How To Get A Job in Canada From India

December 21, 2023
how to get a job in canada from india

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Numerous Indians have applied for jobs in Canada and have successfully built lucrative careers. There are multiple jobs in Canada for Indians, making most people wonder how to get a job in Canada from India. Most of these jobs are high paying and offer a comfortable work environment. However, it isn’t easy to secure these jobs. One must have an impeccable resume and job experience to qualify for these jobs.

Scope of Jobs in Canada for Indians

Canada is a country that relies heavily on immigrants for jobs. There are multiple jobs in Canada for Indian with decent pay. To be eligible for jobs in Canada, one must be a college graduate. To increase their chances of getting Canadian jobs in India or Canada one needs relevant skills other than their college degree.

With the right skill set and a perfect resume, one can start hunting for a job in Canada for Indian. For someone wondering how to get jobs in Canada from India, connect with professionals in Canada to get a better idea of the scope.

Documents Required To Get a Job in Canada From India

The answer to the question “can I get a job in Canada from India?” is yes. However, one needs to have the following documents before applying for a job in Canada from India.

Professional Resume

A professional resume is the most important document in a job application. It notifies employers about one’s goals and aspirations. One must include all their hard and soft skills in their resume. It should show all the benefits an employer will get from the applicant.

Cover Letter Supporting your Job Application

If someone is wondering how to get a job in Canada from India, they should start by learning how to make a cover letter. The cover letter is a short introduction of the candidate. Most employers tend to reject a resume if it comes with a bad cover letter. A cover letter is a preface to the resume. It should always highlight the experiences and skills of the applicant.

Documents of Previous Employment

Most Canadian jobs for Indians require prior experience in the field. One can showcase this experience with the help of documents of their past work. These documents include job references, pay stubs, and resignation and joining letters. One can also use salary slips and tax returns as proof of employment.

Payslips for Salary Evidence

Salary negotiations are a vital part of job interviews. So if one wants to work in Canada, Indian job applicants should include payslips in the application. Payslips show how much a candidate has been paid in their past jobs and can be used by applicants to justify their demands during salary negotiation. Furthermore, it also acts as proof of employment.

Identity proof

There are multiple identity proofs that one can use for jobs in Canada. For someone applying from India, they must have a valid Canadian open work permit. One can also use a receipt from Immigration Canada as proof. A passport or Canadian ID card can also be used as identity proof.


A passport shows employers that the applicant is legally permitted to work in Canada. It is a universally accepted proof of identity. A passport is needed by authorities to get their employers a work permit or visa.

Visa/Work Permit

A visa/ work permit is necessary to work in Canada. If one is applying for Canadian jobs in India, they do not need these documents as they won’t be visiting Canada. To get a visa or work permit, one needs to visit the nearest immigration office in Canada and submit their passport.

Steps to get a job in Canada from India

If someone is wondering how to get a job in Canada from India, here is the answer. Follow these steps to get a job in Canada as an Indian Citizen.

Make a CV

CV is the most important part of a job application. The quality of a CV plays a major role in determining whether an applicant will get a job or not. One should take the time to craft a great CV. Alternatively, one can take professional help to come up with a professional-looking CV. Numerous Canadian companies use Application Tracking Systems (ATS). A company can also choose to set filters in their ATS based on keywords, formats, and profiles, limiting the chance of getting seen if one has a bad CV.

Therefore, it is also important to get in touch with the HR helpdesk before preparing the CV. Get an idea of all the requirements and put those in the CV to maximize the chances of getting called for an interview.

Chose the Right Resources

The job searching and application process has changed in recent times. One needs to go through numerous channels to get the right job. Make use of social media platforms to reach out to employers. LinkedIn has helped a lot of people get Canadian jobs in India.

One can search Canada’s job portals for new openings. Try reaching out to different HR consultants for opportunities in Canada. Alternatively, one can directly connect with the company through them. Furthermore, one should be on the lookout for job postings on the Canadian embassy immigration office that posts verified job listings.

Apply to Canada PR Visa

Companies in Canada often prefer people with Canada PR. This means that the applicant has the right to work in Canada. In such a case companies do not need to sponsor the person to work. One with a good academic background and work experience can apply for PR.

A person gets access to government facilities in Canada with this visa. With this one can move around Canada for work and enjoy unemployment insurance. Thus, it helps a person in building their career in Canada.

Tips to get a Job in Canada

The following tips will help a person how get a job in Canada from India.

Be Flexible

One needs to be flexible in terms of a job. One doesn’t need to get to work at their current job profile in their field in Canada. This is because some Canadian companies require work experience in Canada. So one should get any entry-level jobs in Canada for Indians and then gain experience for better jobs.


An applicant needs to learn about the place where they are seeking a job. Look at the types of companies and their requirement for new employees.

Build Contacts

To get the right job, one needs the right connection or network. Therefore, one should try to get contacts from different companies and contact them for jobs. Interact with HR consultants over mail to get a better idea of places in Canada with jobs offering a higher salary. Furthermore, one should also make use of online platforms to build connections. Platforms like LinkedIn and AngelList are some of the best options.

