5 Effective Tips to Write a Glowing Recommendation on Linkedin

May 15, 2024
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Quick Summary

  • Learn how to write compelling recommendations on LinkedIn with these 5 expert tips.
  • Recommendations play a crucial role in showcasing your professional credibility and helping your connections stand out.
  • From highlighting unique capabilities to maintaining a professional tone, these tips will guide you through crafting impactful recommendations.
  • Plus, explore 10 sample recommendations for different scenarios to gain a better understanding of effective LinkedIn recommendation writing.
  • Start enhancing your professional network and profile credibility today!

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A LinkedIn recommendation is a comment made by a user endorsing or praising the work of one of their connections. As a professional, it is important to learn how to write recommendation on LinkedIn. Recommendations take some time and thought, unlike LinkedIn endorsements, where users may simply click on the abilities that their friends have mentioned.

Members of LinkedIn can ask their first-degree connections for recommendations. Requests for recommendations may come from coworkers, managers, or those who have helped you in the past or present.

LinkedIn recommendations are public and displayed on your profile and the person you write about. Also, remember that you are more likely to get excellent recommendations back if you write strong recommendations. The person you recommend may depend on you to help them find their ideal job or secure a key customer.

Explore effective tips on how to write recommendation on LinkedIn for a colleague, boss or your connection. We are also providing you with 10 samples of different scenarios to help you get an understanding of writing a LinkedIn recommendation.

Tips to Write LinkedIn Recommendations

Writing recommendations for your connections might help you build your network and increase the trustworthiness of your profile. Here are some insightful tips on how to write a good recommendation on LinkedIn:

1. Background is Important

You must mention your professional relationship and how you learned about the individual you are recommending. Explain Where, when, and how long did you collaborate. Mention if you work together or with a senior person. By explaining your relationship to the reader, you demonstrate your suitability to make a recommendation.

2. Describe Unique Capabilities

It should be obvious if you’re writing a recommendation for someone that you highly regard their professional qualities. However, you do not need to detail every talent they have. Focus on one or two of their strongest suit areas. Show how their participation aided your team’s or business’s growth. And any effects they may have had on you or your organisation. Always start with their unique capabilities.

3. Be straight and to the Point

Give a strong and direct LinkedIn recommendation. It should explain to the reader how the person recommending and the person being suggested are related. Going into too much detail could cause the LinkedIn suggestion to lose its original significance. This way, the reader becomes disinterested in reading it. Concentrate on the job performance of the person you suggest rather than on his general qualities to ensure a position.

4. Mention Personal Understanding

A LinkedIn recommendation needs to be insightful. It should point out the impression the receiver made on you. Giving the reader this kind of personal information is crucial since it explains how you met and how it was to work with the person you are recommending. Keep in mind that this tip is intended for professionals. Therefore, you should maintain the professionalism of your details.

5. Conclude your Linkedin Recommendation on a Formal Note

Finish your recommendation on LinkedIn by emphasising that you support this person for the position. Although it might seem simple, the dynamic conclusion is crucial. You can offer the reader that you will be available to share more details about the recommended.

Your help will be valued if it is genuine and honest. Numerous people post ambiguous, generic LinkedIn recommendations. A recommendation should be original, tailored to the person, and not just a copy-and-paste job to be effective.

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LinkedIn Recommendation Samples

A LinkedIn recommendation is unique information about someone. The tips mentioned provide insightful Knowledge on how to write recommendation on LinkedIn. Here are a few examples of how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn sample.

1. Recommendation for Colleague

Here is a sample of how to write recommendation on LinkedIn for a colleague. When writing a sample, make sure that you mention the skills and experience of your colleague.

Sample 1: Since I’ve had the pleasure of working with (Colleague) for a certain amount of time, they are among the most devoted and reliable team members I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. (Colleague) has a special talent for managing various projects while delivering the best calibre of work. They constantly go above and beyond to ensure that projects are completed on schedule and to the highest standard. Their professionalism and work ethic are unmatched. I wholeheartedly endorse (Colleague) to any possible employer since I do not doubt that they won’t stop succeeding in their future pursuits.

Sample 2: Hey everyone, I just gotta say, working with (Colleague) was such an amazing experience. We have collaborated on several projects, and (Colleague) is among the best partners. I wholeheartedly endorse his expertise to anyone searching for a (Job Profile). He is the most profound person I have ever encountered, and he has a pleasant smile and a great ability to solve any issue. Any team would benefit from having (Colleague) on it.

2. Recommendation for Boss

Here is a sample of how to write  recommendation on LinkedIn for your boss.

Sample 1: I refer (To my boss) as someone with thoughtful knowledge and amazing skills for innovative business results because I worked for him for five years. Their guidance and support have been a game-changer for me. (Boss) took on a leadership position inside the organisation, inspiring and energising his coworkers and entire teams dispersed throughout the globe. They are a result-oriented, skilled, and productive team player. They are highly organised and have a knack for explaining things simply. So, if you are lucky enough to work with him, then get ready to embark on an awesome learning journey.

3. Recommendation for Managers

A sample of how to write recommendation on LinkedIn for managers is mentioned here.

Sample: (Manager) is a top-notch leader. She has been supervising my job for the past four years. She provides reasonable timelines and establishes doable goals. She is not just about telling people what to do, she actually believes in teamwork. Additionally, (Manager) is an excellent motivator. You can trust her to handle challenging projects and work best with the teams.  If you are looking for a friendly, supportive manager who knows how to lead the way, (Manager) would be your perfect choice.

