Top Tips on How to Face Interview- Clear and Concise


We all feel stressed as we hear about INTERVIEW. Here are some easy tips on how to face Interview. The interview tips provided in this article will surely help you to remain cool and confident on every stage of your face to face Interview process.

Polish your interview skills

Face to face Interview is important to analyze the candidate who is going to join the organization. It highly depends on the job profile or the position for which the company is hiring. All the interview criteria and questions depend on the requirement of the company and the demand of the Job profile. Here, are some handpicked interview tips to help you on how to face interview and give your best shot.

Most of us always focus and prepare only the expected questions which the interviewer will ask and not on the development of interview skills. Dear readers, nowadays, the companies evaluate the overall personality of the candidate through their interview process, be it telephonic interview or face to face interview, and therefore analyze your potential. In conclusion, the place you come from doesn’t matter anymore, the only important thing is to carry out the interview successfully.

how to face an interview
February 4, 2021
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Table of Contents


Interview highlights at a glance

1.       Do research everything about the company- Its vision, mission, financial stability, products/services, recent news, etc.
2.       Do know your CV well
3.       Do carry multiple copies of your resume.
4.       Do make sure that you pronounce the company’s and the interview’s name correct.
5.       Do prepare some potential questions you think interviewer may ask.
6.       Do pay attention to what you wear and carry yourself.
7.       Do make sure that you are polite and honest.

1.       Don’t wear informal/casual/bright-colored/gaudy clothes for the interview.
2.       Don’t chew gums/candies during the interview.
3.       Don’t smoke right before your interview.
4.       Don’t show unnecessary signs of nervousness, like- drumming your fingers, swinging your leg, looking lost, etc.
5.       Don’t try to be someone you are not. Just be confident and honest about your answers.
6.       Don’t be aggressive or dominating about your opinions (at least pretend not to be).
7.       Don’t bad mouth other companies, even if it is their competitor.

Research about the Company, Industry and the Job

Lets do it.

Firstly, make sure you know as much as possible, so that you can impress your interviewer and show them how much this opportunity is important for you. Search everything about the company- it’s competitors, history, work, vision, financial stability, their business, products, etc. Study their website thoroughly. If the company doesn’t have the web presence contact the chamber of commerce and find out everything about them.

You can also take help from various websites who can how to face Interview you find all the information about the company, which can help you leave a long-lasting impression on the interviewer. Some of the best and reliable websites are: Reporting Accounts, Find the Company, Crunch Base, Etc. Moreover, these are available in both- paid and free version.

The information that you usually look for interview purpose can be the competitive analysis, litigations, international business news, company extensions, subsidiaries and more of the concern company. Usually this sort of information is available on the free version of these websites. Other sources include Google News and LinkedIn for authentic information about any company.

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Make sure your answers are clear and concise

Another important interview tip is to find out potential interview questions and prepare them well. Try to give more of positive responses to the questions asked by the interviewer.  For instance, make note of some challenging situations you have resolved not just at your workplace, also around you, however, make sure that they are related, hard and seriously challenging. However, you can quote your achievements and some situations where you significantly contributed to the success of the team but make sure you don’t come across as boastful.

Build a right resume

No matter what your qualification or experience is, you must always have an impressive resume to show off everything you have. Above all, it is very important to create a right resume considering the job description. In addition, you can try being as creative as you can, as this is the first thing which an interviewer will see. It must be excellent!

If you are not creative enough to create your own resume, you can take help of online resume builders, which can help you create a professional resume matching your job requirement. You can go for free or a paid version as per your need. You can check out some of the best resume builders suggested by most of the professionals: Zety Resume Builder, ResumeHelp, VisualCV, EnhanCV, ResumeLab. They will definitely help you shine among all the other candidates attending the interview.

Be thorough with your resume

Showcase that you know what the position entails, too. Remember all the qualities the interviewer is looking for and prepare yourself that way. Also, make it a point that you know everything in your resume. Write relevant information, never put fake or wrong information in your resume because if you got stuck it will have a negative impression on the interview panel.

The Interview Day- Things You Must do on The Day of Interview

Reaching right on time is essential!

Especially for your face to face Interview- try to show up few minutes early to the interview. This will showcase that you’re punctual and you really care about the opportunity. Remember, arriving late for whatever reasons creates a wrong image in the mind of the interviewer. For instance, if you rush in there just on time, you won’t have time to decompress and get into a relaxed state of mind.

Dress like a pro!

Avoid wearing bright colors and loud jewelry. Wearing a neat and clean formal attire to the interview is always a better choice in every business environment. Do not experiment with your hairs before your interview. Keep a clean formal hairdo with a perfect footwear to go with it. Pay attention to your hygiene too. Details matter!

Confidence is the key!

First two minutes of the Interview tells everything about you to the interviewer. Make sure they are sparkling and full of confidence. Prepare a nice introduction with some key points which defines you the most. Remember, your walk, eye contact, smile, your handshake everything matters. In conclusion, you just have once chance to create your impression, make sure it counts.

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During the Interview Skills

Tell your achievements

All the starry things you did in your previous organization while working with your team or individually. Tell them about your responsibilities and how to you brought some major change in your previous organization (If any). Therefore, you can also suggest some ideas on improvement, growth, strategy provided you have done your homework properly.

Try to make the conversation engaging and interesting so that interviewer remembers you

You can ask different work and workspace related questions, share your experiences and opinion on it. However, make sure you do not get so much opinionated and dominate the talk. Just keep it light and refreshing!

Don’t forget to thank your interviewer at the end, for his time!

Big No! Things you should not do.

  • Don’t Talk about something you don’t know about. Half knowledge is always dangerous. If you don’t know something, just say it softly.
  • Don’t show them your desperation for the Job. Just be interested about the specific profile they have to offer. Remember… Interested, not desperate!
  • Don’t say bad things about your current employer. It gives out a negative image of you and you surely don’t want that. If you are not happy with your current job or the employer, don’t say it directly. Come up with decent answers.

Gentle reminders

  • Positive attitude can take you places. Make sure you showcase your positivity in every step.
  • Don’t forget to do your 10 minutes mirror practice of the interview before you leave.
  • Just Smile, be natural and speak with confidence. Don’t try to be overdo or underdo anything. Just be yourself. If you feel lack of confidence or nervousness, just don’t think much. Try making it as smooth and clear as possible.
  • Work on your body language. It’s important – not just for your interview but also to boost your confidence generally.
  • Speak clearly. Give clear and direct answers to the interviewer without confusing them.
  • Put your phone on silent mode. Don’t divert yourself and talk sense. Above all, make sure you sit straight and look into the eyes of interviewer while talking.
  • Avoid getting personal with the interviewer.
  • And last but not the least of course- Remember, this is not the last opportunity for you. However, even if you are not selected don’t lose hope. Give your best every time and don’t forget what they say- THE BEST IS YET TO HAPPEN!

Hope this article helped you find answers for your question – How to face Interview?

All the Best Guys!  

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