Top 15 Career Paths: What You Can Do After Completing Your MSc Degree

July 12, 2024
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Quick Summary

  • Engage in research and academia by becoming a research scientist or university professor.
  • Explore industry roles such as data scientist, biotechnologist, or environmental consultant.
  • Pursue healthcare and management positions like clinical psychologist, healthcare administrator, or operations manager.

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Embarking on a career journey after completing an MSc degree can be exciting and daunting. The specific job opportunities available to individuals with an MSc (Master of Science) degree depend on the field of study and specialisation. This blog serves as a guide, offering insights into various job opportunities available to MSc graduates, detailing average salary packages across industries, and highlighting the essential skills employers seek.

Best Jobs After MSc Degree in India

Jobs after an MSc degree will depend on your qualifications, work experience, area of specialisation, and market demands. Here are the top 15 jobs that you can pursue after your MSc Degree:

1. Become a Subject Expert after your MSc Degree in Chegg Study

Job Description: Recent MSc graduates can work as Subject Matter Experts in Chegg and use their expertise to answer challenging questions to assist students on fundamental subjects. Chegg Study is a 24/7 service where experts can earn by answering  questions online.

The experts can also act as online tutors for students across the world. According to their credentials and areas of knowledge, they can become authorities on any subject.

Skills Required: Subject Matter Experts at Chegg need in-depth knowledge in their field of expertise and strong communication skills to effectively address challenging questions and assist students online.

Average Salary: The Average salary of Chegg experts with an MSc Degree is INR 3.17 Lakhs.

This is undeniably one of the best job option after an MSc Degree you can swiftly sign up for. Don’t miss out on this exceptional chance to kickstart your career journey on a high note!

Earn in six-figures

2. Professor

Job Description: One of the most sought-after jobs after M.Sc. course is that of a professor. However, it is also a great field for someone who wishes to become an expert in the industry and teach others. On the other hand, opens the door to creativity since it allows them to advance their knowledge through research articles, in-depth research, and service to society.

Skills Required: MSc Degree in the field of study, effective communication for conveying complex concepts, research acumen for meaningful contributions, and strong leadership skills for guiding students and junior researchers.

Average Salary: INR 12.0 LPA.

3. Data Scientist:

Job Description: Data scientists analyse datasets using mathematical and technical skills, employing machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide insights for informed decision-making across diverse industries.

Skills Required: Proficiency in mathematical analysis, technical expertise, and analytical capabilities to extract insights from data using machine learning and artificial intelligence across diverse industries.

Average Salary: INR 12.7 LPA.

4. Research Assistant

Job Description: Research assistants work under the supervision of managers or lead scientists, contributing to experimental planning and execution. They collect and analyse data, conduct fundamental and applied research, write reports, and often publish findings.

Skills Required: Detail-oriented individuals with expertise in experiments on the subject of research, data analysis, and research works.

Average Salary: INR 3.0 LPA.

5. Laboratory Technician

Job Description: Lab technicians specialise in various aspects of laboratory work, responsible for tasks ranging from data collection to equipment maintenance. They ensure following strict rules and regulations, preserving the precision and effectiveness of studies, and maintaining order in the laboratory

Skills Required: Expertise in Laboratory procedures, data collection, and a commitment to maintaining precision and adherence to regulations.

Average Salary: INR 2.1 LPA.

6. Food and Drug Inspector

Job Description: Food and drug inspectors oversee inspections of facilities producing foods, medications, and related consumer goods, ensuring compliance with legal standards for grade, purity, and sanitation. They conduct inspections on locally manufactured as well as internationally sourced products.

Skills Required: In-depth knowledge of regulatory standards and the ability to conduct comprehensive inspections for quality, purity, and legal compliance.

Average Salary: INR 3.2 LPA.

7. Marine Biologist

Job Description: Marine biologists study marine organisms, ecosystems, and the impact of human activities on the oceans. They conduct fieldwork, analyse data, and contribute to conservation efforts, working in research institutions, government agencies, or environmental organisations.

Skills Required: An MSc Degree in Marine Biology or a related field is typically required, research skills and in-depth knowledge in marine ecology, oceanography and marine conservation.