Prepare a Resume Tailored for Canadian Jobs

One should include all their skills and experiences in the resume. Look at the rules in Canada regarding the information that can be put in the CV. Salary, photo and personal details should not be present in the CV for jobs in Canada for Indians.

Optimize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform for professionals. These platforms are often used by recruiters to find the right candidate for the job. Make sure all the information presented in the profile is free of typos and grammatical errors

Find Local Employment Support

Local employment support helps people in getting a job in Canada. They provide one-to-one counselling on how to apply for job in Canada from India and other nations. Furthermore, they provide information on different types of jobs available abroad. These services are available to everyone for free.

Join a Mentorship Program

Mentorship programs are offered by the Canadian government as well as private companies. These programs are meant to provide mentorship during the job application process. They help applicants understand the requirements of different jobs in Canada.

Know about Different Canadian Accreditations

Many companies prefer to hire people with some certifications. So one needs to know about all the additional certifications that they need to be eligible for a job in their field in Canada.

Get Volunteering Work

Volunteer opportunities can help a person in getting the experience required for a job in Canada. Several companies offer volunteering opportunities and one can use them to kick start their career in Canada.

Gain Experience in the Home Country

Before applying for a job profile in Canada, one should acquire enough experience in that field. This will ensure that their resumes will get more preference over others in the sorting process.

List of Jobs in Canada That Have High Demand

The top ten jobs in Canada for Indian that are in high demand are –

JobsAverage Salary (p.a)
Web DeveloperINR 56 lakhs
Human Resources ManagersINR 72 lakhs
Electrical EngineerINR 75 lakhs
VeterinarianINR 78 lakhs
Human Resources and Recruitment OfficersINR 53 lakhs
Financial OfficerINR 57 lakhs
ProfessorINR 81 lakhs
Marketing HeadINR 1.2 crore
Aerospace EngineerINR 73 lakhs
Project ManagerINR 81 lakhs

Salary Source

Benefits of Working in Canada

Jobs in Canada for Indians entail numerous benefits. The following are some advantages that make a lot of Indians wonder “how to get a job in Canada from India”.

Universal Healthcare Program

Every working professional in Canada enjoys immense healthcare benefits. Whether a person is a citizen of Canada or not, they enjoy complete access to free healthcare.

Paternity or Maternity Leave Benefits

Canada offers generous maternity or paternity leave benefits to its employees. They can take a paid leave of 17 to 52 weeks when expecting a child. Furthermore, a person also gets a guarantee of re-employment after the leave.

Employee Benefits

One enjoys several employee benefits in Canada. Some of these benefits include Canada Pension Plan, Workplace Insurance, and Employment Insurance.

Low Cost of Living

With health being covered by the government for free, the annual expense of a person falls drastically. Moreover, the prices of food, gas and other amenities are quite affordable in Canada.

Gateway to Citizenship

One who has worked in Canada and has been residing in Canada for over five years can apply for citizenship. After getting citizenship, one enjoys several benefits offered by the government.

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Disadvantages of Working in Canada

The following are some of the cons that come with jobs in Canada for Indian:

  • The immigration process in Canada can be very challenging. Canada has one of the toughest immigration laws in the world. The minimum fee that a person needs to pay is 2 Lakhs to get permission to work in Canada for a short time.
  • The weather in Canada is not suitable for Indians. And in winter the climate is too extreme and most Indians haven’t experienced such an extreme climate ever. This makes it a bit difficult for newcomers to adjust to the climate.
  • Not every city in Canada is the same in terms of accessibility and availability of resources. Most facilities are limited to big cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.
  • The government of Canada has created too many regulations. This can be overwhelming for many Indians looking for jobs in Canada.

Key Takeaways

The aforementioned tips can answer the question of how to get a job in Canada from India. Keep all the documents ready before the application process for a smooth job-hunting experience. Furthermore, one also needs to follow all the steps mentioned to get a job in Canada for Indian. One can also seek help from different organizations in Canada to get a job. Gain proper experience and do volunteer work with companies in Canada. Moreover, one should join a mentorship or local employment support for proper guidance on the job application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can an Indian get a job in Canada?

One can get jobs in Canada for Indians by simply looking for job postings in Canada and applying for them. However, one would need to have a work permit to be able to work in Canada.

Do Indians Get jobs in Canada easily?

Yes, Indians can get jobs in Canada easily. All they need is a good CV and a decent academic record. One also needs some certification to meet the requirements of various employers in Canada.

How can I get a job from an employer in Canada from India?

To get a job from employers in Canada, one needs to collect all the necessary documents. Then they need to draft a CV showcasing all their skills and achievements. Upon securing the job, they have to apply for a work permit. And then they can go and work in Canada.

Is it easy to get a job in Canada?

Getting a job is easy in Canada as they have a decent employment rate. There are several companies in Canada and job openings are frequent. Furthermore, if one wants to get a high-paying job, one needs to complete certain certification courses to gain the necessary skills.

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