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November 23, 2023
scope of sociology

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Sociology studies the causes and effects of human conduct with critical analysis and empirical research. It looks into social interaction, cultural aspects of daily life, social status, and religion. The scope of sociology is society.

Sociologists study human relations within groups. They use this to assess social activity and bring reform. Let’s discuss the scope of sociology.

Nature of Sociology

It is a science

It is an independent science. The research is not abstract like history. It has a distinct field of study and methods. The sociology scope in India includes a lot of fieldwork.

It is a descriptive discipline, not a normative one.

It only comments on the state of society. The subject stays mute on the issue of value and does not make value judgments. Its stance is not moral or immoral. It is amoral or neutral.

It is an abstract rather than a concrete science.

It goes beyond studying society and analyses the social structure. But it also looks at aspects like marriage, faith, groups, etc. Hence, this is an abstract science, not a concrete one.

Scope of Sociology – Courses

Many colleges offer a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology. Students can pursue it after completing their 10+2 education. Don’t forget to go through the eligibility criteria before applying.

Do you want to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in this subject?

Given below is a list of the top colleges for studying this subject in India. They also offer a Master’s or other advanced Degrees.

Delhi University, Delhi

This is a centralised university. It is the best option in India for Social Sciences. It has reputed colleges like St Stephens, Miranda House, Hindu, etc. These offer a 3-year BA (Hons) course in Sociology and Social Work. DU also offers Master’s courses in the former.

Aspirants must clear the Common University Entrance TEST (CUET) to study here.

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi

JNU houses the intellectual minds of the country. The courses available here are at the Master’s level. It has a dedicated Centre for the Study of Social Systems. It offers MA and PhD programs. These aim to craft experts in research and analytical methods.

Graduates of JNU are sought after for roles in this field and Social Work. Admission requires clearing an entrance test.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

The Tata group has been running this institute since 1936. It is the oldest institute for social work education in Asia. It offers B.A., M.A. and PhD courses. These are available in various fields like Social Work, Anthropology, etc. TISS Mumbai and Guwahati offer these courses.

Jadavpur University, Kolkata

One of the most famous institutions in the country, it was established in 1955. It ranked 4th in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranking in 2022. The Dept of Sociology here is known for its research. Students can pursue Master’s, M.Phil., and PhD here. They can learn so many things.

How Is Sociology Useful in India?

This subject deals with the world’s issues. It guides us to become what we want to be.

This subject is beneficial due to the following reasons:

It is the scientific study of society

Making progress in social life needs the study of human behavior.

It studies human beings as people in society

It studies humans as a social species. The sociology scope also includes studying why we thrive as groups. It examines the relationship between a person and their group.

It improves one’s social life

It makes society more aware of social issues. It strives to reform social groups and their roles. This helps us to live a better social life.

It is crucial in solving societal issues

It finds out about social issues using research methods. It then develops solutions for them. It enables the government to enforce its social policies.

It aids in working with deviations in human behavior

Crime, mental illness, etc., are deviations in human behavior. These are hence societal issues. Sociologists make attempts to reform these segments. The shot focuses on making them contributing members of society.

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Scope of Sociology within India


NGOs and other non-profits do humanitarian work. They seek social workers to help them in achieving their goals. They work for the benefit of society.

As social workers, one can work to remove social problems. These can be drug abuse, mental health issues, poverty, etc. They can also work as researchers. They can use their knowledge to design NGO support schemes. These ensure social security and welfare. They also uplift society as a whole.

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Law Firms

Law and Sociology are interwoven. The latter is a part of many law colleges’ syllabi.

Sociology scope focuses on society. But within society, people are bound by laws that control their behavior. Thus, it helps the law have a grasp over society.

The formation of laws also depends on society’s needs. Sociologists often work for law firms as subject matter experts.

International Organizations

International bodies like UNESCO, UNICEF, and WHO work with local bodies. They want people at the ground level working for social benefit. India also elects people to work for them in other countries.

Sociologists can help with the social responsibilities of international corporate firms. They do this by curating their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Survey-conducting Companies

These companies conduct social surveys on a large scale. Those fluent in the local culture are suited for this. They can connect with people to carry out such surveys. A similar job to this role is of a Market Research Analyst. They help companies to realise what products and services people want. They also identify consumer trends to set selling prices.

Media Research Houses

Sociologists in media research houses study the effects of mass media. This research adds to their social experience. It is concerned with mainstream media’s impact. It explores how media controls the transfer and access to information.

Sociologists use rational and qualitative methods to build media theories. They study how media and social structure are related.

Urban and Regional Planning Bodies

Sociologists are vital for urban planning. They deal with social realities with their knowledge and tools. They can collect and present information gained here in lucid terms. They also work with urban administrative planners to improve public infrastructure.

Public Health Companies

Sociologists are helpful in the public health sector. They study inequality, poverty, and power imbalance. Sociologists also help spot social variations in illness and health status. They then prepare frameworks to make healthcare available to everyone. The scope of sociology in nursing is also wide.

Recent trends in public health research have opened up more job options. Insurance providers also often hire graduates from this field.

Rehabilitation Centres

These centres rehabilitate survivors of drug abuse, child abuse, etc. They need social workers to help them. Children, women, the differentially abled, and senior citizens are the main focus. Sociologists can work as counselors in government rehab centers to help children and adults.

HR Coordinator

Sociology graduates have great interpersonal skills. Their education qualifies them for HR jobs. Job roles can vary from hiring, training, safety, etc. HR personnel gives info about benefits offered by the company. They also handle the relevant paperwork for these processes.

Criminal Justice

Criminal sociology is a novel career. It studies how this subject is linked with criminal behavior. Jobs include legal advisory, community development, prison officers, etc. Social workers also run various prison reform programs. They work with criminal psychologists to run such programs.


Many schools and universities teach this subject. Thus, teachers, professors, and lecturers of this subject are in demand. Aspirants can get a UG degree in this topic and a B.Ed. the degree to teach it in schools. They can also do an M.A. in the subject and then a Ph.D. Then, they can become an assistant professor or lecturer in colleges.

Administrative Service

Sociologists aid public administration by advising on public policies. Sociology uses varied research to examine public reality. Hence, sociologists can make out what people expect from public policy and improve the administration. This subject helps people reform the current social structure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the meaning and scope of Sociology?

Ans. Sociology is the systematic and organized study of groups. Its scope extends to social structures, relationships, and institutions. It also includes elements of cultural development. Sociology’s Scope as a profession is wide. It includes:

  • NGOs
  • Law firms
  • International organizations
  • Survey-conducting companies
  • Media research houses
  • Urban and regional planning bodies
  • Public health companies
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Criminal justice

Q2. What is the Scope Of Sociology in India?

Ans. The sociology scope in India is large. It has good research and career opportunities. Graduates can work for firms, non-profit organizations, schools, legal firms, etc. The subject is an application-based science. So, it can benefit many fields.

Q3. Is Sociology a good career?

Ans. Sociology-related careers in India are on the rise. Students also enroll in higher studies due to its wide scope. They can also get Sociology jobs in MNCs with ease. There are opportunities to study and work abroad as well.

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