Average Salary: INR 4 LPA.

8. Chemist

Job Description: Chemists conduct experiments, analyse substances, and develop processes to create new products or improve existing ones. They work in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and research.

Skills Required: An MSc Degree in Chemistry.

Average Salary: INR 2.9 LPA .

9. Chemical Analyst

Job Description: A chemical analyst is a specialist who gathers data on the chemical makeup of substances, analyses it, and disseminates it using scientific, technical, and mathematical methods. Furthermore, a chemical analyst may occasionally write up and publish his or her results in professional publications.

Skills Required: MSc Degree in Chemistry.

Average Salary: INR 2.4 LPA.

10. Statistician

Job Description: Statisticians analyse numerical data to identify trends, patterns, and relationships. They design surveys, experiments, and models to help organisations make informed decisions and predictions

Skills Required: An MSc Degree in Statistics or a related field is typically required.

Average Salary: INR 5.8 LPA.

11. Investment Analyst

Job Description: An investment analyst’s job is to conduct research and provide information to aid stockbrokers, fund managers, and traders in making important investment decisions. They are in charge of making a well-managed investment portfolio and identification of potential investment opportunities.

Skills Required: Typically, a Bachelor’s or MSc Degree in Finance, Economics, Business, or a related field is required to become an investment analyst.

Average Salary: INR 9.3 LPA.

12. Cyber Security Expert/ Information security analyst

Job Description: Cybersecurity experts safeguard computer systems, networks, and sensitive information of organisations and businesses from leaking information and other cyber threats. They develop and implement security measures, conduct risk assessments, and respond to security incidents to ensure the protection of digital assets.

Skills Required: A degree in Cybersecurity, Information Technology, or a related field, along with expertise in network security, penetration testing, encryption, and knowledge of cybersecurity frameworks. Professional certifications like CISSP or CISM are often beneficial.

Average Salary: INR 11.1 LPA .

13. Quality Manager

Job Description: A quality manager oversees the procedures to check and ensure that products meet the company’s standards. They gather information, including inspections and cleanliness of the production line, prepare detailed reports, and analyse them to maintain and improve product quality.

Skills Required: Strong leadership skills, analytical and communication skills, and a thorough understanding of quality management principles.

Average Salary: INR 11.3 LPA.

14. Manager/Executive (Senior/Assistant/Junior)

Job Description: Managers, whether at the senior, assistant, or junior level, oversee teams and operations, making strategic decisions to achieve organisational goals.

Skills: An MBA degree or graduate-level management course is essential, demonstrating technical proficiency and leadership aptitude.

Average Salary: INR 7.3 LPA .

15. Actuary

Job Description: Actuaries analyse the financial costs linked to risks like death, illness, or accidents, using advanced statistical models and math to reduce the impact of these risks, mainly working in the insurance sector.

Skills: Expertise in math, statistical modelling, risk assessment, and a deep understanding of business and financial principles. Professional certification such as Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) is often pursued.

Average salary: INR 7.1 LPA.

Difference between MS and MSc Degree

An MS is the American equivalent of an MSc degree commonly known as a Master of Science. Both degrees are classified as STEM degrees since they emphasised science, engineering, technology, math, and medicine. Additionally, social sciences are an emphasis of certain MSc programs. An MSc or MS degree may be advantageous for those looking to pursue a job in one of these professions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs can I get with an MSc?

An MSc Degree will open the doors for many jobs, academic, professional, and managerial. You can become a research scientist, lecturer, data scientist, chemist, mathematician, physicist, biologist, actuary, investment analyst, etc. Your job will depend on your specialisation and experience.

What is the salary after MSc?

An MSc graduate will make an average of INR 360,000 per year. Fresh graduates can earn up to INR 268,750 per year, while most experienced professionals make up to INR 2,160,000 per year.

Is MSc a good degree?

A master of science is a great stepping stone toward a successful career. An MSc Degree opens up opportunities to work in managerial positions as well as professional jobs. It is also the prerequisite for a PhD.

Which MSc course has the highest salary?

An MSc Degree in any of the applied sciences will pay you a good salary. However, the highest-paid jobs after MSc are those of Data scientists and data analysts.

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