Here are Resume Formats for Freshers


Usually, the resume that freshers craft lacks structure, quality, and the right information systematically. Here I have comprised the best resume formats for freshers, which will help you get an edge over others. Whether you are a fresher or a final year student, building up a strong and effective resume is necessary. The more specific you make your resume, the better. Nowadays, while hiring fresher’s, firms lookout for hardworking and willing to learn. Hence, it becomes extremely important to showcase all these qualities.

Note: Presentation becomes extremely important while applying for an internship or a job. To pass the initial stages of the hiring process, a strong resume can do wonders. Please read this article to overcome the mistakes that students usually make, which is why their application gets rejected.


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January 15, 2022
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Table of Contents

Why the need for a strong resume?

resume for freshers

As a fresher due to lack of work experience, your resume is the only thing that can make you stand out and help you in landing an internship. Especially for a fresher like you, you need to prove your worth to the hiring committee and convince them to select you. A professional and proper resume format with very detailed content and information thus act as a boon for college students. It makes up for the lack of experience and makes them come across as mature and suitable for responsibility. See our sample resume formats for computer science engineers.

Before we start, here are some points to keep in mind when you begin creating your CV from scratch:

  • Customize your resume according to the company you are applying for. Don’t send the same resume while applying for different jobs. Tailor it according to the position you are applying for.
  • Prior check all the personal or contact information you have provided like name, mobile number, email address, etc.
  • Don’t build a 10+ page resume; keep the information specific and very crisp.
  • Make sure you don’t come across as ambiguous or confused. Structure the CV such that you seem valuable and an asset to the employer.
  • Use bullet points to highlight all your skills, training, past experiences, and academic credentials.
  • State all the languages that you are fluent in. For example English, Hindi, or your regional language.
  • Refrain from using any fancy fonts. Keep it simple and subtle.
  • Make sure you that use the right words and jargon that are resume-worthy
  • Don’t just vaguely state your past experience directly. Don’t just write about what you’ve done instead write about how you did it. It’s better to explain the role and responsibility you handled to make the recruiter understand you better.
  • Be as descriptive as you can.

Resume formats for Freshers

resume format for freshers

A fresher resume generally includes the following sections with their respective details:

  • Header

Contains all the personal information like name, contact number, or email address

  • Academic Qualifications

State all your educational qualifications. Start from the highest academic level that would include your bachelor’s degree, then include class 12th and class 10th details. It is better to include all these details in a tabular form, making it more detail-oriented and very systematic.

  • Training or Certifications(if any)
  • Positions of Responsibilities
  • Accolades
  • Skills

List all your personal and technical skills that are relevant and are required for the job and also show that you can be productive and valuable to the hiring managers firm.

  • Past Experiences (if any)
  • Hobbies or Personal interests

Your resume is like the first digital impression your employer will create of you. So it goes without saying the better the format of your resume, the higher the chances of you getting hired. Here, we have curated constructive tips to build up resume formats for freshers that will make you stand out and convince the hiring manager to select you for the position. If you want to prepare a professional resume, follow the guidelines we have mentioned.

Be more concise

resume main points

While making your resume, you need to keep your details brief and to the point. Since you are a fresher who has just started, in that case, your resume should ideally be one page long. Employers read hundreds of resumes daily. Hence, a single-page resume is considered best for a fresher. Remember you are sending an overview, not a personal summary. It makes the employer identify your key skills and entice them into shortlisting you for an interview. Here we have discussed the resume formats for freshers, and you can benefit from these tips.

Highlight your skills

While crafting your CV, don’t shy away from mentioning all your achievements or skills to not come across as braggy. The more skills you acquire, the higher your chances of getting hired. Write about your hobbies and interest. With no prior experience in hand, describing your skill set would be the least you could do.

Make it relevant

If you lack work experience doesn’t mean your credentials will be overlooked. In this case, you can list all your skills that might come in handy for the job you are applying for. You can explain situations in which you used these particular skills and how they can come in handy in the current scenario and make you a perfect fit in their firm. On the other hand, if you have some experience, prioritize the jobs that resonate with the current position over the others.

