Diploma in IT (Information Technology): Detailed Guide

May 15, 2024
diploma in IT

Quick Summary

  • Diploma in IT a short-term program that gives students a thorough understanding and hands-on experience in a variety of IT concepts and technologies.
  • The program usually lasts 1-3 years.
  • Diploma courses are great for students who wish to start working soon.

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Since the advancement in technology, Information technology or IT has become one of the most popular career options. It has generated real competition in the field of computers.

However, a Diploma in IT can be a way for individuals to start their journeys. They can find many job opportunities in the public and private sectors. One can also find a high salary and scope in IT with experience.

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Diploma in IT Courses

A Diploma in IT is a computer course after the 12th. It lasts one to three years and focuses on computers, IT technologies, and applications. IT courses after the 12th also include topics like computer systems and their storage, recovery, and communication.

Students interested in pursuing computer courses after the 12th must fulfill the eligibility criteria of colleges. These criteria may differ for different colleges and universities. For instance, some universities intake students on merit while others conduct an entrance exam.

Students can also find many specializations to pursue computer diploma courses. They must choose one of these as per their requirements and preferences. Some specialized computer diplomas may also include the study of digital electronics, programming, mathematics, etc.

List of Diploma in IT Courses

Given below are some of the best computer courses after the 12th:

Animation & VFX

Animation & VFX is the most popular diploma in IT courses. It consists of parts of graphic designing chosen by many students.

It is a 1-year computer diploma with a focus on animation and VFX. Students can easily find these courses in and outside India. Anyone who loves art, sketching, and drawing their imagination can apply for this course. It is perfect for art maniacs.

Students who wish to pursue this course must have a knack for art and a creative approach. They should be ready to learn various skills to be good VFX artists and animators. They must be observant and notice all details.

After completing an Animation & VFX diploma course, one can find career options like:

  • VFX Professional
  • Animator
  • Visual Effects
  • VFX and Animation Teacher
  • Creative Manager

Web Designing and Development

Web Designing is the second most popular course in the computer diploma courses list. It is a short period specialisation in diploma in IT lasting from 3 months to a year. This course mainly focuses on creating and maintaining websites and web pages.

All the websites must get designed in a way that is easy to use and efficient. In web designing courses, individuals learn to make such websites. This course provides the expertise and knowledge to work on different software and design websites.

The scope in this field is high as almost all companies have websites. So, the area is full of job opportunities. Given below are some of the popular job opportunities after a Web Development Diploma in IT:

  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Layout Analyst
  • Web Marketing Analyst
  • Front-End Web Developers
  • UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer

Software Engineering

Software engineering is another popular diploma in IT specialisation. In this course, one can gain knowledge and expertise in computer languages. They can specialise in any one programming language and learn others too.

This course teaches students to create software and applications through building, designing and testing. Students can learn to build software that applies to different machines and devices.

Some job opportunities for students pursuing computer diploma courses in software engineering are:

  • Software Developer
  • Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • Software Tester
  • Database Developer

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most in-demand certifications today. It also provides in-depth knowledge related to digital marketing concepts that can help you get jobs at digital marketing agencies and with brands looking to build an online marketing strategy.

Some topics covered in the digital marketing diploma are:

  • SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • management of social media
  • marketing email
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Generation of lead
  • Analysis
  • Testing A/B
  • SMO
  • Management of brands

Some career options for students after pursuing this computer diploma are:

  • Digital Marketing freelancer
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Online Brand Manager
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO professional
  • SEO Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Trainer

Graphic Designing

A graphic designing diploma is also very popular due to the recent advancement in technology. Companies need websites, and websites need graphics to be user-friendly. It has made the field of graphic designing abundant with job opportunities.

It is the best computer course after the 12th, especially for art maniacs to use their talent. This course teaches practical skills in designing over theoretical knowledge.

Some popular job options for individuals pursuing graphic design are:

  • Graphics designer freelancer
  • Graphics designer in the Corporate team
  • Brand identity management
  • Printing Expert
  • Creative Head
  • Graphic designer (at publishing firms)

Mobile Application Development

The use of mobile phones and applications has been increasing every day. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are common apps used by individuals that are popular enough to drive one’s life.

A mobile application development diploma in IT is ideal for students for a successful career. It is a 6-month long course with a high scope after graduation.

Some career options for individuals pursuing a Mobile Application Development computer course after the 12th are:

  • Application Designing
  • User Interface designing
  • Application Developing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • App testing

CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting)

CADD is a subfield of engineering which teaches the drafting and design of materials and objects. It is specialised software engineers use to visualise and create 3D models on the computer.

