Interview Questions for Freshers- A success guaranteeing guide


Nowadays, students are more concerned about their future and future jobs. Not only students but everyone wants a good job to fulfil future dreams. A good job can secure your future. So it’s an important factor in everyone’s life to secure a good job. Because a good job can lead you to a healthy and joyful lifestyle, everyone has their own choices and field of interest. Some of you want to secure a Government Job, some of you want to work in Private Companies or work in different fields. So all are concerned regarding their placements and jobs. There are many job opportunities available in India you can choose according to your field of interest. But one thing that is common in maximum jobs is an interview process before getting a job. Interviews play a vital role in your selection. There are some common questions that recruiters ask in every interview. To crack any interview, you should also know these common interview questions for freshers and experienced. So in this article, we will mention some common interview questions for freshers to get a job. 

interview questions for freshers
January 14, 2022
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Table of Contents

What is an Interview? Interview questions for Freshers

An interview is a selection process designed to predict future job performance based on the applicant’s oral responses to oral inquiries. Nowadays, in most job cases, interviews are mandatory. You have to clear the interview round for getting the job. But in many companies, they only select the candidates through interviews. So the interview is this much important for you all. Many students find it difficult because they don’t have any proper guidance. So here I will mention some common questions for an interview that will help you. Interviewers ask these questions to check your personality, to check your mental ability.

Moreover, they wanted to know you. Sometimes they also try to confuse you by asking different types of questions. But in this article, I will mention all the common interview questions for freshers that can be asked in an interview. So if you read all these then definitely you will feel confident. 

Types and Stages of an Interview  

There are some different types of interviews you need to know. Like- 

One-to-one interview– In one-to-one interviews, the interviewer meets one candidate at a time. And ask questions related to the company, job role, etc. 

Panel interview– A panel interview is also known as a board interview. A team of interviewers conducts this type of interviewers. They examine one candidate at a time, ask questions, and then combine ratings into a final score. 

Mass or Group interview– A panel interviews several candidates together in a mass or group interview. The panel gave them a problem question to solve, and according to their oral answers, they shortlisted a few candidates for further process. 

Phone interview– Some companies also conduct phone interviews. They ask questions to the candidates through phone calls or video calls. 

There are some stages also in an interview like- 

Group Discussion– After clearing your written exam in many jobs, you must appear for a group discussion round. In this round, you have to compete with several candidates at a time. Some jobs didn’t conduct this round. They only conduct HR interview rounds or Technical rounds. 

HR Interview– This is the main part of an interview. In this round interviewer ask questions more related to yourself to check your mental ability. Moreover, they observe you. So in this round, you can impress the recruiters by answering the questions smartly and properly. This article will mention all these common interview questions for freshers and experienced that can ask recruiters. 

Technical interview– Many jobs also conduct technical interview rounds after clearing the HR interview round. Here interviewer will ask you about your subject knowledge your skills-related questions. Some jobs didn’t conduct technical interviews. They only judge the candidates based on HR interviews. 

Some Common Interview Questions for Freshers 

Tell me about yourself 

This is one of the first questions that a recruiter may ask. So it would be best if you were prepared to talk about yourself. Try to answer the question without giving too much or short personal information. Moreover, you have to introduce yourself to the interviewer nicely and impressively. You can start by telling where you are from, your schooling, your higher studies, any achievement of yours, skills, and then your hobbies. So this is a proper way to introduce yourself to anyone. You can apply it. 

Why do you want this job? 

The interviewer can ask this question next. The first thing you need to do before appearing for the interview is read the job description and your role. So you can answer according to your words like- you are interested in the job role, and you can tell about the company you want to work here, or you are very determined to get this job. 

Why should we hire you? 

This is a basic question. Every interviewer asks this question to the candidates. You can answer these questions by telling them about your qualifications and skills. All the qualities they need for the job role you have all. Also, tell that you are confident, determined, and punctual towards your work. So basically you need to tell your skills required for the job. 

What is your greatest strength? 

