Diploma in Mechanical Engineering: Scope, Career, and Subjects

May 12, 2021
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diploma in mechanical engineering

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Mechanical engineering, a field of study that deals with mechanical devices. But in India, it is the least valued field of engineering. Why? There are many reasons for it. Firstly, a Diploma in mechanical engineering is not a prized career here. Secondly, most of the time your near and dear ones talk against it. And lastly, they tell you to take some other engineering subject instead.

For Example,

  • Computer Science,
  • Civil engineering,
  • Electronic Engineering, etc.

In fact, people don’t even see it as a good career option. Wondering why? Just because people don’t know of its scope. Moreover, they don’t know the future hopes and job opportunities in it. Contrasting is the fact that it can truly help you to live your dream life.

Diploma in mechanical engineering- Common Myths in India

Before knowing more about the Diploma in mechanical engineering and scope. First, let me first explain the myths. Now, what is a myth? Myth is a word that means ‘unreal’. They say that when a lie is spread for ages, people start taking it to be real. But that is not true. Similarly, the common lie in mechanical engineering is the lack of jobs. People think it is hard to get a job if you have a Diploma in mechanical engineering. This line is totally wrong. In fact, you can easily find many high paying jobs in it. That is if you study in detail.

On social media, so often we see jokes on mechanical engineers. Especially in India, these jokes are common. It is because people don’t know of its scope. Indeed, it is not as funny as it is shown. A Diploma in mechanical engineering is one serious thing. In fact, it can really get you a six-figure job abroad.

Diploma in mechanical engineering: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

As the name hints, it is a part of engineering. When you seek a diploma in mechanical engineering, you get to know about the traits of devices. Meanwhile, these traits are joined with many things.

For Example,

  • The construction,
  • designing,
  • development,
  • and testing of tools, machines, and motors, etc.

Mechanical engineers work with technology. They change and improve devices. These tools help humans to live a more comfortable life.

Of course, there is learning about machines and their work. But it has several other subjects also. In the next section, we are going to discuss them in detail. Many mechanical engineering subjects deal with many types of devices and tools. Let us discuss them in detail.

What are the subjects in diploma in mechanical engineering?

Now you know that mechanical engineering has a lot of scopes. There are many career options in it. The choices are many. But before going ahead, one question yet remains. What subjects will I be studying? As already said before, Mechanical Engineering has many subjects. While seeking a Diploma in mechanical engineering, you will be learning the following subjects in particular.

  • Automobile engineering
  • Power plant engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Mechatronics engineering
  • Thermal Engineering

However, these subjects will be explained to you in various parts. A course of a Diploma in mechanical engineering in India takes 3 years. Three years to fully complete. In these three years, you get information about 5 subjects.

The next part of this blog will help you find out the career options in these subjects.

1. Automobile engineering

The word automobile is made up of two words. The first word is ‘auto’ which is the short form for automatic. And the second word is ‘mobile’. (No, it is not about your mobile phone). The word mobile means the ability to move. Together, both these words form an automobile. In common words, an automobile is nothing but the vehicles that we use.

For example,

  • cars,
  • buses,
  • airplanes,
  • trains, etc.

The subject works in line with its name. Meaning that it is that field of Diploma in mechanical engineering which deals with motors. Or more commonly, vehicles and transports.


In the last few years, the automobile industry has seen large growth. The growth of cars, especially, has been huge. Currently, the world is in great demand for cars. This demand for cars rightly associates with automobile engineers. How? It is very simple. Automobile engineers essentially focus on designing wheels. Hence, cars are also designed by them. Therefore, for the auto industry to grow, automobile engineers are very important.

Career options in automobile engineering

  • Safety Engineers
  • Emissions Research Specialists
  • Performance Engineers
  • Vehicle Dynamics Controllers
  • Operations Research Managers


In India, the average amount is more than INR 6 lakhs per year.

2. Power plant engineering

The next subject of a Diploma in mechanical engineering is power plant engineering.


Every growing market needs power plants.

Similarly, In India, every year so much money is spent on power plant projects. These power plants help in producing power. Now, what does this mean? Making power means working on electrical devices. These electrical devices diffuse power in generators.

The result of all these methods is the strong creation of power. And that is where the name ‘power plant’ comes from. It means a plant that gives power. It is related to electricity.

Career options in Power plant engineering

  • Power Electronics Engineer
  • Power Engineer
  • Test Engineer – Power Electronics
  • Engineering Supervisor – Power
  • Power Transformer Executives


  • Beginner: The average opening salary is INR 6 Lakhs yearly in India.
  • But you can make more if you have more expertise.
  • Experienced: The salary can reach up to INR 9 lakhs per year with increasing experience.

