Which course is better- B.sc Mathematics or Bsc Statistics- Eligibility | Scope | Jobs


Education helps a person to grow their mind. One should always focus on knowledge. Therefore, this is a question on everyone’s mind. The time of choosing the stream is a very important one. The initials build your basics and then construct and define your future. Lucrative job offers awaits if you make a correct choice for education. Let us look in the differences between BSc Mathematics and BSc Statistics

Students who are good at numbers can opt for B.Sc in Mathematics or BSc Statistics. Many students might get confused while choosing as they seem to be very similar. But, they are very different. So, one should gain knowledge. For eg, eligibility criteria, scope & career options. Continue reading for both the courses.

b.sc statistics
January 8, 2022
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Table of Contents

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

b.sc mathematics

BSc Mathematics is one of the best courses which help you to excel in the field of mathematics. It is an undergraduate degree of 3 years offered by various colleges. This course is divided into 6 semesters. This program describe the root of math and logic. The subjects are Calculus, Real Analysis, Mechanics,  Linear Algebra etc.

Eligibility for BSc Mathematics

The student should have 10+2 with Science stream from any recognized board.

Admission procedure

The admission criteria differs from college to college.

  • Some of the colleges admit student on the basis of merit. But, every college has its own merit and reservation criteria for students.
  • On the other hand, some colleges take the entrance exam. Those students who pass the entrance exam has to appear for other rounds. Such as, Group discussion, Case study or Personal interview. Then, they are selected for the respective course. They check the overall personal abilities of the student.


After this, one can go for Master of Science (M.SC.), Master of Business Administration (MBA), etc. One should go for masters. They can employ in various fields such as Finance, Banking & Insurance, Risk Management etc.

Jobs for BSc Mathematics

b.sc mathematics jobs

One should be ready to implement their skills. Expertise brings a lot of benefits for an individual. Also, if one is skilled, then he can easily earn money. The average salary is 4-6 Lacs.  There are many profiles as below-

  • Research –

They provide solutions to the business firms from concepts. However, they also discover theorems of math. Also, they are employed in universities, research labs, companies.

  • Cryptanalyst –

The secure data like online banking, debit & credit card details, emails etc. However, he creates codes to protect the data from hackers. Therefore, these are employed in banking & insurance sector, finance institution, government sectors, etc.

  • Managed Network Expert –

Chegg provides an opportunity for the people to work as a Chegg tutor to help students. The salary is really great. You can apply here.

He plays an important role in the business. Banks, insurance companies, etc recruit them. Their work is economy study, and analysis to minimize the risk involved in any business.

There are many other roles in the area of interest.

BSc Statistics

Students having an interest in playing with the numbers should definitely go for B.Sc Statistics.

Eligibility for BSc Statistics

One has to complete 10+2 with Science with at least 50% Marks from a recognized board.

Admission Procedure

However, each institution has its own protocol for admission of students on the basis of Merit or Entrance exam.

  • Merit- Many colleges release merit and those with a merit can apply for the program. Some colleges also provide scholarships for the program.
  • Entrance ExamSome take entrance exam of the students for the institution. It may involve an online test. Students who cross the first level are then selected for the next rounds. Some give a scholarship to the top rankers for the course.

Subjects of B.Sc Statistics

This deals with data and numbers, connecting various figures of data. It is a semester basis course.

Scope of B.Sc Statistics

Graduates get a decent job right after their studies. So this stream fulfils this by providing many career options.

The primary recruiting areas are Banks, Educational institutions, etc.

You can read more in our article – Scope of Statistics.

Jobs for B.Sc Statistics

  • Financial Analysts-

Graduates can Work in the accounting department of a firm.

  • Subject Matter Experts –

Students can Work with companies like Chegg to help students study.

  • Data Analysts-

Students can work for preparing data for the execution of tasks in a company.

Everyone has a dream of working with a company. Therefore, this stream can land you a job in a company like- Federal bank, Cognizant, IBM, UBS, Infosys, etc.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, we can now know that either subjects are equally good. It totally depends on the individual how much interest one has in the chosen stream. Therefore, both the streams educate about the practical usage in the real world. It makes students ready to be a professional.

Therefore, B.Sc Statistics teaches probability and permutations. However, with statistics students can play with numbers.

However, B.Sc Mathematics teaches about the root of the math. And, also to find patterns in numbers to draw results. Also, it can lead to careers.

Therefore, it is all about passion and zeal towards the core concepts of any subject. Because, someone rightly said that “Passion driven minds create history”.

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