Self-Introduction is Crucial To Crack Your Interview

March 6, 2023
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Every young professional and jobseeker wants to have the chance to get a better job. Employers like to compare all the candidates who apply for the job. After analyzing, the employer selects the right person for the job. A lot of professionals might apply for the same job vacancy. Self-introduction is one of the most important parts of the interview process. The candidate must prepare a brief self-introduction about their strengths and weaknesses. The self-introduction must include an overview of their personality traits. A good self-introduction should also mention the professional qualification of the candidate. An effective self-introduction would help in creating a positive first impression.

Self-Introduction Questions with Examples

Companies like to hire people who have a positive self-introduction during the interview. The candidate should be able to answer questions like Introduce Yourself or Tell Me About Yourself. The article presents a few sample questions that the candidate needs to answer.

1. Who are you?

As a (name of the profession/designation), I have worked on many projects that have helped me gain a lot of experience. I have a positive attitude toward my responsibilities and I try to fulfill the task within the required time frame. In the last six months, I have completed (the nature of the project) within the timeline provided to me. Due to this, the revenue of the company increased by (mention a number/percentage). I am a team player and can adapt myself to changing work environments. Additionally, I like to engage and discuss projects with my subordinates and colleagues. I also try to apply the feedback I receive and upgrade my working process. While working on (name of the project), I completed (name of the Diploma/Certificate course). This has helped me to gain new and updated knowledge required for the job.

2. Where are you from?

I was born in (name of the city/state). In (year), I completed my graduation from my hometown. After that, I applied to (name of College/University) to pursue (name of the course), for which I had to relocate to (name of the city/state).

I love my hometown and like visiting it at regular intervals of time. (Name of city/state) is a popular tourist destination. It is famous for its hospitality. The tourists can enjoy (name some places that tourists visit) and witness the rich Indian culture and tradition. The city also offers many good options for education, like (name of the well-known colleges and universities).

3. What is your educational qualification?

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in (name of the Stream/subject) from (name of the University/College) in (mention in which year). For my post-graduation in (name of the Stream/subject), I attended (name of the University/College) in (mention year) and won a gold medal in the same.

I was a shy and introverted school student. While studying for (name of the Stream/subject), I had to take part in inter-college quizzes and debates. They helped make me more confident and outspoken. I also learned the importance of communicating with my peers, which has helped me in my professional life. The post-graduation in (name of the Stream/subject) gave me a lot of exposure to the working culture in (name of the industry).

4. What attracted you to apply for this job?

After completing post-graduation, I have been working on live projects in the (name of the industry). While working as a (name of the position) I learned different aspects of handling and developing (name of the product/services). However, it is the right time to make a career change. The job description of the position offered by your company seems to align with my future career goals and aspirations.

5. How would you contribute or provide value addition to the growth of the company?

I have worked as a (name of the position) for the last 7 years. As an employee, I would be able to contribute to the company’s ongoing and future projects. While working in (name of the organization) I have developed two new (Name of products/services). This has resulted in a 25% increase in the profit margins.

6. Where do you see yourself five years from today?

My goal for the next five years is to get more confidence and experience in (name of the industry). For this, I plan to upskill myself by getting at least two (name of the certification) related to my job role. I want to use my experience and help the organization in creating a training program that would benefit employees working at all levels.

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Self-Introduction in Interview for Freshers

Some candidates might not have experience working in a corporate environment. Such applicants should be extra careful while giving a self-introduction in an interview. They can follow the below-mentioned sample to draft a self-introduction for the interview:

Hello Sir/Ma’am,

My name is (Mention your Name). I belong to the beautiful (Name of the City/State). I graduated from school and got a bachelor’s degree in (Name of the course) from (Name of the University) in my hometown. I shifted to (Name of the city) to get a Masters’s degree in (Name of the course) from (Name of the University).

I enjoy reading biographies and poetry books. Additionally, I write short stories, articles, and poems. I have published some of my poems and essays in (Name of the Publications/websites).

During my graduation, I worked as a President of the Debate Society and the Dramatics Club. As President, I led the debate team in various inter-college competitions. I also participated in many zonal and state-level debate competitions and won medals and certificates.

I am a confident person who loves to explore new avenues for learning and upgrading. My adaptive and adjusting personality helps me keep a positive mindset during challenging situations.

I wish to apply for the job vacancy as I have the same work ethic and morals as promoted by your organization. It is my belief that I would be a valuable addition to your organization as I have a zeal for learning and growing as a professional.

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Introduction for Interview for Professionals

Candidates who have experience working in a corporate environment must draft their self-introduction for the interview in a careful manner. During the self-introduction process, the interviewers would judge them on their confidence level. Such candidates should answer all questions confidently. Here’s an example for you:

Hello Sir/Ma’am,

My name is (Mention your Name). I have been working as Senior Manager in (Name of the Company) for the last ten years, where I joined as an Executive. During this period, I have worked on several projects relating to the handling and production of (Name of the product/service). I got promoted to the team leader position in the same organization. As a team leader, I handled a team of 10 people. I worked and implemented (Name of the service). This resulted in increasing the company’s productivity and generated a profit of about 30%.

I have developed and marketed (Name of the product/Service). Due to this, the company would earn a profit of about 32% in the next quarter.

As a Science undergraduate, I participated in several quizzes and exhibitions organized by the (Name of the society). I worked as the president of the (Name of the society) and have represented my college at (Name of the event), where I won a gold medal.

