How Can I Prepare For IAS or Civil Services Exam? - Ultimate Guide For All The Aspirants

February 3, 2021
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civil services exam

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Preparing for exams that have high competition can be difficult. But if you do it in the right way, you are good to go and give your best. The most important thing when we talk about upsc civil services exam preparation is the dedication, time and resources you put in the preparation. You have to stand out as a candidate to get a position in the government sector that a lot of people compete to get. To know more in details about the exam, read the details below.

What’s Essential for Preparation?

When you are aiming towards achieving something on a competitive level, the first thing you need to do is check what the requirements are, what the average marks are like, and what are the posts that you will end up having. Most importantly, there are certain resources that are needed for the students preparing for civil services exam academically.

Guidance is indeed very important but wrong guidance can be catastrophic. You need to be careful where you are getting information from and how accurate this source is. Coaching institutes are definitely a good way to direct your efforts in the way they are needed. But make sure that you have a proper recommendation and trust the institute you’re studying in. Consistent in the study, you will be able to know well how to prepare for civil services exam and get yourself a good rank.

The Process

Each step of the way through this preparation, you should be able to stick in the right way. This is important because your application is the first part of your success in a journey that often takes a while to complete. Studying is the most important but these small things make it much more convenient for you if you keep doing it properly. Even though preparing for the civil services exam is a long task, it needn’t necessarily be tedious.

Choosing a subject

You need to be very careful while choosing optional subjects. This is the only subject you get to choose and thus it can also be very scoring. Choose this according to your best skills and not in the pressure of anyone. Do not keep thinking how to score well, instead focus on putting your focus towards the right subject choice and how to prepare best.

Practical Application

One of the best ways to be good with the subject you choose and practice thoroughly is to have a practical application of the same. You can also earn money through this enough to make sizable pocket money while discovering how to prepare for upsc. Chegg India gives you a good opportunity for that by helping you have a platform where you can be a subject matter expert on the subject of your choice. All you have to do is answer questions about the subject you choose and get money accordingly. There is no restriction as for when you put the time, as long as you are able to answer questions correctly.

Make a Schedule

Civil Service Exam - Make a schedule

When wondering how to start upsc preparation, start here. Having a proper schedule with time restrictions gives you a certain kind of discipline that you will have to ensure to follow. This will not only give you a deadline to work with yourself but also act as incentives for breaks, give you a proper plan, and give you scope to cover-up or set buffer time. You can also prepare revisions accordingly and time yourself to mark your progress. It is crucial to accommodate lighter and heavier parts of the syllabus and spread them evenly.

Memorize Well

Having focus is important indeed, but you need to work on memorizing the parts as well. That is, obviously, the most important thing for you to do. But how to memorize is again a big question. There are several interactive ways including phonetics, breaking down information, and the like that determine well your progress and ability to memorize the most important information that you need while preparing for civil services exam.

Stay Active

It is important that you stay active. Most times when you are preparing, you keep sitting in one place and that will give your posture and body problems. You will tend to get tired sooner as well. Certain parts of your body including qualities like flexibility essentially depend on your movement for proper functioning and keeping the blood running in the body. Make sure you have proper exercise going on for you at least once a day during your upsc exam preparation to keep up with the bodily balance.

Be abreast with GK

It is quite essential to be up to date with general knowledge and current affairs when you are preparing for the exam. For this, it is highly suggested that you go through the newspaper at regular intervals and watch important news’ headlines. This will not necessarily answer how to prepare for upsc but essentially give you a methodology to cover particular important sections in the paper and prepare well for them with important information being registered at regular intervals throughout the preparation period instead of cramming it up all in chunks a few days before the paper.

Practice Writing

Civil Service Exam - Practice Writting

Writing subjective, long answers, and getting used to it might take some time. This might take a huge chunk of your time from your upsc exam preparation but it is a very crucial part of it. For this you should get regular with the input, keep writing, evaluating, and getting better at what you intend to convey. Communication forms a big part of the process and thus it is ardent you follow the process keenly. Eventually, you will not only be able to think clearer and convey better, but also put your answers down much more quickly and efficiently.

Tests and Mocks

Do not forget that tests are the perfect tool to keep your progress in-lin and in check. While you may not be always encouraged to spend too much time here, it is underlined that you keep checking yourself through this mechanism and take the tests honestly. If you truly want the answer to how to prepare civil service exam, it is necessary that you embrace the testing. Apart from that, mocks are, of course, the most important kind of tests. These check your overall growth because they keep into account the time limit, the answers, and the stress environment that comes along. It cannot be emphasized enough the role these mocks play.

Stress and Sleep

Civil Service Exam - Stress and sleep

You cannot just keep hustling and constantly google how to prepare for civil services exam in the best way. It is necessary to keep stress factors out of your life during preparation so as to have a good mental health that is focused. This is where sleeping properly is also of prime importance. Unless you give yourself the rest you need, you will not feel fresh and ready for the next task. It is not as simple as it sounds, yes, but the stress can really mess up with your head and sleep cycle. This will only end up affecting your study and you definitely do not want that.

Resting and Eating

While sleeping is a major chunk of rejuvenation, do not shun yourself from the outside world during upsc exam preparation. While it is understandable that social media, gaming, etc. can prove to be distractions, there are plenty other things that you can do to give yourself a breather. A simple walk, a calming chat with a loved one, or watering the plants are simple activities that will give you some time off the stressful conditions. You can also give some time to your hobbies, anything executed in limit under self-control will be alright. It is also important that you eat healthy food and at proper intervals so that your body gets the energy to work hard.

Retention and Co-Learning

After individual practice, which must be your foremost priority during upsc exam preparation, you should interact with fellow aspirants. You can help each other out in terms of clearing doubts, keeping a check, and discussing problems while learning or understanding methods of learning.

  1.  Keep making short notes or pointers while learning and share these with the aspirants and ask for theirs. This will help you prioritize the important things that one of you might have missed.
  2. Mind-maps and deconstruction help immensely because the input that goes inside your brain is not going in chunks of how to prepare for civil services exam but in smaller packets of retainable data of reliable information.
  3. Give yourself time to prepare so try working hard as soon as possible. You do not have to go through everything in detail. Feel free to skip topics or leave some to skim through later, but study well whatever you find most important and relevant.
  4. Effectively manage notes, books, tests, and old questions. If you take only one or two out of these, you’re gonna end up missing out on something that might turn out to be important.
  5. Memory tricks are indeed handy but there might be times where you need reference during upsc exam preparation. But for IQ and logical reasoning, you will have to grow from the very bottom.
  6. Apps and subscriptions will prove to be handy in times like these. Make sure your news source is correct and handy so that it is accessible. It will help make things convenient for you and save a lot of time.
  7. Develop understanding and opinion. While it is important to see the news for what it is, you should also have an opinion about certain things. This will assist you in subjective answers and develop a strong mindset to face the exam.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways UPSC exam preparation can make you feel. While there is no second doubt about the kind of effort it takes to clear and get a job through the UPSC/ IAS exam, there is a lack of understanding as to why they are tough. Most times when we talk about the exam, we consider a lot of different factors like the statistics of people who apply, the number that gets through, and the level of competition and the paper.

It can be really encouraging to do something you have wanted to do for a long time with the aim to succeed. But at the same time ‘how to prepare for upsc’ is a difficult question to answer even for those who have made it through the rush of the crowd. Thus, it will be helpful for you to learn practically, make use of the privilege you have, make your decisions for yourself, but most importantly, be kind to yourself in the process since you are the only one who is going to hold you through this and then, later.

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