For example- if you are applying for the job of a content writer, you can write about your stronghold over the English language and your good writing skills. You can mention school articles or formal emails that you might have written before.

Mention your recommendations

References or recommendations from a professional person can make a fresher resume strong and help you go a long way. You can either ask your school teacher or college professor to write one for you. This can make a huge impact on your application and make you stand out. It’s even better if you can get an existing employee from a well-established firm to write you a recommendation. This gives heavy weightage to your resume. Also, make sure the references you cite are legitimate and not a fraud.

State all your credentials and training

It would be best if you were very descriptive. Make mention all your academic qualifications, any special training you’ve undergone, accolades, certifications, or any noteworthy achievements. If you earned any scholarships, you could mention that too.

For example:

Bachelors in English

August 2018- May 2020

Certified Graphic Designing

October 2019

Certified Digital Content Writing

January 2019


This is an extremely important step. After finishing your resume, the last step is proofreading the entire document. You can do it yourself, but it’s better to let any family member or a trustworthy friend do it for you. It makes you make all the corrections or eliminate any grammatical errors you might have made. Also, it ensures that your resume highlights all your skills and features that you might have missed out on. It also keeps your resume honest and strong. That’s why it holds value to keep a check on your resume formats, especially for freshers.

Here is a fresher’s resume sample for you:

Vaani Mishra

Date of Birth: x

Contact number: x

Email id: x


Year  Education Institution Stream/Course CGPA/Percentage
2017   Semester 1 (name of your university)  (Name of your course)     (marks secured)
2016-17   12th (name of your school)    (stream you                  selected)     (marks secured)
2014-15   10th  (name of your school)    –   (marks secured)


  • Certified Digital Content Writing Course from Henry Harvin Education (Delhi)
  • Certified Graphic Designing course from Pearl Academy (Delhi)

Positions of Responsibility:

  • President of Eco Club of college
  • Core team member of TEDx society of college
  • Member at Literary society of college


  • Batch gold medalist for 2 years in a row
  • Volleyball team captain of the school
  • Interschool Chess champion


  • Creative writing
  • Fluency in English
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Comfortable with English and Hindi
  • Good Management skills

Past Experience:

  • Intern at ABC technologies

Duration: 5 months

Job: Graphic designer

  • Intern at XYZ media firm

Duration:  3 months

Job: Daily reporting, managing interviews, editorial work


  • Swimming
  • Reading
  • Volleyball
  • Music

College life is entirely different from school life. When completing assignments used to be a big task; in college, applying for numerous internships is one such thing among a plethora of tasks. The job opportunities increase day by day, and so does the competition. In this case, strong resume formats for freshers becomes a necessity. Even while applying for an internship, every other company asks for a resume. They hold a screening process and discard the ones they find irrelevant. Hence, your resume holds a lot of importance and is the only stepping stone between you and your job.

The most common and deadly mistake that the students make is sending the employer some half-baked, incomplete resume format without a proper understanding of how to make one. A resume made like that is first handily rejected without any second consideration. With no prior experience, your resume is the only thing that will help you in getting shortlisted for an interview. Always make sure that your resume has a credible and professional look. A combination of a strong resume along with a strong cover letter pleads your case to the employer and urges them to select you for the position. Let’s look into some examples of resumes for MCA freshers.

Tips for writing fresher resume format  

When crafting your resume for freshers, there are many things to keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you structure your fresher resume format.  

  1. Research, research and research 

Most people do not even consider this a step in resume writing. They think that as and when they write their resume, all of the information will magically come to them. This never happens. If you straight away jump to write your CV for freshers, you often miss out on key achievements that you have made in your professional life. Do not make this mistake.  

It is always better to prepare yourself before starting any activity. So, take a pen and paper and start writing all the activities you have done in the past three years. Do not think twice about them. Let them be as small as helping an aunt carry her luggage up the staircase. This process will help you understand who you are as a person and the major activities like internships and competitions you have been a part of.  

