Best Ways To Write Tell Me About Yourself Essay


It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. How you present yourself and what you convey about yourself for the first time makes a lasting impact on your job or internship selection process. So, it’s very important to choose the right approach. However, it gets even more crucial when it’s not a formal conversation like an interview, and you have to express yourself on a piece of paper. Yes, it’s when you have to write a tell me about yourself essay. “Tell me about yourself” is a simple question that can make even the most confident people get nervous. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about as it’s common.

However, if you don’t prefer interviews and answering such complicated questions, here’s an option for you before proceeding with the essay part.

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tell me about yourself essay
January 12, 2022
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When you have to write an essay about yourself, you’re in a dilemma about what to mention and miss out on. You know so many things and want people to know. But, the right way to put it out there is as important as having all those impressive qualities. So, this article will help you get an idea about a good essay on telling me about yourself for freshers. We will discuss how to figure out what is the most relevant content. And then how to jot it down into words in a systematic manner.

The Ideal Length And Format Of Tell Me About Yourself Essay

Usually, when asked to write an essay on this topic, the word limit is mentioned in advance. However, if that’s not the case, you should first see the requirements of your essay and the purpose. You don’t want to bombard the other person with loads of information. This can make them lose interest in reading your essay, leading to missing out on important points. Also, your overall impression might have a negative effect. Too much information may imply a lack of self-confidence and confusing nature for some people.

So, tell me about yourself essay is more complex than you think. But, don’t worry as we will be giving you some really useful tips not to make any major mistakes while writing your essay. Ideally, for an essay on this topic, a word limit of 500-600 words is sufficient to precisely mention everything.

The usual ‘introduction-main body conclusion format will surely be present when it comes to the format. But, since it’s about a person and not some incident or phenomenon, you can’t sharply bifurcate the information into these three parts. The flow of your content has to be gradual, and the transition between the previously mentioned parts should look neat. In addition, you should carefully choose the sequence in which you’ll be mentioning things like education, qualifications, hobbies, nature, additional skills, achievements, etc.

Now, let’s move on further into the details and things to keep in mind while writing your essay.

How Do You Start A Tell Me About Yourself Essay?

This one is the most important section of your essay as this part will decide the level of interest the person will have while reading it. Also, if you start in a manner that looks confident and pleasant to read, your initial impression will be positive. There are different ways to start off depending on the purpose (formal/informal), your preferred tone of writing (confident, neutral, etc.), or even how you are as a person. You will get it more clearly in the next part.

You can start with a quote or concept that you firmly believe in and stand by in your daily life. Then, you can relate it with yourself and how it makes you the way you are. For instance, you can write:

“Every person has a strength that sets them apart from the crowd. For some, it’s academics, and for some, it’s some art and skills. And when I talk about myself, my strength is that art drives my life. Be it in my free time or when I’m busy with my graduate studies, art helps me keep myself composed. Singing for just a few minutes makes me feel elated…”

And then you can build up mention what you’re studying and more hobbies you have, your job-related or academic/non-academic achievements, etc.

Another way to start is by formally mentioning your name, qualifications, etc., and then heading on to hobbies, achievements, etc. Regardless of your choice, try to sound confident and polite while firmly putting out your points.

How To Go About The Tell Me About Yourself Essay?

Well, you can find your way to go about it by understanding how you want your personality to be explained. One way is that you can cover all the important elements under different points or headings in your tell me about yourself essay. For example, you can fill in your content under these headings in your essay.

  • Introduction (Mention your name, age, qualifications, etc. in brief)
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Future goals
  • Personality traits
  • Strengths and weaknesses

These headings don’t have to be the same as above. You can decide what points to make and separate them into suitable sections. However, this is a relatively formal way to write an essay about yourself for freshers.

The other way is not to divide it into headings but to separate parts by paragraphs. While doing this, you can slowly cover topics that have some similarities or relationships with each other. For example, while writing about qualifications or academics, you can mention your achievements and areas of expertise. And then, you can club those experiences to justify your future goals and what more you want to learn.

