Things to Remember While Introducing Yourself While Writing an Email

how to introduce yourself in email
February 3, 2021
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Nowadays, writing an email is one of the most important way in today’s digital world. Learning how to introduce yourself in email in a more professional manner is always a useful skill to have.

The only trick to get a reply, to get another party to collaborate with you, or to access any information is by nailing the introduction.

Here in this article, I will be discussing how to introduce yourself in email or how can write the perfect introduction in an email, whenever you want to add professionalism and take your email writing skills to whole another level.

Key elements to writing an email

Introduce Yourself in Email

Writing a Killer Subject Line

This is one most important thing and one also one of the most made mistakes, where people forget to write a subject line. An email without a subject line is likely to be left unread in the spam section. Your subject line has to be enticing and intriguing enough, so that will force them to open the mail.

There are several types of subject lines which are suitable for specific purposed-

  • Networking subject lines
  • Sales/offers
  • Job seeking

Make sure that you try to keep your subject line as short as possible i.e. get right to the point in about six to eight words.

Using of Formal Greeting

When introducing yourself in an email it is very important you greet in a formal way as it the key to professionalism.

Placing the Important Words in The Beginning

A maximum number of emails are read on mobile phones. Since you don’t know how much of the message will be visible, therefore it is important that you the most important message at the beginning. Otherwise, the main details would get cut off.

Elimination of Filler Words

With the precious amount of space that you have, it is better that you don’t waste it with unnecessary words like “hello”, “nice to meet you”, etc.

Be Clear and Specific About The Topic of The Email

Your subject line should be communicating exactly what the mail is all about so that the recipient can prioritize his mails. If your mail is about a job application it is viable that you include your name and your position.

Getting Straight To The Point

In today’s times, people are very busy, both in professional and personal lives. Therefore, it is better to get straight to the point. People nowadays skim their mails to just the gist of the whole. So, don’t be afraid to make your important points in bold or use bullet points with short sentences in your email.

Keeping It Simple and Focused

This is important especially if you are sending a marketing email. It should be focused on just one action and one should not beat around the bush with its message.

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Usage of Logical Keywords for Search and Filtering

Most of the professionals have special filters and folders set up to manage their emails. And therefore, they won’t see your messages, that is why it is important that you include keywords in the email which makes it searchable later.

Don’t start a sentence that you finish in the email’s body

It can be annoying if you begin with a thought or a question that will end the email as then the reader will be forced to open the mail. You have to respect and value the recipient’s time which is the main goal. If you really want to ask a question, you can simply just text in-person chat or call, which is a way better medium for your question.

Name Drop Your Connections

Referrals are the best way to get a quick reply and also the ideal way to introduce yourself.

Tell Them The Reason for You Reaching Out to Them

After you have sparked an interest in them, it is time you tell the reason for reaching out to them. Clearly state your intentions, making your explanation relevant is the key for your recipient. This will the section from which the reader will understand what is in it for them.

Don’t put words in ALL CAPS

Using all caps may get attention but definitely in the wrong way. In a digital language, it means yelling, instead, your job is to make the mail as easy for the reader as possible. Using dashes and colons to separate thoughts is a much better option.

Always have a CTA (Call to Action)

No matter what be the purpose of your mail is, it is always necessary that you have a proper call to action. This little element will eliminate any friction from the action that you will want your reader to take.

As a part of your CTA, you can provide a short introduction about what you are talking about in the mail and end it up by offering or demanding an instant link.

Writing a Professional Closing

Email Introduction

The very first impression is created when you the main two bookends in your content- i.e. formal greeting and professional closing.

Spell Check and Proof

Email Introduction

It is a very obvious point that your mail should not be having any spelling mistakes or any typos. This is your very first chance to make a good impression, so proofreading your message is a must, that too at least twice.

Final Thought

So, these are some of the ways on how to introduce yourself in email. I hope this article helps you in every way.

Your main goal is to engage your reader and get straight to the point in the conversation. A good introduction sets your very first impression about you and at the same time tells a lot about you too.

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