  1. Be clear and concise  

No company wants to read your autobiography, nor do they have the time. Companies spend hours going through countless applications for a single post. The process of sifting through hundreds of applications in itself makes them a very long time. Thus, companies prefer to have the best resume format limited to just one page.  

To achieve a one-page fresher resume format, you need to be brief about your experiences. However, you must not miss out on any important aspect. Highlight key roles and responsibilities and remember to keep sentences short. You can leave out prepositions and adjectives to lay the information flat.  

You may also like to read The best email subject to send resume to HR.

Bad Example:  

  • XYZ Company, March – April  

I interned with the company under the client servicing department. My role was to brief all the clients about the upcoming objectives of the company. I also helped bring about the artwork to completion.  

Good Alternative:  

  • XYZ Company, March – April  

  • Interned under client servicing. Primary role in briefing clients about upcoming objectives. Helped bring our timely artworks.  

  1. Introduce yourself with a summary 

As mentioned earlier, the CV for freshers is the first impression companies make of you during the application process. If you have worked in some of the country’s top companies, then your resume will shine out. However, this is not the case with most resumes for freshers.  

Thus, it is very difficult for companies to truly depict you with just some lines about your work at different companies. So, it is always advised to begin your resume with a short but powerful introduction about yourself. This introduction should present, in essence, a picture of you. You can include the following information in summary:  

  1. Your interested field  

  1. Your skills 

  1. Your passions  

  1. Your goals and dreams  

  1. What you are looking for in a work life  

The list can be endless, but the idea of the summary is to make it personalised. It is a written version of the dreaded question, “Tell me about yourself”. But, here, the added advantage is that you can use the power of written words to express yourself.  

Sample Summary:  

A young and dynamic film enthusiast on a journey to look for stories worldwide. I am currently exploring the world of marketing and advertising to bring to life the world of brands we use daily.  

  1. Use lists 

It is always more convenient to read the information provided in a list format. This helps bring about a professional image and helps the company skim through your CV for fresher ease and speed while not missing any parts.  

Research has found that when one writes long and runny sentences, the reader only pays attention to the sentence’s head and tail. This means that most of the important part, the meat of the sentence, gets lost in the glance. Thus, it is advised to write shorter sentences, and wherever possible, to add bullets and lists.  

Bad Example:  

  • ABC Company  

During my time with the multinational company, my role was always to improve the customer service relationship between the clients and the agency. I always tried to reach out to them daily for constant updates and calls.  

Good Alternative:  

  • ABC Company  

Part of client relations. Responsibilities included:  

  • Maintaining existing relationships  
  • Finding new leads  

  • Constant check-ups for updates  

  1. Divide information into sections 

The biggest problem in fresher resume format is how to fill up the page. In the case of CV for freshers, youngsters just starting their careers may not have much experience to show to companies. But does this mean they are not suitable for the role? This is not the case.  

There is a cheat while crafting a fresher resume format, which is the art of section headers. I have already mentioned the four main headers under a resume— summary, work experience, awards and contact information. But, if you want to dissect your fresher resume format further, there are ways to do so.  

The most common way is to create section headers under work experience. Not all opportunities are proper jobs for freshers. Mostly CV for freshers contains more internships than jobs. This is perfectly fine. You can use this to your advantage. You can create the following headers to make your fresher resume format more appealing and professional.  

The different headers for work experience to use in the best resume format are:  

  • Internships  
  • Projects  
  • Jobs  
  • Other activities  

Now, how many sections you want to create in your fresher resume format is up to you. Ideally, you should not have more than two not to overcrowd the page. But, if you lack information to put in any of these section headers, you can use it all to create more content.  

Type of format that you can use to draft your fresher’s resume.  

  • Chronological (Top to Bottom) 

This is the most common of the formats that are used by a majority of people. It is common because it is the simplest. Structuring your fresher’s resume according to the dates (starting from most recent) is the most readily available format to write and even read your CV. Employers will see a detailed breakdown of your time at different companies.  

