Statue of Unity: The Tallest Statue in the World

May 13, 2024
tallest statue in the world

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Tallest Statue in the World: Brief Overview

The Statue of Unity is said to be the tallest statue in the world. The Statue of Unity’s height is 182 meters (597 feet). This statue is sad to be the tallest statue in the world. It graces the picturesque landscape of the Narmada district in the state of Gujarat. The Statue of Unity is a tribute to a visionary leader and a symbol of India’s rich history, unity, and remarkable achievements in engineering and design.

Tall statues are architectural marvels and reflections of a nation’s technological prowess. The Statue of Unity’s height necessitated cutting-edge engineering techniques, innovative materials, and intricate design considerations to ensure its stability and longevity. Such feats of engineering demonstrate a country’s ability to push boundaries and transform artistic visions into monumental reality.

Historical Background of the Tallest Statue in the World

The Statue of Unity is a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, fondly called the “Iron Man of India”.

  • Conception (2010): The project to build the world’s tallest statue honoring Sardar Patel was first announced in 2010.
  • Construction (2013-2018): Indian company Larsen & Toubro began construction in October 2013. The statue took roughly five years to complete.
  • Design: Designed by Indian sculptor Ram V. Sutar, the statue stands 182 meters tall, depicting Sardar Patel’s role in uniting India’s princely states.
  • Inauguration (2018): Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Statue of Unity on October 31, 2018, marking Sardar Patel’s 143rd birth anniversary.

The statue’s intricate details and lifelike representation showcase the fusion of artistic finesse and historical significance.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the “Iron Man of India,” helped India gain independence and unity. Patel was born in 1875 in Gujarat. Patel displayed remarkable leadership and dedication from a young age. He was India’s first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs; Patel deftly orchestrated the integration of over 560 princely states into the newly formed Indian Union, ensuring a united and cohesive nation. The Statue of Unity, an imposing tribute to Sardar Patel, is a testament to his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to national unity.

Specifications and Dimensions of the Tallest Statue in the World

  • Height: 182 meters (597 feet) or 60 stories
  • Material Used: Bronze-coated stainless steel
  • Location: Narmada Valley Kevadiya, Narmada, Gujarat, India
  • Designer: Ram V. Sutar
  • Beginning date: 31 October 2013
  • Completion date: 30 October 2018
  • Opening date: 31 October 2018

List of Top 10 Tallest Statues in the World

S. No.Name of the StatueHeightCountry
1.Statue of Unity182 m (597 ft.)India
2.Spring Temple Buddha128 m (420 ft.)China
3.Laykyun Sekkya115.8 m (380 ft.)Myanmar
4.Vishwas Swaroopam106 m (348 ft.)India
5.Ushiku Daibutsu100 m (330 ft.)Japan
6.Sendai Daikannon100 m (330 ft.)Japan
7.Guishan Guanyin99 m (325 ft.)China
8.Great Buddha of Thailand93 m (305 ft.)Thailand
9.Kita no Miyako park’s Dai Kannon88 m (289 ft.)Japan
10.Mother of All Asia- Tower of Peace88 m (289 ft.)Philippines
World Highest Statue List

Brief of: Top 10 Tallest Statue in the World

1. Statue of Unity

  • Height: 182 meters (597 feet)
  • Location: Narmada district, Gujarat, India
  • Inaugurated in 2018, this statue of Vallabhbhai Patel stands as the tallest in the world. It commemorates the prominent Indian statesman.

2. Spring Temple Buddha

  • Height: 128 meters (420 feet)
  • Location: Lushan, Henan, China
  • This is the second-tallest statue in the world. It depicts Vairocana Buddha and is located in Henan Province, China.

3. Laykyun Sekkya

  • Height: 115.8 meters (380 feet)
  • Location: Monywa, Sagaing Division, Myanmar
  • Representing Buddha (Gautama), it stands on a 13.41-meter lotus throne. it portrays Gautama Buddha and overlooks the town of Khatakan Taung in Myanmar.

4. Statue of Belief (Vishwas Swaroopam)

  • Height: 106 meters (348 feet)
  • Location: Nathdwara, Rajasthan, India
  • The world’s tallest Lord Shiva statue features a 33-meter base.

