List of best Government Jobs for Engineers aspiring to become a serving bureaucrat


India is one of the largest producers of engineering graduates in the world. Every year, over 1.5 lakh Indian engineers graduate from over 6,000 engineering colleges and institutions around the country. This excessively high number of graduates is due to the immense number of engineering graduates’ opportunities. One of the main sectors for employment is government jobs for engineers.  

Indian engineering services have a reputed image across the world. The prestigious IITs have recently been ranked in the top higher educational institutions of the world. This is a testament to the ability of not only Indian teachers but also Indian engineers. It is them who strive to make the name of their alma mater.  

But, after engineering, what path should you take. There is a lot of debate around this question. While your parents might encourage you to continue your education and secure higher posts, your friends might have already secured government jobs after graduation. This dilemma haunts students for a long time. While there are pros and cons to all the options, it is always hard to choose which is the best option at that time.  

But, worry not. If you are well researched and informed about your options, it makes it much easier to decide. That is what I have tried to do with this article. Here, I have listed the different options you have after graduation and information about government jobs for engineers, should you choose that path.  

government jobs for engineers
January 20, 2022
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Table of Contents

What to do after engineering?  

It is rightly said that the sky’s the limit for an engineer. This trickles down to the limitless opportunities that appear in the form of government jobs after graduation. However, three of the most sought after options after engineering in India are: 

Get a job:  

Many engineering graduates want to try their hand in government jobs after graduation. They do this to better understand the career opportunities after engineering and try to make an informed decision on their choice. Working in an MNC, or even a small start-up, makes one aware of the required skills to excel in the workforce. However, government jobs for engineers provide respect and give engineers a well-organised future.  

Pursue higher studies in management:  

This option is seeing a rising trend in recent years. Many engineering graduates try to understand the business world and find government jobs after engineering in that field. They venture out to pursue a Masters degree in management (MiM) or a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).  

Pursue higher studies in engineering:  

The third most sought after option students choose before seeking government jobs after graduation is studying in-depth in their field. By pursuing degrees in M.Tech, Masters in Science (MS) or a Masters in Information System (MIS), these graduates embark on career opportunities after engineering in the fields of research or in hopes to get placed in technological institutions. Many of these graduates get highly paid government jobs for engineers at top public companies.  

Government jobs for engineers may open up your mind and help you choose which profession you would like to see a future in. However, students who wish to study further should not hold themselves back. The truth is many of the young graduates that look at government jobs for engineers lack specific skills that can boost their job performance. These skills can be gained through higher studies. And one doesn’t need to look further than our home country since there are a lot of great post-graduation courses in India that will open the door for government jobs for engineers.  

Why government jobs after engineering?

Many of you young graduates might wonder why I mention government jobs for engineers. Is there any scope for government jobs for mechanical engineers in this era of privatisation? Are there enough job openings for government jobs for civil engineers? I am here to burst your bubble and give you the reasons why you should look at government jobs for engineers.  

  1. Defined working hours  

Unlike the private sector, government jobs for engineers work with a predefined work schedule. This means whereas your friends in the private sector will have to work late into the night, government jobs for engineers allow you to exit your workday at comfortable times. This gives you time to manage your personal life as well.  

  1. Job Security  

This should not be a surprise to anyone. Government jobs for engineers assure you employment for life. You have much higher job security than those working in the private sector. That means seeking government jobs after graduation can secure your employment till you retire!  

  1. Promotions and Salaries 

While many may say that government jobs for engineers offer very measly salaries compared to private-sector jobs, in contrast, government jobs may not offer excessively high salaries. They offer steady and guaranteed promotions. This means even if you are an average performer, you are guaranteed to be promoted to higher positions. This enables you to secure a higher salary too. If you are an outstanding performer, for you, the possibilities are limitless.  

  1. Perks and Benefits  

In addition to the steady and structured promotions, government jobs for engineers offer a wide range of benefits and perks to their employees. The government jobs greatly cover pension funds, retirement savings, medical and housing loans for engineers. This provides you not only a lifetime worth of employment security but also financial stability.  

  1. Respect and Power  

Getting a Sarkari job doesn’t only come with lifetime job security. Government jobs for engineers also provide families with a lot of respect. Those who reach the higher positions in the public sector companies are also bestowed with a lot of power.  

Government jobs for engineers  

Now, if the section mentioned above has convinced you of the benefits of why you should go after government jobs for engineers, then you can read on to find the best government jobs for engineers. I have tried to make this list overall, so this will contain government jobs for chemical engineers, government jobs for mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and aerospace engineers.  

  1. Engineering Services  

The UPSC or the Union Public Service Commission conducts a different examination to secure government jobs for engineers. This exam is conducted for open and vacant government positions in more than 50 central government offices. Having an engineering degree here proves to be very beneficial to the candidates.  

Different state governments conduct their own SPSC or State Public Service Commission examinations to fill posts for state offices. These government jobs for engineers can be in different departments like:  

  • Public Works (PWD)  

  • Power related posts  
  • Agriculture and Irrigation  

  1. Indian Administrative Services:  

The Indian Administrative Services or IAS is a highly sought-after government engineer job. Thus, due to the high number of applicants, it is also one of the toughest examinations to crack. The good news is that there are a lot of different administrative services where you can find government jobs for engineers. There are namely:  

  • Indian Police Service (IPS)  

This is one of the three All India services under the government jobs for engineers. The main task of these employees is to maintain public order and peace through policing, collecting intelligence, counter-terrorism activities and investigations.  

  • Indian Revenue Service (IRS) 

The IRS employees are responsible for maintaining and tracking the tax collection of the citizens of India. While this is the main task, their responsibilities also include formulating and strategising the best policies better to manage the finances of the budget of India. Since 2014, there has been a serious push for IRS agents to counter black money dealings.  

  • Indian Foreign Service (IFS)  

The IFS is one of the most ancient institutions of the government. Tracing back to the British Raj, the Foreign services department was organised to manage affairs with European countries. The main task of these departments is to reflect and build India’s image onto the global platform. These employees are supposed to maintain bilateral relations with different countries through posts of ambassadors.  

  • Indian Customs 

These agents of the Indian government are responsible for dealing with indirect taxation policies. These include customs, excise, and service taxes. Not only are they the most powerful of the tax agents, but they have the widest portfolio to manage.  

  • Indian Railway Traffic Services (IRTS)  

The IRTS agents work as liaisons for the railway production, distribution, sale and associated services. They are responsible for the services provided by the Indian railways to the country’s citizens. They also ensure that all railway activities are conducted smoothly and quickly.  

These positions are one of the highest administrative posts that a citizen of India can receive while searching for government jobs for engineers. Thus, if you are interested in seeking an IAS, you can try your luck in a whole range of other equally beneficial and powerful government jobs for engineers.  

  1. Public Sector Units:  

Public Sector Units or PSUs are government-owned businesses. These businesses, like LIC, are one of the largest employers in India. Since government jobs for engineers are rising, now is the perfect time to study engineering and seek government jobs after graduation.  

Government jobs for engineers typically start with a trainee position to check the capabilities of the individual. After this, the individual can expect incremental promotions as they move on with their government jobs.  

The benefit of PSUs is that they offer job security and a good salary. These companies also have several housing complexes around the country for their employees, thus making it easier to move with your family to different postings.   

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Final Thoughts  

All in all, as you can see, there are a lot of opportunities for government jobs for engineers. You have to complete your research and discover what career path works best for you. But, if you are looking for government jobs after graduation, they will provide you with much-needed support and stability for many, many years to come.  

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