Work Experience  

Sales Trainee                                 [Sep 2019 – March 2020] 

Garland Industries, Delhi  

Primary responsibility included the addition of Sales Quota achievement. Awarded Gold and Platinum tier for achievements in sales – Recognised for high attach rates. 

  • Driving customer engagement and relationships 
  • Advising customers on the right solutions for their needs 

Marketing Trainee               [Dec 2017 – Jan 2019] 

Funzie Enterprises, Mumbai 

They have developed a strategic marketing plan for shareholder strategy meetings best suited for Funzie Enterprises to meet their organisation talent.  

  • Conducted surveys of both internal and external stakeholder  

2. Part Time Jobs, Volunteer work, Internships: 

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by people in the middle of writing their freshers resumes is about the different types of jobs that qualify to go into your CV.  

Firstly, I want to clarify one point. Before listing out the most common confusions, I would like to express that nothing should go on your resume if you don’t want it. The eligibility of your past work experience getting into the resume is based on its relevance to the job you are applying for.  

This leads us to the confusion creators. I have listed out the relevancy of all of these types of jobs as part of your work experience in a CV:  

  • Part-Time Jobs  

Your part-time jobs are incredibly useful to build your personality in your fresher’s resume. Any extra activity that you proceed to undertake only shows to your potential employers that you are an individual who understands identifying opportunities and using them in the correct sense.  

More importantly, with every job, in any field, there are bound to be some things you learn about customer engagement or the importance of deadlines and communication. These events build you and your professional personality and deserve a spot on your CV.  

  • Volunteer Work  

Do not think that the tree plantation drive your sister took you on that Sunday would not qualify as a legitimate work experience in your fresher’s resume. Though this is an exaggerated example, any volunteer work is excessively encouraged by employers. It presents the candidate in a humble light. Though the location of volunteer work can come under the section of ‘hobbies and passion’, however, if you feel there are certain skills you picked up during your volunteering drive that can have a reflection in your work life, be sure to add it. More than that, when employers see a volunteer activity that has stretched for a long time, it presents the candidate as a determined individual who is truly fighting for a cause.  

  • Internships  

Internships are like the finer things in life as they give you a taste of the lifestyle of a daily worker for a limited period. Internships are one of the best ways to impress your employers as they like that the candidate has gone beyond their usual duties and applied for an internship.  

Apart from that, internships work under a mentor-student relationship. This provides the student with many real-life lessons to add to their fresher’s resume.  

3. Skills in freshers resume 

There are a lot of times when there are individuals who have not had sufficient past activities to add as part of their fresher’s resume. While the pointer above about internships, volunteer work and part-time jobs might fill the spaces a little, there seems to still be a huge chunk of actual work experience as part of a job missing from the fresher’s resume.  

In times like this, the candidate must appeal to the other format used by many people who wish to showcase their skills rather than their past assignments. Along with listing company names and their work, a skill-based CV allows a freshers resume to come out as a learning outcomes section. 

You can begin talking about skills, like data analytics, and under it, you can mention the different times you have used this skill in your work life. Such a mixture of hard and soft skills can boost your image before the employer.  

Key Skills  


While working with Dentu Marketing Firm, organised and managed a team of 300 individuals preparing for the state visit of our worldwide CEO. This taught me the importance of finalising the last minute details, structuring, and chain of command.  


With my stint at Ralph Communication, I oversaw the construction of the Jaage Raho campaign, which was a PSA from the Road Department about road safety. The campaign, which ran for six months, was broadcast over TV, Radio, newspapers, YouTube and other social media platforms.  

Crisis Management:  

After a racially insensitive advertisement was released in Ghana, I took charge as the official spokesperson for the company and communicated the company’s position on the unfortunate incident.  

Final Thoughts

If you still think none of these options is where your interests lie, you can always turn to education as a career option. The world will never be in shortage of good teachers who are willing to educate the next generation. Chegg is an education-based company the main aim is to help students build their careers. It is one of the best options of the online earning website for students professionals who have expertise in any subject matters like Accounts, Psychology, Computer Science, and many more.

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