A diploma in CADD teaches students how to use the platform. It helps develop and enhance practical skills and increases students’ knowledge of CADD. Students will also obtain experience in using AutoCAD and BIM.

Some career options for students pursuing a CADD diploma in IT are:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing or municipal offices
  • Production/construction setting

MS Office Certification Program

MS Office is the most used software application in today’s times. Some of the most used applications of MS Office are Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

With a diploma in MS Office, individuals can learn the fundamentals of Windows and MS Office. They also get advanced knowledge in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher. Along with this, sufficient knowledge about the internet and NTS.

Some command areas for which MS Office Diploma in IT gets used are:

  • Hospitality
  • Hotels
  • Institutions
  • University
  • Business

Hardware Engineering

Computers, laptops, and mobiles are some of the most common hardware used today. They have multiple functions, and a day without these seems impossible. So, they need to be in an inaccurate condition at all times. It makes hardware engineering essential as they create, repair and develop hardware.

Some job options after completing a Hardware engineering Diploma in IT are:

  • Service stations
  • Private computer firms

Difference between BSc in IT and Diploma in IT

A BSc in IT and Diploma in IT are two very different educational degrees. A bachelor’s degree is of higher value than a diploma. It lasts for a more extended period and provides advanced knowledge.

Diploma degrees are equally good. They provide sufficient knowledge for pursuing a profession in a subject. Typically, a diploma lasts for 12 to 18 months of full-time study. However, one can also find longer part-time options.

Diploma courses are great for students who wish to start working soon. At the same time, a bachelor’s degree is for students who need in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Both are great for students depending on their needs. Students may pick the one that suits their requirements and pursue it.

Jobs after Diploma in IT in India

Given below are the ten most popular jobs students can pursue after a diploma in IT:

VFX Professional

One can become a VFX professional after pursuing a diploma in IT for Animation and VFX. The salary for it ranges from INR 0.2 lakhs to INR 7.1 Lakhs. At the same time, the average expected salary is INR 3.0 lakhs.


Students can animate movies after pursuing a computer diploma in Animation and VFX. Consequently, they can earn between INR 8,000 to 15,000 per month as beginners. While with an experience of INR 25,000 – 40,000 per month.

Web Designer

Web designing is a new and upcoming career option in today’s time. Students can pursue this career after pursuing a Web designing computer course after 12th.

A web designer can earn an average salary of INR2,87,600 per annum. At the same time, the pay can range anywhere between INR 1,22,650 to 6,50,000.

Web Developer

A web developer is another popular job option for students pursuing a diploma in IT. One can easily earn an average salary of INR 3.0 lakhs per annum. But with experience, they can earn anywhere between INR 1.2 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designing is a great job option for creative people who love art. Anyone with a computer diploma in graphic design can pursue this career. The salary may range anywhere between INR 1.1 lakhs to INR 6.5 lakhs.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer is another essential career of today’s times. Anyone with a digital marketing IT course after the 12th can pursue this career. The average salary for this career can range between INR 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum.

Social Media Manager

Social media is the most used platform today, and anyone who loves it can manage it. Thus, the social media manager job is for any individual with a digital marketing diploma in IT. The average salary for the position in India is INR 4.1 Lakhs per year.

SEO Professional

Readers globally depend on blogs, and blogs reach them through SEO. Thus, SEO professionals are in high demand nowadays. Anyone with a diploma in digital marketing can pursue this career. The salary ranges from INR 1.9 lakhs to 8.9 lakhs per annum.

Application Development

Mobile phones and laptops get used all the time, so make the applications in them. And these applications are designed by application developers. Anyone with a diploma in IT or mobile application development can pursue this career. The average salary of an Application developer is INR 11 lakhs.

Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer makes, develops, and repairs computers, which are one of the most used devices today. Thus, the need for hardware engineers has been increasing. Anyone with a diploma in hardware engineering can pursue this career. They can earn an average salary of INR 8 lakhs per year.

A diploma in IT is an option for students with job needs and is one of the best computer courses. It has lucrative job options that are creative and innovative. It also provides them with enough knowledge to pursue a profession in the subject.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which IT diploma is best for the future?

No one Diploma in IT is preferred for the future. Students can choose any one of the careers given above and pursue them.

What is the scope of a diploma in Information Technology?

The scope of a diploma in IT is pretty high nowadays. After completing these diplomas, students can expect high salaries and stable jobs.

Which IT course is best after the 12th?

Students can pursue several IT courses after class 12th. They can refer to the blog for details. However, students must only pursue the courses according to their liking and preferences.

What can I do after my Diploma in IT?

After pursuing a Diploma in IT, students can go for Jobs in a particular field. They must go to many job-seeking websites and social media to find good jobs. They can also freelance in these fields and join many freelancing websites.

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