How to prepare for IAS/UPSC Civil Services Exam

How to prepare for IAS UPSC Civil Services Exam
February 2, 2021
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Many young students aim to become government officers in the future through IAS and UPSC exams. So oftentimes, it is ardent to ask yourself the question as to how to prepare when your aim is high. These exams require the utmost dedication, perseverance, and constant practice. You need to be clear as to what your action plan is, and how you plan to execute it.

We will look into how to prepare for IAS for the various streams.

Future Scope

Before deciding how to prepare for IAS, you need to analyze what lies on the other end of this job. For this, it is crucial that you see both the advantages and disadvantages of the job.


  • There added advantage of having a government job in the country
  • A stable income and a lot of respect in lieu of the designation that you hold
  • You get to grow a lot during the career service and are able to do good for the country through your job
  • Along with this, your salary will also have a good scale and stable growth
  • Dealing with a great variety of people might lead to great exposure


  • Some of the major disadvantages entail having to travel a lot for the job  during the tenure
  • The uncertainty is only beneficial for some
  • Dealing with a great variety of people also brings along a lot of stress

Therefore, while putting across the question of how to prepare for IAS, remember to weigh the pros and cons.

Job Profiles

Apart from the popular jobs that you can get like IAS, IPS, and IFS, you will also be able to bag amazing detailed job portfolios that will help you get stability. Thus it is understandable why people worry about which subject is best for UPSC even though that has little to no relevance here. These include posts like The Indian Posts and Telegraphs Accounts and Finance Service, Indian Forest Service, Indian Audit and Account Service, Indian Customs and Central Excise Service, Indian Revenue Service, Indian Ordnance Factories Service, Indian Postal Service, Indian Civil Accounts Service. As well as Indian Railway Traffic Service, Indian Railway Personnel Service, Indian Railway Account Service, Assistant Security Officer in Railway Protection Service. Including Indian Defense Estate Service, Indian Information Service, Central Trade Service, and Posts of Assistant Commandment in the Central Industrial Security Force.

So while the competition is tough, it also seems very hopeful with the variety of posts that are there. Their dissemination is also done on the basis of a few reserved posts to empower those who need it. It is amazing to think of your preparation on the basis of which degree is best for IAS. it is also important not to worry about whether or not you will get in because of the background. It is ardent that you put all you have to get such a job that not only benefits you but also the country. You will also be known for the reputation of a government service that is dedicated intellectually serving the country.

Which stream is the best?

Best subject for IAS

The exams that you need to give for IAS/UPSC preparation are not limited to a stream. They are quite extensive and include sections that are less revolving around the subject and more about the world. So if you are wondering how to prepare for IAS on the basis of stream.  You will be asking yourself the wrong question.

You need to prepare for IAS/UPSC separately so your best shot is doing something that you are strong in. This is helpful in a multifold way. First is that a subject that you already have a hold on will be easier to score in, academically. This will give you more time to prepare for the external exams. Focus on preparation from books, external course material, mock tests, and the like.

While you cannot pinpoint which subject is best for UPSC. You can quite evidently say that you need to have a Plan B as well. Doing something you are already good at will leave more scope for you to change your career fields. You can be dependent on even little study to get you the marks to get a degree successfully. Meanwhile, try not to be distracted from your aim.

Advantages and Disadvantages- Stream-wise

commerce subject for IAS

A lot of people realize that they can prepare better while they pursue commerce academically. Both the high school and college levels of commerce can be quite advantageous to those who apply, .Especially if they have good practical knowledge. However, because of the consistency that these subjects require in practical application, there might be chance that students find it difficult to strike balance. So the question of how to prepare for IAS is subjective and you can easily excel with commerce if you have the skillset. It is not as hard as people make it out to be, but it’s not a piece of cake either.

IAS for science students

Lately, we notice that there has been a huge shift from science students to IAS/ UPSC exam takers. While there is no exact reason, there is always the possibility that they find it more versatile and dependable than their current roles. Considering there is a high level of competition in both the fields, it is least likely that this is the reason but there are certain cases that might prove this statement wrong. This is probably because most students do not question which subject is best for IAS in class 11 and rather do it much later.


A lot of subjects from humanities actually are very helpful in the preparation of IAS/ UPSC. It is essential to highlight that humanities don’t answer to which degree is best for IAS but it sure helps to know that a variety of subjects in the exams are rooted in this. A lot of optional subjects are from here as well but the syllabus, in general, is quite tough and elaborate so you might not want to rely entirely on humanities as the choice of stream. There is no stream advantage on how to prepare for IAS.

Common Advantage

Regardless of what your stream is, you can quite smartly work through Chegg and earn money while you study for your exams. Whether you are still studying or are taking a gap year, you can save yourself a lot of money working parallelly with Chegg.

While you decide on how to prepare for IAS, you do not need to compromise on which subject to teach with Chegg. You can answer questions from the subject that you have knowledge in, and make the best out of it.  an advantage of flexible work schedule will be there, getting an experience certificate, and most of all,  a holistic academic development.

You can take on subjects that you are good at and are of extreme importance to you, work with them, and make money by attending to doubts online. the choice can be from the following options:

  • Business
    • Economics
    • Accounting
    • Operations Management
    • Finance
  • Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
  • Science
    • Physics
    • Advanced Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
  • Mathematics
    • Advanced Math
    • Statistics and Probability
    • Other Math
  • Healthcare
    • Nursing
    • Psychology (clinical and social)
  • Earth Science
    • Earth Sciences
    • Geology
    • Remote sensing

You can easily get yourself some extra cash along with giving yourself time to prepare for exams. The constant question of how to prepare for IAS will not ring in your ears with uncertainty because you can decide for yourself in what regards you want to go an extra mile. Nothing comes easy but you can always decide how to work towards your goals efficiently and effectively.

Optional Subject

Apart from the compulsory section in the exam, you will also have to choose an optional subject from a wide variety of options that are given to you. There are 45 options available for you to choose from and the most popular ones include most subjects from humanities. One can certainly have an advantage by studying these subjects in advance but there is absolutely no need to change your stream according to this.

It is different for everyone which subject is best for IAS for them depending upon the skill-set, qualities they have and the time they can give. You will get the best out of what you do irrespective of which way you go but totally because of how you do it. It is crucial that you focus on your studies outside your chosen stream because that will give you an insight into the exam for IAS/UPSC. What you will achieve will depend solely upon your dedication and intellectual rigorous effort. There is very little that can be done about the subject choice.

Final Thoughts

You need a lot of motivation and zeal to prepare for exams. The utmost important ingredient of this should be dedication and proper focus with no distractions. It is well known that people prefer to distance themselves from any extra-curricular activities, hobbies, and social media. This helps them direction all their time and energy into preparing and working towards better scores. So instead of asking yourself which subject is best for IAS, you need to find out which skills you need the most to help you go through the journey most easily.

Prepare yourself slowly and steadily, do not pressure yourself into overusing your intellect. This will only drain you and make you feel tired too much for no proper reason. It is not possible for you to study such complex subjects in one go without wearing yourself out. You need to have the right resources and materials to help you and guide you through the process. Proper rest and healthy food, the value of which you should not  underestimated.

It is best that you keep working with companies like Chegg so that your outcome and practical knowledge also pays you back. Do not let yourself be too underlined on which subject is best for UPSC, it is not the only criterion. Be very cautious of people who tell you otherwise and make sure you keep practicing. The key to success in completing these modules of learning is consistency and hard work. Try to understand yourself better and hustle in the best way possible and decide on how to prepare for IAS. Check out our article to differentiate between IAS and IES.

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