4. Recommendation for a Student

Here is a sample of writing a LinkedIn recommendation for a student.

Sample : (Student) spent two years as a part-time waitress (or any other internships) at our on-campus restaurant. Her decision-making capabilities and work ethic struck me as a manager. They are a dedicated young individual who works hard and has a fantastic sense of humour. (Student) was always willing to go above and beyond to satisfy customers. Any restaurant searching for a manager or server will benefit from hiring her.

5. Recommendation for an HR

This is a sample of how to write recommendation on LinkedIn for an HR.

Sample: (HR) is a skilled and knowledgeable recruitment manager. He is well-known throughout the industry for his HR expertise and amiable demeanor. Regarding career advice, (HR) is a manager I can always rely on. He never sacrifices his expertise, honesty, or work ethic and is always willing to hear about our needs. For everyone working at the company, he produces incredible experiences. I would always be available if you want to know more incredible capabilities of (HR).

6. Recommendation for a Developer

Here is a sample of LinkedIn recommendations for a developer.

Sample: My colleague (developer) is a superb developer with all the qualities one would look for in a top-notch software developer. He is an expert in all the major programming languages, from Python to Java to Kotlin to PHP. He has been a fantastic resource for both my business and my clientele. On every project, he did an outstanding job, delivering on time and assisting me in developing enduring relationships with my clients. Just ping me to know more about him!

7. Recommendation for a Senior

Here is a sample for writing a recommendation for seniors.

Sample: It was a pleasure to collaborate with (Senior). According to what I discovered about him, he is a skilled professional with a thorough understanding of business solutions. Even when not directly related to his field of expertise, he can understand difficult topics. Not only does (Senior) have superb people skills, but he also gets along well with current and potential business customers. He is an encouraging team player. He is a trustworthy senior manager who thinks ahead. He is always ready to help his juniors and newcomers with the utmost empathy.

8. Recommendation For a Client

Here’s a sample for you to write a LinkedIn recommendation for the client you have worked with.

Sample: I had the pleasure of working with (Client) for two years. Her content agency helped me in the best possible way to curate the content for my business. She has always brought up fresh ideas that were super reliable. I was always in awe of her creativity and prblesm solving skills. She is kind, friendly and easy to work with. If you are looking for somebody to help you with the content game, (Client) is my top recommendation for you.

Steps to writing a Linkedin recommendation

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write recommendation on LinkedIn.

1. Start With Something Captivating

Like any other writing, your opening sentence must draw the reader in. You must demonstrate that you have something worthwhile to read and pique readers’ interest. Especially online, where people are fast to ignore lengthy texts. Instead of seeming too general, like “one of the best employees,” this sentence should highlight the value of the person you endorse. Examples; “I had the pleasure to work with…” or “Merry is an expert in managing teams…”

The kind of relationship you have with your recipient should be properly described. The person reading the advice doesn’t want to hear about effectiveness from someone who doesn’t know them. Because that information would not be very true, describe your working relationship, the type of work you did together, how long you worked together, etc. You are not obligated to go into great detail. Just establish credibility for the reader.

3. Include Some Character

Working with others also incorporates one’s personality. Even though it’s excellent to compliment someone on how effectively they perform their job. You should include points like How did it go collaborating with the recipient, can they accomplish their job well, and are they also enjoyable to be around? This gives your reader a sense of the person you are recommending. However, always remember to consider your audience.

4. Finish Strongly with a Thumbs Up

Add a concluding sentence expressing your unwavering support for the person you endorse.

  • “MR X would be a great asset to any team.”
  • “Without a doubt, (Name) is a valuable addition to any organisation.”
  • “I’m confident that (Name) will excel in any role they take on.”

Write a Great Recommendation on LinkedIn Now

Since most individuals now use LinkedIn to make professional connections, recommendations made on a user’s profile are more valuable than any personal suggestions a user would make. A LinkedIn profile’s worth can be raised with a strong recommendation.

Use the templates above to create stellar recommendations on LinkedIn, as doing so enhances the likelihood that the person you recommend will return the favor. You can modify a LinkedIn recommendation example to suit better the suggestion you would like to give and your relationship with the recipient.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is an example of a good recommendation on LinkedIn?

An example of a good recommendation on LinkedIn can be as follows:
Since I’ve had the pleasure of working with (Colleague) for a certain amount of time, I can say with certainty that he is among the most devoted and reliable team members I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. (Colleague) has a special talent for managing various projects while delivering the best caliber of work.

How can I write a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn?

Describe your professional relationship’s nature. Give information on the position this person is aiming for. Describe their career progression at the organisation. Describe how their involvement aided the team’s or company’s expansion. Describe what this person’s accomplishments tell us about them. Finish with a comment on how you feel after working with them.

What is the best message to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn?

A message inviting someone to leave a recommendation on their LinkedIn profile is a recommendation request message. Be kind and professional, thank them for their time, and explain why you need one.
I hope this message finds you well. I am asking if you are open to providing me with a recommendation on LinkedIn.

How does Linkedin recommend?

LinkedIn recommends connections based on various factors such as mutual connections, shared interests, skills, and industry. Their algorithm analyses profile information and activity to suggest relevant connections for networking and professional opportunities.

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