List of Humanities Subjects and Course Details for 2024

May 15, 2024
humanities subjects

Quick Summary

  • Humanities stream is excellent for students with theoretical bent of mind.
  • History, Political Science, English/Hindi, Geography, and Computers are the mandatory subjects in the CBSE Class 11 Humanities Stream.
  • This stream allows you to develop great oral and written communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving, as well as analytical reasoning along with various job opportunities.

Table of Contents

Humanity is a broad field. It covers a wide range of disciplines and subject areas. People tend to wonder, “What is humanities subject?” Humanities is about understanding the world and the place of humans in it. It also helps us in developing skills, cultural literacy, and empathy.

Humanities offer something for everyone. You can choose it if you want to explore great literature and art. One can learn about the complexities of human thought and culture. It also teaches students about events and people that have shaped our world.

This article provides a list of humanities subjects. Course details for 2023 are also covered. Information about career paths you can choose after studying humanities subjects is included.

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List of Humanities Subjects 2023

The following are some humanity stream subjects you can choose from in 2023.

1. Economics

  • Economics can be considered a part of social science.
  • One can learn how the distribution of goods and services works.
  • Students learn how entities use resources and how these choices impact price.
  • Economics is one of the most important subjects in humanities.
  • It imparts knowledge about the macro and micro economic factors.
  • Economics is a vast field.
  • It discusses the production and distribution of goods and services.

2. Psychology

  • Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour.
  • It studies how people think, feel, and behave.
  • Although a part of natural science, psychology is also a subject in the humanities stream.
  • Psychology deals with human conditions.
  • It studies how people develop and change over time.
  • It also talks about how people perceive and interpret the world around them.

3. History

  • For some, history can be boring as a subject; for others, it can be most interesting.
  • History shows how humans and society evolved to reach where we are today.
  • It is one of CBSE 11th arts subjects.
  • History shows the evolution of mankind, which includes the creation and destruction of empires.
  • It is a humanities subject because it deals with the human experience.
  • This subject teaches about the forces that have shaped societies over time.

4. Geography

  • Geography teaches us about the earth’s surface.
  • Through this, students can learn about natural resources and how they affect the earth’s well-being.
  • It is a broad field that includes physical and human geography.
  • Geography is an interesting humanities subject that deals with questions about the human condition.
  • Through this, students can learn how people adapt and use resources.

5. Political Science

  • Political science is the study of political systems.
  • Through this humanities subject, students can study the behaviour of governments and political parties.
  • It teaches how power is used to make decisions.
  • Students can also learn how governments of all levels operate. 
  • India has a deep and structured political system.
  • It is interesting to see how politics work and the different pillars of politics.
  • The subject also teaches about various forms of government, the government’s powers, etc.

6. Philosophy

  • Philosophy is the study of reality, existence, and knowledge.
  • It is a humanities subject that investigates the human experience.
  • It talks about how people think and understand this world. 
  • Students can explore the works of philosophers from different cultures and periods.

7. Sociology

  • In sociology, students learn about society.
  • The field studies the behaviour of individuals and groups.
  • Students can learn about forces that shape human interactions through this humanities subject. 
  • Thus, sociology involves the study of society as a whole.
  • This includes nuclear families to hostile mobs, from crimes to religions.
  • It also includes division and discrimination across race, gender, caste, religion, beliefs, etc.

8. Informatics

  • Informatics studies the relationship between humans and technology.
  • It is also known as digital humanities.
  • Here, students learn how technology and human culture interact with each other.
  • As we live in the digital era, technology has become integral to human life.

9. Human Rights and Gender Studies

  • It is the study of basic human rights along with other cultural and political aspects.
  • It deals with the following.
    • Questions about the human experience.
    • How people’s rights are protected and promoted. 
  • Human rights studies may include the following.
    • Human rights law.
    • Social justice.
    • Gender equality.
    • Social change.
  • Gender studies is an important aspect of this subject.
  • Gender discrimination has been prevalent in society for ages.
  • While the gap is filling rapidly, there is much to learn.
  • This includes learning about how gender plays an important role in different aspects of life.
  • What gender roles are assigned by society and how they change are discussed here.
  • It also includes gender distribution across different sections of society, employment issues, etc.

10. Law

  • Law is a humanities stream subject that discusses how and why the government enforces rules.
  • Students learn about the principles and practices of legal systems.
  • Law can also be considered one of the subjects in the humanities stream.
  • It deals with questions about the human experience.
  • Law also deals with how people interact with and shape their legal systems.
  • The subject investigates the values and beliefs that guide legal decisions.
  • It also seeks to understand how legal systems reflect and shape societal norms and values.

11. Media Studies

12. Entrepreneurship

  • This is one of the most interesting humanity stream subjects.
  • The world is witnessing a wave of entrepreneurship.
  • Today is the best time for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur.
  • It is a field of study that teaches the principles and practices of entrepreneurship.
  • The study deals with questions about the human experience.
  • Students learn about how people create and innovate in their environments. 

13. Fine Arts

  • Fine art is a go-to field for students who have that creative instinct.
  • It studies different art forms, which include:
    • Painting.
    • Sculpture.
    • Architecture.
    • Theatre.
    • Literature.
  • It is one of the arts subjects in 11th grade.
  • Fine art deals with questions about the human experience.
  • It studies how people create and interpret art. 
  • The course is gaining acceptance at international levels.
  • People with an interest in fine arts can become great artists.
  • They can also become painters and interior designers or take on similar roles.

14. Fashion Studies

  • This a great opportunity for students with a good understanding of fashion and the latest trends.
  • It allows students to deeply understand the fashion industry, media, and bodily practices.
  • Fashion studies is a humanities subject because it deals with questions about the human experience.
  • The study covers how fashion shapes and is shaped by the following.
    • Culture.
    • Society.
    • History.
  • It investigates the values and beliefs that guide fashion choices.
  • The subject seeks to understand how fashion reflects and shapes societal norms and values.

