What to choose after 10+2- BCA vs BSc in IT?

What to choose after 10+2- BCA or B.Sc in IT cover
February 2, 2021
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Computers have completely changed our life. They have provided ease of life. Education in computers is important than ever. The IT industry is a growing industry and generates many jobs in India. Every student wants to become a part of this industry. The availability of such a large number of courses confuses children the most. A choice is there between BCA vs BSc in IT.

Key difference

The former focuses more on the application of computers and the latter to internet technologies. The latter is also more research-driven.

This article will help you make a decision.

B.Sc in IT

b.sc IT

It is an undergraduate course in IT. Also, It is of 3 years and thus 6 semesters. It focuses on the processing of data. Computer networks, software development, etc. are some of the subjects. The course also focuses on some of the hardware components.

Graduates with such foundation can do processing of data between different devices. This is a difficult course and offers a special subject in the last year. This course helps to gain knowledge and some research.

Why study B.Sc in IT(BCA vs BSc)

It can give you a great future. This course helps collecting, managing, and securing huge chunks of data. One can easily get a well-paying job in the IT industry. The salary might be between 3-6 lakhs but increases with experience. However, The government also offers various scholarships and jobs to B.Sc graduates in order to create a strong R&D sector in India.
It also enables a career in academics. Students who want to pursue an M.Sc in Math and statistics can also opt for B.Sc IT. M.Sc in Math and statistics can land you a job as a data analyst. It also consist of other subjects in various fields.

Scope of B.Sc IT (BCA vs BSc)
  • IT graduates go into other domains such as civil services, management and law.
  • The student may go into research after a post-graduation and PhD.
  • There are many businesses looking for IT experts. Companies like Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, etc offer jobs to them.
  • Some common job profiles are IT Support Analyst, Network Engineer, etc.
  • Banks hire IT professionals as well.

Bachelor of Computer Applications

BCA jobs

It is a 3-year degree spread across 6 semesters. Understanding the computer hardware is very important. It helps you get knowledge in software designing. Some of the common subjects are Discrete Mathematics, Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, etc. This course gives information in C, C++, and Java, etc. Hence, They can give different information in financial accounting and operations. BCA helps in creating website, cloud, mobile applications, etc. Topics from the math, material science, management help in developing reasoning.

Why study BCA?

There are a lot of reasons to consider BCA. Also, BCA is equivalent to a 4 year B.Tech in Computer Science. You can also earn data science and analytics. Moreover, BCA graduates can also go for MCA. It can lead to the overall growth of their career. Systems which require expertise in this field are replacing labour.

BCA graduates get INR 2.4-5 LPA in the beginning and it can get INR 3.5-8 LPA after 2-4 years. Moreover, Companies like LinkedIn have offered even 12 Lakhs p.a. It doesn’t end the chances of getting high packages.

Scope of BCA

BCA is good for positions in the corporate sector. The IT industry is high in India. Thus, the requirement for experts will two-fold by 2025. Today is the correct chance to consider BCA and turn into a specialist. Students can enter into testing, quality assurance, technical support, etc. One can find a job in even the Automation sector.
You can pursue an MCA which is a postgraduate degree of 2 years. It gives knowledge in the field of software engineering. One can also go for an MBA in Information Management. The career options after MBA Information Management are IT Manager, Business Development, Digital Marketing, etc.

What is a better choice between BCA vs BSc.

bca or bsc

Both degrees extend to quick advancing and well-paying employment opportunities, yet in certain particular zones. Both of these courses have their benefits. Students intrigued to have work in software or computer applications can decide to pursue BCA. However, Seeking a B.Sc course is generally useful for students who have a solid intrigue and foundation in Science and Mathematics. Also, Numerous corporate firms take in competitors who have a decent scientific background instead of application-based. In cases like these, students of B.Sc IT have great professional possibilities.

Students pursuing either BCA vs BSc in IT can parallelly become Chegg experts and earn approximately 30k-80k on a monthly basis. Hence, it is a great work from home opportunity, that can be easily managed, is available while you continue with your graduation. On the basis of the knowledge gained and what they study in graduation, they can be experts in subjects like Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics.

Final Thought

To conclude, BCA is a decent choice for students who wish to take a postgraduate qualification in MCA. Students who like database activities or networking can go for BSc IT. The students should realize their interests and then choose the course which they feel will be more beneficial for their career. B.Sc IT can be a better choice for those who want to make a career in academia or get into research activities. While those should go for BCA who are more intrigued by the software part of computer science. This is a significant choice, as it will, in all probability, reflect in your performance in the course. Recognize which part of computers do you like the most, regardless of whether it is application, concept, or theory, and choose accordingly. Meanwhile, you can also check our article on the best options on what to do after BCA.

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