5. Ushiku Daibutsu

  • Height: 100 meters (330 feet)
  • Location: Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
  • Crafted from bronze, it commemorates the birth of Shinran, the founder of Buddhism’s “True Pure Land School.” It represents Amitabha Buddha and is surrounded by a garden complex.

6. Sendai Daikannon

  • Height: 100 meters (330 feet)
  • Location: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
  • Depicting Kannon (Avalokitesvara), it was the world’s tallest statue until 1993.

7. Guishan Guanyin

  • Height: 99 meters (325 feet)
  • Location: Weishan Changsha, Hunan, China
  • Represents Guanyin with eleven heads and thousands of arms, symbolizing compassion.

8. Thailand’s Great Buddha

  • Height: 93 meters (305 feet)
  • Location: Ang Thong, Thailand
  • The largest statue in Thailand, this concrete statue of Buddha (Gautama) shines in golden splendor.

9. Kita no Miyako Park’s Dai Kannon

  • Height: 88 meters (289 feet)
  • Location: Ashibetsu, Hokkaido, Japan
  • It was the world’s tallest statue from 1989 to 1991 and ranks among the largest globally.

10. Mother of All Asia – Tower of Peace

  • Height: 88 meters (289 feet)
  • Location: Pagkilatan, Batangas City, Philippines
  • Depicting Mary, this statue serves as a significant religious landmark in the Philippines.

The Statue of Unity: Revenue

The Statue of Unity Revenue 2023 generates primarily through ticket sales for entry to the monument and observation deck. Although knowing exact figures is difficult, there are some estimates shared by various sources:

  • First Year: In its inaugural year of operation (2018-2019), the Statue of Unity collected ₹82 crore (around $11.64 million) from ticket sales.
  • Overall Growth: Since then, visitor numbers have grown steadily, except for a dip during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Record-Breaking Year:

  • Increased Visitation: In 2023, the Statue of Unity recorded a record-breaking number of visitors, exceeding 50 lakh (5 million) for the first time since its inauguration in 2018. This remarkable increase translates to a substantial rise in revenue from ticket sales.
  • Revenue Growth: While the exact 2023 revenue figures haven’t been officially released yet, news reports suggest it surpasses the Rs. 400 crore (approximately $50 million) mark accumulated from ticket sales between 2018 and October 2023.

Economic Impact:

  • Boost for Tourism: The surge in visitors to the Statue of Unity translates to a positive impact on the local and regional tourism industry. Increased revenue from the statue contributes to the development of surrounding infrastructure, hotels, and other tourist facilities.
  • Job Creation: The growth in tourism creates job opportunities in various sectors like transportation, hospitality, and retail, benefiting the local economy.

Facts about other tall statues around the world

  1. Statue of Liberty (USA): An iconic symbol of freedom, this statue in New York City stands at 93 meters (305 feet), including its pedestal.
  2. Christ the Redeemer (Brazil): Perched atop Corcovado Mountain in the place Rio de Janeiro is the statue of Jesus Christ. The statue reaches 30 meters (98 feet) in height and has become a global symbol of Christianity.
  3. Emperors Yan and Huang (China): This statue complex portrays two legendary Chinese emperors and stands at 106 meters (348 feet) in Henan Province.
  4. Peter the Great Statue (Russia): Located in Moscow, this statue honors Peter the Great and measures 96 meters (315 feet) in height.
  5. Awakening of the Dragon (Vietnam): At 67 meters (220 feet), this statue in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam, represents the Vietnamese dragon and is surrounded by a scenic park.
  • Monumental Statue: A large and significant statue often erected to commemorate a historical figure, event, or cultural concept.
  • Pedestal: The base or platform on which a statue is placed, providing elevation and often containing inscriptions or ornamentation.
  • Bronze-coated Stainless Steel: A composite material used in statue construction, combining the durability of stainless steel with the aesthetic appeal of bronze.
  • Panoramic View: A wide-angle view that covers a large area, often enjoyed from elevated locations like viewing galleries in statues.
  • Exhibition Hall: A space designed to display artifacts, information, or artwork related to the theme of a monument or attraction.
  • Vairocana Buddha: The central figure of Mahayana Buddhism, symbolizing the universal nature of reality and enlightenment.
  • Amitabha Buddha: A principal figure in Pure Land Buddhism, associated with infinite light and boundless compassion.
  • Gautama Buddha: The historical Buddha founded Buddhism, also known as Siddhartha Gautama.
  • Iconic Symbol: A widely recognized emblem representing a specific idea, culture, or belief.