15. English

  • English is one of the most popular subjects in humanities.
  • The subject studies literature, language, and culture in the English-speaking world.
  • It is a humanities subject that deals with questions about the human experience.
  • How people communicate and express themselves through language and literature is also explored.
  • Students explore texts from different periods and cultures, including texts from novels, plays, etc.
  • They will also study the history and development of the English language.

16. Physical Education

  • Physical education allows students to learn about ways to improve physical fitness.
  • The subject deals with physical activities and promotes the importance of physical and mental well-being.
  • PE is also a part of the subjects in humanities.
  • It deals with questions about the human experience.
  • Students learn about how people engage with and shape their physical environments.

17. Home Science

  • Home science is also known as home economics or family and consumer sciences.
  • It studies the principles and practices of managing and maintaining a household.
  • This includes the following.
    • Managing resources.
    • Preparing food.
    • Caring for children and the elderly. 
  • Home science is a subject in the humanities stream as it deals with questions about the human experience.
  • Students learn about how people shape and are shaped by their domestic environments.

Careers After Studying Humanities Subjects

Humanity stream subjects open a lot of career options for candidates. Here are a few career options students can select.

1. Professor

  • Professors are educators who teach and conduct research in a particular subject area.
  • Professors typically hold a doctoral degree in their field and work at colleges or universities.
  • They can teach in universities or on online platforms like Chegg
  • They are currently hiring experts in economics and psychology.
  • According to Glassdoor, the median annual wage for professors is Rs. 12,20,796.

2. Writer

  • Writers create written works that include the following
    • Novels.
    • Short stories.
    • Articles.
    • Scripts.
  • They can work as freelance writers or be employed by publishing companies, news organizations, or advertising agencies.
    • According to Glassdoor, the median annual wage for writers and authors is Rs. 4,98,723.

3. Museum Curator

  • The demand for museum curators has increased in recent years.
  • They are responsible for managing collections of artefacts.
  • They can work at museums or other cultural institutions.
  • Museum curators specialise in subjects like art, history, and natural science.
  • According to SalaryExpert, the median annual wage for museum curators is Rs. 5,20,000.

4. Public Relations Specialist

  • They are responsible for maintaining the public image of their clients.
  • People with this role are open to working in the public and private sectors.
  • They specialise in media studies ad learn about crisis management and corporate communications.
  • According to Payscale, the median annual wage for public relations specialists is Rs. ₹6,16,736.

5. Social Worker

  • A social worker is responsible for helping someone unable to cope with their condition.
  • They are trained to solve daily life problems faced by other humans.
  • They may work in various settings, including schools, hospitals, and government agencies.
  • Social workers may specialize in the following.
    • Child and family welfare.
    • Substance abuse.
    • Gerontology.
  • According to Payscale, the average salary for social workers is Rs 2,47,500 per annum.

6. Archivist

  • A person who masters this role learns how to preserve important records.
  • They work in places like museums and libraries.
  • An archivist is responsible for keeping records safe and highly valuable to government bodies.
  • According to Payscale, the median annual wage for archivists is Rs. 5,54,000.

7. Lawyer

  • Lawyers represent clients in legal matters and advise and counsel on legal issues.
  • They may work in private practice, for a law firm, or the government.
  • According to reports, the median annual wage for lawyers in India is Rs. 3,74,244.

8. Art Therapist

  • Art therapists use art as a therapeutic tool to help individuals.
  • It is very useful for people facing mental or emotional difficulties.
  • It helps them in exploring their feelings and emotions. People with this expertise work in a variety of settings.
  • They can work in hospitals and schools and even do private practices.
  • Art therapists generally complete master’s degrees in art therapy.
  • Per a report by Payscale, the annual salary for Art therapists is Rs. 6,39,288.

9. Fashion Designer

  • One thing that never goes out of fashion is fashion itself.
  • There are always new and emerging trends in the fashion industry.
  • Completing fashion studies opens a great pool of opportunities to enter the fashion industry.
  • Candidates can learn the ropes of the following.
    • Production.
    • Design.
    • Creativity.
    • Trend forecasting.
    • Visual culture.
  • One can develop creative concepts for big brands and help prepare for fashion shows.
  • The fashion industry is one of the highest-paying industries.
  • According to a study by Payscale, an average fashion designer earns Rs. 4,30,000 per annum.

In a Nutshell

This article provides a list of humanities subjects and course details for 2023. The study of humanities subjects offers good growth opportunities. These subjects provide a deeper understanding of the human experience. Humanities also teach us how culture, society, and history work to shape our world.
Humanities is also helpful for people looking to start a career as an instructor. They can teach in universities, colleges, or online platforms like Chegg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to take humanities in 11th?

Whether taking humanities in 11th grade is good depends on your interests and academic strengths. It is ideal if you enjoy subjects such as history, literature, and social studies. Get input from your guidance counsellor and trusted advisors.

How many subjects are there in humanities?

1. Anthropology
2. Classics
3. Comparative literature
4. Cultural studies
5. Economics
6. Geography
7. History
8. Linguistics
9. Philosophy
10. Political science
11. Psychology
12. Sociology

What is Humanities?

Humanities provide a vast variety of subjects for students. The number of subjects in humanities varies according to schools and boards. Students can find 12–18 subjects in humanities spanning diverse fields. In humanities subject class 11, there are 4 mandatory subjects and 1 optional subject.

What are the 5 areas of humanities?

The top five areas of humanities are divided into subparts. The first part is language and literature. The second area is history and culture. It is followed by philosophy and ethics. Then, there are art and aesthetics. The last area is social and behavioral sciences.

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