Here are some Exciting Careers for Engineering Graduates

careers for engineering graduates
February 5, 2021
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Every science with maths student craves for entering into engineering without knowing, what are career options exist for Engineering graduates. Parents from the same field have a conservative idea of getting a job in some industry and feel secure with employment. However, the scenario is changed today by the education system and an increased number of B-tech colleges offering B-tech degrees in a variety of fields have saturated the job prospects. This changed scenario has prompted us to understand and explain the careers for Engineering graduates after B-tech.

Yes, it is one of the most sought after courses. A serious student always looks to get admission to a B-tech degree course in a reputed institute which undoubtedly matters a lot to get better job profiles. No doubt today one can seek admission based on merit in class 12th besides getting admission through standard interest tests in top-ranking institutes. Depending upon the status of the institute and hard work during degree makes you eligible for a job after completion of B-tech. One always craves to reach the top in his career field. For which you need to specialize depending upon your requirement.

The requirement of the candidate depends upon as to whether he intends to work in the industry by engaging himself as an engineer on machines OR, he intends to develop the field based on data analysis research and development which is a theoretical approach towards a career in the field of technology. We will help you understand what to do after engineering?

So, let’s check the careers for Engineering graduates :

Look for jobs

What all to be prepared for?
Most of the time, people boast about the job package they have/ are receiving after college.
But to get to that level of skill, salary, perks, one must invest in themselves.

There are many big global brands that are aiming to invest in India due to the availability of high resources like cheap labor, employment opportunities, etc. Each engineer in this country can’t find it that convenient to have a decent job. While there are a lot of vacancies, the availability of this country can deliver in terms of the number of engineering students searching for a career that is much higher than demand. It’s all about how you score more than your competitors in front of your recruiters. Here are a few tips:

Use of campus placements:
Almost all of the renowned engineering colleges offer campus placements to help their students find jobs. If the college’s placement cell is good enough, you will be recruited by major companies with excellent starting packages. It would be better to get a position by campus placements than beyond: less pressure, more opportunities in careers for Engineering graduates.

Create a portfolio and maintain it:
It’s all about what your recruiter sees inside of you. Try to fill your resume with the projects you’ve taken up, the internships you’ve done, and the competitions you’ve won can help you get the attention of the recruiter. They will rank the innovative project you have produced with more than the marks you have scored in your final semester.
Create your account on platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, etc. and publish your achievements and make connections with people with whom you’ve interned are working on getting into the industry and being successful.

Practice, perform, and improve

higher studies after btech

For practice, one must improve his/her skills by taking challenges, practice coding on websites like or start writing codes on the whiteboard and try to improve it in your mind, and develop a portfolio of projects on platforms like GitHub and maintain connections with people whom you have worked with on professional apps and communities like LinkedIn, dribble, etc.

Startup ventures, be your own boss

I’ve seen people who don’t work under someone become their boss? An engineer has a tremendous potential to grow with a startup as he has all the exposure he needs and can act as major ammunition for the business.

Starting an investment on your own, be it any business, requires a tremendous amount of patience and toughness. Truth to be told there is no best age or time to start your business, just having a professional degree or a specialization and a few years of industry experience can give you a higher edge to prosper in your commercial enterprise. So, it is one of the career options after Engineering; a few examples of business ventures could be to:

Establish a cement manufacturing plant as a business:
A cement manufacturing plant is one of the startups that an engineer can go into. While starting this business may entail a significant amount of money and expenditure in several costly tools and equipment, selling cement would not be too difficult, particularly if the prices are extremely competitive. With all this, there may be a connection with the market and other engineers when they have projects to carry out. The profitability of this business is very high, with the demand for these enterprises having a touch of competition, and it can give you a chance to make a lot of profits, especially in areas where buildings are just starting to emerge. This is an interesting career for Engineering graduates.

Start manufacturing bricks and blocks:

career options after btech

This company is another monumental startup idea for engineers who want to get experience for the beginning. This kind of startup does not require much capital investment, this business venture strives to make connections, and as long as buildings are constructed, there will be a requirement for raw materials like bricks and concrete blocks. The building industry is the primary consumer of bricks, so make sure you make partnerships with these businesses and get the most out of your business venture.

Setting up Air conditioners systems:
This business is not linked to the installation of air conditioner units but involves in developing vents for various companies like coca-cola, and other businesses like pharmaceuticals are one of the potentially profitable companies in the construction and development value chain. Any visionary entrepreneur will effectively begin the installation of electric water heaters and air conditions in houses, rendering them suitable for beginning a career in B-Tech and landing in the industry. The demand for this business is high, especially if you are an excellent salesman. It involves working and networking with the site supervisors and other stakeholders and always aiming to provide unique business leverage.

Construction Consultant business:

what to do after btech

Generally, before any construction contract is handed to contractors, construction consultants are usually asked to examine the entire project and markings. Construction consultants mostly provide their advice. They look at construction plans and other related issues and then offer accurate information to their clients, governments, and corporate organizations about the construction that is going to take place. An engineer may set up a construction consultancy practice after having the needed skills and a significant amount of experience in the construction industry. If you deliver quality insight, you are sure to get long-term contracts with both corporate and government bodies.

