What is Personality Development and its importance?


Personality is an integral aspect of your career that helps you gain professional success and develops you into a sound individual. People with strong personalities come across as bold and, often, intimidating. Personality development can be called a great career hack. During your academic years, you may interact with a lot of your colleagues and form certain impressions out of those interactions. Now, think of this scenario by swapping your colleague with an employer. It’s very crucial to forming good first impressions. And that’s where personality development seeps in. 

Your college years provide you with the best platform to groom your personality and make you a better version of yourself. You have a golden chance to explore various things and experiment with your potential. It would be best if you had an eye for these things. As an individual struggling to crave your path in this complex world, you need to grab every single opportunity thrown in your way. You also need to understand what’s worth investing your time and energy in and what’s not.  

January 14, 2022
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Table of Contents

Importance of personality development  

It’s the modern age. And with that, it is safe to state that the world has indeed turned upside down in the last few decades. Earlier, in the 90s, only book smart people could excel. But now, in the 21st century, one is expected to analyze and actively participate in all the activities critically. Only a person with a charming and strong personality can master this and create a niche for themselves. Companies are always looking for smart, motivated, active individuals who can multitask. Moreover, they also hire people who take a genuine interest in workshops or seminars and keep honing their skills and knowledge following the changing times.  

In India, we emphasize a child’s education and academic development. However, even when the child might successfully score above average on tests, they fail to tackle simple problems. Hence, they end up struggling a lot in life. This is not a generic statement, but it is true for most. Personality Development should be given as much relevance in the holistic development of a child, right from the beginning of their nurturing years. After all, childhood helps determine the entire future for a being.  

Developing a solid persona is essential to survive as an individual in this society. For, when life will throw lemons at you, which it will, you will know how to make something resembling lemonade. Or, in simple terms, you will be able to tackle any obstacle or hardships in life. 

Career growth concerning your personality 

When you work in a formal setting, you can’t escape from your interactions with your clients and colleagues. You need to interact with them and form your share of professional relationships. You must retain such relations with the utmost dignity and grandeur, especially if you are planning a career in the marketing sector. You need to, in a way, correctly sell yourself and your potential. Personality development makes you confident and mature. All the qualities you need to transform into a perfect candidate in front of your employers. 

How do you form a strong personality development? 

Here, we curate a guide to create a great personality for yourself. Read on to know- 

Create networks, meet new people 

College is the best place for you to meet new people, form meaningful relationships and even better understand yourself. This also helps you know about many things you are not aware of. As it is said, experience is the best teacher. Many things get cleared up for one by learning about others’ journeys. Interact and become a social animal. It will help you further in life. You never know what you can learn, even from a stranger, that you can try incorporating in yourself. Strangers can be your best teachers. 

Gain knowledge 

Stop indulging in junk content now. Expand your horizon. Take up the fiction that helps you in your personality development. You can start with reading up philosophies by well-renowned philosophers. Such as, Immanuel Kant, Albert Camus, Marcus Aurelius. Read up on classic work. Be alert about what’s happening around the world. Reading newspapers for about 20 mins a day is a significant step to start from. Nowadays, you are considered a fool if you are ignorant and lack information about what’s happening around you. This can be a huge turn-off and lead to people not taking you seriously. 

Knowledge is very powerful. Keep your talks concise and crisp. Speak only what is relevant and necessary. When people notice you have something important to say, they value your opinion more than ever. That’s the power a person with a strong persona can hold. They are influencing people.  

Enrol yourself in college societies 

College societies like- Art society, Dance society, Debate Clubs, etc., can be a good way to kickstart your journey of personality development. It might seem like an unfamiliar and uncomfortable environment. And with time, you will realize how much it is all worth it. Not only do you enjoy yourself, you learn a lot of skills. You have handled a truckload of responsibilities, from event management, content creation, technical development, hosting guests, anchoring to leading a team, many areas where you can experiment and hence, polish yourself. As many as you can, attend fairs, fundraisers, events, TED Talks, seminars, webinars, workshops, etc. You can learn a lot from all these platforms. No kind of knowledge is ever wasted. 

