Top Courses to do after Mechanical Engineering to boost your salary


As many students enter the last year of their B. Tech, many of them think what after Mechanical Engineering. You should enjoy your last year with friends. But you must also be on the lookout for short term courses that will help you in further studies after mechanical engineering.

Why do short term courses after mechanical engineering?

It is no secret that in today’s market, a degree is not enough. One needs to show that they have the passion to become a go-getter. A candidate is also expected to be good at something apart from studies. If you want to know more about employability, you can check out our article here. In this, we go into details about what is the importance of being employable while giving you some tips. You can also check our article on the Best Career Choices if you hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering. But, it is these unique skill sets that set apart candidates who are applying for jobs. And this skill set only comes when you put in the extra effort by thinking about what comes next in your journey to your dream job. In this article, I will take you through a brief description of the 15 most popular job oriented short term courses after mechanical engineering. None of these is arranged in order, so take your pick according to your choice: 

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January 4, 2022
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Table of Contents

M.Tech Courses

Pursue an M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

This is the first choice that pops up in the minds of students who are thinking about short term courses after mechanical engineering. The two-year course builds on the knowledge you have gained after mechanical engineering. The course goes in-depth into the theory of mechanical and energy principles. Also, the course has practical classes that develop your skill in designing devices.

Job Opportunities

Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to enter industries like Automotive, Chemical, ISRO, armed forces. They get positions like project manager, agriculture or mechanical engineer, manufacturing manager, etc.  

Salary Prospects: Further studies after mechanical engineering are always a boon to anyone. Thus they are more likely to get better packages for their skills. On average, after mechanical engineering, students from M.Tech colleges earn around 12 lakhs per year.

Pursue an M.Tech in Robotics

Another field that is gaining traction is the robotics industry. With the advent of A.I., the engineering of these future robots will become a contested field soon.

Job Opportunities

A booming sector like robotics does improve your chances at securing good jobs with renowned companies like CISCO, BHEL, ISRO or BARC.

Salary Prospects

On average, after an M.Tech in Robotics, students earn fair salaries from 3 lacs per year to 8 lakhs per year. These salaries depend on the job, area, industry, etc.

M.Tech in Tool Designing

M.Tech in tool designing is turning up to be lucrative for students who travel down this career path. The two years PG course will take you through the details of fixtures and jigs. It will also train you in designing press and cutting tools along with making plastic molds for dye casting designs.  

Job Opportunities

After this course, one can get job options from industries like steel, chemical, and many others.

Salary Prospects

Graduates in tool designing start off with salaries that begin from 3 lakhs and go upto 8 lakhs in certain cases. But, as the student spends more time with the company and goes up the corporate ladder, they can earn more. 

M.Tech in Applied Electronics

 There is a common myth that students are restricted to studying one branch of their intended field. But such is not the case with M.Tech courses, especially in the case of applied electronics. This course makes students ready not only for the applied electronics market but also prepares them for the wider industry.

Job Opportunities

Companies like Intel, Phillips, eSpark are major recruiters for applied electronics students. Students get to work in roles like Customer Support and Network Planning. They also get to work as consultants in electronics.

Salary Prospects

With the boom in the applied electronics market, the employees in the industry also receive a fair bonus. On average, students can walk out with salaries between 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs. Some that get placed with big giants have also earned up to 20 lakhs per year. 

M.E. Courses

M.E. in Mechatronics

Mechatronics is the field that unites the basics of mechanics and electronics. It also uses computer systems that help render them. In a very basic sense, an example can be of a robot that follows rules and uses a system of machines that helps it complete the task inputted.

Job Opportunities

TISCO, SAIL, even Phillips give jobs to graduates of M.E. in Mechatronics. They offer the students the ability and the experience to work with teams of electronic manufacturing. This also helps them understand the working of the industry and the products.

Salary Prospects

Those who pursue M.E. in Mechatronics can, on average, earn around 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs in a year. Although, these numbers vary across different locations and across different companies. 

M.E. in Industrial Engineering

This course brings about a very industry-oriented approach to studying. Industrial Engineering deals with a wide range of things including development and improvement. Your course will enable you with information on integrated systems of knowledge and make you aware of the process and the equipment. 

Job Opportunities

Upon completion of their M.E. short term course, one can be hired in the fields that heavily rely on industries like logistics, inventory management, or even consultancy.