Construction estimation service:
Nowadays, there is an emphasis on knowledge to start something big. You provide services to companies or individuals who want to build an estimate of how much they need to spend on the construction of a project.this business culture is also a blooming startup As an expert, you help determine the amount they would pay to prevent them from saving their time. This startup business for an engineering career is an excellent deal if you’re great at deconstructing the cost for a project on different parameters and know what you’re doing.

Work with Chegg

As a Chegg subject expert, you help other students in grasping the topics and help them understand with a bit more clarity and even answer their queries or questions or the doubts which you thought might be helpful to you if you had those answers way earlier or thought you could have aced those exams way more easily if you could have understood those concepts and could have even helped others improve their grades or GPA or even prepare for the competitive examinations.

Also, you can earn while you answer those questions and not only a minimal amount but even up to INR 30000 to INR 80000 per month also, the opportunity is not limited to final year students but anyone who has enrolled as a student in Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree programs in the respective field of study. With flexible working hours, you can even work at your own pace giving you the freedom to have a work-life balance. And help you connect to questions of every kind related to the subject. Many engineers apply for Chegg as it is a good career for Engineering graduates.

Apply for PSU’s

The public sector is very diverse and is classified as Maharatna PSU holding BHEL, GAIL, etc. Navratna PSU holding enterprises like BEL, OIL, etc. and the Miniratnas following the BSNL BDL. Bharat Coking Coal Limited, etc.
The Public sector undertakings are also one of the areas where the career of the engineer could be developed if you have gained significant momentum at how things work. To get into this career option, one must prepare and clear the GATE exam.

Government Jobs
You must have heard that government jobs are extremely beneficial to a carefree life. And this is true. With its security and increasing salaries, government sector often brings about much confidence in the industry. It provides sheer joy in a stress-free environment. After getting your GATE score, you can apply at various government bodies apart from the PSU’s.
Higher studies:
Some people think about what to do after graduation while some might already prepare their minds about what to do. Next, as a matter of fact, having a choice doesn’t always lead to bad consequences. So here are a few career options to choose from if you are planning for higher studies.

Masters after B-tech:
M-tech is a common choice for Engineering students while applying for higher students after Btech. It’s a two-year postgraduate course a student can take up after B-tech. It will give you an advantage if you do your M-tech from the right ranking college. Doing M-tech is one of the best careers for Engineering graduates.
But how do I get into my masters?. For that the answer is GATE.

To get in, one has to clear GATE after B-tech to get into IITs or the NITs. Not only the IITs and theNITs accept GATE, but private universities accept it as well because it’s an examination occuring at national level which is conducted by 7 IITs and IISc.with a number of scholarships available to those who clear it. A great option in careers for Engineering graduates.

The scorecard of a GATE examination is valid for about three years and will make you eligible for a stipend of ₹ 12400 per month. Many colleges also offer programs like student exchange and research internships.

What to do if the GATE is not cleared?
If you fail in clearing the GATE, there are still many options available to you. State and Central examinations can still allow you entrance into public colleges.

What’s the lead?
M-tech graduates most often enter into the research and development of wing-like ISRO or other private companies. Getting a Ph.D. is also a preferred choice after M-tech.

Masters from abroad:
Almost all Indians nowadays go abroad to get their masters. This is true because MBA from foreign universities may fetch you higher-paying jobs when you come back to India.

Those who want the working experience of the industrial base as a career follow the technical side of the course. In contrast, those who wish to develop the theoretical and research-based application follow the research side of the course. So basically, it depends on the specialization you use for the masters.

For doing a master’s degree from abroad one must clear a GRE test. The test involves critical thinking, verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning skills. Educational Testing Service owns the administration of tests and authority.

Follow up courses and workshops:
Get yourself enrolled in courses like CAD, UX/UI, BIM, web development, machine learning, frameworks, etc. The course fees vary from institution to institution. The time frame for such courses mostly lies around 3 to 6 months but is worth the wait. These courses not only improve the skills but also opens up opportunities of landing employment even before graduation.

MBA an option

If engineering is no longer your first passion and you’re frustrated with systems, then let’s discuss MBA. It’s a lethal hybrid recruiter if you’re hunting for a high paying job. You can also find software companies like Accenture and TCS. Viable option under careers for engineering graduates.

Until the end of your career, you don’t have to stick to the same stream. The MBA in your CV will help you take on management positions in your company. Opting for MBA is a good career option for Engineering graduates.

So, what to do?

MBA abroad
Getting an MBA degree from abroad has become very common among BTech graduates. Although it may offer you an advantage over India’s MBA, it’s far harder to get into respectable international business colleges.
English proficiency exams like IELTS or TOEFL are required to attend foreign universities. Although not a mandatory requirement, most institutes, I also consider GMAT or GRE scores for admissions. But applying for an MBA right after graduation might cause a rejection of your application as the colleges abroad to require mandatory experience. Completing an MBA from abroad opens a lot of careers for engineering graduates.

Final Thoughts

So, after those four years, it’s all about what you choose to do. If you think you’ve taken the wrong route, it’s time to go back. You ought to lend ears on what you really ought to do, after all. We hope that the illustrated analysis will boost your insights and broaden your perspectives on careers for Engineering graduates.

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