3. Manufacturing engineering

Manufacturing engineering is also one of the most important mechanical engineering subjects. It deals with creating and running systems. During the production of different tools, manufacturing engineers work on them first. These devices can vary from computers to robots to material handling machines. Basically, they are all about improving these machines. They use technology and creativity to do so.


India is a great market for manufacturing units. Likewise, these units manufacture all kinds of goods and products.

For example,

  • clothes,
  • mobile phones,
  • electronics, and many more.

Therefore, the need for manufacturing engineers has risen.

How do manufacturing engineers function?

  • They focus on giving easier ways to manufacture more products.
  • Cost energy control and management of the manufacturing process is also a part of the job.
  • In addition to this, they also carry out automation. Automation here means automation of the manufacturing process.

Simply put, they provide ways to make processes of manufacture automatic. They do this by working on data systems. It is a technical job. All you need is a Diploma in mechanical engineering to get it.


Job openings:  More than 2,00,000 in India.

Strange, isn’t it? I mean all we hear is Engineering has no jobs. Well, looks like there are many jobs. But we are not excited to find them.

Coming back to salary.

  • Starting:  More than INR 4 lakhs in a year.
  • Added Money: Apart from this, you can also earn an added fee of more than INR 15,000 every year.

4. Mechatronics engineering

The word mechatronics is made up of two words.  Mechanics and electronics.  It is one of the most interesting mechanical engineering subjects. As per its name, it is just a mixture of the Mechanical, Computer, Electrical fields of Engineering.


Mechatronics engineering works according to its name.  This means that a mechatronics engineer will work on both. Electrical and mechanical elements.  Consequently, most of his/her job is about the designing and maintenance of these parts.  Moreover, they will also be required to handle the making of these goods.

All in all, you will be dealing with a great variety of products.   After you get a Diploma in mechanical engineering, it has the most types of jobs.  You can even try to work in different areas.  And also, with many kinds of experts.

Career options in Mechatronics engineering

  • Manufacturing activity
  • Technical and scientific services
  • Construction business
  • Gas and oil extraction industry
  • Information industry


  • Beginner: The average starting salary is INR 28,000 per month in India.
  • But an experienced person earns more money.
  • Expert: An experienced public administrator earns a lump sum amount of INR 10 lakh per year.

Enough to fulfill your hobbies, right? For Example, say you like to travel a lot.  Isn’t that much money sufficient to travel to India?  And what about outside?  I am sure you can visit at least one foreign country every year.

5. Thermal Engineering

The thermal engineers are hired by production firms.


Their job includes making heat exchangers.

For example,

  • air conditioners (A.C),
  • heaters,
  • refrigerators (fridge), etc.

Moreover, they also work on large-scale projects.  Hydroelectric power plants and thermal power plants are some examples of the same.

The world is always moving towards more eco-friendly production of power.  Hydropower plants are the biggest example of it.  Henceforth, the demand for thermal engineers has increased.  Simultaneously, this has also led to an increase in their salaries. So, you surely have more job choices on it.

Career options in thermal engineering

  • Chief design engineer in thermal layout
  • Thermography program manager
  • Boiler thermal performance engineers
  • Piping designer


Thermal engineers work in both areas.  These are the private sector and the public sector.   However, the salary depends on many factors.

Some of these factors are: –

  • Location of working
  • Job profile
  • Experience
  • Skills

Starting: Following this, the normal salary is around INR 3 lakhs yearly.

Experienced: But as your practice raises, you can earn up to INR 8 lakhs per year. It’s a great start to your career.  Don’t you think so?

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Mechanical Engineering Subjects

So much hype about “Engineering has no jobs” and “There is no scope of Engineering in India”. Now, could you think that there are many options?  In fact, the discussion about no job and no money is of no use.

Also, with this study, we can easily say that engineering surely has a lot of scopes.  And if you get a Diploma in mechanical engineering, you can easily make at least INR 2.5 lakhs of money every year.  And that much, I think is enough to at least start with it.

As you grow more, eventually, this number will keep on rising.  You will reach a time in your life, when not only you can live a great lifestyle.  But also, you will be able to fulfil your, as well as your family’s wishes.

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Part time jobs for Mechanical Engineers

Chegg India is a e-learning platform hiring for subject experts in mechanical engineering and many other subjects too. Student, working professional or housewife anyone can be a part of this and become subject expert in your owned area.

All you need to do it sign up, register, give a small subject test, upload required documents for verification, and you are good to go. Try it now 

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Final thoughts about Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

All in all, a Diploma in mechanical engineering is a great deal.  And talking about the state of engineers in India, with mechanical engineering, the future is not as bad as it is named.  You know there is always hope.  And when you’re ready to work hard, you can surely live the life of your dreams.

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Lastly, I hope this article clears out all your doubts about mechanical engineering.   Hope you find the job of your dreams! Happy working!

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