This is one of the common interview questions for freshers. Here you have to answer a little smartly. You can tell about your strengths which are related to the job. Like you can tell you are a good team manager, you can learn things easily, have a strong mental ability, take decisions wisely, work timely, determined towards work, or anything you can tell which is your strength. So it would be best if you discussed the attributes that qualify you for the job. 

What is your greatest weakness? 

This is also one of the common interview questions for freshers. It would be best to answer this question around positive aspects of your skills abilities as an employee. You have to tell your weaknesses as strengths. This question-answer can prove how smart you are and you are the right candidate for the job. 

What is your salary expectation? 

Interviewers ask this question to check your confidence and your demand. You can answer this question by telling your desired amount as an employee. Or you can answer smartly in your own words. Just be confident. 

What are your goals for the future? 

This is another common interview question for freshers and experienced. Interviewers ask this question to check your determination desire. How far you want to see yourself grow and how you will help the company grow. So it would be best if you told the interviewers you are determined to fulfil your goals, also tell them about your future goals. You have to tell the interviewers that you will put your 100 percent to grow the company further. 

Why did you decide to apply to this role? 

This is also a common interview question everyone asks. To answer this question, you need to tell the recruiter about your skills and specialities, abilities, and any special subject knowledge that is most reliable for this job. So you have to prove to yourself that you are the right candidate for this role and whatever qualities they are looking for, you have all. All your skills are related to the job role and interest in this field. It will create a great impact on the interviewers. And enhance your chances of selection. 

Some common Interview question and answers for Experienced 

Why did you leave your previous position? 

This is a question that you should approach with caution. Avoid statements like “I need more money” or previous disparaging jobs. Alternatively, you may say- It’s a career move, sir. My previous employment taught me a lot, but now I’m seeking new challenges to widen my horizons and develop new skills. It would be best if you answered smartly. 

Tell me about your past job role? 

If you are experienced, you can expect this question from the interviewer. So you need to tell them about your previous job role. What was your work in past companies or how you handled work? The interviewer wants to know your workability, how you performed in past jobs, etc. So it’s a good chance to impress them by answering the question properly. 

What projects have you done? 

This is also a common interview question for experienced. You need to mention all the projects you have done in past companies and explain briefly. You can also highlight some of your special ideas regarding the projects. 

Assume you are hired, how long would you expect to work for us? 

This is also one of the common interview questions for freshers and experienced. Interviewers often ask this question to candidates to check their motives. Either they want to work for too long in the company and help it grow or quit. So you have to answer this question on a positive note that you want to work for a long term considering your future growth and job satisfaction. 

What are your achievements in life? 

It is also one of the common interview questions. You have to mention here only work-related achievements. You can mention any achievements from your past works. Also, you can mention any big projects you have done or related to work anything. Remember, don’t lie because the interviewer can ask questions related to your achievement. 

How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10? 

This is an important interview question interviewer may ask. It would be best if you rated yourself according to your work, your learning ability, your dedication, all. So you can rate yourself as per your thinking and explain why you are rating this. And also, mention the parameters on which basis you are rating yourself. 

Some Interview Tips 

  • The most important thing is to understand the company’s needs what they are looking for in a candidate. So it would be best if you prepare yourself according to the company’s demand for the job role. 
  • Remember that you must have good communication skills because it is very important for any job role. 
  • Then try to answer questions related to your skills and ability. 

  • Stay positive and confident and build a connection with the interviewer. 
  • Be formal and maintain eye contact with the interviewer. 
  • The most important thing is to read about the company and your job role. Then try to answer the questions according to them. 
  • One more important thing before appearing for an interview you have to make a good resume. It would be best if you made the resume to mention all your academics, skills, achievements, projects. 
  • Lastly, always be on time and maintain your body language. And feel confident. 

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If you are a student or anyone preparing for any job, then interviews play an important role in your selection. So in this article, I have mentioned some common interview questions for freshers and experienced, which may ask recruiters in interviews. So before appearing in any interview, you should read all these questions. It will help you feel confident in the interview and help you increase your chances of selection. So to get selected in an interview is not a hard task. You need to know some basic ideas.

Most importantly, you have to answer the questions smartly and properly. Also, try to answer the questions more related to your skills and ability and impress the interviewer. So this article may help you to enhance your chances of selection. 

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