Also, after you’re done writing about hobbies, you can mention the skills that you gained due to them. After that, you can mention strengths related to your work/ studies/ personalities and what made you gain them. Later, you can move on to mention your weaknesses or areas that need improvement in your personal or professional life. The strengths and weaknesses part of your tell me about yourself essay would be a good way to wind up your essay positively. It will imply that you are working on your weaknesses and maintaining your strengths throughout.

Major Tips On Writing Essay On Tell Me About Yourself For Fresher

Plan well, don’t overload.

If you want your essay to be received well, always take some time to plan it out in advance. This doesn’t have to be hours but just a few minutes. So, it would be best to decide the most important things that you can’t skip out on. And then, try to find a way to compress lesser important things with others or leave them out.

Don’t put too much content, and try to be as accurate as possible. Keep reminding yourself that you should only choose the things that describe you the best. This will help you remove unnecessary information.

Don’t sugarcoat

For leaving a good impression, people tend to think that only the positive things about themselves should be mentioned. However, it would be best, to be honest, and mention your weaknesses. This shows a person’s skill to acknowledge their issues and the eagerness to work on them. But, mentioning your weak points shouldn’t sound all negative. It should be written in a way that shows you know where you’re lagging, and you’re working on getting that better.

Also, in your tell me about yourself essay, NEVER lie about anything. It might land you up in great trouble later and may make your impression go bad. So, be clear, confident, and honest when talking about yourself. Trust me on this. You’ll impress them more with your honesty and self-acceptance.

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Say no to too much detail.

In many interviews and essays, a person’s views aren’t valued due to the volumes of unnecessary detail they give. So, refrain from mentioning everything about your family, city, education, etc.

Some people mistake mentioning their parents’ occupation and background, their school, college, percentage scored in exams, etc. Try not to mention all this information at the introductory level. This data won’t be of much importance to the other party.

Take care of the language, grammar, and punctuation.

This doesn’t mean that you have to choose the most complex vocabulary and heavy words. You can go all straight and simple with your language. However, it’s important to be careful about choosing the right kind of words in the right place. This will play a big role in determining the overall tone of your tell me about yourself essay. Also, try to make your grammar and punctuation as proper as possible.

Since all you have for expressing yourself is your text, the more polished ad flawless it looks, the better it will be received. Good grammar and proper punctuation instantly make your text look presentable and well-prepared. So, try to use the right grammar and punctuation in your essay.

Please don’t make it conversational.

Another common mistake in writing an essay telling me about yourself for fresher is making it conversational. Your essay should never look like you are talking to someone or giving a speech. That’s why, in the beginning, you must not use salutations like “good morning”, “hello”, “hi”, etc.

Furthermore, using words like “sir”, “ma’am”, “friends”, etc. for addressing the reader is also not advised. You should also not ask the readers any questions as there’s no way they will be replying to you. However, you can use rhetorical questions if you find them suitable for your content. Also, if you want to put in a question, it can be the kind that you answer in the next few lines.

That doesn’t leave scope for your essay to look incomplete. Finally, words like “bye”, “see you”, “thank you”, “take care”, etc., should not be used while concluding your essay.

Avoid making it complex.

Even if you have an exceptional vocabulary, it’s important to keep the reader or target audience in mind. So, choose words that would be easily understandable. Otherwise, people sometimes tend to guess or assume the meaning of complex words, which can go completely wrong.

Another thing that may increase the reading difficulty of your essay is very long and complex sentences. A reader’s understanding and interest can get lost while reading a too-long sentence. Moreover, if the sentences are long and spiralled up with various points, one may not draw out the correct meaning. So, keep the sentences short and put your ideas out directly to avoid confusion.

These were some of the most important tips that you need to keep in mind while writing a tell me about yourself essay. You can use our suggestions and examples to start your essay and frame it well per your needs. You can then refer to our tips and re-check if you’ve made any of those mistakes. We’re sure that you’ll create a great essay and a lasting impression!

How to start answering the question?

These are the things that you can mug up and say. Say something about yourselves, yeah, I know, but what?

  • Starting with a greeting helps gain confidence.
  • Then some details like your name, where you last worked or studied, and where it is situated.
  • Some strong but simple points about your personality help the job you will be doing.

The most important point is how to go further so that the interviewer remains interested in your story and your answer.

How to make the answer authentic and still job-specific?