Be confident in yourself. 

Confidence is the key that unlocks a great persona within someone. With a great personality, your self-confidence boosts itself. Someone anxious and nervous all the time comes across as a very dull person lacking confidence. If you are confident and aware of yourself, you can command and dictate any situation according to your likes. It engages and intimidates people. They would never take you for granted. This is an essential trait that you must possess in a professional environment. It even helps you let go of all your fears. You should know when to say what. Any situation automatically becomes easier then. In an interview, confidence determines everything for you, even whether you will end up with the job or not. 

Improve your communication skills and posture 

Clarification is key to effective communication. The smoothly you carry out the conversation, the better you come across. We should be able to communicate effectively. This is necessary to arrive at success personally as well as professionally. Moreover, the majority of the companies promote their respective products to the audience. They do so through advertisements. Thus, it becomes clear that no business company can survive without powerful and productive communication. 

If one is slouching, it conveys that they have low confidence and might not be ready for the task. If one is erect, it signifies that they are active, confident, energetic, and depicts that you are suitable for the work. This way you earn more projects. This also asserts an authoritative persona and maintains your role as a leader. 

Harness your optimistic side 

A positive outlook on life is essential. It boosts your self-esteem. A negative person would never achieve success and always find something to crib about. Never lose your calm over small things. A person with a positive attitude is always set on a developmental path. Rather than criticizing, they analyze every situation carefully. Clarity of thoughts is very central. When you are clear about your opinions, you automatically become confident with your persona and boost your self-esteem. You will keep your listeners engaged and rooted in you if you speak confidently. They will offer you their undivided attention. Eventually, it also proves that their opinion is considered of high regard and value. You must have good adaptability skills to help you manage every hardship with a sense of calm. Now, that’s a trait of a true leader. 

Dress to impress 

Your physical appearance and how you carry out yourself also speak wonders for you as an individual. Everyone admires a person who has styled themselves very smartly. At the same time, you should choose something comfortable wearing, which speaks to you. Make a style for yourself instead of imitating someone else’s style. Experiment with fashion and your looks. You can consider getting a haircut. Your clothes assert that you know your work and attract a lot of attention from everyone around.  

Become Our Subject Matter Expert 

Enough being said, we already mentioned that the best path towards personality development is exploring as many opportunities as you can. Here’s an amazing part-time job opportunity for you that you can consider for the time being. Generating a second source of income through part-time jobs can be a viable option you can consider while you are a student. This will act as pocket money, plus it will help you take your mind off those strenuous tasks you perform for a while.  

Teaching has proven to be a great way to gain new knowledge while imparting it. When you teach, you not only pass on the information you know and understand, but you also learn a couple of new things from your students. Now, as a student, you would hardly have any time to go out and teach. That’s where Chegg India’s role comes in. At Chegg India, you can teach at your comfort, from your home. 

Chegg India, a premier educational services firm, offers students and graduates a chance to become subject matter experts in engineering, business, health care, mathematics, sciences, etc. Chegg can act as an online learning platform to apply for the subject matter expert role. Your tasks would include answering academic questions on the Question and Answer Board of the website in your area of expertise. Not only will you impart knowledge to your students, but this would also help you learn something new. 

How to apply at Chegg India as a Subject Matter Expert? 

Click on this link to apply for the job of Subject Matter Expert: http://bit.ly/Campus_Hiring. 

After signing up, you would be required to appear for an online test, a screening process that will help decide your fluency in the subject and your competency.  

The minimum passing percentage is 60%. Once you pass the exam, you can upload the necessary documents. 

Final thoughts 

It would be best if you excelled in your academics. Undoubtedly, you need to understand the role and significance of personality development. Exploring your opportunities and experimenting with your potential is one way to start. Further then, you can try out all the methods we listed above to understand yourself better and, in the same manner, groom yourself for the sake of your career growth. Moreover, an essential part of this personality development journey is accepting yourself and keeping hustling to improve yourself more. Keep learning new things and putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. Your peers, your teachers, your family, and in all, your surroundings. They all collectively determine your persona and your outlook towards life. Make sure that you make the best of it. All the best! 

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