriving a perfect solution to a difficult situation is the most crucial part. Companies prefer people with such skills. So, one must have this skill to use this diploma better.

Understanding of Physics

Most subjects in this diploma deal with the principles of physics. Thus, one needs to have a liking for physics to understand them.

Communication skills

A mechanical student works with a lot of machines. So, it is important to have good communication skills to explain its operations to others. Every company needs a person with good communication skills. It makes them look friendly and polite. A person with good soft skills can also reduce confusion among team members.


A mechanical engineer needs creativity to design and develop products. Creativity also comes in when making machines such as robots. Therefore, by being creative, one can be more productive at work.

Mathematical Aptitude 

Mechanical engineers must use their problem-solving abilities to deal with complex issues. Many projects need technical skills to solve complex problems. But to use these skills, one needs to be good at maths. So, one needs maths to excel in the mechanical engineering polytechnic course.

Leadership Skills 

Mechanical engineers function in teams and lead these teams on several occasions. So they should learn leadership skills to manage their team.


An engineer works in teams, and thus, teamwork is a must-have. One needs to be able to collaborate with fellow workers. Teamwork is also required to solve problems together more effectively.

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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Subjects and Syllabus

A student needs to study the following subjects in diploma mechanical engineering. They study these over six semesters in three years. These subjects are as follows-

First Year

Subjects In Semester 1 Subjects In Semester 2
Physics 1Physics 2
Mathematics 1Mathematics 2
EnglishMaterial strength
Engineering Drawing 1Engineering Drawing 2
 Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab

Second Year

Subjects In Semester 3Subjects In Semester 4
Engineering MaterialsDevelopment Of Life Skill
Manufacturing process1Manufacturing process 2
Advanced Material StrengthPrinciples of electrical engineering
Thermal Engineering part 1Thermal Engineering part 2
Electronics FundamentalMachines and mechanism
Professional Practice 1Professional Practice 2
Mechanical drawing 

Third Year

Subjects In Semester 5Subjects In Semester 6
Professional Practice 3Professional Practice 4
Power engineeringIndustrial management
Fluid mechanics & machineryFluid power
Manufacturing processProduction management
ProgrammingDesign of M/C Elements

Entrance Exams for Mechanical Engineering

There are various entrance exams for diplomas in mechanical polytechnic. Some of these are as follows –

  • JEECUP – ECUP conducts this exam every year. The duration of this exam is 2 hours 30 minutes. One gets 100 MCQs in the exam. The exam date for JEECUP 2023 is not yet announced. In 2022, the exam took place from 27th June to 30th June.
  • Delhi CET – DSEU holds the DCET exam every year. It is an online exam. The tentative date for this exam is August 2023. The exam includes 310 MCQs in which one needs to attempt only 150 questions.
  • AP POLYCET – AP POLYCET is an offline exam. SBTET, AP, conducts this exam. The date of this exam is expected in the last week of May 2023.
  • JEXPO – The WEBSCTE conducts this exam every year. It is an offline exam. In 2022, the JEXPO exam took place on 21st May. The expected date of this exam in 2023 is not announced yet.
  • KCET – KEA conducts this entrance test offline. This exam includes 180 MCQs divided into three sections of 60 questions each. The expected date of this exam in 2023 is the last week of June.

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Top Colleges for Mechanical Engineering

The best five colleges for a diploma in mechanical engineering are as follows-

CollegeFees ( Total fees) 
JMI New Delhi – Jamia Millia IslamiaINR 26,910
VJTI MumbaiINR 34,679
Integral University, LucknowINR 150,000
Government Polytechnic, MumbaiINR 27,176
NIMS University, JaipurINR 120,000


Jobs after Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in India

Some jobs best suited for a person with a Diploma in M.E. are as follows:

Manufacturing Engineer

They design and manage integrated systems. These integrated systems produce high-quality, competitive products. This job is perfect for people who are creative. It allows one to design and improve the products of a company. These systems include machines, robots, and computer networks. One gets excellent pay and various chances to advance their career.

However, at times it can become stressful. So one needs to be strong to overcome such challenges on the job. Manufacturing engineers get INR 1.8 to 10 Lakhs p.a. in India.

Quality Control Engineer

The primary role of a QC engineer is to ensure the good quality of products. This can be any mechanical product that a company makes. They take part in all stages of product creation. These stages range from development to packaging.

It is a good career option for people with a diploma in mechanical engineering. The growth in this job is better than in other engineering jobs. A QC engineer earns between INR 1.5 and 5.5 lakhs p.a in India.

Automotive Engineer

An automotive engineer works in the automobile sector. They do the final testing of the vehicle. They also help companies deliver after-sales care services. It is their job to ensure that vehicles manufactured are not defective.

Their need is now more than ever due to the growth in the automobile sector. The increase in the making of auto parts also fuels increases in their demand. One can expect a salary of INR 6.16 Lakhs in this job.

Assistant Executive Engineer

This person executes and manages government schemes. These schemes demand expertise in mechanical engineering. Their main job is to manage these schemes. The job also demands team management skills.

An AEE supervises and guides the team involved in these schemes and projects. It is a job that involves not only mechanics but also team management. The salary scale of this job ranges between INR 1.9 to 19.3 lakhs P.A.

Mechanical Consultant

After this diploma, one becomes eligible to take academic classes. They can teach mechanical engineering in institutes. Furthermore, one can guide freshers in mechanical engineering. consultants also help companies make machine parts. They guide them on how to create products with minimum defects.

This allows them to help others build a better career in mechanical engineering. This can become a good career option for students looking for a quick job after their diploma. The salary scale of this job is INR 2.5 to 17.2 Lakhs p.a.

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Mechanical Maintenance Engineer

A maintenance engineer inspects, repairs, and services different machines and their parts. For this job, one must understand mechanical and electrical systems. Thus, a person with a mechanical engineering polytechnic is ideal for this job.

Moreover, one also needs to understand all the safety procedures. This information is vital to carry out their tasks safely at work.

So this is everything a person needs to know about this course. A diploma in mechanical engineering is a very interesting course. And one needs only to pass their 10th with good grades to be eligible for it. One can choose a good college for their studies. Furthermore, one can get a good job after their diploma.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mechanical engineer diploma?

A mechanical engineering diploma provides students with a good knowledge of mechanics. They also learn the skills required to handle machinery. The subjects of this diploma course deal with various principles of physics. It also involves the study of different mathematical techniques. These techniques help them in creating machine parts. One also needs to learn about the manufacturing and maintenance of machines. The course also teaches skills such as problem-solving and soft skills.

What is the best diploma for Mechanical Engineering?

Some of the best diplomas for Mechanical engineering are
Higher international diploma
Aeronautical engineering
Marine engineering
Technician engineering

Is a mechanical diploma good?

Yes, this diploma is good. It is the most sought-after course in India. Professionals with this diploma are eligible for high-paying jobs. One can make their career in India as well as in foreign nations.
One can also get a job in a public body with this diploma. People with this diploma can become junior engineers. They can also take the job of a teacher or a consultant. Moreover, professionals with diplomas can also conduct research in mechanics. They can also work in sales. Furthermore, they can also become supervisors after some experience.

Which diploma is best for the future?

Diploma courses in the following list are best for the future-
Aerospace engineering
Diploma in chemical engineering
Telecommunication engineering
Robotics engineering
Biochemical engineering.
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Civil engineering diploma.
Diploma in electrical engineering

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