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Self-Introduction for Interview: Tips that you need to follow

While going for the interview, the candidates should clear all their doubts and appear confident. They must prepare to face the self-introduction in the interview. The interview introduction is one of the most aspects of the selection procedure.

Even the most knowledgeable candidate should practice for the self-introduction round. The practice would help them in facing their competitors. In the self-introduction round, the candidate must talk about their uniqueness. For the interview, there might be more than one interviewer. The main aim of the interviewer is to get information about the candidates not mentioned in their resumes.

Candidates must keep certain things in mind while preparing for the self-introduction round:

1. Preparation for self-introduction

They should write down the important points for the self-introduction round. By doing so, candidates would not miss out on any important information. They should do this a few days before the interview date to avoid any kind of nervousness. If one is a fresh graduate, they should write the self-introduction in fewer words. Candidates with work experience need to include all critical points. Some of the points to include in the self-introduction for the interview are:

  • Complete work experience
  • Summary of the educational background
  • Brief description of key responsibilities handled by them in their last job
  • Name of the extra certifications and diplomas and their relevance.
  • Reason for quitting the previous job
  • Future career and educational goals

2. Drafting a self-introduction

The candidates should draft a self-introduction to meet the job description of the vacancy they wish to apply for. If the vacancy is for the position of a manager or team leader, then the candidate should mention their knowledge of communication skills and leadership skills. They should highlight whether or not they have obtained some certification or training in that particular skill set.

3. Body Language

While telling the interviewer about themselves, the candidates must have positive body language. Body language plays an important role in knowing a person’s confidence level. It would give a positive or a negative impression of the candidate.

4. Formal dress for the interview

Candidates should wear formal clothes and shoes for the interview. They should wear clean and ironed clothes and polished shoes that are not torn or damaged. Those who do not come in formal clothes leave a negative impression.

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5. Punctuality

Candidates must be punctual for their interviews. They should reach the interview venue within the time mentioned in the job advertisement or announcement. Punctuality is one of the most important qualities of a good candidate. The interviewers might not hire a candidate who does not understand the value of time.

6. Documents needed for the interview

Candidates must bring all the documents and certificates that they need for the interview. While giving the self-introduction, the interviewer might ask for supporting documents.

The experienced candidates also need to bring records from their previous employers like:

  • Last salary slips of the prior employer
  • Joining and relieving letter
  • Experience certificate

7. Two-way communication

Candidates should make the self-introduction a two-way communication with the interviewer. They should wait for the interviewer to ask questions about the self-introduction. Doing so will help the candidate connect with the interviewer. That way, the self-introduction will not sound mechanical.

8. Add variety to the interview introduction

While giving the self-introduction, the candidate should mention facts that are not there in their resume. Since the interviewer has a resume, the self-introduction should have unique facts. Candidates can talk about their professional achievements in brief. In the self-introduction, they must talk about the lessons that they learned. They should describe how these lessons helped them to become better professionals.

9. Set out your goals

Candidates that have work experience should talk about their future goals in self-introduction. They should also mention how the job vacancy would help them achieve these goals. This would help the interviewer in knowing that the candidate is a good choice for the job. The fresher candidates can also talk about their future goals as a professional. They can mention the reason why they want to start their career with a particular organization.

10. Connect with the interviewer

The applicant should smile and maintain eye contact with the interviewer during the self-introduction round. Doing so would help them establish a friendly connection with the interviewer. Although it would not affect their selection, it will create a positive first impression on the interviewer.

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Common mistakes during Self-Introduction: 5 things to avoid

The candidate should give the self-introduction round the same importance as the main interview. Following are some common mistakes to avoid while giving an introduction for an interview:

  1. The candidate should not give a lot of personal details about their hobbies in the self-introduction round. They should not lose the professional tone of their language. Doing so might give a negative first impression of the candidate. The interviewer might feel that the candidate is not serious about the job vacancy.
  2. During the self-introduction round, the candidate should not mention untrue facts and figures, as it would make the interviewer feel that they are lying and unfit for the job. They should not make any random promises also.
  3. During an interview self-introduction, the candidate should mention their career goals and how they plan to achieve them. Those who are unable to do so would come across as confused and not career driven. Such candidates get a negative rating from the interviewer.
  4. During the self-introduction round, the candidate must also talk about reasons for applying for the vacancy. They should mention how they would add value to the ongoing projects. The interviewer should know all the positive and unique factors of the candidate.
  5. While presenting a self-introduction, the candidate should appear calm, composed, and mentally present in the interview. An absent-minded or non-interested candidate will leave a negative impression on the interviewer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I introduce myself during an interview?

Self-introduction is a great way to introduce yourself in an interview. You should talk about your strengths and weaknesses during the self-introduction. You should also focus on the reason that makes you a good choice for the job. The resume covers all the professional qualifications. But a good self-introduction helps you connect with the interviewer.

Is the letter of recommendation important during an interview?

A letter of recommendation by a former employer provides proof that the candidate is a good employee. But it is not a compulsory document for the interview process. If the candidate doesn’t have one, they can still talk about their skills during the interview.

Which is the best way to introduce yourself?

The best way to introduce yourself during an interview is through a brief self-introduction. This will help the interviewer understand the confidence level and skills right at the start of the interview. Make sure to keep this prepared before you take any interviews.

How can I introduce myself as a fresher?

While introducing yourself as a fresher, you may talk about where you come from and what your hobbies are. Don’t give too many details. Also, focus on the achievements during your education years. You should be vocal about your future goals.

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