Start from your past, cover the challenges you faced in your life and end up with the present, telling him why you chose the current field. Your story must be motivating, and the hero of your motivating story is you.

While telling your story, the most important point to remember is:

  • Job Specific.

Tell me about yourself when you answer the question. Tell me about yourself. You should only say what applies to you.

The interviewer asks the question and tells me about myself for a reason. The most important of all the reasons is how you are good for this job, why should you be hired?

Hence, while telling your story, you should include the parts that will help you in this job and make you a perfect candidate.

So, now you are getting why I asked you to think about how your job and life relate to each other.

Here the catch is don’t mug up, don’t. No one needs to mug up their life story. They know it. It doesn’t only help your life story seem natural, motivating, and authentic but also conveys your communication skills.

Now that you will be a hero, it mustn’t look like you are overpraising yourself. Because heroes don’t compliment themselves, their deeds do.

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What are all things worth mentioning?

Two points worth mentioning when preparing for “tell me about yourself” best answer for fresh graduate or “tell me about yourself”:

  • The point repeated – Authenticity

The interviewer has an experience that you won’t be able to beat. He will know if you are lying. So, don’t.

  • Mention only those points which you can prove with the help of your previous incidence experience.

E.g., if you say, “You are highly trainable.”

Then there must exist a supporting experience or incidence for the same.

When talking about skills, not personality traits, only mention those relevant to the current job profile.

Most important advice: try not to tell everything, have suspense, put blanks and gaps in your story wherever you can. It will help you trigger communication instead of one-way speech.

The interviewer will be interested in filling up the gaps, and so he will ask, and when he does, you will have two advantages:

  • You will know he is interested, and you can elaborate.
  • You bought time, and now you are the one who is running the interview.

When he asks you something related to your skills, you can show off your experience a little and even talk about the projects briefly that you have mentioned in the resume.

Here at this point, you are not only talking about the question “tell me something about yourself” but also other things too.

So you may be wondering, how does running your interview help?

How long should I take to answer it?

Mostly it is suggested that you should not take more than 2min to answer the question. But it depends on two factors:

  1. What is the job profile, and how much your life is related to it?
  2. How much is the interviewer interested?

  • If you feel like the interviewer is interested, you can go for more than 2 mins and
  • If, as discussed in the last part, you gain control, then your interviewer might ask many sub-questions related to what you are answering for the question “tell me about yourself”.

Otherwise, try to round up the answer in 2 minutes.

What would be the perfect ending?

There are two perfect ways to end it:

  • By saying a few last words on how you are a perfect fit for the job.
  • By telling what is different about their company that you like so much.

Pro tips

  1. You can also mention your plans, but remember those plans must be beneficial for the company.
  2. Keep it professional.
  3. Practice but try not to memorize your full answer.
  4. Go through your resume multiple numbers of times.
  5. Be polite, be confident and keep yourself calm.

Tell me about your example

Harsh Mehta, I’m 21 years old, and I recently graduated from University X with a B.Tech in Computer Science(If you are not a fresher, you might tell them about your last job profile). While there, I learned a lot of basic to advanced subjects like operating systems, data structures and algorithms, computer networks (say only about those subjects which you know, it is an opportunity for you, the interviewer might ask questions from these subjects) more. (For non-freshers, you can tell what all you have learned in your experience) I was also a part of the student council (you can say different leadership posts you have had or you have volunteered for some events or any sports or other activities you do and your roles. This again shows your ability to lead and teamwork) and maintained a CGPA of 7.6 (For non fresher your work performance).

I’ve tried my best to be a better version of myself during my education, and now I’m ready to apply my knowledge and experience into practice. (You can tell some strong personality traits and don’t forget to back them up with incidences and experiences. This is an important part of the question tell about yourself)

While I don’t have much real-life work experience, I have done some internships and did some projects (Here, you can talk about your projects and internships briefly and leave some gaps and suspense.), I’ve had a lot of exposure to the business environment. Many of my courses involved working with actual companies, professors and my aluminise to solve real problems.

(For the last point, a non-fresher can always talk about their real-life work experiences, internships and projects.)

(In last, you can say why you are a good fit or tell them why you would like to join their company, what makes it different. Whatever way you close, back it up with some reasoning, logic.)

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