Salary Prospects

Companies like Tata, Reliance, Infosys, and Wipro seek out M.E. graduates. Also, the average salaries range from 2.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs in certain cases. 

M.E. Mechanical Design

PG diploma courses help students more employable and such is the case with an M.E. in mechanical design. The course deals with the development and the design of different machines. It also gives industry and practical knowledge through case studies about construction projects.

Job Opportunities

With job profiles that include titles like design engineer, site and service engineer, project manager, etc., sectors like the construction, automobile, manufacturing opens the door to M.E. in Mechanical Design graduates.

Salary Prospects

In case of M.E. the graduates start off with lower packages. On average per month salaries range from 20,000 to 22,000. Although, this amount can increase with experience.

M.E. in Control Systems

 Upon the completion of this 2 year PG course, students will gain practical knowledge about control engineering. You will also gain knowledge about instrumentation. This with the industry oriented approach makes this one of the best short term courses.

Job Opportunities

The field of control systems spans industries like space, business, and also agriculture. Companies like ISRO, DRDO are major recruiters in this field and belong to the manufacturing and processing sectors.

Salary Prospects

Although M.E. control systems is a dying industry, one can earn a fair amount of money. Hence, average salaries for students range from 5 to 7 lakhs per year. 

M.E. in Machine Design

The course in machine design deals with the analysis of static and dynamic forces that help in designing a machine. This course also focuses on mechanisms and component design that improve your theoretical parts too.

Job Opportunities

Mechanical Design students get jobs from a wide range of industries. Automobile, Energy are some sectors that offer jobs to students from this domain. Also, some medical companies also give jobs to machine designers.

Salary Prospects

With time, many firms have started hiring machine designers. Hence, they are getting paid even better. Thus, Average salaries of machine designers range from 2 to 15 lakhs per year. This also depends on the scope of work and company size. 

MBA Courses

Pursue a Masters in Business Administration

Before going through other short term courses, let us go through an MBA after B.E. An MBA is an all-round development module. It teaches you about valuable and key industry practices. But, the most appealing reason why people go for an MBA after their bachelor’s is due to the career boost it gives. A degree from a reputed MBA school can boost up your career many-folds. An MBA can be beneficial for those who want to excel in the competitive industry. Students who have just completed their bachelors can think of going for an MBA. Also, people who are working at lower positions and are looking for a raise can also consider doing an MBA.

MBA in Operations Management

The smooth working of everyday workings is the primary focus of every business. But since the world of business is very chaotic, companies hire operations experts for the proper functioning of the company. With the logical aptitude that makes an engineer, in this course, they can treat the overall working of the company as a machine and take it on themselves to boost productivity.

Job Opportunities

MBA grads in operations management can expect jobs in consulting and IT firms. Also, one can get jobs in healthcare, transport, and even logistics.

Salary Prospects

Jobs after MBA in Operation Management offer a starting salary of around 4 to 5 lakhs per year. Although this salary seems to be less for any MBA graduate. But this salary improves as you climb the corporate ladder. You can even earn up to 40 lakhs every year. Besides, many companies are trying to streamline their working process. Hence, an MBA in operations has great benefits in the long run.

MBA in Retail Management

This course enables students to know the new policies and concepts that have improved the management of retail outlets. You can see this change for yourself. Compare modern supermarkets with smaller outlets and the only difference is management. 

Salary Prospects

The average salary of graduates who complete this course ranges from 4 lakhs to 7 lakhs per year. 

MBA in Supply Chain Management

In this fast paced world, consumers want their products delivered at their homes. To achieve this, companies need to work at a faster pace. Also, the management of the supply chain of goods and services of the company need to be checked. Many B.Tech students take this path as this pays well.

Job Opportunities

One gets exciting job titles like an analyst, head of operations and supply chain manager. Agencies that aim to provide a detailed market report, carry out a big part of supply chain management.

Salary Prospects

Average salaries after B.E mechanical and MBA in supply chain, graduates earn between 8 to 12 lakhs per year. 

After Mechanical Engineering BONUS


There is a huge influx of students who pursue nanotech after their B.Tech. One reason can be huge investments in nanotech by industries in fields like medicine. This course mainly deals with the study of nano materials. Hence, it is also a very sought after course by industries like electronics and automobiles. Biotech and Pharma companies also look out for nanotech experts.

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