Scope of Statistics- Earnings, Job Opportunities and Courses


It is the study of the collection and interpretation of data. It is related to mathematics because it has the study of probability. Probability is told how likely an event is going to occur. It is used for the interpretation of data with logic and research methods. Also, let us look into the scope of statistics.

Scope of Statistics

All countries try to improve their economic conditions. Therefore, they use the data available to solve the different problems. It uses price, time series analysis, demand analysis etc. Also, businesses deal with a lot of data. So, they use statistical tools to simplify the process and take decisions. So there is a huge career scope.

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So what are the jobs?

Firstly, you should look into the skills needed. Later, I will tell you about the jobs.

  • Strong Basics
  • Logical Thinking
  • Good in Computing
  • Updated on Latest Theories
  • Versatility

scope of statistics
January 21, 2022
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Table of Contents

Scope of statistics Courses in India

Certificate & Diploma:

  • Certificate in Statistical Methods
  • Diploma Courses in Statistics


  • Bachelor in Statistics
  • BSc-Hons in Statistics

Post Graduation:

  • MA-Master of Arts in Statistics
  • Master in Statistics
  • MSc-Hons in Statistics


  • Master of Philosophy in Statistics
  • D. in Statistics

Eligibility Criteria 

  • 12th with subjects like mathematics, statistics or economics
  • Bachelor’s degree in statistics for master’s degree
  • You also need to clear different entrance exams

Some Alternative courses after Graduation

  • Data Science
  • Actuarial Science
  • Finance
  • Economics

Job Description and scope of statistics

  • Collecting the data
  • Finding out ways of collecting data
  • Applying tools to solve problems
  • Writing reports
  • Presenting findings to managers

What are the jobs?

Well, for jobs there is a huge scope:

Data Analyst

They need to analyze all the types of data in an organisation. Hence, Then give solutions to improve the efficiency of an organization. For example, you need to find out ways to make the organizations more profitable. You also need to conduct a market study to know about the current market scenario.

Business Analyst

They analyze different business domains. They maintain the operations and assess the business model with the latest technology.


He analyzes data to design surveys experiments and to solve real-world problems. Also, One needs to predict and forecast values using the data.

Financial Analyst

He manages accounting information. Thus, They advise an individual/ firm. Financial analysis using statistical tools become the ground for stock prediction, equity research, etc.

Market Research Analyst

They analyze the current market trend and examine the product or service’s potential. Therefore, they find the answers to the questions like- what products people want, who will buy them, at what price etc.

Data Scientist

They design and invent new approaches to information systems and computing technology. However, You will have to analyze and solve complex problems. You need to take raw data and organize them in a structured format. Also, find the solutions to a business problem so that the business can work easily.

Actual Analyst

They need to analyze the potential financial risks and the cost of that risk. Hence, This forms a firm grounding for the insurance and risk sector.


They use existing and new principles to develop new models. Also, it is to make business decisions and develop new strategies.

Operations Research Analyst

Their job is to keep the business profitable. Thus, they give key solutions to the decision-makers of the company.

Content Analyst

They need to audit and evaluate content based on the reader’s data.


He needs to analyze data from the samples of a living being in the medical research labs. Also, he needs to execute research processes.


They will have to deal with employment rate, inflation, GDP, etc. However, This help to take major decisions for organizations.

What is salary and the scope of Statistics in India?

The salary depends on the organization and industry you join. You can also look for jobs in the Technology industry due to the introduction of IT tools. The industry is growing at a really fast pace, so that you might get great jobs. However, The Banking sector is also growing. Therefore, This growth has created a demand for skilled people in Finance and Statistics.

But, It’s not the end.

Thus, there are two more options apart from these, which you can also choose from:


You can become a teacher in math or economics. Also, You can always choose this as an option if you like teaching. It would be best to appear for Eligibility Tests to become a lecturer/professor. The UGC organizes NET, and the State Government organizes SET. You can join either as either a full-time professor or an assistant professor.

Business/ Start-up

You can always start your own company. It would be best if you had a good team, plan, capital etc. Also, you need to know about Marketing, HR skills, technical skills, etc. You need to have leadership skills. Doing a business is a difficult option with great risk. You may or may not succeed. But if you succeed, you will reach heights that you can’t reach by any of the above options.

Do you want to earn money while pursuing one of the above career options?


Statistics part time jobs

You can sit back home and become a private tutor. Chegg India offers an online tutoring platform for you to teach and earn. You can also join as a Subject Matter Expert to answer questions asked by students on the Question & Answer board. Hence, You’ll get paid for each answer every month. So at the end of a month, you can easily earn Rs 30,000 – Rs 50,000 or even more. The subjects available for you are Economics, Advanced Mathematics, Management Mathematics, etc. You need to test your chosen subject and pass with 60% marks. You will also need to clear the guidelines test. Hence, You can enrol yourself as a subject matter expert.

Part-time Jobs

statistics jobs in India

You can join for a part-time role in the backend for new companies. Also, For companies that cannot afford to hire full-time employees. You will need to perform all the basic aspects of statistics, like- finding ways to collect and analyse the data and then using tools to make reports and present them to the seniors. Also, You will get corporate exposure through part-time jobs.

Final Thoughts

It is a vast area of study and has huge options.

Therefore, I hope you must have got a fair idea about the scope. These were some of the questions. What are the career options? What are the various courses in India? And what are the jobs?

Companies are looking for people to get better insights into the data. However,  everything has its pros and cons. Thus, make an informed decision that you will be later proud of.

Last but not least- good luck with your career.

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