The Upcoming Tallest Statues in the World

Move over, Statue of Unity! The Tallest Statue in the World might soon have a new holder. Buckle up as we explore the colossal contenders currently under construction:

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial (Mumbai, India):

  • Soaring to a projected height of 212 meters (696 ft), this monument dedicated to the Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is poised to claim the crown.
  • The design features the emperor atop a horse, with an elaborate pedestal and surrounding landscaping.
  • Its completion date remains under discussion, but it’s definitely one to watch.

2. Statue of Lord Ram (Ayodhya, India):

  • Situated in the holy city of Ayodhya, this proposed statue of Lord Rama, a revered figure in Hinduism, is expected to reach a height of 221 meters (725 ft) with an additional umbrella structure.
  • This project has generated significant interest and debate, with its completion date yet to be confirmed.

Beyond the Numbers: A Glimpse into the Why

The construction of these colossal statues sparks curiosity about the motivations behind them. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Cultural Significance: These statues pay homage to revered historical figures or deities, fostering national pride and religious identity.
  • Tourism Boost: These mega-structures have the potential to attract significant tourist traffic, boosting the local economy.
  • Symbolic Power: A towering statue can serve as a powerful symbol of a nation’s strength and heritage.

Looking Ahead: A Race with Uncertainties

While the competition for the tallest statue title is intriguing, there are also questions to consider:

  • Sustainability: The environmental impact and resource consumption of such massive projects need careful evaluation.
  • Focus Beyond Height: Perhaps the focus should shift toward creating culturally enriching monuments that promote historical understanding and artistic expression.

The race for the Tallest Statue in the World is a fascinating development, showcasing a confluence of cultural pride, tourism potential, and engineering marvels. However, it’s crucial to consider the broader implications of such projects and ensure they contribute meaningfully to the surrounding communities and cultural landscapes.


The Statue of Unity stands as a Tallest Statue in the World & the testament to India’s rich history, engineering prowess, and artistic vision. This record-breaking structure not only honors Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the “Iron Man of India,” but also serves as a powerful symbol of the nation’s unity. Beyond its sheer height, the Statue of Unity offers visitors a glimpse into Indian history, culture, and the dedication required to bring such a monumental project to life. As tourism flourishes around the statue, it has the potential to become a major economic driver for the region. The Statue of Unity’s towering presence serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the power of human ambition and the enduring legacy of historical figures who shape nations.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

Give the name of the tallest statue in the world and mention where it is situated?

The tallest statue in the world is said to be the “Statue of Unity”. This statue is located in the western Indian State of Gujarat. It is situated very close to Kevadia.

How tall is the Statue of Unity, and what is its significance?

The Statue of Unity is an engineering marvel at 182 meters (597 feet). It honors Sardar Patel’s efforts to unite India after British colonial rule, making it symbolic.

How has the Statue of Unity impacted tourism and local development?

The Statue of Unity attracts millions of tourists worldwide. Its towering presence and nearby educational and cultural facilities have made the area a tourism and learning hub. The statue’s popularity has boosted local infrastructure and employment.

Which is the tallest idol in India?

The tallest idol in India is the Statue of Belief, it’s the second tallest statue in India of Lord Shiva, located in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. It stands at a height of 112.4 meters (369 feet), making it the world’s tallest sitting statue.

What is the tallest statue in the world in 2024?

As of 2024, the tallest statue in the world is the Statue of Unity in India.

What is the 3000 crore statue?

The statue that cost around 3000 crore INR to build is the Statue of Unity in Gujarat, India.

Which is the second tallest statue in India?

The second tallest statue in India is the Statue of Belief, a statue of Lord Shiva located in Nathdwara, Rajasthan.

Which is the second tallest statue in the world?

The second tallest statue in the world is the Spring Temple Buddha, located in Lushan, Henan, China. It stands at a height of 128 meters (420 feet).

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